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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the city of Ennepetal
Map of Germany, position of the city Ennepetal highlighted

Coordinates: 51 ° 18 '  N , 7 ° 21'  E

Basic data
State : North Rhine-Westphalia
Administrative region : Arnsberg
Circle : Ennepe-Ruhr district
Height : 184 m above sea level NHN
Area : 57.77 km 2
Residents: 30,142 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 522 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 58256
Primaries : 02333, 0202
License plate : EN, WIT
Community key : 05 9 54 008

City administration address :
Bismarckstrasse 21
58256 Ennepetal
Website : www.ennepetal.de
Mayoress : Imke Heymann (independent, nominated by CDU , Greens , FWE and FDP )
Location of the city of Ennepetal in the Ennepe-Ruhr district
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Ennepetal is a city with almost 30,000 inhabitants on the southern edge of the Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia . It belongs to the Ennepe-Ruhr district and is located on the Ennepe River, which gives it its name . Since July 24, 2012, Ennepetal has officially been named City of the Klutert Cave .


Geographical location

The geographical location of Ennepetal (city center) is 7 ° 21 'east longitude and 51 ° 18' north latitude. The urban area covers an area of ​​57.43 km². Ennepetal lies at an altitude of 170  m above sea level. NN up to 390  m above sea level NN . More than 40% of the urban area is used for forestry.

City structure

Milspe district in summer 2007
Voerde district in summer 2007

Ennepetal is divided into nine districts. The population of the districts is as of March 31, 2018:

Neighboring communities

The direct neighbors of Ennepetal in the northeast are the independent city ​​of Hagen and - further clockwise - the cities of Breckerfeld (Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis), Radevormwald ( Oberbergischer Kreis ), Wuppertal (independent), Schwelm and Gevelsberg (both Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis) ).


Fountain with urban historical motifs in Voerde

The city of Ennepetal has existed since April 1, 1949, when the Milspe-Voerde office was dissolved and the two independent municipalities of Voerde and Milspe merged.

Stone Age to Middle Ages

Tool finds from the Mesolithic prove that people lived at least temporarily in the area of ​​today's town of Ennepetal as early as around 8,000 to 10,000 years ago. Permanent settlement, however, probably only began a little over a thousand years ago. The names of the districts Voerde ( fordi ) and Willringhausen ( wilgerinchuson ) are mentioned for the first time in the 11th century in a land register of the Werden monastery .

The earliest iron production is documented by finds from the 11th to 13th centuries. It is believed that iron production with the help of racing furnaces began as early as the 9th to 10th centuries.

In 1324 the area of ​​the present-day town of Ennepetal became part of the Grafschaft Mark . In the treasure book of Grafschaft Mark from 1486, 112 farms are named for the present area of ​​the city of Ennepetal.

Modern times

The office of Voerde was established on October 1, 1868, when the municipality of Voerde (with the districts of Oberbauer , Unterbauer and Haspetal ) left the office of Enneperstraße . On April 1, 1923, the communities of Mühlinghausen, Oelkinghausen and Schweflinghausen merged to form the community of Milspe. The Ennepe office, which consists of the same communities, was renamed to Milspe. The Milspe-Voerde office was founded on June 1, 1937 through the amalgamation of the Milspe and Voerde offices, each consisting of one municipality. On April 1, 1949, the two municipalities of Milspe and Voerde gave up their independence and merged to form the town of Ennepetal.

Development of the population from 1975 to 2006


City Council of Ennepetal

Town hall Ennepetal , listed old building, also the meeting room of the main committee
Allocation of seats in the Ennepetal Council
Parties and Voter communities Seats
2014 2009 2004 1999
SPD 16 14th 15th 13
CDU 11 14th 15th 18th
Alliance 90 / The Greens 4th 4th 4th 3
FWE 1) 4th 2 5 5
FDP 2 4th 3 3
The left 2 1 0 0
AfD 2 0 0 0
Pirate party 1 0 0 0
NPD 0 1 0 0
1) Designation before 2009: Ennepetaler voter community (EEC)

In February 2015 the faction of Die Linke ceased to exist because Mirco Müller had left it. The second councilor of the Left Party formed its own parliamentary group with the councilor of the Pirate Party. At the end of April / beginning of May 2015, a councilwoman moved from the FWE parliamentary group to the SPD parliamentary group, and in July 2019 another councilor and a councilor from the FWE to the FDP, so that the FWE only had one member of the city council and lost its parliamentary group status.


