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Kritikerprisen ( norw .; Kritikerpreis ) is an award given annually by the Association of Norwegian Critics (Norsk Kritikerlag). The author of the best book, the best children's book and the best literary translation will be honored; an outstanding literary critic and an artist each in the fields of dance , theater , music and visual arts will be honored .


Since 1950, Norsk Kritikerlag has awarded the author the best literary contribution of the year. In a selection process, all members of the association have the opportunity to determine their favorites in writing. The four authors with the most votes will be put on the shortlist . In the decisive ballot, the members of the association then choose the winner from among the four candidates - again with a written vote. The prize is not endowed; however, the award-winning author receives a graphic as a gift. The award will be given at the beginning of March for the previous year. A member of the association gives the laudation .

The author of the best children's or youth book has been honored since 1978. Here, a three-person jury made up of members of the association creates a shortlist. The jury also selects the winner in a second round.

The best literary translation has been awarded since 2003. The award goes to the author of the most successful translation of a literary work into Norwegian, regardless of the genre . Here, too, a three-person jury first draws up a shortlist and then selects the winner from among four candidates.

The best non-fiction book of the year has been awarded since 2012.

The literary critic of the year has been elected since 1994 , who has either made a name for himself through his literary criticism or through his work has contributed to improving the conditions for literary criticism in Norway. Every member of the association is entitled to propose a winner. Independently of these suggestions, a five-member jury, which is composed according to regional criteria, selects the recipient. If possible, last year's winner will give the eulogy for the current winner.

It also honors outstanding artistic presentations in the fields of theater (since 1939), music (since 1947) and dance (since 1977). The prize for the best performance in the field of fine arts was first awarded in April 2009.

Award winners

Best book

Best children's or youth book

Best literary translation

The award was presented as a pilot project in 2004.

Best non-fiction book

  • 2012 - Aage Storm Borchgrevink for En norsk tragedie. Anders Behring Breivik and others to Utøya
  • 2013 - Alf van der Hagen for Dag Solstad. Uskrevne memoarer
  • 2014 - Goals Rem for Knut Hamsun. Travel til Hitler
  • 2015 - Morten Strøksnes for Havboka - eller Kunst å catch en kjempehai fra en gummibåt på et stort hav gjennom fire årstider
  • 2016 - Marit Paasche for Hannah Ryggen, en fri
  • 2017 - Anne Bitsch for Går du nå, er du ikke lenger min datter
  • 2018 - Jan Grue for Jeg lever et liv som ligner deres

Literary critic award

Critics' award for dance

Critics' award for theater

Critics' award for music

Critic Award for Art

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