Skins - up close

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Television series
German title Skins - up close
Original title Skins UK
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 2007-2013
Company Pictures
length 47 minutes
Episodes 61 in 7 seasons
genre Drama , comedy
idea Jamie Brittain , Bryan Elsley
production Bryan Elsley , George Faber , Chris Clough
music Fat Segal
First broadcast January 25, 2007 (UK) on E4
first broadcast
August 20, 2009 on FOX

Skins is a British television series that aired on E4 from January 25, 2007 to August 5, 2013 . It is about different groups of teenagers in Bristol , England . It was developed by Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, who also wrote the scripts for most of the episodes.

The series consists of seven seasons, with a new story being told after every two seasons and all main characters being replaced by new ones. In the shortened seventh and final season, the most popular characters from the first four seasons return.

From August 20, 2009, the station FOX Channel broadcast the first three seasons in German-speaking countries. A broadcast of further seasons is not planned.

The free TV premiere of the series started on the social TV channel joiz on September 22, 2014. On November 24, 2015, the streaming provider Netflix added the series Skins to its database, with seasons 4 and 5 published for the first time in German. The German dubbed versions of the remaining two seasons have been available there as video-on-demand since December 15, 2015 .

The series won two BAFTA awards and in 2008 received the Golden Rose at the Rose d'Or Festival in the “Best Drama” category.

The final seventh season, which focuses on three characters from the first two generations, aired on E4 from July 1 to August 5, 2013. Cook ( Jack O'Connell ), Cassie ( Hannah Murray ) and Effy ( Kaya Scodelario ) were each in the spotlight for two episodes. In addition, other characters like Emily and Naomi etc. were seen in guest roles.


First generation

Anthony "Tony" Stonem ( Nicholas Hoult ) is an attractive, intelligent and popular boy whose manipulative acts are often not noticed by others and are the trigger for many events in the series. Tony's "every now and then" girlfriend Michelle "Chelle" Richardson ( April Pearson ) never endures his vicious behavior for long. Outwardly, Michelle appears superficial, conceited and arrogant. However, she is intelligent and very committed to her relationship with Tony. Sidney "Sid" Jenkins ( Mike Bailey ) is Tony's best friend, but he has a completely different personality. He lacks confidence and has problems at school. Much of the first season is about losing his virginity and his relationship with Cassandra "Cassie" Ainsworth ( Hannah Murray ), an unstable girl who suffers from an eating disorder. Her extravagant parents ignore her in favor of their new baby. In addition, her strong affection for Sid went unnoticed for a long time. Cassie is a seemingly positive and happy person, but who tries to solve her problems with medication. Cassie's relationship with Sid is complicated by his feelings for Michelle. However, in the end they come together.

Joe Dempsie (Chris Miles)
Dev Patel (Anwar Kharral)

Christopher "Chris" Miles ( Joe Dempsie ) is the group's "party animal". He has a difficult family. Chris also fell in love with psychology teacher Angie ( Siwan Morris ). He has already seen many tragedies: his brother died as a teenager of an illness, whereupon his mother and father abandoned him. In the second season he begins a romantic relationship with Jalander "Jal" Fazer ( Larissa Wilson ). Jal is portrayed in the first season as an intelligent girl who has a great talent for playing the clarinet. Her mother left her alone with her famous musician father and her brothers Lynton and Ace at an early age. In the second season she becomes pregnant by Chris, who dies of a subarachnoid hemorrhage towards the end of the season . Other characters are Maxxie Oliver ( Mitch Hewer ) and Anwar Kharral ( Dev Patel ). Maxxie is open about his homosexuality and loves to dance. He is also firmly integrated into the group and not, as in many other TV series, an outsider. The relationship with his best friend Anwar is often very tense because of his religion ( Islam ). Although Anwar is a Muslim, Anwar has no problem with premarital sex, alcohol, other drugs and pork, but with Maxxie's homosexuality until Anwar's father accepts it. He has a slightly crazy personality that is evident in his goofy antics and humor. In the second season Lucy matters worse, better known as "Sketch" ( Aimee-Ffion Edwards ) the Maxxie stalking . She later enters into a relationship with Anwar and accepts that Maxxie will remain out of reach for her. Also in the second season, Maxxie finds a boyfriend in James ( Sean Verey ).

Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem ( Kaya Scodelario ) is Tony's younger sister and is quite similar to him. In the first season, Effy is almost completely silent and her antics are even more eccentric than those of her brother.

In addition to the main characters, there are also some important supporting roles. Daniel Kaluuya plays "Posh" Kenneth, who goes to the same college as the other main characters. Tony Stonem's affair, Abigail Stock, a posh schoolgirl with partly psychotic behavior, is portrayed by Georgina Moffat . Actor Ben Lloyd-Hughes plays her brother Josh Stock, who briefly enters into a relationship with Michelle. British comedian and co-writer Josie Long takes on the role of career counselor in college. Madison Twatter ( Stephen Walters ) is Sid's crazy drug dealer and Doug ( Giles Thomas ) is a teacher at the school.

The main characters' parents are recurring characters and are often played by well-known British actors, including Danny Dyer , Harry Enfield and Nina Wadia . Harry Enfield portrays Tony and Effy's father Jim Stonem and Morwenna Banks plays his wife Anthea Stonem. Peter Capaldi and Josie Lawrence are Sid's parents, Mark and Liz Jenkins. Kevin Eldon plays the German Manfred, with whom Liz is having an affair. Neil Morrissey and Naomi Allisstone portray Marcus and Margeritte, Cassie's parents. Michelle's mother, Anna Richardson, is played by Arabella Weir . Danny Dyer also plays Michelle's stepfather Malcolm until he ends his relationship with Anna. Mark Monero is a musician and the father of Jal, Ronnie Fazer. Josette Simon appears in the second season as Jal's separated mother Elaine. Mark Heap plays Chris father Graham Miles and Sarah Lancashire plays Chris stepmother Mary. Anwar's father, Istiak Kharral, is portrayed by Indian Manocha and Anwar's mother by Nina Wadia. Heidi Monsen is Dr. Victoria Stock, Abigail and Josh's mother. Maxxie's parents are Walter ( Bill Bailey ) and Jackie Oliver ( Fiona Allen ).

