European Free Alliance

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European Free Alliance
EFA logo
Party leader Lorena Lopez de Lacalle ( EA )
Secretary General Jordi Solé ( ERC )
Treasurer Anke Spoorendonk ( SSW )
founding 1981
Place of foundation Brussels
Headquarters Boomkwekerijstraat 1,
1000 Brussels , Belgium
Youth organization European Free Alliance Youth
Affiliate foundation Coppieters Foundation
Alignment Regionalism
Minority Policy
Colours) purple
Government grants 777,490 euros (2016, provisional)
EP Group Greens / EFA (5)
EKR (3)
GUE / NGL ( 1 )

The European Free Alliance ( EFA ) is a European political party that comprises national, regional and autonomous parties of the European Union . Today 47 European regional parties are members of the EFA. The party chairman is Lorena Lopez de Lacalle from Eusko Alkartasuna and the chairman of the EFA group in the European Parliament has been Oriol Junqueras from the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya since January 7, 2020 .

The members run for the European elections . The EFA is currently represented by 9 MEPs in the European Parliament. The EFA has officially formed a parliamentary group since 1999 under the name The Greens / European Free Alliance . The EFA provides the group's first vice-chairman, who is currently Oriol Junqueras. In contrast to this, individual, mostly Spanish, EFA members join the left-wing GUE / NGL and the members of the Flemish N-VA have belonged to the national conservative ECR since 2014 .

In the Committee of the Regions , EFA members belong to the European Alliance Group .


Members of the EFA in the European Parliament
at the beginning of the legislature
year MPs fraction

The EFA was founded in 1981 in Brussels as an association for the cooperation of political parties that differ from traditional politics and focus on comprehensive regionalism and decentralization. In 1994 the EFA was constituted as a federation of parties in accordance with the provisions of Article 138 A of the Treaties of the European Union. At a congress on March 25 and 26, 2004 in Barcelona , the EFA was founded as a political party in accordance with the new EU regulations (EC 2004/2003; decision of the Council and the European Parliament of November 4, 2003). On October 13, 2004, the European Free Alliance was officially recognized as a political party at European level.

On March 11, 2006, the EFA celebrated its 25th anniversary at a plenary meeting in Brussels.

Member parties

The EFA has (as of November 16, 2019) 47 member parties:

country Political party Region or minority MEP National
AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Azerbaijan Artsakh Democratic Party Artsakh RepublicArtsakh Artsakh Not in the EU
BelgiumBelgium Belgium Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie FlandersFlanders Flanders
BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria OMO Ilinden PIRIN Slavic Macedonians - -
DenmarkDenmark Denmark Schleswig party Germans in North Schleswig - -
GermanyGermany Germany Bavaria Party BavariaBavaria Bavaria - -
South Schleswig Association of Voters Danes and North Frisians in southern Schleswig - -
Lusatian Alliance Flag of Sorbs.svg Lausitz and Sorbs in Saxony and Brandenburg - -
FinlandFinland Finland Åland's Framtid ÅlandÅland Åland - -
FranceFrance France Unvaniezh Demokratel Breizh Bretons in BrittanyBrittanyBrittany  -
Unitat Catalana CataloniaCatalonia Catalonia - Northern Catalonia ( Languedoc-Roussillon ) - -
Partit Occitan OccitaniaOccitania (historical region) Occitania - -
Femu a Corsica CorsicaCorsica Corsica - -
Inseme per a Corsica CorsicaCorsica Corsica - -
Partitu di a Nazione Corsa CorsicaCorsica Corsica - -
Mouvement Région Savoie SavoySavoy Savoy - -
Our country AlsaceAlsace Alsace - -
GreeceGreece Greece Comma Isotitas, Irinis ke Filias Western Thrace Turks - -
ESA-Vinozhito Slavic Macedonians - -
ItalyItaly Italy South Tyrolean freedom South-TirolSouth-Tirol South-Tirol - -
Autonomy Liberté Participation Ecology Aosta Valley Aosta Valley - -
Liga Veneta Repubblica Veneto Veneto - -
Patrie Furlane Bandiere dal Friûl.svg Friuli - -
Slovenska skupnost Slovenes in Friuli Venezia GiuliaFriuli Venezia GiuliaFriuli Venezia Giulia  - -
Pro Lombardia Indipendenza Bandiera Lombardia.svg Lombardy - -
L'Altro Sud Southern Italy - -
CroatiaCroatia Croatia Lista per Fiume - Lista za Rijeku Flag of the Free State of Fiume.svg Fiume / Rijeka - -
LatviaLatvia Latvia Latvijas Krievu savienība Russians
NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Fryske Nasjonale Partij Fryslân Fryslân - -
AustriaAustria Austria Enotna Lista Carinthian Slovenes - -
PolandPoland Poland Kaszëbskô Jednota Kashubian flag.svg Kashubians - -
Ruch Autonomii Śląska Flag of Prussia - Province of Upper Silesia.svg Silesia - -
RomaniaRomania Romania Erdélyi Magyar Néppárt Hungary - -
SerbiaSerbia Serbia Liga socijaldemokrata Vojvodine VojvodinaVojvodina Vojvodina Not in the EU
SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia Magyar Kereszténydemokrata Szövetség (MKDSZ-MKDA) Hungary - -
SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia Oljka - stranka slovenske Istre Coat of arms of Istria.svg Istria - -
SpainSpain Spain Eusko Alkartasuna   Basque CountryBasque Country Basque Country and NavarreNavarreNavarre  - -
Bloque Nacionalista Galego GaliciaGalicia Galicia -
Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya CataloniaCatalonia Catalonia
PSM Entesa Nacionalista Balearic IslandsBalearic Islands Balearic Islands - -
Nueva Canarias Canary IslandsCanary Islands Canary Islands -
Bloc Nacionalista Valencià ValenciaValencia Valencia -
Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic Moravské zemské hnutí Flag of Moravia with eagle.svg Moravia - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Scottish National Party ScotlandScotland Scotland Not in the EU
Plaid Cymru WalesFlag of Wales (1959 – present) .svg Wales
Mebyon Kernow - The Party for Cornwall Cornwall Cornwall -
Yorkshire Party Flag of Yorkshire.svg Yorkshire -

