FK Qairat Almaty

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FK Qairat Almaty
Club crest
Basic data
Surname Қайрат Алматы Футбол Клубы
(Qairat Almaty Futbol Kluby)
Seat Almaty , Kazakhstan
founding 1954
Colours Yellow blue
president Kairat Boranbayev
First soccer team
Head coach BelarusBelarus Aleksei Shpilevsky
Venue Almaty Central Stadium
Places 23,804
league Premjer League
2019 2nd place

The FC Kairat ( Kazakh Қайрат Алматы Футбол Клубы / Qairat Almaty Futbol Kluby , Russian Футбольный клуб Кайрат Алматы / Futbolny club Kairat Almaty ) - also known as The People's Team (Халық командасы) - is established in 1954 football club from Almaty . With two championship titles and eight cup wins , Qairat Almaty is one of the most successful clubs in Kazakhstan. The club is currently in sixth place in the all-time league table .

Since its inception, Qairat Almaty has played in the Almaty Central Stadium . He was the leading Kazakh team in the Soviet Union and the only one who took part in the game operations of the Vysschaya League , the highest Soviet football league. There she reached in the 1986 season with seventh place in the table, the highest placement ever achieved by a team from Central Asia . The club has played since the independence of Kazakhstan as a founding member in the Premjer League, where he had to relegate twice to the second division.


Name development

The club was renamed in 1954 as Lokomotiv Alma-Ata (Локомотив Алма-Ата), but only a year later the club was renamed Uroshai Alma-Ata (Урожай Алма-Ата). The team has been running under its current name since 1956.

Soviet championship

Logo from the Soviet era

The club was the leading club in Kazakhstan during the Soviet era and played as the only representative of the republic in the highest Soviet league . For the first time Kairat Alma-Ata appeared in the 1960 season in the Soviet elite class, where he was able to hold out for five years. After relegation, the Kazakh team was able to celebrate instant promotion through the runner-up in the second highest Soviet league in 1965 and played again in the top division until 1969. In the 1970 season, the success with the runner-up and the immediate promotion of 1965 was repeated. After four years of excellence, the team had to relegate in 1974 when they were fifteenth. It took two years to get back to the Soviet House of Lords with the league title in 1976, where Kairat was able to assert himself until 1982. In the 1983 season, the second league title succeeded in the second highest Soviet league and the associated, immediate promotion. The club achieved the best placement in the top Soviet league in 1986, when seventh place could be secured at the end of the season. With a total of 24 seasons in the top division of the Soviet Union, Qairat is the front runner for teams from the Central Asian republics and is in fourteenth place in the all-time table of the Soviet League, just ahead of Pachtakor Tashkent . The last three seasons of the Soviet Union, from 1989 to 1991, however, Kairat had to spend in the second highest Soviet league.

Kazakh championship

Beginnings in the Premjer League (1992–1998)

As a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent independence of Kazakhstan , FK Qairat Almaty entered the newly created Superliga , the top division of Kazakh football, as a founding member . Here, the club managed to win the championship title in the first season with one point ahead of the second in the table and a record of 16 wins, five draws and five defeats. A clear 5-1 cup final against Fosfor Taras won the double in the same year .

In the following two seasons, Qairat Almaty could not repeat the successes from 1992. In the 1993 season they landed after 14 defeats from 22 games only in midfield in eleventh place. In 1994 it was only enough for eleventh place, in the Kazakh Cup they had to admit defeat 1: 3 in Aktyubinsk in the first round . After spending the last two years in the sporting mediocrity, it was possible to improve the performance again in the next few years and to celebrate another title win in the 1996/1997 cup. In the 1997 season , in third place in the table, a placement among the top three teams in the top division was again achieved.

In 1998 the club was split into two teams called Qairat. While the club, which was financed by the army , appeared as CSKA Qairat Almaty and was allowed to take part in the top division, the original club, which has since been renamed SOPFK Qairat Almaty and financed by businessman Bulat Abilow, had to compete in the first division (II). Here, however, the team made it back to the top division after a year, so that in 1999 and 2000 two teams from Almaty played in the league. The club CSKA Qairat Almaty finally deleted the name part Qairat and entered the first division as CSKA Almaty until it was dissolved in 2002.

