Audi S6

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Audi S6
Production period: since 1994
Class : upper middle class
Body versions : Limousine , station wagon
Previous model: Audi 100 S4 (C4)
S6 badge on the radiator grille

The S6 is the sports version of the Audi A6 . The model differs in details from the normal Audi A6 in all generations. These include powerful engines and exclusive materials such as selected types of leather or trim parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic .

The S6 is also characterized by more extensive standard equipment. This always includes quattro all-wheel drive and the typical S6 design features such as lettering on the front and rear and, since the C5 generation, the silver caps on the exterior mirrors. The S6 can also be recognized by changes to add-on parts such as wheels, exhaust system, chassis, bumpers and sills. The S6 Plus is the first vehicle built by Quattro GmbH .

The RS6 is an even sportier variant .

S6 C4 (1994-1997)

1st generation
Audi S6 C4 US.jpg
Production period: 1994-1997
Body versions : Limousine , station wagon
Petrol engines : 2.2-4.2 liters
(169-240 kW)
Length: 4797 mm
Width: 1804 mm
Height: 1430-1440 mm
Wheelbase : 2692 mm
Empty weight : 1445-1790 kg

The sports version of the Audi 100 C4 was called S4 until 1994 . After the Audi 100 C4 was modified in some details and renamed A6 in favor of the new nomenclature , the name of the sports version also changed from S4 to S6. The car was built as a sedan and a station wagon (Avant). The body was fully galvanized and it was offered with two engine variants:

  • With 2.2-liter turbo engine and electronically controlled boost pressure increase, the so-called " overboost ", plus 5- or 6-speed gear or 4-speed automatic transmission.
  • With 4.2 liter engine, optionally with 6-speed manual gearbox or 4-speed automatic with torque converter lockup and dynamic shift program "DSP"

According to KBA, 273 units of the S6 C4 4.2 Avant were registered in Germany on January 1, 2019 (previous year: 302)


S6 Plus

The Audi S6 Plus (recognizable by the blue bar in the Audi Sport emblem at the time) came onto the market in 1996 . It was not a special model of the S6, but the first independent vehicle from Quattro GmbH , which, as a subsidiary of Audi AG, makes modifications to vehicles. The S6 Plus had a more powerful V8 engine with 240 kW (326 hp) and a 6-speed manual transmission. It had additional equipment and was offered as a sedan and Avant (station wagon).

Of the S6 Plus, only 97 sedans and 855 Avant were built until 1997. On January 1, 2010, 21 sedans and 201 Avant cars were still registered in Germany. Lt. On January 1, 2017, KBA still had 147 vehicles registered (no subdivision into sedans and Avant). This makes the S6 plus a relatively rare car model.

Technical specifications

S6 S6 4.2 S6 Plus
Motor type: Gasoline engine
Engine type: Five-cylinder in-line engine with 20 valves and turbocharger Eight-cylinder V-engine with 32 valves and four overhead camshafts
Displacement: 2226 cc 4172 cc
Max. Performance in min -1 : 169 kW (230 PS) / 5900 213 kW (290 PS) / 5800 240 kW (326 hp) / 6500
Max. Torque at min -1 : 350 Nm (380 Nm with overboost) / 1950 400 Nm / 4000 400 Nm / 3500
Drive type, standard: all wheel drive
Gear type, standard: 5-speed manual transmission 6-speed manual transmission 4-speed automatic 6-speed manual transmission 4-speed automatic 6-speed manual transmission
Empty weight: 1445 kg (1540 kg) 1485 kg (1595 kg) 1695 kg (1745 kg) 1740 kg (1790 kg) 1695 kg (1745 kg)
Acceleration, 0-100 km / h: 6.8 s (6.9 s) 6.7 s (6.8 s) 8.1 s (8.4 s) 5.9 s (6.0 s) 7.1 s (7.3 s) 5.6 s (5.7 s)
Top speed: 241 km / h (235 km / h) 236 km / h (231 km / h) 249 km / h (247 km / h) 250 km / h (250 km / h)
Fuel consumption
over 100 km, combined:
12.2 l super (12.3 l super) 12.9 l super (12.9 l super) 15.2 l super (15.2 l super) 14.5 l super (14.5 l super) 14.9 l super (14.9 l super)
  • Values ​​in brackets apply to the Avant.

