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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the city of Neuffen
Map of Germany, position of the city of Neuffen highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 33 '  N , 9 ° 23'  E

Basic data
State : Baden-Württemberg
Administrative region : Stuttgart
County : Esslingen
Height : 408 m above sea level NHN
Area : 17.45 km 2
Residents: 6299 (December 31, 2018)
Population density : 361 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 72639
Primaries : 07025, 07123Template: Infobox municipality in Germany / maintenance / area code contains text
License plate : ES, NT
Community key : 08 1 16 046

City administration address :
Hauptstrasse 19
72639 Neuffen
Website :
Mayor : Matthias Bäcker ( SPD )
Location of the city of Neuffen in the Esslingen district
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Neuffen as seen from Hohenneuffen Castle
Neuffen around 1900

Neuffen is a small town in the Esslingen district in Baden-Württemberg . It belongs to the Stuttgart region (until 1992 the Middle Neckar region ) and the peripheral zone of the European metropolitan region of Stuttgart . The city ​​has agreed an administrative partnership with the communities of Beuren and Kohlberg . The entire area of ​​the municipality is part of the Swabian Alb biosphere area and the UNESCO Swabian Alb Geopark .


Neuffen is located around 27 kilometers south of Stuttgart on the northern edge of the Swabian Alb , the so-called Albtrauf , at the foot of the Hohenneuffen . The old town of Neuffen is at 407 m, the Hohenneuffen castle ruins at 743  m above sea level. NN .

Neighboring communities

The city of Neuffen borders in the north on the municipality of Frickenhausen (Linsenhofen and Tischardt marks), in the northeast on Beuren , in the east on Erkenbrechtsweiler , in the south on Hülben and Dettingen an der Erms , in the west on the city of Metzingen and Kohlberg .

City structure

The parts of Kappishausen and Neuffen belong to Neuffen. Their area is identical to the districts of the formerly independent communities of the same name. The two parts of the city form residential districts within the meaning of the Baden-Württemberg municipal code . Kappishäuser forms a place within the meaning of the Baden-Württemberg municipal code with its own local council and mayor with the name Neuffen-Kappishäuser . The district of Kappishäuser only consists of the village of the same name. Neuffen includes the town of Neuffen, the Jushof, Wendenhof , Viehweide and Pfingstbuckel farms and the Hart and Im Hardt houses. The Hohenneuffen Castle has appeared as the living space. In the urban area are the abandoned villages Bodelsberg, Winden and Hofstetten, which, however, may be identical to the two farms of Bodelsberg and Winden.

Division of space

According to data from the State Statistical Office , as of 2014.


The first Celtic settlement began around 100 BC. In the first millennium after the turn of the times, the Alemanni conquered the area. In the High Middle Ages, the area belonged to the Duchy of Swabia . Hohenneuffen Castle was built around 1100. The place that formed in the valley, like the castle, was subject to the Lords of Nifen . Due to the good contacts of the Nifens, Neuffen received city ​​rights as early as 1232 . In 1303 Liutgard von Nifen sold Neuffen to Württemberg .

From the 14th century to 1806 Neuffen was the seat of an office . With the division of Württemberg in 1442 due to the Nürtingen Treaty , Neuffen temporarily became the administrative seat of the eastern part of the country. From 1543, Hohenneuffen Castle was expanded into a state fortress. When the town fire in 1634, Neuffen was almost completely destroyed. From 1801 the castle was partially demolished. In the course of the implementation of the new administrative structure in the Kingdom of Württemberg , which was founded in 1806 , the Neuffen office was assigned to the Nürtingen Oberamt in 1807 . In 1900 a rail connection to the city was realized for the first time with the valley railway. In 1938 Neuffen came to the newly founded district of Nürtingen , with which the city was dissolved in the Esslingen district in 1973.

In August 1948, the Prime Ministers of Württemberg-Baden Reinhold Maier and South Baden Leo Wohleb as well as the Interior Minister of South Württemberg-Hohenzollern Viktor Renner held talks on the Hohenneuffen about the establishment of a new Southwest state, today's Baden-Württemberg .


  • July 1, 1972: Kappis houses

Population development

The population figures are census results  (¹) or official updates from the Baden-Württemberg State Statistical Office ( main residences only ).

year Population numbers
December 3, 1834 ¹ 1,992
December 3, 1871 ¹ 2.137
December 1, 1900 ¹ 1,959
May 17, 1939 ¹ 2,485
September 13, 1950 ¹ 3,696
June 6, 1961 ¹ 4.172
May 27, 1970 ¹ 4,899
year Population numbers
December 31, 1980 4,974
December 31, 1990 5,743
December 31, 1995 5,939
December 31, 2000 6,029
December 31, 2005 6.231
December 31, 2010 6.164
December 31, 2015 6.210


Kappi houses

coat of arms

Main article of the Kappi houses

Kappishäuser was first mentioned in a document in 1396. At that time it belonged to the Counts of Achalm-Urach and then came to Württemberg, where it was incorporated into the Neuffen office. The place has the geographical location of a functional exclave . It can only be reached by road via the neighboring village of Kohlberg .