Second generation

After the second season, those responsible announced that for the third season all characters with the exception of Effy Stonem ( Kaya Scodelario ) and Pandora Moon ( Lisa Backwell ) would be exchanged. They also mentioned that this will continue to happen every two seasons in the future. However, they try as often as possible to make connections with previous seasons. Public auditions for the second generation of characters were held in Bristol , attended by 1,500 16-18 year olds, followed by a two-day audition in London .

Kaya Scodelario (Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem)

Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem ( Kaya Scodelario ), Tony's sister, with whom she has a very good relationship, became the main character in the third season. The fact that Tony is no longer there to be there for her, even though she needs him so badly, is a huge burden on her. Effy is beautiful, popular and, just like her brother, the leader of the group. However, she is more withdrawn than Tony and tries not to reveal her problems in front of the others. She is aware of her desirability and her ability to manipulate. Effy also tries not to show her emotions, even during her parents' difficult divorce or her impulsive love and social life. Especially the love triangle between her, Freddie and Cook bothers her. She only has a superficial sex relationship with Cook in order to suppress the strong feelings she has for Freddie, because she realizes that he is making her soft and vulnerable. Because Effy is way too strong and proud, she resists being so dependent on someone that her happiness is in their hands. So she keeps fling to Cook, which hurts Freddie very much and puts her emotional bond to a long test. Effy is difficult to understand because she is engaged in a psychological struggle, she suffers from depression as the emotional bond increases, so that there are suicide attempts and distancing from Freddie.

Pandora "Panda" Moon (Lisa Backwell) is Effy's best friend. She doesn't like Effy's excessive lifestyle, but is willing to explore it. Plus, she's the only one Effy talks to about her feelings. Thomas Tomone ( Merveille Lukeba ) is an immigrant from the Congo . His kindness and kindness make him quick to befriend Pandora and they fall in love with each other.

Katherine "Katie" Fitch ( Megan Prescott ) and Emily "Ems" Fitch ( Kathryn Prescott ) are very different twins. Katie, who is looking for recognition, wants to oust Effy as leader ("Queen bee") and determine Emily's life. Katie is secretly insecure, showing off that she has always had a boyfriend since childhood. She likes to flaunt her relationships, especially in front of Effy, as she wants to impress them. She tries to build a friendly bond between herself and her in order to get more respect in the clique. Her homophobia also leads to problems with Emily, who has to come to terms with her life as a lesbian . Emily especially tries to get the affection of Naomi Campbell ( Lily Loveless ), a heated and passionate young woman with idealistic views and a lot of ambition to convince herself and others that she is not a lesbian. Although Naomi helps Emily accept her homosexuality, she needs more time to stand up about her feelings about Emily and tell her friends about it.

James Cook ( Jack O'Connell ), Frederick "Freddie" McLair ( Luke Pasqualino ) and Jeremiah Jonah "JJ" Jones ( Ollie Barbieri ) have been best friends since childhood. Cook is charismatic and sociable, but also exuberant and willing to break rules. His female stories are often the catalyst for many of the series' events: his sex relationship with Effy angered Freddie, who fell in love with her. His seduction by Pandora gets her relationship with Thomas into trouble, and his attempt to seduce Naomi makes her think more about her sexuality. Just like Effy, Cook tries to hide his true feelings until he develops genuine feelings for Effy. In contrast, Freddie is a carefree skater who likes to smoke weed and, as a sensitive and responsible friend, often disagrees with Cook's behavior. His deep affection for Effy, along with problems with his father and sister, lead him to ponder his choice of friends. He is also with Katie for some time, but cannot hide or overwhelm his feelings for Effy and keeps coming back to her, especially when he notices her reciprocating his feelings. JJ is mildly autistic , takes a lot of medication, and tries to make friends with magic tricks . He refuses to choose between Cook's and Freddie's friendship when Effy drives them further apart. He builds a close friendship with Emily and ultimately loses his virginity with her.

Karen McLair ( Klariza Clayton ), Freddie's sister who wants to become famous, is another character . She upset her brother by using her mother's death as a tragic story to help fuel her singing career. Mackenzie Crook plays Johnny White, a psychotic gangster and father. Comedians Jordan Long and Justin Edwards are his clumsy henchmen Lucas and Benny. Scott Mills told Chris Moyles ' BBC Radio 1 show on July 8th, 2008 that he had applied for the role of host on Skins , which he got. Keiran MacFoeinaiugh, a Northern Irish teacher, is played by Ardal O'Hanlon .

Just like the first generation of characters, in the second generation, the parents of the main characters are played by well-known British actors. Harry Enfield and Morwenna Banks are Effy's parents again, Jim and Anthea Stonem, with David Baddiel , who is Banks' partner in real life, playing Jim's colleague who starts an affair with Anthea. Sally Phillips is Pandora's mother Angela and her aunt Elizabeth is played by Maureen Lipman . Matt King plays Cook's father, Juliet Cowan plays JJ's mother Celia, while Simon Day plays Freddie's father Leo. Naomi's mother Gina is portrayed by Olivia Colman . Also play Ronni Ancona and stand-up comedian John Bishop Katie and Emily's parents Jenna and Rob Fitch.

