Leye (Odenthal)

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Odenthal municipality
Coordinates: 51 ° 2 ′ 19 ″  N , 7 ° 6 ′ 56 ″  E
Height : 140 m above sea level NN
Postal code : 51519
Area code : 02207
Leye (Odenthal)

Location of Leye in Odenthal

House Leye
House Leye

Leye is a district in Unterodenthal in the municipality of Odenthal in the Rheinisch-Bergisches Kreis . It is at the end of the street Am Bökenberg southeast of Glöbusch . It consists of a few houses. 


The Odenthal Lehngut Leye got its name from the slate that was mined here, see also Schieferley . The place belonged to the court court Odenthal.

The first documentary mention comes from the new tithe list of Mr. zu Strauweiler from June 25, 1602. In it, "Uff der Leyen" is obliged to pay a full tithe in the village honors . In 1659 a “Petter Kappes on the Leyen ” had to do “handicrafts” .

During the War of the Spanish Succession , the Odenthalers also had to make their contributions to national defense. In this context, among other things, the Kappes auf der Leyen is listed. He had to provide 1  palisade , 5  fascines and 15  stakes .

The Topographia Ducatus Montani by Erich Philipp Ploennies , Blatt Amt Miselohe , proves that the residential area was categorized as a courtyard in 1715 and was designated as Leien . From Carl Friedrich von Wiebe Kings Charter of the Duchy of Berg in 1789 shows that Leye at that time part of Unterodenthal in the rule Odenthal was.

Under the French administration between 1806 and 1813, the rule was dissolved. Leye was politically assigned to the Mairie Odenthal in the canton of Bensberg . In 1816 the Prussians converted the Mairie to the mayor's office in Odenthal in the Mülheim am Rhein district .

The place is regularly recorded as Leye on the topographical survey of the Rhineland from 1824, on the Prussian first survey from 1840 and from the Prussian new survey from 1892 on .

Population development
year Residents Residential


1830 19th Arable land
1905 24 3 Locality


House Leye is registered under number 27 in the list of architectural monuments in Odenthal .

Individual evidence

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