Free University of Bozen

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Free University of Bozen
motto Trilingual and intercultural
founding 1997
place Bolzano , Italy
President, Rector Ulrike Tappeiner , Paolo Lugli
Students approx. 4,050, of which 1,700 in Brixen and 240 in Bruneck (June 2018)
Employee approx. 382 (June 2018)
including professors 130 (professors and researchers on post, June 2018)
Annual budget 78.6 mln €

The Free University of Bozen ( English Free University of Bozen-Bolzano ; Italian Libera Università di Bolzano ; Ladin Universitá Liedia de Bulsan ), founded in 1997 in Bozen ( South Tyrol , Italy ), comprises five faculties. In contrast to other Italian universities, it is not operated and financed by the Italian state, but by the state of South Tyrol. Together with the universities of Innsbruck and Trento, it is one of the largest educational institutions in the European region of Tyrol – South Tyrol – Trentino . In addition to its headquarters in Bolzano, the university also has locations in Brixen and Bruneck . The university is also represented at the NOI Techpark South Tyrol with several laboratories from the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Economics .

University seal

The multilingual university offers its courses in German , English and Italian. In addition, there are individual courses in Ladin at the Faculty of Education. Applicants must undergo language admission procedures.


Rectorate building in Bolzano
Location in Brixen
Location in Bruneck
Bolzano University Library

It was founded in 1997 by the South Tyrolean provincial government with two faculties (economics in Bolzano and educational science in Brixen). In 1998 the library of the Free University of Bolzano was opened. The Faculties of Computer Science and Design and Arts followed. The last faculty was founded in 2007 with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology.

The inner-city university buildings in Bozen were designed by the Zurich architects Matthias Bischoff and Roberto Azzola, who won an international architecture competition. The Brixen location was also built in 2004 as the result of an international award based on a design by the Stuttgart architects Regina Kohlmayer and Jens Oberst.

Faculties and courses of study

  • Faculty of Economics
    • Bachelor in Economics and Management
    • Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences
    • Bachelor in Tourism, Sports and Event Management (at the Bruneck location)
    • Masters in Business Management and Innovation
    • Master in Administration and Politics in Public Institutions
    • Masters in Accounting and Finance
    • PhD in Management and Economics
  • Faculty of Computer Science
    • Bachelor in Computer Science
    • Bachelor in business informatics
    • Master in Computational Data Science
    • Master in Computational Logic
    • Master in Software and Systems Engineering
    • PhD in Computer Science
  • Faculty of Design and Arts
    • Bachelor in Design and Arts, Design course
    • Bachelor in Design and Arts, degree course in art
    • Master in Eco-Social Design
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
    • Bachelor in industrial and mechanical engineering
    • Bachelor in Agricultural, Food and Mountain Environmental Sciences
    • Bachelor in Wood Engineering (vocational Bachelor)
    • Master in Industrial Mechanical Engineering
    • Master in Environmental Management of Mountain Areas
    • Master in Energy Engineering
    • Master in Food Sciences for Innovation and Authenticity
    • Master in Horticultural Science
    • Master in Viticulture, Enology and Wine Marketing
    • PhD in Mountain Environment and Agriculture
    • PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
    • PhD in Food Engineering and Biotechnology
    • PhD in Advanced Systems Engineering
  • Faculty of Education (Bressanone)
    • Bachelor in Social Work
    • Bachelor in Social Education
    • Bachelor in Communication and Cultural Studies
    • Masters in Education for Primary Education
    • Master in Innovation in Research and Practice of Social Work
    • Master in Musicology
    • Master in Applied Linguistics
    • PhD in general pedagogy, social pedagogy, general didactics and specialist didactics

Research centers

In 2004 the Competence Center for Languages ​​was set up, which deals with language acquisition, language learning and generally with multilingual forms of interaction. It is headed by the linguist Rita Franceschini. At the end of 2013, the Center for Regional History was founded at unibz, and the historian Oswald Übergger took over the management.




Student activities

Student representatives

The elections of the student representatives usually take place every two years. However, they can also be called between two election dates in the period from November to January at the request of the student representatives if there are vacancies. According to the election regulations in the version of October 2010, student representatives are elected for the University Council (one seat), the Senate (two seats - one for Bolzano, one for Brixen), the faculty councils (ten seats, two per faculty), the course councils and the Advisory Board for Equal Opportunities (two seats). The first student representative elections took place in 2002.


Kikero ( spelling kikero ) is a leisure and cultural association that was launched shortly after the university was founded. He organizes regular events such as the debating club and fixed annual projects such as the university ball. The print magazine flyer is also published by kikero .


The Sports Club University Bolzano takes care of the organization of regular sporting activities and training. Once a year the Bolzano Snowdays are organized, to which students from numerous universities in Europe are invited. There were students from universities in Spain, Germany, Austria, France and Italy.

South Tyrolean student body

The South Tyrolean Students' Union is the most important South Tyrolean student body. In addition to the headquarters in Bolzano, there are seven branch offices in major university cities in Austria and Italy. Sh.asus was founded in 1955, the main focus of its activity is the trade union representation of interests of students in South Tyrol and South Tyrol students abroad. The sh.asus defines itself as an inter-ethnic association.


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