Sporting successes (1999-2005)

In 1999 the promoted last season was able to reach third place in the Premjer league. In the following season, Almaty was able to reach one of the top places in the table and was fourth on the last day of the 2000 season. In the 1999/2000 Cup, Almaty reached the final and was able to prevail with a sovereign 5-0 win against Access-Golden Grein and was therefore entitled to participate in the Asian Cup Winners' Cup for the second time. There you could first win a 3-1 win against Regar TadAZ from Tajikistan and then a 3-2 win against Nebitçi Balkanabat from Turkmenistan . In the quarter-finals of the competition you finally had to play against the Iranian top club Esteghlal Tehran , against whom the Kazakh club was eliminated with a result of 0: 3.

After the Kazakh Football Association moved from the Asian Football Confederation to UEFA in early 2002 , Qairat Almaty was allowed to take part in the UEFA Cup as last year's cup winner . In the first qualifying round of the 2002/03 UEFA Cup , the team from Kazakhstan faced Red Star Belgrade in their European debut . In the first leg on August 15, 2002, the Kazakhs lost to the Yugoslav champions with 0-2. Belgrade coach Zoran Filipović said of Almaty's performance, "Kairat had a few chances early on but they missed out on converting them". The second leg also ended with a 3-0 defeat, so that the team was eliminated from the competition.

In the 2004 season , the club was able to win the Kazakh championship for the second time in the club's history. In the final of the cup, Almaty had to face FK Taras , but were beaten with a final score of 0: 1. By winning the championship, Qairat Almaty qualified for the Champions League for the first and so far only time . In the first qualifying round of the 2005/06 edition , the team had to play against FC Artmedia Bratislava from Slovakia . After winning the first leg in front of their home crowd in the Almaty Central Stadium with 2-0, Almaty lost the second leg after extra time with 1: 4 and was thus eliminated. In the same year, the club also took part in the hosting of the CIS Cup . In the group stage, the Kazakh representative took first place ahead of Dinamo Minsk and Levadia Tallinn and met Lithuanian champions FBK Kaunas , who lost on penalties , in the quarter -finals.

Financial difficulties and mediocrity (2006–2012)

The 2006 season ended Qairat in fifth place in the table. In the 2006/07 UEFA Cup , the team barely missed making it to the next round. In the first qualifying round against FC Fehérvár from Hungary , the team had to admit defeat 0-1 in the first leg, but achieved a 2-1 home win in the second leg. Since Fehérvár had the better away goal difference, Almaty was eliminated from the competition. At the end of the season, the club's previous sponsor, the Kazakh railway company Temir Scholy , withdrew as a donor. A financial crisis followed, which lasted until the beginning of the next season and as a result many well-known players such as Samat Smaqow , Andrei Karpowitsch , Kairat Nurdauletow and Farchadbek Irismetow left the club. So Qairat Almaty entered the 2007 season with a young and inexperienced team and with a record of eight wins, three draws and 18 defeats barely missed relegation.

After the 2008 season , the team had to relegate to the first division , the second highest division in Kazakhstan, for the second time due to financial difficulties . On January 20, 2009, the club informed the national association that they would voluntarily leave the Premier League for financial reasons and instead compete in the First League. There the team managed to get promoted again by winning the first division. The 2010 season was again marked by the fight against relegation. Finally, they managed to stay in the league with tenth place. This year, the company KazRosGas and its owner Kairat Boranbayev also joined as investors. After the disappointing 2011 season , which the club completed on a relegation zone, the renewed crash into the second division would have followed. However, Qairat was able to prevent this by increasing the Premjer League from twelve to 14 teams and thus remained in the Kazakh elite class.

In January 2012, KazRosGas expanded its activities at the club and took over the majority of the shares in Qairat Almaty. Since then, the company has held 70 percent of the shares, the remaining 30 percent remain in the possession of the city of Almaty. After the team under coach Dmitri Ogai had only a mediocre start to the season, he was dismissed during the current season and replaced in June by the Spaniard José Pérez Serer . However, as there were no successes under the new coach and only three wins could be achieved in the remaining game days, Almaty finished the season in tenth place. At the end of November, the club's management finally presented the third new coach of the year. The former Slovak national coach Vladimír Weiss signed a three-year contract with the club.

