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Nguyễn ( Hán Nôm : 阮) or simply Nguyen (northern pronunciation [ŋʷiə̌ˀn] ? / I , southern [ŋʷiə̌ŋ] ? / I ) is the most common Vietnamese family name (họ). Audio file / audio sample Audio file / audio sample

Origin and meaning

The family name is synonymous with the Chinese family name 阮, which occurs mainly in southern China ( Mandarin Ruǎn, Cantonese Yuen 2 , Teochew nguêng 2 , IPA : –uan, Middle Chinese, 1st – 11th century, * ngiuæ̌n).

The reason for the widespread use of this family name lies in the time of the Nguyễn dynasty (1802–1945).


Nguyễn is the most common family name in Vietnam, an estimated 40% of Vietnamese people wear it. To distinguish which family a person belongs to, some families use family-specific nicknames (tên đệm), e.g. B. Nguyễn Hữu, Nguyễn Văn or Nguyễn Tiến. Nowadays more and more Vietnamese are doing without this part of their name.

The surname has also spread to countries to which the Vietnamese have emigrated. Nguyen is the seventh most common surname in Australia (after Smith the second most common surname in the Melbourne phone books ) and is the 54th most common surname in France , the former colonial power of Vietnam. According to the 2000 census, Nguyen is the most common exclusively East Asian surname in the United States and the 57th position among the most common surnames in the United States. In Norway he ranks 56th; In the Czech Republic , too, it tops the list of foreign names and is 85th among the most common surnames in the country. Worldwide, Nguyen ranks fourth among the most common family names in the world, with around 36 million namesake, and is only surpassed by Chinese names .

Occasionally, artists and writers change their name from Nguyen to Nuyen in order to reach a wider audience.

Name bearer

such as:

Individual evidence

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