Nitrogen group

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    nitrogen group   
group 15th
Main group 5
2 7
3 15
4th 33
5 51
6th 83
7th 115

The 15th group of the periodic table contains the naturally occurring elements nitrogen , phosphorus , arsenic , antimony and bismuth . The extremely unstable Transuran Moscovium , the sixth element of the group, which does not occur naturally , has already been artificially produced several times. Nitrogen and phosphorus are non-metals , arsenic and antimony are semi-metals, and bismuth is a metal .

The group is also referred to as the nitrogen group or nitrogen-phosphorus group after the first elements . The IUPAC no longer recommends the designation Pentele (from Greek πέντε pente = five) .

The IUPAC accepted but uncommon terms pnictogens , pnicogens or pnikogens go back to the Greek word πνίγειν , which means as much as suffocation .

Individual evidence

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