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2011 International Women of Courage Award winners with Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton

The International Women of Courage Award , in German as International Prize for Women of Courage is a year from the United States Department of State awarded to women worldwide who for human and women's rights have done a remarkable job.

The award was launched in 2007 on March 8th, International Women's Day . The initiator was the then Secretary of State of the USA, Condoleezza Rice . The aim of the award is to recognize women who have demonstrated extraordinary courage, strength, and leadership to improve the lives of others. The award is an opportunity to attract international attention and support to women who often risked their lives to improve their communities. It aims to reward women who have made a fundamental difference in the lives of women around the world. They are recognized for their courageous and selfless efforts for human rights, for equal rights for women and for social progress. This is the only foreign ministry award that honors outstanding women from around the world.

There is no application process for this award. Instead, the candidates are nominated by employees of the US embassies and non-governmental organizations from around the world. The winners are elected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The prizes will be presented in a ceremony by the President's wife . In addition to the award ceremony in the USA, the winners will take part in an exchange program where they will meet like-minded people from the USA. The program takes you to numerous cities with the aim of getting to know the country first hand and facilitating cultural exchange.

Prize winners

To date, over 100 women from over 60 countries have received awards.

year Surname Country of origin Position and performance at the time of the award
2007 Jennifer Louise Williams Zimbabwe Founder of the women's rights organization "Women of Zimbabwe Arise" (≈ Women of Zimbabwe arise)
2007 Siti Musdah Mulia Indonesia Fighter for women's rights in the Islamic world
2007 Ilze Jaunalksne Latvia Fighter against corruption in the Latvian political system
2007 Samia al-Amoudi Saudi Arabia Survivor and a pioneer in the fight against breast cancer
2007 Mariya Ahmed Didi Maldives MP and founder of the first march for women's rights in the Maldives
2007 Sara Susana del Valle Trimarco de Veron Argentina Liberate her daughter from human trafficking ; Fighter against human trafficking
2007 Aziza Siddiqui Afghanistan Coordinator for women's rights in the Afghan NGO "Action Aid" (≈ Aktion Hilfe)
2007 Sundus Abbas Iraq Activist for women's rights in Iraq; Managing Director of the "Leadership Institute for Women" (≈ leadership institute for women) in Baghdad
2007 Shatha Abdul Razzak Abbousi Iraq Member of parliament and activist in the women's rights group "The Pledge for Iraq" (≈ The Promise for Iraq)
2007 Mary Akrami Afghanistan Director of the “Afghan Women Skills Development Center” (≈ Development center for the skills of Afghan women), a women's shelter in Kabul
2007 Hannah Forster Gambia Director of the " African Center for Democracy and Human Rights Studies " (ACDHRS) ( African Center for Democracy and Studies for Human Rights)
2008 Suraya Pakzad Afghanistan Founder of the Afghan women's rights organization "Voice of Women" (≈ Voice of Women)
2008 Virisila Buadromo Fiji Managing Director of the women's rights organization "Fiji Women's Rights Movement" (FWRM) (≈ Fiji's women's rights movement)
2008 Eaman al-Gobory Iraq Medical officer of the "International Organization of Migration" (IOM) (≈ International Organization for Migration)
2008 Valdete Idrizi Kosovo Head of an NGO that works on projects for women, young people, minorities and the like in Mitrovica . Ä. supported
2008 Begum Jan Pakistan Founder of the "Tribal Women Welfare Association" (≈ Tribal Women Welfare Organization)
2008 Nibal Thawabteh State of Palestine Founder of a women's rights newspaper ; Activist for women in the local council
2008 Cynthia Bendlin Paraguay Fighter against trafficking in women and children in Brazil , Argentina and Paraguay
2008 Farhiyo Farah Ibrahim Somalia Refugee in Kenya ; Fighter for women's rights , against female genital mutilation and forced marriage
2009 Hadizatou Mani Niger Successfully sued the Niger government for failing to protect it from slavery .
2009 Ambiga Sreenevasan Malaysia President of the Malaysia Bar Association ; Fighter for democracy and human rights
2009 Weronika Marchenko Russia Founder of the NGO "Mother's Right" (≈ Right of the Mother) , which campaigns for the rights of survivors of the army