Third generation

Dakota Blue Richards (Franky Fitzgerald)

Francesca "Franky" Fitzgerald ( Dakota Blue Richards ) is new to the school as she has just moved from Oxford to Bristol with her two fathers . She's smart, androgynous, and a little strange. Aloysius "Alo" Creevey ( Will Merrick ) has a bus, a dog and an optimistic attitude, as well as an interest in Victorian pornography and zombies . He is also the best friend of Richard "Rich" Hardbeck ( Alexander Arnold ). Rich is a heavy metal music fan who has a very pessimistic attitude.

Minerva "Mini" McGuinness ( Freya Mavor ), Olivia "Liv" Malone ( Laya Lewis ), Grace Violet ( Jessica Sula ) are best friends. Mini is portrayed as the "queen" of the school until Franky shows up and shakes the hierarchy. Mini is very careful to have a good image . She feels threatened by Franky. She is also very dependent on her two friends Liv and Grace, whom she tries to keep away from Franky. Liv loves going to parties and mostly leaves the talking to Mini. Grace moved from a girls' school to Roundview College and loves ballet . She is very nice and makes her own decisions.

Nicholas "Nick" Levan ( Sean Teale ) is a rugby player and boyfriend of Mini. Matthew "Matty" Levan ( Sebastian De Souza ) is very mysterious and the brother of Nick.

Other characters are Douge ( Giles Thomas ), the deputy headmaster of "Roundview". Chris Addison is the new headmaster David Blood, who is also Grace's father. Gordon Kennedy plays the new English teacher Alan Precopp and Franky's adoptive gay parents are played by Gareth Farr and John Sessions .


According to the " Dawson Bros " ( Steve Dawson , Andrew Dawson and their friend Tim Inman ), co-authors of Skins , the series represents the everyday life of young people: Skins is about a group of 16 to 19 year old friends who live in Live in Bristol and attend the fictional Roundview Sixth Form College. Each episode has a self-contained theme and revolves around a specific character. Most story arcs, however, span multiple episodes.

First season

The first season introduces the main characters of the first generation. Tony is popular but manipulative. He also tries bitterly to protect his mysterious, younger sister Effy. His best friend Sid is rather calm and reserved, and also in love with Tony's girlfriend Michelle. Her best friend Jal is a talented clarinetist, Anwar is a Muslim who has trouble following his beliefs, Maxxie is an avowed homosexual who loves to dance and Chris is the "party animal" who has problems with his family. Cassie is a mentally insecure girl with an eating disorder and drug problems. Cassie is also in love with Sid. In the second episode ( Cassie ) she says to Sid: "I will always love you, Sid ... that's the problem."

The first episode ( Tony ) introduces the characters and the general plot. The second episode shows Cassie's time in an eating disorder clinic. The third episode ( Jal ) is about Jal and her aspirations to become a musician. In the fourth episode ("Chris"), Chris' mother gives him £ 1,000 before leaving him. The fifth episode ("Sid") is about Sid's school and relationship problems. In the sixth episode ( Maxxie and Anwar ), two characters take center stage for the first time. In the seventh episode ( Michelle ), Michelle separates from Tony. The eighth episode ("Effy") is less about Effy herself than about Sid and Tony's search for her. The season finale ("Series Finale") does not have a specific figure as the center, but focuses on the whole group. In the end, the entire cast sings the Cat Stevens song Wild World .

Second season

The second season ran from February 11 to April 14, 2008 on E4. Before that the first episode could be seen on the official Skins - Myspace page .

The action takes place six months after the end of the first season. Tony is alive after being hit by a bus, albeit severely mentally, although he has no major physical injuries. The first episode ( Tony and Maxxie ) focuses on Maxxie and Tony. In addition, the comedian Bill Bailey has his first guest appearance as Maxxie's father. In the second episode ( Sketch ) Shane Richie plays the theater teacher Bruce, who wants to perform the controversial play Osama: The Musical at the school. Maxxie and Michelle play the lead roles in this musical. Sketch, who has been stalking Maxxie for some time, will be used as the lighting technician .

Sid has not been the same since Sid's girlfriend Cassie moved to Scotland and Tony has suffered from the consequences of the accident. In the third episode ( Marc (Sid's father)) he is visited by his Scottish relatives. At the end of the episode, Sid's father dies in an armchair. The plot of the fourth episode ( Scarlet ) is determined by a camping trip. The group travels to Wales with Michelle's stepsister Scarlet . Sid and Michelle end up sleeping together on the beach, resulting in a brief relationship. Cassie returns from Scotland to visit Sid. However, this breaks her heart when she sees him with Michelle. Maxxie also discovers that Anwar is in a relationship with Sketch, which leads to some problems in their friendship.

In the fifth episode ( Chris ), Chris is expelled from school and has to look for a job. He begins a relationship with Jal and after many different jobs recommended by the school's career counselor (Josie Long), Chris becomes a successful real estate agent . A short time later, however, he was released because it was discovered that he had secretly moved into an apartment that he was supposed to be selling. At the last party in the apartment, he cheats on Jal with his former psychology teacher Angie. Jal later discovers that she is pregnant. Anwar breaks up with Sketch after Maxxie proves she's manipulating him.

Tony's recovery is explored in the sixth episode, Awakening , which is a metaphor for many elements of analytical psychology . He visits the University of Exeter to introduce himself. There he meets a strange girl who helps him to get his physical coordination difficulties, which he has had since the accident, under control. In the end, Tony reverts to who he was in season one. Many of the relationship problems are resolved in the seventh episode ( emotions ). Sid makes up with Cassie and Tony with Michelle. The eighth episode ( exams ) was written by Daniel Kaluuya, who plays classmate "Posh" Kenneth. Jal still has problems and fears about her pregnancy and Chris is admitted to hospital with a blood clot in his brain. Maxxie also finds a boyfriend (James).