Present (since 2013)

After a mixed start to the 2013 season under the new coach, Almaty reached the championship round for the first time in six years after the preliminary round in fifth place. Here, the team managed to secure third place in the table at the end of the season and qualify for the Europa League for the next year .

At the beginning of the 2014 season , the club signed, among others, the Kazakh national player Bauyrschan Islamchan from Kuban Krasnodar , who became a central figure in midfield after the suspension of Samat Smaqow by the club. In June, Almaty also managed to sign Ivorian Gerard Gohou . Nevertheless, as in the previous year, it was only enough for third place in the league. In the cup competition, however, the team defeated FK Aqtöbe (4-1) in the final and celebrated winning the Kazakh Cup again after eleven years. Qairat Almaty also appeared again internationally in 2014. In the Europa League , the team from Kazakhstan prevailed in the first qualifying round against the Albanian opponent FK Kukësi , but failed in the second round to Esbjerg fB from Denmark .

In the 2015 season , Qairat finished the preliminary round as the best team. Although the team lost only one game in the championship round and won a total of 20 of 32 games, they only finished second in the table after last year's champions FK Astana . With a total of 22 goals, striker Gerard Gohou was the top scorer in the Premjer League. In the Kazakh Cup, Almaty again easily reached the final and met FK Astana, whom the team defeated with two goals from Serb Serorđe Despotović and thus defended their cup win from last year. In the Europa League , the club reached the play-offs for the first time by winning against Red Star Belgrade , FC Alaschkert Martuni and FC Aberdeen , where they met Girondins Bordeaux from France . After the first leg in Bordeaux ended with a 0-1 defeat, Qairat Almaty achieved a 2-1 win in the second leg at their home central stadium, but was eliminated from the competition due to the away goals rule . On November 30th, coach Weiss left the club after his contract expired.

On March 8, 2016, the Kazakh Supercup was won for the first time under the direction of the new coach Alexander Borodjuk . The 2015 champions, FK Astana, were defeated on penalties in the Astana Arena in front of 14,500 spectators. After only three match days of the 2016 season , in which Almaty only scored one point, Borodjuk left the club voluntarily. The new coach was the Georgian Kachaber Zchadadze .

International balance

Asian competitions

For the first time the club from Almaty appeared internationally at the Asian Cup Winners' Cup in the 1997/98 season. In the West Asian group, the club had to compete with the Vakhsh Qurghonteppa from Tajikistan in the first round and were able to prevail after a 3-0 home win and a 1-2 away defeat. In the second round, the team was defeated by the Köpetdag Ashgabat from Turkmenistan after a 3-1 home win and subsequent 0-2 away defeat by the away goals rule . In the next appearance on the Asian football stage in the Cup Winners' Cup 2000/01, the Tajik representative Regar TadAZ was defeated in the first round and the Nebitçi Balkanabat from Turkmenistan in the second round . In the quarter-finals, the team failed at Iranian representative Esteghlal Tehran after a 0-0 home draw and a 0-3 away defeat.

season competition round opponent total To Back
1997/98 Asian Cup Winners' Cup 1 round TajikistanTajikistan Wachsch Qurghonteppa 4: 2 3-0 1: 2
2nd round TurkmenistanTurkmenistan Köpetdag Ashgabat 003: 3 ( a ) 3: 1 0: 2
2000/01 Asian Cup Winners' Cup 1 round TajikistanTajikistan Regar TadAZ 3: 1 2-0 1: 1
2nd round TurkmenistanTurkmenistan Nebitçi Balkanabat 3: 2 0: 1 3: 1
Quarter finals IranIran Esteghlal Tehran 0: 3 0-0 0: 3

Legend: (a) - away goals rule , (i. E.) - on penalties , (n. V.) - after extra time

