Monza 1000 km race in 1969

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Race winner Jo Siffert 1969

The eighth 1000 km race of Monza , also 1000 km di Monza, Autodromo Nazionale di Monza , took place on April 25, 1969 at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza and was the fourth round of the sports car world championship of that year.

Before the race

With the 24 Hours of Daytona which began World Sportscar Championship 1969 . The race ended with the surprising overall victory of Mark Donohue and Chuck Parsons in the Lola T70 Mk.3B GT . At the second round of the season, the Sebring 12-hour race , Jacky Ickx and Jackie Oliver won in the Ford GT40 . At the first European event of the year at Brands Hatch , Jo Siffert and Brian Redman led a Porsche triple victory in the 908/02 .

The race

After the race at Brands Hatch , some German Porsche works drivers criticized the team leadership in the German trade magazine Auto Zeitung . They complained that Jo Siffert and Brian Redman had received the more powerful engine for the 908/02, which explains their much faster lap times. Race director Rico Steinemann reacted indignantly, identified Rolf Stommelen as the instigator and suspended him from the race. The four 908 Langheck were entrusted to the teams Vic Elford / Richard Attwood , Gerhard Mitter / Udo Schütz , Jo Siffert / Brian Redman and Hans Herrmann / Kurt Ahrens in Monza . Nevertheless, Stommelen took part in the race. He organized a cockpit at the side of the Swiss Siegfried Lang , who reported a Porsche 907 2.2 .

At Scuderia Ferrari , Franco Gozzi took over the race management and oversaw the important appearance for the Italian racing team in Monza. As Chris Amon's team partner , Mario Andretti was flown in from the United States despite scheduling difficulties . Andretti was scheduled to compete in a USAC Championship race at Trenton Speedway on the Monday after racing Sunday . The race started on Sunday at 11 a.m. In order to be able to catch the connecting flight from Geneva to New York JFK , he had to leave Milan at 4 p.m. and therefore leave the circuit at 3 p.m. if the race was still in full swing. Pedro Rodríguez and Peter Schetty drove the second 312P . After Mauro Forghieri fell out of favor with Enzo Ferrari at the time of the Monza race , former racing driver and technician Mike Parkes took over the preparation of the racing cars.

Ferrari started having problems with tires during training. At high speeds, the rim ribs of the Firestone tires began to peel off . Peter Schetty was only barely able to avoid an accident when braking the parabolic steroids when the tire on the rear left dissolved. Flying tire parts destroyed the rear wheel suspension. After Andretti also had an accident, the Ferrari mechanics had to work an unplanned night shift for repairs. Despite these difficulties, Chris Amon achieved the fastest lap time in qualification with a time of 2: 48.200 minutes. The fastest Porsche driver was Jo Siffert, who achieved a time of 2: 48.700 minutes. Pedro Rodríguez started from the second row in the second factory Ferrari and Kurt Ahrens in the Porsche. In the third row stood Johnny Servoz-Gavin , who was driving a Matra MS 630/650 , and Vic Elford in another Porsche. Fourth row: Gerhard Mitter in the Porsche 908 and Jo Bonnier in the Lola T70 Mk.3B GT, where the Chevrolet engine had to be replaced before the start .

Right from the start, a three-way battle developed between Jo Siffert's Porsche and the two works Ferrari 312P, which did not spare the material even in the steep turns despite the tire problems. Siffert, who passed Andretti in the lead on the third lap, had to relinquish the first position to Rodríguez on the ninth lap. After the race, Siffert spoke of a tough but fair three-way battle. A preliminary decision was made on lap 16 when Andretti came to the pits with a puncture and lost a lot of time. For the first driver change, Rodríguez and Siffert came to the pits almost simultaneously. While the change from Siffert to Redman and the necessary refueling at Porsche took 64 seconds, Peter Schetty, now sitting in the Ferrari, was dispatched in just 55 seconds. Schetty was able to extend the lead to 19 seconds when the second Ferrari had to make an unplanned pit stop due to a tire damage. In the further course of the race, both Ferrari retired. The Amon / Andretti Ferrari had an engine failure. Rodríguez's failure was more spectacular. In the 60th lap he came to the pits with the car to refuel. After the Ferrari was cleared, the V12 engine did not start. Only after the mechanics pushed the car did the engine ignite. In the Curva Grande Ferrari collided few laps later while lapping with the Porsche 906 of Kurt Rieder . The car spun and the left rear tire partially popped off the rim. Since Rodríguez drove back to the pits too quickly, the body was also affected. After a makeshift repair, Rodríguez went back on the track. A lap later, the front hood of the 312P flew away at full speed on the start-and-finish straight. The driver's emergency braking ended in the crash barriers. In the end, Siffert and Redman won by one lap ahead of teammates Ahrens and Herrmann.


