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Audi TT Coupé (since 2014)
Audi TT Coupé (since 2014)
TT FV / 8S
Production period: since 2014
Class : Sports car
Body versions : Station wagon , roadster
Engines: Otto engines :
1.8–2.5 liters
(132–294 kW)
Diesel engine :
2.0 liters (135 kW)
Length: 4177-4201 mm
Width: 1832 mm
Height: 1343-1355 mm
Wheelbase : 2505 mm
Empty weight : 1285-1570 kg
Previous model Audi TT 8J
Stars in the Euro NCAP - Crash Test (2015) 5 Stars
Audi TT Roadster

The Audi TT FV / 8S is the third generation of the Audi TT , which has been built as a station wagon and roadster since 2014. In 2018 the vehicle received a facelift.

Model history

On March 3, 2014, the third generation of the Audi TT, the Audi TT FV / 8S, was first presented as the coupé version at the Geneva Motor Show . The interior of the third TT, called the virtual cockpit , was presented in January 2014 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas . The TT RS was formally presented at Auto China 2016.


In summer 2018, Audi presented a facelift (also called product upgrade within the VW Group) of the TT and TTS.

Changes compared to the predecessor


The exterior of the vehicle has not changed fundamentally, the rounded roof arch has been retained. Some elements such as the headlights and the wider grille have been made more angular. At the rear, the third brake light was integrated below the retractable rear spoiler over the entire width of the tailgate between the rear lights. The design of the vehicle is based on the first generation in some details. Examples of this are the special tank cap and the exhaust system with two central round tailpipes. The vehicle is based on the modular transverse matrix that the Audi A3 8V also uses. The dimensions of the TT have changed only slightly, in some cases even reduced. Various measures have made it possible to reduce the weight by around 50 kilograms compared to its predecessor. The TT is supplied with xenon headlights as standard ; LED or matrix LED headlights are available for an extra charge . The latter have twelve individual light-emitting diodes that continuously generate the high beam and dim it when there is oncoming traffic. The rear lights are always made using LED technology and for the first time have daytime running lights . In connection with one of the two LED systems, there is also a dynamic indicator, which has an LED light strip in the direction of the turn.


Audi TT RS Roadster
Audi TT RS Roadster

Innovations in the interior primarily affect the infotainment system . There is no longer a classic radio / navigation display in the center console, but a 12.3-inch display instead of the instrument cluster . It enables two different views, the normal layout with rev counter and speedometer or a view with small round instruments and a large area for multimedia settings or the navigation map. The TTS has a third view with a large central tachometer. The system is operated either via the multifunction steering wheel , the new MMI rotary button in the center console or the revised voice control. The latter now also recognizes freely spoken sentences without specific guidelines. The MMI button has an optional touchpad with handwriting recognition. Audi MMI now works with a Tegra 3 processor.

The air conditioning is operated in a space-saving manner in the three central, round ventilation nozzles. With the automatic air conditioning, the various modes and temperatures are shown in small displays on the ventilation nozzles. The TT also has sports seats with integrated headrests or, as an option, S sports seats with pneumatically adjustable seat side bolsters. The trunk of the coupe has been enlarged by 13 liters to 305 liters, and the rear seat backrests can be folded down in parts.

The following special equipment is available for the first time compared to its predecessor:

New in the TT is the drive-select system, with which various vehicle settings can be influenced, for example between sporty, comfortable and efficient. It affects the throttle response, the steering, the air conditioning, the magnetic-ride suspension, the S tronic and the engine sound. For the first time, the quattro all-wheel drive is also changed by drive select , depending on the driving situation, it is more rear-heavy or even switched off temporarily, i.e. only with front-wheel drive. Further technical innovations in the TT are the electromechanical parking brake and the two-stage switchable ESC . The now electromechanical power steering allows the integration of previously impossible assistance systems such as the park steering assistant and the active lane departure warning system . There is also traffic sign recognition and a blind spot assistant .

Engines and powertrain

A two-liter diesel engine (2.0 TDI) with a maximum output of 135 kW (184 PS) and two two-liter gasoline engines (2.0 TFSI) with a maximum output of 169 kW (230 PS) or in the TTS with one maximum output of 228 kW (310 hp). The quattro all-wheel drive was available as an option for the model with the two-liter petrol engine with an output level of 169 kW (230 hp) and the two-liter diesel engine with 135 kW (184 hp); it was standard on the TTS with 228 kW (310 hp). A TT RS with a turbo-charged inline five-cylinder petrol engine, a maximum output of 294 kW and standard all-wheel drive was available from 2016 .

Since the facelift, the gasoline engine model with a displacement of two liters and turbocharging in three engine levels has been available: the 40 TFSI with a maximum output of 145 kW, the 45 TFSI with a maximum output of 180 kW and the TTS with a maximum output of 225 kW . The TT RS has a five-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.5 l and a maximum output of 294 kW. The lowest-performing stage (40 TFSI) can only be ordered with front-wheel drive, the middle stage (45 TFSI) also has front-wheel drive as standard. All-wheel drive can be ordered for a surcharge for the middle level and is standard on the two highest engine levels.

