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Stoltze (2nd from right) third in the GDR standing
championships in 1961

Georg Stoltze (born February 13, 1931 in Erfurt ; † July 6, 2007 in Berlin ) was a German cyclist who was active in the GDR .

Athletic career

Georg Stoltze was a very versatile cyclist. During his active time in the GDR, he was also a member of the national squads of road and rail riders as well as indoor cyclists.

He began his sporting career in 1947 with the company sports association (BSG) Post Erfurt . As a youth driver, he won three GDR championship titles on the track. In the men's class, he won the GDR championship with Bruno Zieger in two-man team driving in 1950 and in tandem in 1952 , as well as the championship in team pursuit in 1951 with his club. From 1952 Stoltze also competed in road races, where he competed three times in the GDR until 1955 -Took part of the tour. There he drove for the Lokomotiv sports association in 1952 and 1955 , in 1953 he was a member of the 2nd GDR national team and achieved his best round trip result with second place in the final ranking. As a member of the BSG Lokomotive Erfurt , Stoltze qualified in 1954 to take part in the International Peace Tour . After falling behind by more than ten minutes on the second stage, he retired after the sixth stage in 73rd place, 2:05 hours behind due to a stomach disease. He was already scheduled for the team in 1953, but was only nominated as a substitute driver after his departure from the Berlin-Cottbus-Berlin race (which the coaching staff counted as a lack of commitment). In 1956 he moved to East Berlin for family reasons and joined the SC Einheit Berlin . He took part in the Tour of Egypt from 1956 to 1958 , in which he celebrated two stage victories in 1956 (overall ranking 16th) and in 1958 acted as team captain. He also won the one-day race Berlin-Angermünde-Berlin in 1958 .

From 1960 Stoltze drove successful track races again. That year he achieved the greatest success of his sports career with the world title in the amateur standing race on the Alfred Rosch arena in Leipzig . A year later he won bronze in the same discipline at the World Cup. At the standing championships in the GDR, he won the title in 1963, having previously finished third twice. According to the Berliner Zeitung of April 7, 2007, "... he celebrated more than 250 victories on track and road in 755 bike races."


Georg ("Schorschl") Stoltze came from a cycling dynasty. His grandfather, who was also called Georg, was one of the founders of the Rund um die Hainleite race . His father, also Georg Stoltze, became European cycling champion in 1928 , together with his brother Walter.


Stoltze was a trained motor vehicle mechanic and employed in a large municipal motor vehicle company in Erfurt.


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