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Audi A2 8Z.jpg
A2 (8Z)
Production period: 11/1999–07/2005
Class : Small car
Body versions : Station wagon
Engines: Otto engines :
1.4–1.6 liters
(55–81 kW)
Diesel engines :
1.2–1.4 liters
(45–66 kW)
Length: 3826 mm
Width: 1673 mm
Height: 1553 mm
Wheelbase : 2405 mm
Empty weight : 855-1070 kg
Stars in the Euro NCAP - Crash Test (2002) 4 stars

The Audi A2 (internal type designation 8Z) is a minivan from Audi that has been optimized for low fuel consumption by means of lightweight aluminum construction, small frontal area, low drag coefficient and improved drive technology. The model was produced from November 1999 to July 2005 in Neckarsulm .

In 2004, with the Audi A2H2 the prototype of a hydrogen - fuel cell vehicle presented on the basis of the A2. A concept vehicle was presented as a successor under the type designation Audi A2 Concept in 2011 , but it did not go into series production.

Model history

Rear view

In 1996 Stefan Sielaff took over the project responsibility for the show cars Al 2 Light green and Al 2 open end Light Blue . Together with Luc Donckerwolke , who was responsible for the external appearance, he designed a show car for the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt until 1997 . The Al 2 , as the two studies were called, should convey a new sense of space and lightness through the use of transparent plastic parts and aluminum. Both versions had a low roof line and a windshield that reached far forward.

Series production of the Audi A2 began with the presentation of the ready-to-drive prototype at the IAA in 1999. Since it had already been decided on before the show cars were presented, the external shape of the production model was similar to the studies. Above all, the significantly changed “facial expression” was based on other Audi models of the time. The lead designers Peter Schreyer and Gerd Pfefferle received the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2002 for their design work on the 2nd generation A2 and A4 .

In 2003 the vehicle received a facelift, which was presented at the IAA.


Audi A2 1.2 TDI 3L

This 3-cylinder low-energy vehicle 1.2 TDI differs in many features from the other Audi A2.

As in the VW Lupo 3L with the same motor, the automated gearbox is operated hydraulically via a gear actuator. The control unit is programmed to switch as early as possible. In the switchable Eco mode, when the gas is released, the engine automatically switches to freewheel so as not to lose any energy through the engine braking effect. In addition, the automatic start-stop system is activated, which switches off the engine after four seconds of standstill. When switching to automatic mode, the system automatically switches to Eco mode, which also activates more economical engine management with a maximum of 33 kW output. However, it is possible to shift gears manually using the Tiptronic shift gate.

For weight reasons , the chassis is partly made of aluminum and has a more compact structure; the rear seats are lightweight and not divisible; the tank only holds 20 liters of fuel; the open-sky panorama roof, air conditioning and other optional extras are not available in this variant. From model year 2003, all equipment features such as air conditioning, seat heating and other equipment features were integrated into the new concept.

To reduce the consumption of the A2 TDI 3L, Audi has fitted particularly light wheels made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy and tires of size 145/80 R14 with low rolling and air resistance as standard, as well as further improving the vehicle's air resistance - especially the reduced one Air resistance of the comparatively narrow tires makes a significant contribution to reducing the overall air resistance compared to the other A2 variants. Due to its low weight and streamlined shape, the car, with its standard consumption of 2.99 l per 100 km, was the only five-door three - liter car produced in large series for a long time (until the appearance of the Citroen C3 / Peugeot 208 BlueHDi 100 in 2014 and 2015, i.e. approx . 15 years later). With a drag coefficient (c W ) of 0.25 of the Audi A2 TDI 3L occupied a top position in which, during its production ranking of production vehicles .

The 1.2 TDI complies with the Euro 3 emissions standard. In Germany, it is possible to recode this vehicle to D4 and then, without installing a soot particle filter, obtain the allocation of the green particulate matter sticker for all environmental zones. A soot particle filter was not yet available when the vehicle was being built, but has been available since 2010 and has been awarded the green particulate matter sticker for all environmental zones. The vehicle was exempt from vehicle tax in Germany until December 31, 2005. Also because of the high purchase price, only about 6500 copies of this vehicle were made.


The Audi A2, with the exception of the 1.2 TDI reaches a c W value of 0.28, the 3-liter variant of 0.25. The payload is 361 kg (1.4 TDI).