2009 Reem Al Numery Yemen Forced marriage as a teenager , she fought against this custom in her home country.
2009 Suaad Abbas Salman Allami Iraq Head of the NGO "Women For Progress" (≈ Women for Progress) in Sadr City , which campaigns extensively for the well-being of women
2009 Mutabar Tadjibayeva Uzbekistan Founder of the NGO "Fiery Hearts Club" (≈ Club Fiery Hearts) ; Fighter for human rights , mainly in Fargʻona
2009 Wazhma Frogh Afghanistan Country Director of the international human rights organization “Global Rights” (≈ Global Rights) ; Fighter against the oppression of women in Islam
2009 Norma Cruz Guatemala Co-founder and director of the NGO "Survivors Foundation" (≈ Foundation for survivors) , which campaigns against violence against women
2010 Shukria Asil Afghanistan Member of the municipal council ; Fighter in politics for the needs of women
2010 Alice Mabota Mozambique Lawyer; Fighter for women's and human rights
2010 Colonel Shafiqa Quraishi Afghanistan former policewoman; Director for Gender, Human and Children's Rights in the Ministry of the Interior
2010 Androula Henriques Cyprus Fighter and networker against trafficking in women
2010 Sonia Pierre Dominican Republic Founder and leader of the "Movement of Dominican-Haitian Women" (≈ Movement of Dominican-Haitian Women) , an organization against anti-Haitian xenophobia in the Dominican Republic
2010 Shadi Sadr Iran Lawyer, journalist and expert on women's rights ; Founder of the first website for women's rights activism in Iran
2010 Ann Njogu Kenya Leading figure in the constitutional reform of Kenya; Head of the "Center for Rights Education and Awareness" (≈ Center for Training and Awareness of Law)
2010 Lee Ae-ran South Korea Defector from North Korea ; first defector, the National Assembly passes
2010 Jansila Majeed Sri Lanka Asset manager of the Puttalam District Regional Trust Fund
2010 Sister Marie Claude Naddaf Syria Founder of Syria's first women's shelter ; Fighter against trafficking in women and violence against women, including in prisons
2010 Jestina Mukoko Zimbabwe Managing Director of the NGO "Zimbabwe Peace Project" (≈ Zimbabwe Peace Project ) , against human rights violations in Zimbabwe
2011 Rosa Otunbayeva Kyrgyzstan Central Asia's first female head of state and head of government in a predominantly Muslim country
2011 Maria Bashir Afghanistan Attorney General ; Fighter against corruption and for women's rights
2011 Henriette Ekwe Ebongo Cameroon Journalist; Campaigner for freedom of the press ; Editor of an independent newspaper
2011 Guo Jianmei China Lawyer; Director and founder of the "Women's Law Center" (≈ Women's Law Center) at the University of Beijing
2011 Ágnes Osztolykán Hungary Member of Parliament; Representative of the party “Lehet Mas a Politika” (≈ politics can be different) ; Commitment to Roma
2011 Eva Abu Halaweh Jordan Managing Director of the "Law Group for Human Rights" (≈ Legal Group for Human Rights ) in Zabul ; Help for the underprivileged
2011 Ghulam Sughra Pakistan Founder of the NGO "Marvi Rural Development Organization" (≈ Marvi Organization for Rural Development) for health, human rights , municipal finances, etc. Ä .; Pioneer for women's rights and women's education
2011 Marisela Morales Ibañez Mexico Assistant Attorney General for Organized Crime ; Founder of a witness protection program ; Fighter against corruption and human trafficking
2011 Yoani Sanchez Cuba Blogger ; Pioneer of the independent blogger scene in Cuba
2011 Nasta Palaschanka Belarus Key figure of the opposition youth group “Malady Front” (≈ Young Front) ; Fighter for human and civil rights
2012 Maryam Durani Afghanistan Member of Kandahar Town Council ; Director of the non-profit organization “Khadija Kubra Women's Association for Culture” (≈ Khadija Kubra Women's Association for Culture) ; Owner and manager of the only women-centric radio station
2012 Pricilla de Oliveira Azevedo Brazil Policewoman; Leader of the "Police Pacification Unit" (≈ Police Peace Unit ) ; Fighter for life improvement in the favelas
2012 Zin Mar Aung Myanmar former political prisoners ; Fighter for democracy and women's rights ; Co-founder of a women's group
2012 Jineth Bedoya Lima Colombia investigative journalist who campaigns against rape and gender-based crime
2012 Hana Elhebshi Libya Reported to the world about the regime and the revolution in Libya
2012 Aneesa Ahmed Maldives Founder of the NGO "Hope for Women" (≈ Hope for Women) ; Fighter against domestic violence and against female genital mutilation