In the ninth episode ( Escape ), Chris discharges himself from the hospital because he is better. Cassie is writing her final exams, but when she returns home later, Chris has another brain hemorrhage and dies in her arms. Cassie finally packs her things and escapes to New York City . She befriends Adam, who lets her live with him. When she wakes up one morning, she discovers that he has left her.

In the season finale ( farewell ), Chris 'father visits Sid to explain that none of Chris' friends are welcome at the funeral. Sid and Tony then steal Chris' coffin from the hearse and take him to his old apartment. A short time later, however, Jal forces her to bring the coffin back before the burial. Chris's friends come to the funeral anyway. In the evening, all the main characters sit around a campfire and read each other the results of their final exams. Everyone except Anwar gets the grades they need. Maxxie is sad that he is going to London without saying goodbye to his best friend. Sketch realizes that she likes Anwar more than Maxxie and tries to convince him to stay in Bristol with her. However, Maxxie manages to convince Anwar to move to London with him and James, leaving Sketch behind. Tony buys Sid a plane ticket to New York, and after an emotional goodbye, Sid sets out to find Cassie. Tony goes to Cardiff University and Michelle goes to the University of York . They agree that this will mean the end of their relationship and that they were better than "a good" couple.

In the penultimate scene, Sid stands looking in front of the café where Cassie works in New York. The last shot shows Effy lying alone in Tony's bed, just like in the first scene of the pilot with Tony. She looks straight into the camera, breaks the fourth wall with it and smiles.

Third season

In the third season, all main characters (except for Effy, who previously only had a supporting role) were exchanged and the so-called "second generation" introduced. At the beginning of the first episode ( New People ), Freddie skates down a street until he meets his best friends JJ and Cook. JJ, who has autism , is childlike and loves magic tricks. Cook is more of a "daredevil" but knows that Freddie will take him out whenever there is trouble. While they smoke a joint in front of a takeaway and Cook gets drunk, they meet Effy and her father (Harry Enfield) for the first time, with whom Cook is about to fight. Effy gets out of the car, walks over to Cook and says “cute” in reference to his face smeared with tomato sauce (which is supposed to look like blood). This was used to trick Effy's father into faking an accident.

Meanwhile, Emily is looking for different clothes from her closet for her first day at college. Her twin sister Katie tries to befriend Effy. At school, Pandora talks about losing her virginity even though she doesn't have a boyfriend. Naomi is very politically active and hates her hippie mother, who often invites strangers to her home. There is a romantic tension between Emily and Naomi throughout the season. At first, Emily doesn't want to stand by her feelings about Naomi, partly because of Katie. Ultimately, however, she tells Naomi about her feelings. However, Naomi has even more problems with her sexuality. Several times she makes it clear that Emily is very close to her heart, but then pushes her back again and again. Ultimately, both confess their feelings and begin a relationship with each other.

In the second episode ( Cook ), Freddie's sister Karen tries to get famous. She participates in the casting show Search for a Sexxbomb in the fifth episode ( Freddie ) , but loses in the end.

Thomas, who has just immigrated to Great Britain from the Congo, appears for the first time in the third episode ( Thomas ). When his mother then travels and sees how the British youth are behaving, she forces him with her to return to the Congo. However, Thomas comes back to be with Pandora. However, he quickly discovers that Pandora has meanwhile had an affair with Cook and separates from her. Towards the end of the season, Thomas awards Pandora and the two get back together.

Throughout the third season, Freddie has strong feelings towards Effy, who, however, repeatedly rejects his advances and instead enters into a sexual relationship with Cook. It quickly becomes clear, however, that Effy reciprocates Freddie's feelings, but is unable to admit it to him. When it seems that Effy wants to stand by her feelings, she learns of Freddie's relationship with Katie. Effy breaks up with Cook, but Freddie is now with Katie. During a party in the woods, Effy, who had ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms, knocked Katie out with a rock. Effy and Freddie sleep together shortly after the incident, although Freddie does not know anything about the incident at the time. When it comes out, Freddie is very upset and Effy leaves Bristol with Cook. In the season finale ( At the End ), Freddie and JJ are looking for the two. Effy confesses her love to Freddie. Meanwhile Cook fell in love with Effy. The three boys take part in a race and agree that the winner "gets" Effy. JJ wins, but instead of “taking” Effy, he demands that they all solve their problems together. He forces Freddie and Cook to admit they are both in love with Effy and insists that Effy should finally make up her mind. Effy doesn't have to say anything because it is obvious from her look that she is choosing Freddie. Cook then runs away and JJ follows him. Effy and Freddie are left alone and sleep together. The outcome of the love triangle remains unclear as Cook explains to Freddie that he cannot tolerate the relationship between him and Effy because he loves her too. Freddie doesn't know exactly what to do now and in the last scene asks Cook: "What do we do now?"

Fourth season

Filming for the fourth season was from July to November 2009. It also has the cast of the second generation. The season consists of only eight episodes due to the difficult economic situation of E4 and the parent station Channel 4 and was broadcast from January 28, 2010 to March 18, 2010.

The season begins with almost all of the characters in a club where a girl named Sophia takes ecstasy and commits suicide. Thomas, who works as a DJ at the club, is expelled from school as new headmaster David Blood thinks he has something to do with the incident. When the police begin the investigation, Thomas begins to think about his life and ends his relationship with Pandora.