Town hall Ennepetal , administration wing, new building from the 1990s

Imke Heymann has been the mayor of Ennepetal town hall since 2015 .

The first mayor was Fritz Textor (FDP) from 1949 to 1952 , followed by Walter Sondermann (SPD, 1952–1970), Ewald Rettberg (SPD, 1970–1981), Harald Wolf (SPD, 1981–1984), Friedrich Döpp ( CDU, 1984–1989), August Born (EWG / FWE, 1989–1994), Gerhard Dessel (SPD, 1994–1998), Michael Eckhardt (1998–2009) and Wilhelm Wiggenhagen (2009–2015).

From February 2, 2004, Ennepetal had a children and youth parliament (KiJuPa), which ceased its activities a short time later.

Town twinning

Ennepetal has had an official town partnership with the Belgian city of Vilvoorde , which is north of Brussels , since 1973 .

coat of arms

The Ennepetal city coat of arms was created in close cooperation with the main state archive in Münster as the competent, expert body for all questions relating to the design of coats of arms, official seals and flags for the Westphalian area. This collaboration lasted from 1949 to 1952. The proposal for the city coat of arms to use a motif from the “foxtail legend” as a reference to the Klutert cave , the largest landmark in Ennepetal, or to include the seal (fish and star) of Heyneke von Voerde, Around 1423 to 1450, free count or Femgrave of the Femgericht von Volmarstein , did not find approval from the Ennepetal city representatives, as did the inclusion of one or more scythes in the city arms as an indication of the important ironmongery industry on the Ennepe, as suggested by the Main State Archives in Münster .

A design by the Ennepetal town planning council in Mende was finally approved by all. The city coat of arms owes its current shape and color to his proposal. On June 16, 1953, the Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia granted the right to use the coat of arms described below.

  • Description of the coat of arms: Under a shield head in two rows of silver and red sheathed seven times in a golden field stands a blue wave pole , which is covered by a red rafter .
  • Declaration of coat of arms: The Ennepetal city coat of arms combines the drawing of the Brandenburg chess bar  - a reference to the former affiliation of the Ennepetal city area to the former county of Mark , whose coat of arms was the chess bar - with the blue wavy band of the Ennepe, which symbolizes the unification of the formerly independent offices of Milspe and Voerde is bridged with a red rafter.

Culture and sights

House Ennepetal and Kluterthöhle

Entrance to the Klutert cave

The cultural center of Ennepetal in the Milspe district is the "Haus Ennepetal", in whose congress and conference rooms various concerts and musicals are regularly performed. In addition, the "International Ennepe-Ruhr Gem and Mineral Exchange" takes place here every year on the first weekend in November.

Via the inner courtyard of "Haus Ennepetal", a bridge leads to the Klutert cave , which is around 5.5 kilometers long and is one of the longest show caves in Germany and is a particularly interesting sight for tourists. Due to the evenly moist, cool climate and a constant temperature of +10 ° C, the cave also serves as the "longest treatment room in the world" for various respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, hay fever and whooping cough with over 140 therapy places on six wards. Since November 4, 1954, the city has therefore also been recognized as a member of the German Spas Association with the name "Ennepetal with Climate Cave" .

Museums and monuments

The unique Ennepetal Road Industry Museum is open day and night with exhibits that are displayed throughout the city. On the Hinnenberg in the Voerde district is the Ennepetal observatory , which regularly offers public observations of the sky and astronomical lectures.

There are several listed buildings in the city. These include, for example, Gut Ahlhausen , the Protestant Church of Milspe , the old Rüggeberg cemetery , the Heimhardtsbau , the Rüggeberg granary and the station building of Ennepetal (Gevelsberg) station , one of the oldest of its kind in North Rhine-Westphalia.


The wooded urban area offers opportunities for local recreation in all districts. In particular, the Hülsenbeck valley south of Altenvoerde, the paths around the Heilenbecketalsperre near Rüggeberg and the Spreeler Bachtal with the Spreeler mill on the city limits to Radevormwald are popular excursion destinations. Scenic views of the Ennepe valley are offered by the Hohenstein viewing platform located near Altenvoerde above a slope of the Grauwacke rock .


The city of Ennepetal has been running its own music school since 1978 , which has classrooms and a small concert hall on Esbecker Straße.

Since 1980, the Christmas Rock Night has been held in Ennepetal every year at the beginning of December - a niche festival for Christian rock music with around 30 international bands and almost 2000 visitors.