Technical specifications

Technical data up to the facelift 2018

1.8 TFSI 2.0 TFSI 2.0 TFSI (TTS) 2.5 TFSI (TT RS) 2.0 TDI ultra
Order period 07 / 2015–06 / 2018 07 / 2014-06 / 2018 10 / 2014-06 / 2018 11/2016–06/2018 07 / 2014-06 / 2018
Motor series VW EA888 VW EA855 evo VW EA288
Motor type Gasoline engine Diesel engine
Engine type Row design
Engine charging turbocharger
Mixture preparation Direct injection Common rail injection
Cylinders / valves 4/16 5/20 4/16
Displacement 1798 cc 1984 cc 2480 cc 1968 cc
Max. Power at min −1 132 kW (180 PS) / 5100-6200 169 kW (230 PS) / 4500–6200 228 kW (310 hp) / 5800-6200 294 kW (400 hp) / 5850–7000 135 kW (184 PS) / 3500-4000
Max. Torque at min -1 250 Nm / 1250-5000 370 Nm / 1600-4300 380 Nm / 1800-5700 480 Nm / 1700-5850 380 Nm / 1750-3250
Drive type, standard Front wheel drive all wheel drive Front wheel drive
Drive type, optional - all wheel drive - all wheel drive
Transmission type, standard 6-speed manual transmission 7-speed S tronic 6-speed manual transmission
Transmission type, optional 7-speed S tronic 6-speed S tronic - 6-speed S tronic
Empty weight 1285-1395 kg 1305-1500 kg 1440-1545 kg 1515-1605 kg 1340-1435 kg
Max. Payload 320-400 kg 245-325 kg 320-400 kg
Acceleration, 0-100 km / h
coupe 6.9-7.0 s 5.3-6.0 s 4.6-4.9 s 3.7 s 6.7-7.1 s
Roadster 7.2-7.3 s 5.6-6.2 s 4.9-5.2 s 3.9 s 7.0-7.3 s
Top speed
coupe 241 km / h 250 km / h (1) 250 km / h (1) (2) 234–241 km / h
Roadster 237 km / h 250 km / h (1) 250 km / h (1) (2) 230-237 km / h
Fuel consumption over 100 km, combined
coupe 5.7–6.0 l super 5.9–6.6 l super 6.7–7.3 l super 8.2 l super 4.6-5.4 l diesel
Roadster 5.8–6.1 l super 6.0–6.7 l super 6.9–7.5 l super 8.5 l super 4.7-5.6 l diesel
CO 2 emissions
coupe 129-138 g / km 137-153 g / km 155-168 g / km 187 g / km 122-142 g / km
Roadster 132-142 g / km 140-158 g / km 159-173 g / km 194 g / km 126-147 g / km
Emission standard Euro 6
(1) regulated
(2) TT RS optionally limited to 280 km / h

Technical data from the facelift 2018

Order period since 12/2018 since 02/2019
Motor series VW EA888 VW EA855 evo
Engine code DKZ DKT DNU DNWA
Motor type Gasoline engine
Engine type Row design
Engine charging turbocharger
Mixture preparation Direct injection
Cylinders / valves 4/16 5/20
Displacement 1984 cc 2480 cc
Max. Power at min −1 145 kW (197 hp) / 4400-6000 180 kW (245 PS) / 5000-6700 225 kW (306 hp) / 5400-6500 294 kW (400 hp) / 5400-6500
Max. Torque at min -1 320 Nm / 1500-4300  370 Nm / 1600-4300  400 Nm / 2000-5300 480 Nm / 1700-5850
Transmission type, standard 7-speed S tronic 6-speed manual transmission 7-speed S tronic
Transmission type, optional - 7-speed S tronic -
Drive type, standard Front wheel drive all wheel drive
Drive type, optional - all wheel drive -
Empty weight 1345-1435 kg 1325-1530 kg 1480-1570 kg
Acceleration, 0-100 km / h
coupe 6.6 s 5.2-5.9 s 4.5 s 3.7 s
Roadster 6.9 s 5.5-6.1 s 4.8 s 3.9 s
Top speed
coupe 250 km / h (1) 250 km / h (1) (2)
Roadster 247 km / h 250 km / h (1) 250 km / h (1) (2)
Fuel consumption over 100 km, combined
coupe 6.0–6.1 l super 6.4–7.0 l super 7.1 l super 7.9–8.0 l super
Roadster 6.3 l super 6.6–7.3 l super 7.2 l super 8.0-8.1 l super
CO 2 emissions
coupe 137-138 g / km 147-161 g / km 161 g / km 181 g / km
Roadster 143-145 g / km 151-166 g / km 165 g / km 182-183 g / km
Exhaust aftertreatment, PM Otto particle filter
Emission standard Euro 6d-TEMP-Evap Euro 6d-TEMP
(1) regulated
(2) optionally limited to 280 km / h

Production site

The current Audi TT of the FV / 8S generation is completely manufactured in the Hungarian Audi plant in Győr .

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