Emily and Naomi plan a trip to Mexico, which Jenna Fitch disapproves of. Emily moves out when Jenna tries to bribe her so she doesn't go to Mexico with Naomi. Meanwhile, Emily investigates the relationship between Naomi and Sophia (the late girl from the previous episode) after the police interrogate them. It turns out that Naomi attended a university open house that Emily didn't know about and that she both cheated on Emily with Sophia and sold the ecstasy she got from Cook to Sophia. Mortally unhappy, Emily is comforted by her father, who confesses that he cheated on her mother with Emily's aunt when he was young. After he tells her it'll get better after it's bad, the episode ends with Emily visiting Naomi, who has a note on her door that says "I would do anything". Emily goes into the house.

Meanwhile, Effy returns and begins a relationship with Freddie again. In an outburst of jealousy, Cook attacks a boy. After his outburst, Cook is arrested and, after bail is paid, Cook is allowed out but has to wear an electric tracking device on his foot (forcing him to live with his younger brother and his listless, alcoholic mother) and is managed by the headmaster David Blood expelled from school. He decides to teach his younger brother his own dangerous habits when he realizes that his actions are just that - childish. Cook and Naomi both feel responsible for the death of Sophia, leading Cook to plead guilty of aggravated assault. Cook also admits to having sold Sophia the Ecstacy to rid Naomi of the suspicion.

Katie learns from her doctors that she is prematurely menopausal and therefore can never have children. She tries to help her mother as a wedding planner, which ends catastrophically. When the Fitch family goes bankrupt, they are forced to move in with Naomi and Emily, who have not yet properly reconciled. After Naomi's confession about Sophia, the Fitchs reunite in their old home.

Effy is admitted to a clinic after a suicide attempt, where she is treated by John T. Foster. She believes his treatment will help her because it makes her forget all bad memories. When she is released, however, she changes her life fundamentally, says goodbye to her friends and breaks up with Freddie. She loses her memory more and more until after an evening with Cook (whom she also couldn't remember) she makes another suicide attempt after remembering Tony being run over by a bus. She is then taken back to a clinic and begins a relationship with Freddie again. She also ended treatment by John T. Foster.

Cook broke out of prison meanwhile and now lives with JJ and then with Naomi. After much deliberation, JJ asks his and Thomas' colleague Lara out on a date, which she agrees to his surprise. When he picks her up at home two hours early, he learns that she has a nine-month-old son and is threatened by her ex-boyfriend and father of her son. Lara briefly breaks up with JJ because she thinks his friends, family and himself are crazy, but he can win her back.

John T. Foster asks Freddie to meet at his house. They talk about Effy and how he wants to try a new method on her. When Freddie firmly refuses this, he is attacked by Foster with a baseball bat and killed.

His sister Karen tries to find him and trusts Cook. Naomi has become almost a constant stoner and there is an argument between her and Emily. The police find out about Cook and he escapes just in time. He takes refuge in Freddie's shed, where he meets Effy. When JJ and Pandora arrive and Karen join in, there is a birthday party for Freddie, who has his birthday that day but is still missing. At the party, both Emily and Naomi reconcile after Naomi confesses to having booked two plane tickets to Goa a long time ago, as well as Thomas and Pandora, who both received scholarships for Harvard University (Thomas because of his fast running and Pandora in History / philosophy). When Cook relieves himself outside, he hears a noise made by Foster and follows him into his apartment. There he finds Freddie's clothes, and when Foster tries to attack him with the baseball bat after a brief dialogue, the season ends with a still image in which Cook shouts “I'm Cook!” And walks towards Foster with a raised fist. The exact outcome of this fight remains unknown.

Fifth season

The season begins with the introduction of the unconventional outsider Franky. The popular, but insecure Mini integrates Franky into her clique, but only to repudiate and humiliate her. On the verge of a nervous breakdown and with her fathers revolver in hand, she meets the mysterious stranger Matty, who convinces her of her self-worth. Mini's friend Grace builds a friendship with Franky and the other school outcasts, heavy metal fan Rich and farm boy Alo. Grace is drawn to Rich. When she tries to help him win a girl over, he finally overcomes his shyness and realizes his affection for Grace. After Mini's fashion show, the two start dating.

Mini feels pressured to sleep with her boyfriend Nick, who doesn't know she is still a virgin. Her deep rejection of Grace and her new friends backfires when her fashion show gets completely out of hand. When she finds out that her friend Liv has slept with Nick, she also makes up her mind to have sex with him. But this is a disappointment. She is devastated when she discovers the parallel to her promiscuous mother while running the gauntlet in the morning. The affair between Nick and Liv continues. But they both suspect that Mini knows about it when she gathers the still separate groups of friends at Liv's for a party. Liv is overwhelmed with her family situation and Mini's plans and leaves the house. In town she meets Matty and both of them give in to a drug-intoxicated binge. Back at Liv's house, it emerges that Matty is Nick's brother. Liv's and Nick's affair is also known.

Matty and Nick make up and Matty is allowed to live at home again. He will also be reinstated at Roundview College. His relationship with Liv is part of a new love triangle between him, Liv and Franky. Nick lost Mini and Liv and now lives in the shadow of his brother. He has a nervous breakdown, leaves the rugby team and ransack his house with a golf club. Through Matty he begins to see his father and his upbringing in a worse light and the two brothers ally against him.

Alo's parents take him from school so that he can work on the farm. When he caused an explosion in the stable through negligence, they sold all of his belongings including the dog. Alo throws an excessive party out of revenge. When he confronts his parents, his father suffers a heart attack. Instead of incriminating his best friend Rich, who has just proudly told him about his first time with Grace, he returns home and tries to make up with his parents.

Grace introduces Rich to her parents, who are horrified to discover that she is the daughter of the headmaster David Blood. Blood plans to manipulate his daughter's note in a school play of Shakespeare's What You Want so he can take her back from Roundview College. Grace recognizes her role as mediator through a monologue from Hamlet and uses the school performance to bring the love triangle between Liv, Matty and Franky to a decision. Despite getting an A, Blood continues to insist on changing schools.