The three-day Whitsun tournament , a football tournament for youngsters , takes place every year in the Bremen Stadium. It has been officially called the Spax Cup since 2007 . In addition to the local TuS Ennepetal club , the A junior teams from national and international professional clubs also compete. The midfield directors of Manchester United Paul Scholes and David Beckham were players, as well as Jürgen Klinsmann , on the lawn of the Bremen Stadium.

Infrastructure and economy


Lindenstrasse in Voerde
VER bus at the Ennepetal bus station

The former federal highway 7 ( downgraded to Landstrasse in the city area since January 1, 2015 ) and federal highway 483 run through the Ennepetal area . Ennepetal can be reached in around eight kilometers via the Gevelsberg junction of the A 1 .

In terms of local public transport , the Ennepetal urban area is part of the Rhein-Ruhr transport association (VRR); Transitional tariffs exist in the Verkehrsgemeinschaft Ruhr-Lippe and Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg . As a regional local transport company, Verkehrsgesellschaft Ennepe-Ruhr (VER) operates several bus routes in the city. It also has its headquarters in Ennepetal. The hub of the bus routes is the bus station in the city center.

With the train station in Voerde, the city of Ennepetal had a share in the former Haspe – Voerde – Breckerfeld railway , which was considered the most beautiful route in Germany when it was in operation as a tram .

Today Ennepetal is served by three regional express lines at the Ennepetal (Gevelsberg) train station . The station on the Wuppertal – Dortmund railway line (the main line of the former Bergisch-Märkische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft ) in the Milspe district has been called Milspe , like the district in which it is located, since its opening in 1849 . In 1954 the station was renamed Ennepetal-Milspe . In 1963, Gevelsberg station, only about three kilometers away, was abandoned on the same route and later demolished. The city of Gevelsberg has not had a train station on this important route since that time. In 1968 the station was renamed to its current name Bahnhof Ennepetal (Gevelsberg) .

line Line designation Line course
RE 4 Wupper Express Aachen - Mönchengladbach - Düsseldorf - Wuppertal - Ennepetal (Gevelsberg) - Hagen - Dortmund
RE 7 Rhein-Münsterland-Express Krefeld - Neuss - Cologne - Solingen - Wuppertal - Ennepetal (Gevelsberg) - Hagen - Hamm - Münster - Rheine
RE 13 Maas-Wupper-Express Venlo - Viersen - Mönchengladbach - Düsseldorf - Wuppertal - Ennepetal (Gevelsberg) - Hagen - Hamm


Meeting house with the Voerde branch of the city library

The Ennepetal school system has several educational institutions. There are seven primary schools in the city (as of 2013) , all but one of which are open all-day primary schools . The GS Altenvoerde, the GS Büttenberg, the GS Voerde and the GS Wassermaus with the two sub-locations GS Friedenstal and GS Rüggeberg (no open all-day primary school) are not denominationally bound. There is also the Catholic elementary school ("Harkort School", formerly GS Scharpenberg).

As secondary schools made high school Peace height Secondary Ennepetal (former secondary school Effey), the Municipal Secondary School and the Reichenbach grammar school (day school, named after the Voerder Pastor Johann Wilhelm Reichenbach). Furthermore, the Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis maintains a vocational college in Ennepetal with industrial-technical and commercial offerings. With the Albert Schweitzer School, there was also a special needs school (grades 1–10) in Ennepetal until it was closed in 2013 .

The city also operates the Ennepetal City Music School and the Ennepetal City Library (main office in the Ennepetal building, branches in the House of Encounters in Voerde and in the Reichenbach high school).


In the valley of the Ennepe and in other stream valleys there used to be numerous hammer mills and grinding mills , some of which later developed into industrial companies. Today, many companies are also located in the Oelkinghausen industrial park, which is over 40 hectares in size, on the city limits of Schwelm. With a value of 109.6 in 2006, the purchasing power index in Ennepetal was slightly above the national average.

In the automotive sector, the Ennepetal-based company Bitter Automobile, which specializes in luxury models, should be mentioned. Other companies with annual sales of more than € 100 million that are headquartered in the city are:

ABC headquarters in Milspe

Telephone prefixes

Unlike in the rest of the city, which can be reached via the 02333 area code, 0202 applies in Heide.


sons and daughters of the town

The following people were born in or on the area of ​​today's town of Ennepetal:

Persons connected to Ennepetal


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Web links

Commons : Ennepetal  - album with pictures, videos and audio files

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