Final ranking

Item class No. team driver vehicle Round
1 P 3.0 4th GermanyGermany Porsche System Engineering SwitzerlandSwitzerland Jo Siffert Brian Redman
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Porsche 908 LH 100
2 P 3.0 7th GermanyGermany Porsche System Engineering GermanyGermany Hans Herrmann Kurt Ahrens
Porsche 908 LH 99
3 P 3.0 10 GermanyGermany German BG Racing Team GermanyGermany Gerhard Koch Hans-Dieter Dechent
Porsche 907 2.2 92
4th S 5.0 35 GermanyGermany IGFA Racing Team GermanyGermany Helmut Kellener's Reinhold Joest
Ford GT40 92
5 S 5.0 33 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Sid Taylor Racing AustraliaAustralia Frank Gardner Andrea de Adamich
Lola T70 Mk.3B GT 92
6th P 3.0 18th FranceFrance Societé Automobiles Alpine FranceFrance Patrick Depailler Jean-Pierre Jabouille
Alpine A220 91
7th S 2.0 53 ItalyItaly Scuderia Madunina ItalyItalyEnrico Pinto Giovanni Alberti
Alfa Romeo T33 / 2 88
8th P 3.0 19th BelgiumBelgium Racing Team VDS BelgiumBelgium Teddy Pilette Rob Slotemaker
Alfa Romeo T33 / 2 2.5 87
9 GT + 1.6 67 GermanyGermany IGFA GermanyGermanyDieter Fröhlich Jürgen Neuhaus
Porsche 911T 82
10 P 2.0 25th ItalyItaly Scuderia Trentina ItalyItalyAntonio Zadra Giuseppe Dalla Torre
Alfa Romeo T33 / 2 82
11 GT + 1.6 73 FranceFrance Gérard Larrousse FranceFrance Gérard Larrousse Dieter Spoerry
Porsche 911T 82
12 S 2.0 57 AustriaAustria Otto Stuppacher AustriaAustria Otto Stuppacher Kurt Rieder
Porsche 906 79
13 GT + 1.6 68 GermanyGermany Hans-Dieter Blatzheim GermanyGermany Hans-Dieter Blatzheim Werner Zanders
Porsche 911T 78
14th P 1.0 30th ItalyItaly Ugo Locatelli ItalyItalyUgo Locatelli Maurizio Zanetti
Abarth 1000 SP 78
15th S 5.0 34 FranceFrance Racing Team Zitro FranceFrance Jean-Pierre Hanrioud Dominique Martin
Ford GT40 76
16 P 3.0 6th GermanyGermany Porsche System Engineering United KingdomUnited Kingdom Vic Elford Richard Attwood
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Porsche 908LH 75
17th S 1.0 58 ItalyItaly Luciano Pasotto ItalyItaly Umberto Grano Luciano Pasotto
Fiat-Abarth 1000 S. 73
18th GT 1.3 82 ItalyItaly Jolly Club ItalyItalyLuigi Cabella Giovanni Marini
Lancia Fulvia HF Zagato 71
19th S 1.0 60 ItalyItaly Eris Tondelli ItalyItalyEris Tondelli Marco Crosina
Fiat-Abarth 1000 S. 70
20th GT 1.3 83 ItalyItaly Eugenio Foschetti ItalyItalyGiampaolo Baruffi Eugenio Foschetti
Lancia Fulvia HF Zagato 70
Not classified
21st GT 1.6 76 SwitzerlandSwitzerland André Wicky Racing Team SwitzerlandSwitzerlandHenry Regusci Charles Perrenoud
Lotus Elan
22nd GT + 1.6 63 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Scuderia Filipinetti SwitzerlandSwitzerlandRudy Kraus "Bill"
Ferrari 275 GTB / 2 80
23 S 5.0 40 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Ecurie Bonnier Scuderia Filipinetti SwedenSweden Jo Bonnier Herbert Müller
Lola T70 Mk.3B GT 85