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet , Rich proposes marriage to her. They try to get married secretly with the support of their friends. Alos car breaks down on the way to the church and the friends try to get to the church in time. Mini discovers her affection for Franky and tries to protect her. She gets a panic attack when she and Matty get close and runs headless through the forest. She falls over a slope and is rescued by Liv, Mini, and Matty. As a result, she begins to speak more openly with her friends about her insecurity.

Due to an intervention by Blood, the wedding ceremony is canceled and Rich and Grace remain unmarried. But since they are now officially allowed to remain a couple, the clique celebrates together at a festival nearby.

Sixth season

The sixth season begins with the gang spending the summer together in Morocco. Nothing will come of the supposed luxury vacation because the booked resort is neither inhabited nor does it have an intact water supply. Nevertheless, as always, there is a heavy party, alcohol and other drugs are consumed in large quantities and you get to know the local drug dealers. Franky is especially fond of Luke, which puts her relationship with Matty to the test. When she gets into Luke's car, Matty, Grace and Liv follow her with the car. When trying to catch up with Luke's car, a bus comes towards them. Due to the sudden evasive action, Matty, Liv and Grace fall down a slope with the car. All three survive, but Grace is in a coma for weeks afterwards. After everything was tried to wake her up, she died of serious injuries in a Zurich hospital, where she was brought to recovery. Rich, completely beside himself, tries by all means to get into Grace's hospital room until he is finally banned from the house by Mr. Blood, Grace's father. Out of sheer sadness, he imagines she has woken up, speaks and meets with her. By chance he learns that her father had let her fly to Switzerland, from which he is also making a fictitious phone call. In desperation, he breaks into the Blood House and ravages it with Alo. He has had an affair with Mini since Morocco and has to admit that it is more than just sex for him. Through sex, Mini becomes pregnant, which she initially tries to hide from everyone.

Seventh season

The seventh season was filmed in London and Manchester from October 2012 to January 2013. It shows how the characters Cassie (first generation) and Cook and Effy (second generation), to whom two related episodes are each dedicated, fared after leaving school. Emily and Naomi also have guest appearances. Nobody from the third generation is involved. The six episodes of the seventh season should be seen from July 2013 on E4, after the broadcast was previously planned for spring 2013.

Skins Fire shows Effy as a twenty-one year old receptionist at a hedge fund . She lives with Naomi, who lives with vague ambitions to become a stand-up comedian. Effy, on the other hand, is much more serious and determined than before and can convince her boss to give her a chance as a stockbroker. As she strives for professional success, she gets caught in an insider deal and begins an affair with her boss. In order to save her friend Dom, who is hopelessly in love with her and who is also involved in the illegal business, from prison, she makes a comprehensive confession about her activities before the tax authorities. Meanwhile, Naomi learns that she has cancer. She asks Effy Emily, who is doing an internship in New York, not to tell anything about it. Dom and Effy take care of Naomi until her condition worsens hopelessly. Emily then returns to London and assists Naomi while Effy is prosecuted.

Skins Pure takes on Cassie's life story when she struggled alone as a waitress in London at the age of 23 after breaking up with her boyfriend in America. She no longer uses drugs and is cured of her eating disorder as well. She finds out that someone is secretly taking a photo of her and posting it on the Internet. It turns out that the stalker is her colleague Jakob. She realizes that Jacob's attention gives her confidence and allows him to continue photographing her on her terms, in an expressly platonic friendship. While she tries to support her depressed father and her little brother, the friendship with Jakob slowly breaks up again. Jacob's jealousy becomes irrational, especially when Cassie takes part in a professional photo shoot. Eventually Cassie decides to leave her friendship with Jakob and her sexual relationship with another colleague behind to take care of her little brother's upbringing while her father recovers in Italy.

Skins Rise is set in Manchester and shows Cook as a drug dealer. In a voiceover , Cook explains his thoughts and suggests a murder he has committed without actually addressing it openly. However, there is evidence that he killed John Foster, the alleged murderer of Freddy in season four, and has been on the run ever since. He has a casual relationship with a woman named Emma. But when he is asked by local drug lord Louis to take care of his girlfriend Charlie for a few days while he runs some errands, he is fascinated by Charlie. He witnesses Charlie cheating on Louis with a man named Jason after a night at the club. This knocks him down so he doesn't betray him. Louis is informed and has Jason brutally murdered by his henchman Rob in front of Charlie and Cook. He wants to make it clear that he does not accept disloyalty. Then Cook decides to flee again and Emma accompanies him. As they leave town, Charlie calls him, begging him to take them with him. The three of them drive to Emma's parents' house in a remote part of the country. Shortly afterwards, Louis also appears, who explains to them that he has tracked their getaway car . Charlie refuses to go with him and the three decide to leave the house. On the way they find Emma's parents' car abandoned at the edge of the forest. Then Cook, Emma and Charlie hide in an old tunnel overnight. The next morning there is no trace of Emma. Eventually they find her hanged from a tree. Since Louis not only murdered Emma and probably also her parents, Cook decides to face Louis. While hitting him he repeats the sentence with which he started the fight with Foster: “I'm Cook. You thought you could kill me? I'm fucking cook. ” He helps Charlie escape after calling the police. The episode ends with Cook's reflections on life and death and his feelings about it.

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization of the first three Staffen was established in 2009 after a dialogue book and the dialogue director of Boris Tessmann by the synchronous company Antares Film GmbH in Berlin .