2012 Shad Begum Pakistan Founder and Managing Director of "Association for Behavior and Knowledge Transformation" (≈ Society of Behavioral and knowledge transformation) , for women in you , Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
2012 Samar Badawi Saudi Arabia Campaigner for women's suffrage in Saudi Arabia ; Fighter against the system of male accompaniment of women and forced marriage
2012 Hawa Abdallah Mohammed Salih Sudan Advocate for refugees ; Fighter for the rights of Darfuris , especially women and children
2012 Şafak Pavey Turkey Fighter for the rights of the disabled , women, minorities , refugees ; for the UN and in the Turkish parliament
2013 Malalai Bahaduri Afghanistan Lieutenant and 1st woman in the "Afghan National Interdiction Unit" (≈ Afghan national interdiction unit ) , which fights against drug smuggling ; Fighter for free career choice for women
2013 Tsering Woeser China born in Tibet ; Writer, poet , blogger for the rights of Tibetans in exile
2013 Julieta Castellanos Honduras Fighter for stable political conditions, police and judicial organs ; Networker
2013 Nirbhaya "Fearless" India Fighter against rape and for prosecuting rapists
2013 Josephine Obiajulu Odumakin Nigeria Chair of various organizations for women's rights; Fighter against violence against women
2013 Elena Milashina Russia investigative journalist who reports on various explosive topics; Fighter against xenophobia and racism
2013 Fartuun Adan Somalia Founder of the first center for survivors of rape in Mogadishu ; Fighter against forced marriage and child soldiers
2013 Razan Zaitouneh Syria Founder of institutions reporting on Syria's regime and human rights violations
2013 Ta Phong Tan Vietnam former officer of the security forces; Blogger and critic of the regime
2014 Nasrin Oryakhil Afghanistan Gynecologist ; is committed to obstetrics and women in the medical professions; President of the NGO "Afghan Family Health Association" (≈ Afghan Family Health Society)
2014 Roshika deodorant Fiji Pioneer for women in politics; Fighter against violence against women and their discrimination
2014 Bishop Rusudan Gotsiridze Georgia Fighter for equal rights for women, minorities , the rights of LGBT people , initiator of interreligious dialogue
2014 Judge Iris Yassmin Barrios Aguilar Guatemala Presiding judge in the genocide trial of former President Efraín Ríos Montt ; A pioneer in genocide trials worldwide
2014 Laxmi Agarwal India Victim of an acid attack by a spurned man; Leading figure in the fight against acid attacks
2014 Fatimata Touré Mali Fighter for women's health, against violence against women, against forced marriages and rape
2014 Maha Al Muneef Saudi Arabia Founder and Managing Director of "National Family Safety Program" (≈ National Family Safety Program) against domestic violence and violence against children; Advocate for the first law in Saudi Arabia
2014 Oinikhol Bobonazarova Tajikistan Human rights activist ; Fighter for women's rights ; Fighter against torture in prisons , obtained control of previously closed prisons
2014 Ruslana Lyzhychko Ukraine Singer and political activist; Advocate for peaceful demonstrations for more democracy
2014 Beatrice Mtetwa Zimbabwe Lawyer for human rights , women's equality, social justice and freedom of the press
2015 Captain Niloofar Rahmani Afghanistan first female fixed-wing - pilot in the Afghan Air Force
2015 Nadia Sharmeen Bangladesh Journalist, crime reporter; Advocate for women's rights
2015 Rosa Julieta Montaño Salvatierra Bolivia Founder and director of the NGO "Oficina Jurídica para la Mujer" (≈ Justice Office for Women)
2015 May Sabe Phyu Myanmar Director of a network for gender equality and against discrimination of minorities , the u. a. Law changes forced
2015 Béatrice Epaye Central African Republic Founder of the non-profit association “Fondation Voix du Cœur” (≈ Foundation Voice of the Heart) for street children ; Fighter for human rights , social freedom and economic development
2015 Marie Claire Tchecola Guinea Nurse, Ebola victim ; Leading figure in the fight against Ebola and against the stigmatization of victims
2015 Sayaka Osakabe Japan Founder of “Matahara Net”, a network against the discrimination of pregnant women in professional life. a. Law changes forced
2015 Arbana Xharra Kosovo Editor-in-chief of a daily newspaper highlighting problems in society caused by religious extremists
2015 Tabassum Adnan Pakistan Lawyer and founder of the NGO "Kwendo Jirga (Sister's Council)" (≈ sister advice) , which campaigns for women's rights