24 S 2.0 46 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Hart Ski Racing Team SwitzerlandSwitzerlandArthur Blank Peter Ettmüller
Porsche 910 84
25th GT 1.3 81 ItalyItaly Jolly Club ItalyItalyCesare Poretti Fiorenzo Genta
Lancia Fulvia HF Zagato 78
26th GT + 1.6 69 GermanyGermany Hans-Dieter Weigel GermanyGermanyHans-Dieter Weigel Peter Kaiser
Porsche 911T 77
27 P 1.0 28 ItalyItaly Romano Martini ItalyItalyRomano Martini Aldo Horvat
ATS 1000 SP 70
28 P 3.0 2 ItalyItaly Ferrari SEFAC Spa MexicoMexico Pedro Rodríguez Peter Schetty
Ferrari 312P 66
29 S 5.0 39 United KingdomUnited Kingdom TechSpeed ​​Racing United KingdomUnited Kingdom Chris Craft Eric Liddell
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Lola T70 Mk.3 GT 62
30th P 3.0 3 FranceFrance Matra Sports FranceFrance Johnny Servoz-Gavin Jean Guichet
Matra MS630 / 650 61
31 S 2.0 45 GermanyGermany Sepp Greger GermanyGermanyErnst Kraus Sepp Greger
Porsche 910 56
32 S 2.0 54 ItalyItaly SCAR Autostrada ItalyItaly Spartaco Dini Guido Nicolai
Alfa Romeo T33 / 2 55
33 S 5.0 41 United KingdomUnited Kingdom David Piper United KingdomUnited Kingdom David Piper Paul Hawkins
Lola T70 Mk.3B GT 51
34 P 3.0 8th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Siegfried Lang GermanyGermany Rolf Stommelen Siegfried Lang
Porsche 907 2.2 48
35 P 2.0 21st ItalyItaly Piccionaina Racing Team ItalyItaly Antonio Nicodemi Carlo Facetti
Porsche 907 47
36 P 3.0 1 ItalyItaly Ferrari SEFAC Spa United StatesUnited States Mario Andretti Chris Amon
New ZealandNew Zealand
Ferrari 312P 39
37 P 3.0 5 GermanyGermany Porsche System Engineering GermanyGermany Udo Schütz Gerhard Mitter
Porsche 908LH 38
38 S 2.0 51 GermanyGermany Nikolaus Killenberg GermanyGermanyNikolaus Killenberg Dieter Basche
Chevron B8 36
39 GT 1.6 79 ItalyItaly Alberto Rosselli ItalyItalyAlberto Rosselli Carlo Benelli
Fiat 124 Spider 32
40 S 2.0 55 GermanyGermany IGFA GermanyGermany Erich Bitter Helmut Leuze
Abarth 2000 p 30th
41 P 3.0 16 FranceFrance Societé Automobiles Alpine FranceFrance André de Cortanze Jean Vinatier
Alpine A220 / 69 10
42 S 5.0 42 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Sportscars Unlimited Switzerland United KingdomUnited Kingdom Robin Widdows Ulf Norinder
Lola T70 Mk.3B GT 7th
43 P 2.0 20th ItalyItaly Corrado Manfredini ItalyItaly Corrado Manfredini Vittorio Brambilla
Porsche 907 6th
44 P 2.0 26th BelgiumBelgium Racing Team VDS BelgiumBelgium Claude Bourgoignie Gustave Gosselin
Alfa Romeo T33 / 2 6th
45 P 1.0 29 ItalyItaly Gianfranco Palazzoli ItalyItalyGianfranco Palazzoli Arturo Merzario
Fiat-Abarth 1000 SP 3
46 P 2.0 23 ItalyItaly Gianni Lado ItalyItalyGianni Lado Luigi Ravizza
Ferrari Dino 206S
47 S 5.0 38 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Peter Sadler United KingdomUnited Kingdom Peter Sadler Paul Vestey
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Ford GT40