The remaining four seasons were edited in 2015 on behalf of Netflix by the dubbing studios German Dubbing Company and TV + Synchron Berlin GmbH , with Jeffrey Wipprecht (seasons 4–6), Ronald Nitschke and Franzi Treutler (season 7) directing dubbing.

main actor

actor role Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Nicholas Hoult Anthony "Tony" Stonem 1-2 Nico Sablik
April Pearson Michelle "Chelle" Richardson 1-2 Julia Kaufmann
Mike Bailey Sidney "Sid" Jenkins 1-2 Nick Forsberg
Hannah Murray Cassandra "Cassie" Ainsworth 1-2, 7th Marie-Luise Schramm (season 1–2)
Friedel Morgenstern (Season 7)
Joe Dempsie Christopher "Chris" Miles 1-2 Tobias Nath
Larissa Wilson Jalander "Jal" Fazer 1-2 Julia Meynen
Mitch Hewer Maxxie Oliver 1-2 Dirk Stollberg
Dev Patel Anwar Kharral 1-2 Julius Jellinek
Kaya Scodelario Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem 1-4, 7 Adak Azdasht
Aimee-Ffion Edwards Lucy "Sketch" 2 Kaya Marie Möller
Lisa Backwell Pandora "Panda" Moon 3-4 2 Luisa Wietzorek (seasons 2–3)
Catherine of Daake (season 4)
Ollie Barbieri Jonah Jeremiah "JJ" Jones 3-4 Jan Makino
Jack O'Connell James "Cook" Cook Jr. 3-4, 7th Tim Sander
Luke Pasqualino Frederick "Freddie" Mclair 3-4 Ricardo Richter
Lily Loveless Naomi Campbell 3-4, 7th Sarah Riedel
Kathryn Prescott Emily Fitch 3-4, 7th Jill Böttcher (season 3–4)
Sarah Alles (Season 7)
Megan Prescott Katherine "Katie" Fitch 3-4 Esra Vural
Merveille Lukeba Thomas Tomone 3-4 Konrad Bösherz
Dakota Blue Richards Francesca "Franky" Fitzgerald 5-6 Josephine Schmidt
Will Merrick Aloysius "Alo" Creevey 5-6 Amadeus Strobl
Alexander Arnold Richard "Rich" Hardbeck 5-6 Julien Haggége
Freya Mavor Minerva "Mini" McGuinness 5-6 Julia Stoepel
Laya Lewis Olivia "Liv" Malone 5-6 Maximiliane Häcke
Jessica Sula Grace Violet Blood 5-6 Nicole Hannak
Sean Teale Nicholas "Nick" Levan 5-6 Jeffrey Wipprecht
Sebastian De Souza Matthew "Matty" Levan 5-6 Maximilian Artajo
Sam Jackson Alexander "Alex" Henley 6th Christian Pointer

supporting cast

actor role Supporting role
Voice actor
Siwan Morris Angie 1-2 Antje von der Ahe
Daniel Kaluuya Posh Kenneth 1-2 Tobias Müller
Georgina Moffat Abigail Stock 1-2 Kathrin Neusser
Ben Lloyd-Hughes Josh Stock 1 Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Josie Long Josie, career counselor 2-3, 6 Nicole Hannak
Stephen Walters Madison Twatter 1 Stefan Krause
Harry Enfield Jim Stonem 1-3 Michael Iwannek
Morwenna Banks Anthea Stonem 1-4 Ulrike Stürzbecher
Peter Capaldi Mark Jenkins 1-2 Stefan Gossler
Josie Lawrence Liz Jenkins 1-2 Peggy Sander
Arabella Weir Anna Richardson 1-2 Almut Zydra
Danny Dyer Malcolm 1 Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Nina Wadia Bibi Kharral 1-2
Bill Bailey Walter Oliver 2 Axel Lutter
Holly Earl Poppy Champion 6th
Sarah Solemani Celia Champion 6th
Hugo Speer Dr. John Foster 4th Thomas Petruo

American adaptation

Although a censored version of Skins was broadcast on BBC America in the United States , MTV commissioned an American adaptation in Baltimore , Maryland . Among other things, the creator of the series The Wire , David Simon , was responsible for this. This made the British production company Company Pictures aware of the city. Filming for the pilot began in February 2010 in Toronto , Canada . Brian Elsley took on the role of executive producer . In September 2010, The Baltimore Sun reported that the series will not take place in Baltimore as planned, but in an as yet undefined city on the east coast of the United States . The first episode has the same plot as the British original. Further episodes will mainly have a different one. The names of the characters are almost all the same. Sid was changed to Stanley and Cassie to Cadie. Tea, a lesbian cheerleader , replaced Maxxie. The series started in the United States on January 17 and ended after ten episodes on March 21, 2011. In early June 2011, MTV announced that it would no longer produce the series.


In April 2008 it was announced that all actors would be exchanged for the third season (except for Kaya Scodelario and Lisa Backwell). Bryan Elsley said, “There are risks in changing all of the cast, but we just did it. The broadcaster was a little worried, but then they said we should do it. ”Speaking at Broadcast's Television Drama Conference , Elsley confirmed that they wanted to stick to the pattern of introducing the youngsters to accompany them into the next season and then let them go. “The first year is to get to know the kids and the second gives us a chance to explore their psyches a little more,” explained Elsley. Jamie Brittain said the next cast members will be very different from the previous generation, with some similarities to be found. The new cast members were announced through teaser videos on December 19, 2008 . Filming for the third season began on July 23, 2008. The season premiered on January 22, 2009 at 10:00 p.m. on E4, with the first part of the episode being shown on the official website on January 15. From January 2nd, trailers were broadcast on all channels in the Channel 4 group. Skins was filmed entirely in high definition with Sony's HDW-750P cameras and edited with Autodesk Luster and Autodesk Smoke . The third season was filmed with Sony's HDW-F900R camera.