2015 Majd Izzat al-Chourbaji Syria Pioneer for women in politics; Fighter for women's and prisoner's rights; Activist against the Assad regime
2016 Sara Hossain Bangladesh Human rights attorney before the country's highest court ; Key figure in a law change against violence against women
2016 Debra Baptist-Estrada Belize Head of immigration at the international airport who helped break up a drug and human trafficking ring
2016 Ni Yulan China Lawyer who advocates the rights of civilians and sued security organs of the state
2016 Latifa Ibn Ziaten France Founder of the "Imad Association for Youth and Peace" (≈ Imad Society for Youth and Peace) in order to promote interreligious dialogue and counter radicalization in a peaceful manner
2016 Thelma Aldana Guatemala Attorney General of Guatemala; Promoter of the prosecution of crimes against women; Accuser of supposedly untouchable criminals and politicians
2016 Nagham Nawzat Hasan Iraq Gynecologist ; Activist for the equality of Yazidis , especially rape survivors
2016 Nisha Ayub Malaysia Transident ; Malaysia's Leading Transgender Rights Lawyer ; Founder of two NGOs , working for LGBTI use
2016 Fatimata M'Baye Mauritania First female lawyer in Mauritania; Co-founder and President of the "Mauritanian Association for Human Rights" (≈ Mauritanian Society for Human Rights) ; Fighter for the rights of women and children, against slavery
2016 Zhanna Nemtsova Russia Journalist; Daughter of the murdered opposition politician Boris Nemtsov ; Campaigner for democracy , education and freedom of information ; lives in exile in Germany
2016 Zuzana Števulová Slovak Republic Lawyer for refugee and migration law ; Director of the NGO "Human Rights League" (≈ League for Human Rights) , which provides legal aid to refugees
2016 Awadeya Mahmoud Sudan Founder of two women's cooperatives for her own income; Fighter for women's rights and against social injustice
2016 Vicky Ntetema Tanzania Journalist against the discrimination of albinos uses
2016 Rodjaraeg Wattanapanite Thailand Activist for political awareness, free exchange of ideas, democracy , freedom of expression , women's rights
2016 Nihal Naj Ali Al-Awlaqi Yemen Minister of Yemen's Legal Committee, who u. a. ensured that women's rights were integrated into the new constitution
2017 Sharmin Akter Bangladesh A pioneer in the fight against forced marriage and for an education for girls
2017 Malebogo Molefhe Botswana Former professional athlete ; Fighter against gender-based violence and domestic violence ; Activist for women in disabled sports
2017 Natalia Ponce de Leon Colombia Victim of an acid attack ; Founder of the "Natalia Ponce de Leon Foundation", which campaigns for the rights of acid victims; Initiator of a law for burn victims and burn victim stations across the country
2017 Rebecca Kabugho Democratic Republic of Congo Activist in the citizens' movement "LUCHA (Struggle for Change)" (≈ Fight for Change) , which demonstrates non-violently for a democratic and transparent political system
2017 Jannat Al Ghezi Iraq Deputy Director, Press and editor at "Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq" (≈ Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq) helps the women in violent situations
2017 Capitaine Aïchatou Ousmane Issaka Niger one of the first women in Niger's army; Winner of the Military Peace Prize for Gender Equality in UN peacekeeping missions
2017 Veronica Simogun Papua New Guinea Founder and head of the "Family for Change Association" (≈ Society for Change) , which campaigns against violence against women and children
2017 Cindy Arlette Contreras Bautista Peru Lawyer; Activist against domestic violence ; Initiator of the movement “Not One Woman Less” (≈ Not one woman less) against gender-based violence
2017 Sandya Eknelygoda Sri Lanka A pioneer in the struggle for the rights of families in which members of the political system disappeared are
2017 Sister Carolin Tahhan Fachakh Syria Member of "Daughters of Mary Help of Christians" (≈ Daughters of Mary Help of Christians) , teach the children and women of different faiths receive training
2017 Saadet Ozkan Turkey Teacher; Fighter for the victims of child abuse
2017 Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh Vietnam Blogger and activist who works against environmental pollution and for human and press rights in Vietnam; Networker
2017 Fadia Najib Thabet Yemen Fighter against the use of child soldiers , education and dissemination of information to the UN
2018 L'Malouma Said Mauritania Advocate for human rights and against discrimination . Fights u. a. for better prison conditions.