S6 C5 (1999-2005)

2nd generation
Audi S6 (2001-2005)

Audi S6 (2001-2005)

Production period: 1999-2005
Body versions : Limousine , station wagon
Engines: Otto engine :
4.2 liters
(250 kW)
Length: 4833 mm
Width: 1850 mm
Height: 1433-1465 mm
Wheelbase : 2759 mm
Empty weight : 1735-1815 kg

The S6 of the second A6 generation ( C5 ) was only offered with a 4.2-liter V8 engine. The revised eight-cylinder with variable intake manifold and five valves per cylinder now developed 250 kW (340 hp).

Compared to the standard A6 (with four- or six-cylinder engines), the model had a 37 mm longer front end and additionally heavily flared fenders (also applies to the A6 4.2 with 220 kW and the Audi RS6 of this generation) and was like all of them A6 C5 equipped with a fully galvanized body. In order to save weight, the bonnet and fenders of all V8 models were made of aluminum. There was already an Audi double- frame radiator grille from April 1999, the preliminary stage of the new single-frame grille . This appearance was carried over to all A6 models during the facelift of the A6 C5 in May 2001.

Between September 1999 and May 2001, the S6 was available with a six-speed manual and five-speed automatic transmission ( Tiptronic ); after the facelift in 2001, the manual transmission was withdrawn from the range. Although only one engine was available, there were two engine codes (AQJ until 08/2000 from then ANK). The engines differed in the intake tract and various control electronics; in contrast to the AQJ, the ANK engine had four heated lambda sensors instead of two , although from model year 2000 the AQJ engine also met the EU3 standard instead of the D3 standard. The sedan accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h with manual transmission in 5.7 seconds (automatic: 6.7 s); the Avant is 0.1 s slower in each case. The S6 was electronically limited at a speed of 250 km / h. Like every Audi with these performance data, this model also had quattro all-wheel drive as standard, and there were other standard features in contrast to the A6.


  • Xenon headlights (only for low beam ), from Facelift model year 2001, bi-xenon headlights
  • Fog lights
  • 17-inch cast aluminum wheels in special Avus design 8x17 with tires in size 255/40 ZR17
  • Front and rear bumpers painted completely in body color
  • S6-specific, dark gray painted radiator grille with S6 embossing and accentuated grille, with the S and 6 forming two elements of the Audi Sport flag that was used until then
  • Exterior mirror housing made of highly polished aluminum
  • more pronounced bumper strips on the doors in dark gray to indicate a wider sill (as it was later used in the RS6)
  • double-pipe exhaust system with a visible, round tailpipe made of stainless steel on each side
  • modified engine cover with red decorative frame around the designation "V8 - 4.2"
  • Aluminum door sills with milled S6 lettering


  • Fully electric Recaro sports seats (Alcantara / pearl nappa leather or, for a surcharge, in silk nappa leather) including lumbar support , adjustable thigh support and embossed "RECARO" lettering in the backrests of the two front seats and the two outer rear seats (can be deselected)
  • Decorative strips made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic in doors, dashboard and center console (can be deselected)
  • Alcantara headlining (beige, gray or black)
  • 3-spoke leather sports steering wheel with S6 emblem in the lower spoke (with automatic transmission including a rocker switch on the left and right on the steering wheel, which was marked with a + and a - on each side )
  • Combination instrument with round instruments with a light gray background, speedometer up to 300 km / h, S6 emblem and, in contrast to the series, indicator needles illuminated in white
  • Anti-theft alarm system with ultrasonic interior monitoring
  • Seat heating at the front as standard and also at the rear for an extra charge


As an ex-works option for the S6, there were exclusive 16-inch light-alloy wheels with tires in 215/55 R16 for the winter with which snow chains were possible. About the quattro GmbH were various special wheels (for example, 18-inch S-line wheel with nine spokes) and other customization options available. The accessories of the A6 could also be used for the S6.


As with the A6 C5 , the S6 received a facelift in May 2001. Some external and technical features have been changed.

Among other things, a bi-xenon headlight was standard from this point on . The radio antenna and the receiver of the navigation system, which were previously housed separately from each other in the rear left fender and on the trunk lid, were combined to form a unit and designed as a short, sporty roof antenna.

