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Name , symbol , atomic number Flerovium, Fl, 114
Element category
Group , period , block 14 , 7 , p
CAS number 54085-16-4
Atomic mass 289 u
Electron configuration [ Rn ] 5 f 14 6 d 10 7 s 2 7 p 2
1. Ionization energy 824 kJ / mol
isotope NH t 1/2 ZA ZE (M eV ) ZP
285 bottles {syn.} 5 s α 281 cn
286 bottles {syn.} 0.16 s α 10.7 282 cn
287 bottles {syn.} 0.51 s α 10.44 283 cn
288 bottles {syn.} 0.8 s α 9.97 284 cn
289 bottles {syn.} 2.7 s α 9.85 285 cn
For other isotopes see list of isotopes
Hazard and safety information
GHS hazard labeling
no classification available
As far as possible and customary, SI units are used.
Unless otherwise noted, the data given apply to standard conditions .

Flerovium is a chemical element with atomic number 114 and the element symbol Fl. In the periodic table it is in the 14th  IUPAC group and thus belongs to the carbon group . It is one of the transactinoids . Only a few atoms were made, each only existing for a few seconds.


Flerovium was probably first produced in 1999 at the United Institute for Nuclear Research near Dubna ( Russia ) by scientists from the Institute and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory . The discovery was confirmed by the IUPAC in June 2011 , with which this element officially entered the periodic table of the elements. On May 23, 2012, the name proposed on December 1, 2011 was adopted by the IUPAC. Until then it was called Ununquadium (chemical symbol Uuq ). The new name was given in honor of the Russian physicist Georgi Fljorow (English transcription Flerov ).


The most stable of the previously known Flerovium isotopes , 285 Fl, has a long half-life of 5 seconds compared to neighboring elements in the periodic table . This is because the ordinal number 114 is a so-called magic number ; due to a closed lower shell in the nuclear shell model , nuclei with 114 protons are relatively stable. The isotope 298 Fl, which has not yet been synthesized, would be a doubly magical nucleus; That is, the neutron number would also be a magic number. It is therefore expected that the half-life of this isotope will be significantly higher.

safety instructions

There is no classification according to the CLP regulation or other regulations, because only a few atoms of this element can be produced at the same time and thus far too few for chemical or physical hazard.


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