48 S 1.0 59 ItalyItaly Mario Nardari ItalyItalyMario Nardari Mario Favaretto
Fiat-Abarth 1000 SP
49 GT 1.6 77 ItalyItaly Eugenio Tinghi ItalyItalyEugenio Tinghi Giovanni Cecchini
Alfa Romeo Duetto
Not started
50 P 3.0 9 SpainSpain Real Automóvil Club Cataluna SpainSpain Àlex Soler-Roig Eugenio Baturone
Porsche 907 2.2 1
51 P 3.0 15th FranceFrance Societé Automobiles Alpine FranceFrance Jean-Claude Andruet Henri Grandsire
Alpine A220 2
52 S 5.0 37 FranceFrance Ford France FranceFranceMichel Martin Hervé Bayard
Ford GT40 3
53 S 2.0 43 SwedenSweden Sportscars Unlimited SwedenSweden Richard Broström Masten Gregory
United StatesUnited States
Porsche 910 4th
54 S 2.0 44 SwitzerlandSwitzerland André Wicky Racing Team SwitzerlandSwitzerland André Wicky Jean-Claude Killy
Porsche 910 5
55 P 3.0 T GermanyGermany Porsche System Engineering United KingdomUnited Kingdom Brian Redman Porsche 908LH 6th
Not qualified
56 P 2.0 22nd United KingdomUnited Kingdom Scodec de Cadenet United KingdomUnited Kingdom Alain de Cadenet Mike Walton
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Ferrari Dino 206S 7th
57 P 2.0 27 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Ottorino Volonterio SwitzerlandSwitzerland Ottorino Volonterio Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 8th
58 P 1.0 31 FranceFrance Jacques Bigrat FranceFrance Jacques Bigrat Costin-Nathan GT 9
59 S 2.0 48 United KingdomUnited Kingdom JCB Excavators Ltd. United KingdomUnited KingdomPeter Brown Roger Enever
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Chevron B8 10
60 S 2.0 49 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Falken Racing Developments United KingdomUnited KingdomAngus Clydesdale John Markey
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Chevron B8 11
61 S 2.0 52 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Peter Taggart United KingdomUnited KingdomPeter Taggart Tony Goodwin
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Chevron B6 12
62 S 2.0 56 FranceFrance ESCA FranceFranceBernard Palayer Armand de Boissieu
Porsche 906 13
63 GT + 1.6 65 ItalyItaly Everardo Ostini ItalyItalyEverardo Ostini Carlo Zuccoli
Porsche 911T 14th
64 GT + 1.6 66 ItalyItaly Corrado Ferlaino ItalyItalyCorrado Ferlaino Giancarlo Galimberti
Porsche 911T 15th
65 GT + 1.6 70 ItalyItaly Giancarlo Rondanini ItalyItalyGiancarlo Rondanini Giampiero Moretti
Porsche 911T 16
66 GT + 1.6 71 SwitzerlandSwitzerland André Wicky Racing Team SwitzerlandSwitzerlandJacques Cochet Edgar Berney
Porsche 911T 17th
67 GT + 1.6 72 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Claude Haldi SwitzerlandSwitzerland Claude Haldi Jacques Rey
Porsche 911T 18th
68 GT + 1.6 74 ItalyItaly Scuderia Brescia Corse ItalyItalyEnnio Bonomelli Cesare Guzzi
Porsche 911T 19th
69 GT + 1.6 75 ItalyItaly Scuderia Brescia Corse ItalyItalyVincenzo Carrago Michele Licheri
Porsche 911T 20th