Manhole cover with city arms


  • 1954–1986 Kurt Schmid
  • 1987-2010 Wolfgang Schmidt
  • Since January 1st, 2011 Matthias Bäcker. In October 2018, Bäcker was re-elected with 96.53% of the vote.

Municipal council

In Neuffen, the municipal council is elected using the spurious selection of a part of town. The number of local councils can change due to overhang mandates . After the last election, the municipal council in Neuffen has 20 members (previously 19). The local elections on May 26, 2019 led to the following final result. The municipal council consists of the elected voluntary councilors and the mayor as chairman. The mayor is entitled to vote in the municipal council.

Parties and constituencies %
Local elections 2019
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
 % p
+ 3.77  % p.p.
+ 3.07  % p
-3.53  % p
-3.32  % p.p.
FWV Free voter association Neuffen-Kappishäuser 39.34 8th 35.57 7th
CDU Christian Democratic Union of Germany 30.89 6th 27.82 5
UBL Independent citizen list 15.28 3 18.81 4th
SPD Social Democratic Party of Germany 14.49 3 17.81 3
total 100.0 20th 100.0 19th
voter turnout 64.09% 57.11%

coat of arms

The blazon of the coat of arms reads: "In gold, three black hip horns with the mouthpiece turned to the left (heraldically) with gold fittings and black fetters."

The oldest known color representation of the city coat of arms dates back to 1535 and goes back to the coat of arms of the city's founders, the Lords of Neuffen.


The Protestant parish is subdivided into the Evangelical Parish Office East and West. She meets in the Gothic Martinskirche. There is also an evangelical free church. The Catholic Church is in Lichtensteinstrasse . There is also an Alevi cultural association in Neuffen.

Economy and Infrastructure


At first the focus was on agriculture (arable farming, viticulture, fruit trees, small cattle), then the weavers, later the textile industry, today the metal industry dominates. One of the highest vineyards in Germany is located on the slopes below the Hohenneuffen ruins . The large Hohenneuffen site, which includes the Neuffen sites as well as those in Beuren , Linsenhofen , Kohlberg , Kappishäuser , Metzingen and Weilheim an der Teck , is part of the Remstal-Stuttgart area. Neuffen is the seat of the Hohenneuffen-Teck wine growers' cooperative.

The Bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG is an international engineering company, the plastic welding systems, centralized lubrication systems and minimal quantity lubrication systems manufactures.


Neuffen station

The valley railway to Nürtingen connects with the national rail network. In the summer half of the year, a museum railway run by the Society for the Preservation of Rail Vehicles is carried out on the route . The state road L 1250 leads from Neuffen to Linsenhofen and Hülben .

Water supply

The high zone of Neuffen receives its drinking water from the regional water supply association . The lower zone is supplied with water from its own springs (source area Bauerloch, source area Gewenden and source area Wenden). If necessary, the low zone can also be supplied via the high zone. Kappishäuser is supplied with drinking water by the Jusigruppe water supply association based in Kohlberg .

Waste disposal

The waste management company of the Esslingen district is responsible for waste disposal. There are separate collections for organic waste , household waste and paper.

Educational institutions

In addition to a primary school, Neuffen also has a technical secondary school, a secondary school and a special needs school located in the primary school.

Leisure and sports facilities

The offer includes the sports area Spadelsberg, the outdoor swimming pool Neuffen, the municipal sports hall and the sports hall of the Gymnastics Association Neuffen. In addition, the Turnerbund operates a ski lift in winter when there is enough snow. Neuffen is located directly below the Swabian-Alb-Nordrand-Weg HW1 (long-distance hiking trail).

Culture and sights

town hall
Large house
Hohenneuffen castle ruins
Melchior hunter house

Neuffen is on the Württemberg Wine Route . From the townscape- defining Hohenneuffen , the second largest fortress ruin in Baden-Württemberg, one has a view of the small town of Neuffen, its valley head, the Albrand and the Voralb landscape. The Neuffener Heide nature reserve is known for its orchid blooms. One of the destinations of the hiking trails from Metzingen via Jusi , Sattelbogen, Hörnle and Barnberg to Hohenneuffen is the Barnberg Cave .


In addition to the city museum in the Great House, there is also a religious order museum.



Honorary citizen

The former mayor Kurt Schmid has been an honorary citizen of Neuffen since 1986.

sons and daughters of the town

Personalities who live, have lived or worked in Neuffen

  • Gottfried von Neifen (13th century)
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Fischer (1779–1836), town clerk and clerk and chief administrator in Neuffen, member of the state parliament
  • In addition to the Julius Marx family, Leopold Marx , known not only as an entrepreneur but also as a poet and writer, lived in Neuffen in the 1930s . In 1938 the belt and ribbon weaving mill of the Marx family was " aryanized ".
  • Rudolf Schwarz (1904–1963), writer and parapsychologist, lived in Neuffen and ran an advertising company in Erkenbrechtsweiler
  • Wilhelm Karl König (* 1935), dialect poet. He grew up in the Kappishäuser district.
  • Jörg Döpper (* 1942), politician (CDU), member of the state parliament (1992–2011), lives in Neuffen.
  • Thomas Brdarić (* 1975), German national soccer player, grew up in Neuffen.


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