2018 Godelieve Mukasarasi Rwanda Since the genocide in 1994, she has been particularly committed to the rights of women and children. Awarded by Human Rights International.
2018 Sirikan Charoensiri Thailand Lawyer and co-founder of Thai Lawyers for Human Rights , who campaign for human rights cases free of charge .
2018 Feride Rushiti Kosovo Doctor and founder of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims , which works for victims of torture, both medically and mentally.
2018 Sister Maria Elena Berini Italy Missionary sister in the Central African Republic , who u. a. with education for refugees and the population.
2018 Aliyah Khalaf Saleh Iraq Committed to soldiers and women in the fight against the Islamic State .
2018 Roya Sadat Afghanistan Filmmaker who tells the lives of Afghan women and girls under the Taliban .
2018 Aiman ​​Omarova Kazakhstan Lawyer and author who campaigns against sexual violence and for political prisoners .
2018 Aura Elena Farfan Guatemala Lawyer for the families whose relatives disappeared during the Guatemalan Civil War .
2018 Julissa Villanueva Honduras Forensic scientist advancing the science of forensic law enforcement and advocating for victims of sexual violence.
2019 Razia Sultana Bangladesh Is committed to the Rohingya people and their human rights. Documents systematic sexual violence against women.
2019 Naw K'nyaw Paw Myanmar Campaigns against the military violence against Rohingya and supports women and girls in risk communities.
2019 Moumina Houssein Darar Djibouti Successful police officer in the fight against terrorism. Engaged in neighborhood help .
2019 Mama Maggie Egypt Founder of Stephen's Children , an organization that works for children in the poorest areas.
2019 Khalida Khalaf Hanna al-Twal Jordan Head of the Public Security Directorate of the Women's Police Department. Engaged in the related issues.
2019 Sister Orla Treacy Ireland Committed to girls in Rumbek, South Sudan , e.g. B. against forced marriage , for school education.
2019 Olivera Lakic Montenegro Investigative journalist who does not shy away from reporting on corruption and violence.
2019 Flor de Maria Vega Zapata Peru As an environmental activist , she fights for the environmental resources and their dependent communities in her country.
2019 Marini de Livera Sri Lanka Pro bono lawyer for women, children and orphans. Also uses street theater for her work.
2019 Anna Aloys Henga Tanzania Fights against female genital mutilation , works for Maasai women and encourages women to become politically active.
2020 Zarifa Ghafari Afghanistan Mayor of Maidan Shahr, the capital of the Wardak province of Afghanistan .
2020 Lucy Kocharyan Armenia for their commitment to children with mental health problems and their fight against sexual violence against women and children.
2020 Shahla Humbatova Azerbaijan for her commitment as a lawyer for LGBT activists, journalists, bloggers, human rights activists and members of the political opposition.
2020 Ximena Galarza Bolivia for her reporting as a journalist in the context of the presidential election in Bolivia 2019 .
2020 Claire Ouedraogo Burkina Faso for her commitment as the head of the Association féminine songmanegre pour le développement against female genital mutilation .
2020 Sayragul Sauytbay Ili for reports on the CCP's suppression of Muslim minorities in Kazakhstan's Ili Autonomous District .
2020 Susanna Liew Malaysia
2020 Amaya Coppens Nicaragua
2020 Jalila Haider Pakistan
2020 Amina Khoulani Syria
2020 Yasmin al Qadhi Yemen
2020 Rita Nyampinga Zimbabwe

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