1 Injection pump defective 2 Engine failure during training 3 Engine failure during training 4 Engine failure during training 5 not started 6 Training car 7 not qualified 8 not qualified 9 not qualified 10 not qualified 11 not qualified 12 not qualified 13 not qualified 14 not qualified 15 not qualified 16 not qualified 17 not qualified 18 not qualified 19 not qualified 20 not qualified

Only in the entry list

Here you will find teams, drivers and vehicles that were originally registered for the race but did not take part for a variety of reasons.

Item class No. team driver chassis
70 P 3.0 11 GermanyGermany German BG Racing Team GermanyGermany Karl von Wendt Willi Kauhsen
Porsche 907 2.2
71 P 3.0 12 United KingdomUnited Kingdom JW Automotive Gulf Racing United KingdomUnited Kingdom David Hobbs Mike Hailwood
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Mirage M2 / 300
72 P 3.0 14th United KingdomUnited Kingdom JW Automotive Gulf Racing BelgiumBelgium Jacky Ickx Jackie Oliver
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Mirage M2 / 300
73 P 2.0 24 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Roger Nathan United KingdomUnited KingdomRoger Nathan Mike Beckwith
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Astra RNR1
74 P 1.0 32 ItalyItaly Scuderia Nettuno ItalyItalyAnzio Zucchi Marco Magri
75 S 5.0 36 SpainSpain Escuderia Montjuich SpainSpain José Juncadella Juan Fernández
Ford GT40
76 S 5.0 39 SwedenSweden PR For Men SwedenSwedenPicko Troberg Bjorn Rothstein
Lola T70 Mk.3B GT
77 S 2.0 50 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Worcestershire Racing United KingdomUnited Kingdom Paul Ridgway Chevron B8
78 S 1.0 61 ItalyItaly Scuderia Brescia Corse ItalyItaly"Agessar" Paolo Lado
Fiat-Abarth 1000 S.
79 S 1.0 62 ItalyItaly Scuderia Brescia Corse ItalyItalyPiero Monticone Gianni Varese
Fiat-Abarth 1000 S.
80 GT + 1.6 64 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Alain de Cadenet United KingdomUnited Kingdom Tony Beeson Ferrari 275 GTB / 2
81 GT 1.6 78 ItalyItaly Luigi Galazzo ItalyItalyLuigi Galazzo Pier-Paolo Mischiatti
Alfa Romeo Duetto
82 GT 1.3 80 ItalyItaly Meda ItalyItalyDomenico Cedrati Francesco Morelli
Lancia Fulvia HF Zagato

Class winner

class driver driver vehicle Placement in the overall ranking
P 3.0 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Jo Siffert United KingdomUnited Kingdom Brian Redman Porsche 908LH Overall victory
P 2.0 ItalyItaly Antonio Zadra ItalyItaly Giuseppe Dalla Torre Alfa Romeo T33 / 2 Rank 10
P 1.0 ItalyItaly Ugo Locatelli ItalyItaly Maurizio Zanetti Abarth 1000 SP Rank 14
S 5.0 GermanyGermany Helmut Kelleners GermanyGermany Reinhold Joest Ford GT40 Rank 4
S 2.0 ItalyItaly Enrico Pinto ItalyItaly Giovanni Alberti Alfa Romeo T33 / 2 Rank 7
S 1.0 ItalyItaly Umberto Grano ItalyItaly Luciano Pasotto Fiat-Abarth 1000 S. Rank 17
GT + 1.6 GermanyGermany Dieter Fröhlich GermanyGermany Jürgen Neuhaus Porsche 911T Rank 9
GT 1.6 no participant in the finish
GT 1.3 ItalyItaly Luigi Cabella ItalyItaly Giovanni Marini Lancia Fulvia HF Zagato Rank 18

Racing data

  • Registered: 82
  • Started: 49
  • Rated: 20
  • Race classes: 9
  • Spectator: unknown
  • Race day weather: warm and dry
  • Route length: 10.100 km
  • Driving time of the winning team: 4: 53: 41.200 hours
  • Total laps of the winning team: 100
  • Total distance of the winning team: 1010,000 km
  • Winner's average: 206.342 km / h
  • Pole position: Chris Amon - Ferrari 312P (# 1) - 2: 48.200 = 216.171 km / h
  • Fastest race lap: Pedro Rodríguez - Ferrari 312P (# 2) - 2: 48.100 = 216.300 km / h
  • Racing series: 4th round of the 1969 World Sports Car Championship
  • Racing series: 3rd round of the French Circuit Championship 1969


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