Overall record: 10 games, 4 wins, 2 draws, 4 defeats, 13:11 goals (goal difference +2)

European competitions

In 2002, Qairat was one of the first Kazakh representatives in the European Cup, as the Kazakh association had only joined UEFA in 2002 . However, the club lost both games in the qualifying round against Red Star Belgrade . After the championship title in 2004, the club entered the 2005/06 season in the first round of qualifying for the Champions League , but failed after extra time at Artmedia Bratislava , who later surprisingly reached the group stage. In the 2006/07 UEFA Cup , the team was also eliminated in the first qualifying round against Hungarian representatives FC Fehérvár on the away goals rule .

season competition round opponent total To Back
2002/03 Uefa cup 1st qualifying round SerbiaSerbia Red Star Belgrade 0: 5 0: 2 (H) 0: 3 (A)
2005/06 UEFA Champions League 1st qualifying round SlovakiaSlovakia Artmedia Bratislava 3: 4 2: 0 (H) 1: 4 a.d. (A)
2006/07 Uefa cup 1st qualifying round HungaryHungary FC Fehérvár (a)2: 2 ( a ) 0: 1 (A) 2: 1 (H)
2014/15 UEFA Europa League 1st qualifying round AlbaniaAlbania KF Kukësi 1-0 1: 0 (H) 0: 0 (A)
2nd qualifying round DenmarkDenmark Esbjerg fB 1: 2 1: 1 (H) 0: 1 (A)
2015/16 UEFA Europa League 1st qualifying round SerbiaSerbia Red Star Belgrade 4: 1 2: 0 (A) 2: 1 (H)
2nd qualifying round ArmeniaArmenia FC Alaschkert Martuni 4: 2 3: 0 (H) 1: 2 (A)
3rd qualifying round ScotlandScotland Aberdeen FC 3: 2 2: 1 (H) 1: 1 (A)
Play-offs FranceFrance Girondins Bordeaux (a)2: 2 ( a ) 0: 1 (A) 2: 1 (H)
2016/17 UEFA Europa League 1st qualifying round AlbaniaAlbania KS Teuta Durrës 6-0 1: 0 (A) 5: 0 (H)
2nd qualifying round IsraelIsrael Maccabi Tel Aviv 2: 3 1: 1 (H) 1: 2 (A)
2017/18 UEFA Europa League 1st qualifying round LithuaniaLithuania Atlantas Klaipeda 8: 1 6: 0 (H) 2: 1 (A)
2nd qualifying round AlbaniaAlbania KF Skënderbeu Korça 1: 3 1: 1 (H) 0: 2 (A)
2018/19 UEFA Europa League 1st qualifying round AndorraAndorra UE Engordany 10: 1 3: 0 (A) 7: 1 (H)
2nd qualifying round NetherlandsNetherlands AZ Alkmaar 3: 2 2: 0 (H) 1: 2 (A)
3rd qualifying round Czech RepublicCzech Republic SK Sigma Olomouc 1: 4 0: 2 (A) 1: 2 (H)
2019/20 UEFA Europa League 1st qualifying round Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina NK Široki Brijeg 4: 2 2: 1 (A) 2: 1 (H)
2nd qualifying round IsraelIsrael Hapoel Beer Sheva 1: 3 0: 2 (A) 1: 1 (H)
Legend: (H) - home game, (A) - away game, (N) - neutral place, (a) - away goal rule , (i. E.) - on penalties , (n. V.) - after extra time

Overall record : 36 games, 17 wins, 6 draws, 13 defeats, 56:39 goals (goal difference +17)


Qairat Almaty plays its home games in the Almaty Central Stadium , which was built in 1958. The stadium offers space for 25,057 spectators and was modernized in 1997. FK Qairat Almaty shares its home ground with the CSHVSM Almaty women's football team .