The trunk volume is 390 l. The loading sill is 68.5 cm above the floor. The rear seat bench can be partially or completely folded down, which increases the capacity to 780 l, measured up to the lower edge of the window. After removing the rear seats, the trunk volume increases to 1140 l.


Audi A2 ColourStorm (available as equipment line from 2003)

In addition to numerous optional extras that correspond to the usual standard of the manufacturer, the following equipment packages were available:

  • Advance : Radio Chorus, double luggage compartment floor, metallic or pearl effect paint, automatic climate control with sun-dependent control, two individually removable rear seats
  • High-tech : Open Sky sliding glass roof , parking aid, mobile phone preparation with hands-free system and voice control
  • Style : exterior mirrors and door handles in body color, remote control for central locking, height-adjustable driver and passenger seats, illuminated make-up mirrors, floor mats and anti-slip film, cast aluminum wheels (6J × 15)
  • Style plus : four-spoke leather steering wheel with airbag, nine-spoke aluminum rims in 17 inches with 205/40 R17, illuminated make-up mirror in both sun visors, radio remote control for central locking with convenient locking, floor mats in front and in the rear, piping for the colors of the seat covers in red , Blue or yellow in the appropriate color, manual seat height adjustment for driver and front passenger, rearview mirror housings and door handles painted in vehicle color, gear lever knob and gear lever sleeve in leather, S-line sports suspension, anti-slip film on the sills
  • S line Sport : sports suspension, cast aluminum wheels (7J × 17) in a nine-spoke design, front sports seats, front lumbar support, sports steering wheel, leather controls
  • Xtend : Equipment package for Austria from 2001 includes automatic air conditioning with sun-dependent control, radio remote control for central locking with convenience locking, height-adjustable driver and front passenger seats, exterior mirrors and door handles in body color, luggage compartment cover, double and removable luggage compartment floor, 15-inch light-alloy wheels (14 inches for 1.2 TDI)

Technology carrier

The lightweight tubular space frame of the Audi A2 in space frame technology, for the first time at the IAA 1999

According to a statement by Audi AG, new technologies and concepts were used for the first time in a large-scale series in both the design and production of the vehicle. The A2 has an aluminum body, which at the time otherwise only the Audi A8 used Audi space frame based technology.

In 2004 Audi built the research vehicle A2H2 Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle, a fuel cell vehicle based on the A2 for corporate research. It contained a 66 kW PEM fuel cell based on hydrogen with 3 tanks at 350 bar with a total of 1.8 kg of hydrogen. A 38 kW NiMH battery was installed as a buffer and for recuperation, and a 66 kW synchronous motor acted as the motor .


One problem with the Audi A2 is the classification into common categories such as small car , compact class or minivan . The Audi A2 was developed as a direct competitor to the Mercedes A-Class and corresponds to this in size and original price. With a comparable interior, both vehicles are significantly shorter, but higher than a VW Golf IV (length and wheelbase largely correspond to those of a VW Polo 6N ). For Mercedes it was still possible to establish the A-Class as a direct competitor to the VW Golf, as no model of this class was previously available - this was different at Audi, where there was already a vehicle in the compact class with the Audi A3 .

The name "A2" already shows that it was placed "below the A3". This led to the dilemma that these two A-Class and A2 vehicles, which are very similar both in terms of concept and size , were reported by their manufacturers to the Federal Motor Transport Authority in different vehicle classes . In the breakdown statistics of the ADAC, the A2 is under “small class”, the A class in the “lower middle class”.


According to ADAC breakdown statistics, the A2 achieved first place in its class between 2003 and 2008. The vehicle also took first place in the TÜV statistics in 2004 because it was free of defects. The A2 is further upgraded due to its very low pollutant emissions. In particular, there is a conversion to the D4 standard for the 1.2 TDI version and thus the green sticker even without a particle filter (special application by TÜV Bamberg).

Audi A2 Concept 2011

Audi A2 Concept 2011

In response to the development of the Megacity Vehicle at BMW , Audi presented a successor to the A2 as a show car at the 2011 IAA , which was to go into series production in 2015/2016 with a purely electric drive, but was also intended for a hybrid drive . The four-seater concept vehicle with front-wheel drive had an 85 kW / 116 PS electric motor, should accelerate to 100 km / h in 9.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 150 km / h with a range of 200 kilometers.

At the beginning of 2013, Audi announced the discontinuation of several projects that had been announced in the media under the name “ Audi e-tron ”. While the BMW i3 has been available since November 2013, Audi stopped developing a new A2 in order to be able to “concentrate more on the larger model series in the future”.