Suspended member

country Political party Region or minority MEP National
ItalyItaly Italy Partito Sardo d'Azione Sardinia Sardinia - -

Individual members

country MEP name Political party
GermanyGermany Germany Klaus Buchner Ecological Democratic Party
FranceFrance France François Alfonsi Régions et peuples solidaires
SpainSpain Spain Pernando Barrena * EH Bildu

former members

country Political party Region or minority comment
GermanyGermany Germany The Frisians Frisians in East FrisiaEast Friesland flag with coat of arms.0.2.svg no longer a member in 2019
BelgiumBelgium Belgium Party of German-speaking Belgians German speaking communityGerman speaking community German speaking community Disbanded in 2009, most of the members joined the ProDG, which is de facto the successor organization
ProDG German speaking communityGerman speaking community German speaking community -
Volksunie FlandersFlanders Flanders 2001 activities ended
Sociaal-Liberale Partij FlandersFlanders Flanders 2009 activities ended
LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania Polska Partita Ludowa Poland -
HungaryHungary Hungary Megújult Magyarországi Roma Összefogás Párt Roma
FranceFrance France Ligue Savoisienne SavoySavoy Savoy -
ItalyItaly Italy Lega Nord Padania Suspended in 1994, resigned in 1996
Alleanza Libera Emiliana - Libertà Emiliana Emilia-RomagnaEmilia-Romagna Emilia-Romagna
Union Valdôtaine Aosta Valley Aosta Valley Excluded in 2007 (due to long-term non-participation in the EFA structures)
Union for South Tyrol South-TirolSouth-Tirol South-Tirol Excluded in 2008 (due to her opposition to the 2007 Bilbao Declaration)
Movimento per l'Indipendenza della Sicilia Sicily Sicily -
RomaniaRomania Romania Erdély-Bánság League Transylvania and Banat -
SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia Magyar Federalista Párt Hungary Activities ended
Strana zivnostnikov Slovenska SzS Prešov and Košice
SpainSpain Spain Eusko Alderdi Jeltzalea-Partido Nacionalista Vasco Basque CountryBasque Country Basque Country Resigned in 2004, now a member of the EDP
Chunta Aragonesista AragonAragon Aragon no longer a member in 2018
Partido Andalucista AndalusiaAndalusia Andalusia Disbanded in 2015
Aralar Basque CountryBasque Country Basque Country and NavarreNavarreNavarre  Disbanded in 2017


On November 9, 2000, the EFA published a programmatic Brussels declaration in which the “stateless nations” of Europe set out the principles of their regionalism. Accordingly, the EFA is an advocate of a European Union of free peoples who show solidarity with one another, based on the principle of subsidiarity . It acts in the sense:

  • the defense of human and international rights,
  • environmental protection and sustainable development,
  • building a just society with political solidarity that promotes progress, social cohesion and equal opportunities,
  • a reorientation of the European Union which is too influenced by its economic concepts and which tends too much towards a policy of liberalization, competition and centralism ,
  • non-violence in pursuing political goals,
  • the abolition of nuclear energy and the development of alternative energies,
  • ensuring the participation of the regions with constitutional authority in the meetings of the Council of Ministers when they deal with matters that fall within the competence of the regions in order to improve the recognition of historical nations and regions,
  • the direct access of historical nations and regions to the European Court of Justice ,
  • the democratic reforms of the European institutions and a strengthening of the Committee of the Regions and
  • the defense and protection of linguistic and cultural differences in the European Union.

In 2007 the principles of the EFA were expanded in the Bilbao Declaration . This contains:

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