In the interior, the vehicle received the new generation of the 3-spoke leather sports steering wheel with a chrome ring around the central Audi logo, which was previously made as a plastic ring. The manual transmission was withdrawn from the range and the previous Audi Sport flag was replaced by the new and up to now current Audi S emblem. The new emblem was to be found in the speedometer, on the lower spoke of the steering wheel, on the door sills and on the front and rear. The sedan had a base price of € 65,450 (DM 128,009.07), while the Avant was € 67,550 (DM 132,116.32) (as of: May 2001 price list).

Shortly before the end of production of the S6 C5 in 2005, the first generation of the Audi navigation system Plus with Audi MMI operating logic (also called RNS-E) was available, which was used in models such as the Audi TT (type 8J) until 2013 .

The most powerful top model in this series was the Audi RS6 , which was produced between mid-2002 and the end of 2004 .

Technical specifications

Technical specifications limousine Avant
Engine type V8 gasoline engine with 40 valves (DOHC)
Displacement 4172 cc
Bore × stroke 84.5 x 93.0 mm
Max. Power at min −1 250 kW (340 hp) at 7000
Max. Torque at min −1 420 Nm at 3400
Top speed 250 km / h (governed)
Acceleration, 0-100 km / h 5.7 s (6.7 s) 5.8 s (6.8 s)
Empty weight 1735 kg (1760 kg) 1790 kg (1815 kg)
Total fuel consumption in l / 100 km 14.1 SP (14.3 SP) 14.2 VP (14.5 VP)
  • Values ​​in brackets apply to 5-speed tiptronic.

S6 C6 (2006-2010)

3rd generation
Audi S6 (2006-2008)

Audi S6 (2006-2008)

Production period: 2006-2010
Body versions : Limousine , station wagon
Engines: Otto engine :
5.2 liters
(320 kW)
Length: 4916-4938 mm
Width: 1864 mm
Height: 1442-1453 mm
Wheelbase : 2847 mm
Empty weight : 1985-2045 kg

In the third A6 series ( C6 ), a 5.2 liter V10 engine was used in the S6, which developed 320 kW (435 hp). The ten-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection (FSI) is based on the V8 FSI engine that Audi also used in the Q7 and RS4 , but here as a high-speed engine. Apart from the obligatory Quattro drive , this S6 was only available with a six-speed automatic transmission. The V10 engine was also installed in the Lamborghini Gallardo (somewhat performance-optimized) by the Audi Lamborghini Alliance .

In addition to significantly more engine power, the S6 has the following features:

  • slightly modified body parts,
  • a radiator grille with vertical chrome struts (similar to the Audi Allroad ),
  • an exhaust system with four tailpipes,
  • Exterior mirrors with aluminum housing and
  • LED daytime running lights in the bumper

from the "normal" A6 models.

An even sportier variant appeared in April 2008 with the RS6 of this A6 series.

As part of the facelift of the A6, a small facelift was also carried out on the S6 in October 2008 in order to match it to the appearance of the other C6 models.

Technical specifications

limousine Avant
Construction period: 03/2006–12/2010
Motor type: Gasoline engine
Engine type: V-type , direct injection
Displacement: 5204 cc
Cylinders / valves: 10/40
Max. Performance in min -1 : 320 kW (435 hp) / 6400-6800
Max. Torque at min -1 : 540 Nm / 3000-4000
Drive type, standard: all wheel drive
Gear type, standard: 6-speed tiptronic
Empty weight: 1985 kg 2045 kg
maximum payload: 580 kg 630 kg
Acceleration, 0-100 km / h: 4.9 s 5.0s
Top speed: 250 km / h (governed)
Fuel consumption
over 100 km, combined:
12.6–13.4 l Super plus
CO 2 emissions, combined: 299-319 g / km
Emissions standard according to EU classification: Euro 4

S6 C7 (2012-2018)

4th generation
Audi S6 (2012-2014)

Audi S6 (2012-2014)

Production period: 2012-2018
Body versions : Limousine , station wagon
Engines: Otto engine :
4.0 liters
(309–331 kW)
Length: 4931-4942 mm
Width: 1874 mm
Height: 1430-1446 mm
Wheelbase : 2916-2917 mm
Empty weight : 1970-2035 kg

The new generation of the Audi A6 made its debut in April 2011 , and the new S6 was presented at the IAA in autumn 2011 .