Achievements and Statistics

Championship successes

Cup successes


Squad for the 2020 season

No. Nat. Surname Birthday (age) In the team since Last club
01 KazakhstanKazakhstan Stas Pokatilov 08 Dec 1992 (27) 2016 FK Rostov
30th KazakhstanKazakhstan Danil Ustimjenko 0Aug 8, 2000 (20) 2018 own youth
31 KazakhstanKazakhstan Dinmuchamed Schomart 06 Dec 2000 (19) 2020 own youth
02 KazakhstanKazakhstan Sergei Keiler 0Nov 8, 1994 (25) 2018 Aqshayyq Oral
03 BelarusBelarus Dsjanis Paljakou Apr 17, 1991 (29) 2020 Urals Sverdlovsk Oblast
04th KazakhstanKazakhstan Nuraly Älip 22 Dec 1999 (20) 2018 own youth
05 KazakhstanKazakhstan Ghafurshan Suyimbayev (C)Captain of the crew Aug 19, 1990 (30) 2016 Ordabassy Shymkent
15th KazakhstanKazakhstan Nurlan Dairow June 26, 1995 (25) 2020 Oqschetpes Kokshetau
20th SerbiaSerbia Rade Dugalić 0Nov 5, 1992 (27) 2019 Yenisei Krasnoyarsk
24 CroatiaCroatia Dino Mikanović 0May 7, 1994 (26) 2019 Aarhus GF
06th PolandPoland Jacek Góralski 21 Sep 1992 (27) 2020 Ludogorez Razgrad
08th KazakhstanKazakhstan Aibol Abbiken 0June 1, 1996 (24) 2017 own youth
13 ArmeniaArmenia Kamo Howhannisjan 0Oct 5, 1992 (27) 2020 Shetissu Taldyqorghan
14th KazakhstanKazakhstan Adam Adachadschiev Nov 23, 1998 (21) 2020 own youth
17th KazakhstanKazakhstan Sultanbek Astanov 23 Mar 1999 (21) 2020 own youth
18th PolandPoland Konrad Wrzesiński Sep 10 1993 (26) 2019 Zagłębie Sosnowiec
21st KazakhstanKazakhstan Jerkebulan Tungghyschbajew Jan 14, 1995 (25) 2019 Ordabassy Shymkent
22nd MontenegroMontenegro Nebojša Kosović Feb 24, 1995 (25) 2019 FK Partizan Belgrade
27 KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan Güldschigit Alykulow Nov 25, 2000 (19) 2020 FK Nyoman Hrodna
07th KazakhstanKazakhstan Abat Ayymbetov 07 Aug 1995 (25) 2020 FK Aqtöbe
09 BrazilBrazil Vágner Love June 11, 1984 (36) 2020 Corinthians São Paulo
10 KazakhstanKazakhstan Jerkebulan Seidachmet 0Feb 4, 2000 (20) 2019 Levski Sofia
11 UkraineUkraine Aderinsola Eseola June 28, 1991 (29) 2018 Aqshayyq Oral
19th KazakhstanKazakhstan Artur Shushchenachev 0Apr 7, 1998 (22) 2020 own youth
23 KazakhstanKazakhstan Vyacheslav Schwyrev 0Jan 7, 2001 (19) 2018 own youth
Status: July 2020

Former players

Record goal scorers

The most accurate attacker in the service of Qairat is Gerard Gohou , who scored 80 goals for the Almaty team.

space Name of the player Gates Period
01. Ivory CoastIvory Coast Gerard Gohou 80 2014-2017
02. KazakhstanKazakhstan Älibek Boleschew 77 2000-2006, 2007-2008
03. KazakhstanKazakhstan Bauyrshan Islamchan 43 2014–
04th BrazilBrazil Isael 38 2014-2018
05. TurkmenistanTurkmenistan Rejepmurad Agabayev 35 1999-2002
06th KazakhstanKazakhstan Askar Abildayev 34 1991-1993
KazakhstanKazakhstan Arsen Tlekhugov 2003-2006
08th. RussiaRussia Andrei Arshavin 24 2016-2018
KazakhstanKazakhstan Sergei Klimov 1992, 1996-2000
KazakhstanKazakhstan Serik Sheilitbayev 1992-1993, 1995-1997, 1999-2000, 2008

As of November 11, 2018

Well-known former coaches

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Coordinates: 43 ° 14 ′ 18.2 "  N , 76 ° 55 ′ 26.8"  E