Literature about the Audi A2

The 256-page book Audi A2 - Milestone and Cult Object / Edition Audi Tradition was published by Delius Klasing- Verlag in July 2018 . The author of the book is the German motor journalist Dirk-Michael Conradt .

Technical specifications

The engine range of the Audi A2 includes two petrol and two diesel engines (the 1.4-l diesel engine in two power levels):

1.4 1.6 FSI (1) 1.2 3L TDI (2) 1.4 TDI (3) 1.4 TD I (4) (5)
Construction period 11/1999–07/2005 05 / 2002-07 / 2005 03/2001–07/2005 11/1999–07/2005 11/2003–07/2005
Engine characteristics
Motor type Gasoline engine Diesel engine
Engine type R4 R3
Number of valves per cylinder 4th 2
Valve control DOHC OHC
Camshaft drive Timing belt
Mixture preparation Multi-point injection Direct petrol injection Pump-nozzle system
Engine charging - VTG - turbocharger and intercooler Turbocharger and intercooler VTG turbocharger and intercooler
Bore × stroke 76.5 mm × 75.6 mm 76.5 mm × 86.9 mm 76.5 mm × 86.4 mm 79.5 mm × 95.5 mm
Displacement 1390 cm³ 1598 cc 1191 cc 1422 cc
Compression ratio 10.5: 1 12.0: 1 19.5: 1 18.5: 1
Max. Power at min −1 55 kW (75 PS) at 5000 81 kW (110 PS) at 5800 45 kW (61 hp) at 4000 55 kW (75 PS) at 4000 66 kW (90 PS) at 4000
Max. Torque in min -1 126 Nm at 3800 155 Nm at 4400 140 Nm at 1800–2400 195 Nm at 2200 230 Nm at 1900–2200
Power transmission
Drive, as standard Front wheel drive
Gearbox, as standard 5-speed manual transmission automated 5-speed manual transmission 5-speed manual transmission
Empty weight, without driver 895 kg 995 kg 855 kg 990 kg 1030 kg
Top speed 173 km / h 202 km / h 168 km / h 173 km / h 188 km / h
Acceleration, 0-100 km / h 12.3 s 9.8 s 14.9 s 12.6 s 10.9 s
Fuel consumption over 100 km, combined 5.9 l S 5.9 l SP 3.0 l D 4.3 l D
CO 2 emissions, combined 142 g / km 81 g / km 116 g / km
Tank capacity, approx. 34 l (6) 42 l 20 l (7) 34 l (6) 42 l
(1)FSI direct injection , homogeneous and stratified charge operation. Top model. Not suitable for E10 fuel
(2)Aluminum engine block , turbocharger with VTG charge , (as the only A2) automated manual transmission . Drive largely identical to that of the 3-liter VW Lupo .
(3)Turbocharger with wastegate valve . Cast iron engine block . BHC meets Euro 4 ; AMF Euro 3
(4)Ggü. 55 kW TDI reinforced connecting rods and pistons, reduced compression and turbocharger with VTG u. water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation .
(5) The red I in the TDI logo indicates the 66 kW engine.
(6) From July 2002: 42 l
(7) From February 2001: 21 l

Demand and production numbers

In the five and a half years of construction, 176,377 copies of the A2 rolled off the assembly line. Of these, 6450 were 3L versions (1.2 TDI).

In order to stimulate the relatively sluggish sales, Audi launched the special “colour.storm” model in 2003. Outwardly, this was characterized by more conspicuous colors with a contrasting matt black roof and black plastic parts on the fenders, doors and bumpers. But even this model did not bring about a significant turnaround in sales figures.

Production numbers:

year 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
number - 32.164 49,369 37,578 27,323 19,745 10,026 198

Between 2000 and 2006, 93,084 Audi A2s were newly registered in the Federal Republic of Germany. 2001 was the most successful sales year with 26,434 units. As of January 1, 2019, 51,558 units were still registered there, 2,034 of them 3L versions (1.2 TDI).

On the used car market, prices for well-preserved specimens began to rise significantly from 2015. In 2020, prices for well-preserved specimens with few kilometers traveled began at around € 10,000, with the last sales price starting at € 17,000 in 2005.


In 2009, the "Bundesverband Solare Mobility" (BsM) presented a conversion for the A2 into an e-vehicle, which at that time could already travel 600 km with gentle driving.

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