Instead of ten cylinders, the new model only has eight cylinders. In contrast to the previous version, the new four-liter engine is twin-turbo charged. To reduce consumption, it is equipped with cylinder deactivation and an automatic start-stop system. Although this engine with 309 kW / 420 PS (previously 320 kW / 435 PS) is slightly weaker than its predecessor, Audi promises better performance (4.8 seconds to 100 km / h instead of 5.2 seconds as in the previous model) and a more dynamic one Driving behavior. In addition, the maximum torque increases to 550 Nm (previously 540 Nm).

The model is offered as a sedan and an avant. Both came on the market in spring 2012.

Technical specifications

4.0 TFSI
Body version: limousine Avant limousine Avant
Construction period: 04 / 2012–09 / 2014 09 / 2014–05 / 2018
Motor type: Gasoline engine
Engine type: V-type , direct injection , cylinder deactivation
Engine charging: Bi- turbocharger
Displacement: 3993 cc
Cylinders / valves: 8/32
Max. Performance in min -1 : 309 kW (420 hp) / 5500-6400 331 kW (450 PS) / 5800-6400
Max. Torque at min -1 : 550 Nm / 1400-5200 550 Nm / 1400-5700
Drive type, standard: all wheel drive
Gear type, standard: 7-speed S tronic
Empty weight: 1970 kg 2025 kg 1970 kg 2035 kg
maximum payload: 610 kg 630 kg 610 kg 630 kg
Acceleration, 0-100 km / h: 4.6 s 4.7 s 4.4 s 4.6 s
Top speed: 250 km / h (governed)
Fuel consumption
over 100 km, combined:
9.6 l super 9.7 l super 9.2 l super 9.4 l super
CO 2 emissions, combined: 225 g / km 226 g / km 214 g / km 219 g / km
Emissions standard according to EU classification: 5 euro Euro 6

S6 C8 (since 2019)

5th generation
Audi S6 TDI

Audi S6 TDI

Production period: since 2019
Body versions : Limousine , station wagon
Engines: Otto engine :
2.9 liters
(331 kW)
Diesel engine :
3.0 liters
(257 kW)
Length: 4954 mm
Width: 1886 mm
Height: 1445-1446 mm
Wheelbase : 2928 mm
Empty weight : 2030-2095 kg
Rear view
Audi S6 Avant TDI
Rear view

In March 2018, the Audi A6 C8 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show . The new S6 debuted in April 2019.

The European model is powered by a diesel engine for the first time . It generates 257 kW (349 hp) and has a maximum torque of 700 Nm. The model is again offered as a sedan and avant. Both came on the market in July 2019.

Technical specifications

2.9 TFSI (1) 3.0 TDI
Body version limousine Avant limousine Avant
Construction period since 07/2019
Engine code
Motor series VW EA839 VW EA897evo2
Motor type Gasoline engine Diesel engine
Engine type V-type
Engine charging Biturbo VTG turbocharger, electric compressor
Mixture preparation Direct petrol injection Common rail injection
Displacement 2894 cc 2967 cc
Cylinders / valves 6/24
Max. power

at min −1

331 kW (450 PS) / 257 kW (349 hp) / 3850
Max. Torque

at min −1

600 Nm / 700 Nm / 2500-3100
Drive type, series all wheel drive
Gearbox, series 8-speed tiptronic
Steering, series Front steering
Steering, optional All-wheel steering
Empty weight 2030 kg 2095 kg
Max. Payload 560 kg
Max. Trailer load 2100 kg
Acceleration, 0-100 km / h 5.0 s 5.1 s
Top speed 250 km / h (governed)
Fuel consumption

over 100 km, combined

6.2–6.4 l diesel 6.5 l diesel
CO 2 emissions 164-165 g / km 171 g / km
Exhaust aftertreatment, PM Diesel particulate filter
Exhaust aftertreatment, NO X - SCR catalytic converter
Emission standard according to EU classification - Euro 6d-TEMP-EVAP-ISC
(1) for USA, Asia and Middle East


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