The average age of the series' writing team is 21 years and includes a variety of "adolescent advisors". Co-producer Bryan Elsley said, “It's all about the writing. [...] We let our viewers feel that they are not alone. [...] We always have people who miss author meetings because they are doing the A-level or even the GCSE . "


The series was recorded in Bristol . School scenes were filmed at the John Cabot Academy and College Green . The intro to the first season shows the Bristol Cathedral , and the second season the Pur Down BT Tower . Other locations were the Gower Peninsula , the University of Exeter and New York City. Many other locations, such as restaurants, are real eateries in Bristol.

Online presence


A wide variety of videos have been posted on the Skins website, including character profiles, Unseen Skins mini-episodes related to the regular episodes, and a series of videos called The Lost Weeks , which run between the first and second seasons .

Social media

There are official accounts for the Skins figures on many well-known social networks such as Twitter , Facebook , Bebo and Myspace. In addition, the first episode of each season was published on Myspace before the TV broadcast.



The first season received largely positive reviews, although some critics complained about the unrealistic and stereotypical portrayal of teenagers. Actor Nicholas Hoult defended the plot by saying that it was not intended to portray normal teenage life. Skins is designed for entertainment, but that doesn't change the fact that everything is believable.

Australian writer and producer Marieke Hardy praises the series, especially because it is "beautiful, sad, poignant and perfectly painful". Even so, she's not sure if the series is suitable for teenagers.

In Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale, Doctor Who Executive Producer and Head Writer Russell T Davies and his co-author, Benjamin Cook, discuss their admiration for skins . Davies, who is also the creator of the award-winning Queer as Folk series , particularly praises the homosexual storylines and characters.


In 2008, Skins won the golden rose in the “Best Drama” category at the Rose d'Or Festival. The series also won the Best Production Design (Drama) award for Amelia Shankland's work on the episode Cassie and a nomination for Best Photography (Drama) at the 2007 Royal Television Society Awards . Tal Rosner's pictures for Skins won a BAFTA award for “Best Title Sequence” in May 2008. In addition, the series was nominated for the “Best Drama Series” award at the British Academy Television Awards in 2008.

The innovative marketing was honored with the "Best Advertising Campaign" award at the MediaGuardian Awards for Innovation 2008 . Skins won the 2008 Interactive Marketing and Advertising Awards in the entertainment category for viral marketing prior to season two. In 2009 the series won the Philips Audience Award at the British Academy Television Awards , beating The Apprentice , Coronation Street , Outnumbered , Mankells Wallander and The X Factor . The cameraman Nick Dance was also nominated for a BAFTA and an RTS award.

Audience ratings

The pilot episode was seen by 1.5 million viewers in the UK. The highest audience rating of the second season was 884,000 (plus 160,000 viewers who saw the episode an hour later on "E4 + 1") which had a total market share of 5.9% and a share of 60% in the target group of 16– 24 year olds. The season finale saw 740,000 viewers on E4 (total market share 4.65%). The first episode of the third season was seen by 877,000, plus 113,900 on "E4 + 1" viewers. 56.2% of them were in the advertising-relevant target group of 16–34 year olds. The start of the fourth season saw a total of 1.5 million viewers, which was the highest audience rating since the first season.


The series brought the term Skins Party into British usage. The term describes a dissolute night of alcohol and other drugs. During the 2007 Easter break, a girl in County Durham held a house party. She advertised this on her Myspace page as “Unofficial Skins Party” and subtitled “Let's Wreck Your Average Family Home Disco Party”. 200 people came, broke into the house and caused damage of around 30,000 euros. She claimed that her Myspace profile was hacked and that someone else spread the call. 

Similar events have occurred in Ireland . Although these events had nothing to do with the series, news outlets called them skins parties .

Club nights under the title “Skins Secret Parties” were held in Leicester and Brighton . This was followed by a number of Skins parties organized by Company Pictures in the spring of 2008. There were other parties in France, among others.

Episode list

DVD appearances

Season Publication date Episodes Additional Information
Region 1 Region 2 Region 2 with German soundtrack Region 4
1 January 13, 2009 September 24, 2007 April 1, 2011 February 20, 2008 9 In addition to the nine episodes of the first season, the three DVDs contain the following extras: nine mini-episodes “Unseen Skins”, which were previously only seen online, the music video for Standing in the Way of Control by Gossip and various trailers for the series. Many of the known, used pieces of music from TV broadcasts cannot be found on the DVDs due to the high license costs. In the Region 1 version for the American market, the end of the first season, in which the entire cast sings the song Wild World , was completely cut out.
2 April 14, 2009 May 5, 2008 April 1, 2011 August 20, 2008 10 All ten episodes of the second season can be found on the three DVDs. Extras are six episodes of “Unseen Skins”, interviews with the actors and the crew, and a short behind-the-scenes documentary. As with the first season, many songs were exchanged for the DVD release of the second season because of the high license fees.
3 September 7, 2010 April 6, 2009 April 1, 2011 September 9, 2009 10 The additional content, in addition to the ten episodes of the third season, are four "Unseen Skins" episodes, ten character video diaries, behind-the-scenes material, trailers and casting recordings. Also many songs were exchanged again.
4th January 11, 2011 March 22, 2010 - August 18, 2010 8th In addition to the eight episodes of the fourth season, additional content behind the scenes for each episodes, comments from the authors and directors, bonus stories and an animated film can be found in the box set.

Other media

Company Pictures announced in September 2009 that the Skins brand had been licensed to Crystal Entertainment. The company is set to help creator Bryan Elsley expand the Skins brand into areas such as film, fashion and music. She describes Skins as "the most authentic teen brand on TV".

In January 2010, Hodder & Stoughton published Skins: The Novel , a short novel by Ali Cronin that tells what happened between the third and fourth seasons.

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