Nicklas Lidström

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SwedenSweden  Nicklas Lidström Ice hockey player
IIHF Hall of Fame , 2014
Hockey Hall of Fame , 2015
Nicklas Lidström
Date of birth April 28, 1970
place of birth Västerås , Sweden
Nickname Lids, Nick, Norris
size 185 cm
Weight 86 kg
position defender
number # 5
Shot hand Left
NHL Entry Draft 1989 , 3rd lap, 53rd position
Detroit Red Wings
Career stations
until 1991 VIK Västerås HK
1991-2012 Detroit Red Wings

Nicklas Erik Lidström (born April 28, 1970 in Västerås ) is a former Swedish ice hockey player who played 1827 games for the Detroit Red Wings in the National Hockey League on the position of defender during his active career between 1987 and 2012 . Lidström is a member of the Triple Gold Club , the Hockey Hall of Fame and the IIHF Hall of Fame . He has been named the League's Most Valuable Defender seven times with the James Norris Memorial Trophy . In 2008 he became the first European captain to win the Stanley Cup , which he won four times with Detroit in his career.


Nicklas Lidström began his career at VIK Västerås HK , where he was used for the first time with the professionals in the second-rate Allsvenskan in the 1987/88 season and helped with the promotion to the Elitserien . In the following season he was part of the regular Västerås squad and was able to attract the attention of the North American teams through his performances, so that he was selected in the NHL Entry Draft 1989 by the Detroit Red Wings in the third round at position 53.

Lidström played in Sweden for two more years and was able to improve his skills especially on the offensive. He also won the silver medal at the Junior World Championships in 1990 and a year later won the gold medal at the World Seniors Championship with the Swedish national team .

Just a few months later, he made his NHL debut for the Detroit Red Wings in the fall of 1991 . Lidström immediately prevailed in the team and in the league. The Swedish defender set the tone especially on the offensive with eleven goals and 49 assists, but the Calder Memorial Trophy for the best rookie of the season went to Russian striker Pawel Bure . Lidström took second place in the poll and was elected to the NHL All-Rookie Team .

He then played two more good seasons at the side of his experienced defender colleague Paul Coffey for the Red Wings and returned to his hometown club Västerås IK in autumn 1994, as the start of the NHL season 1994/95 was delayed due to a lockout , belonged to the January 1995 but back to the Detroit squad. This season he also proved his qualities for the first time in the playoffs and was one of the best scorers in the finals when the Red Wings lost in the final of the Stanley Cup to the New Jersey Devils .

Lidström in the Red Wings jersey

In 1995/96 Lidström set a new personal record with 67 points and, through his defensive game, contributed to the fact that the Red Wings conceded the fewest goals in the league. In the playoffs, however, they had to admit defeat in the final of the Western Conference of the Colorado Avalanche . In the following year, the great success finally came. In the Stanley Cup final, the Detroit Red Wings met the Philadelphia Flyers and Nicklas Lidström scored after three games won the 1–0 lead in the fourth game, which laid the foundation for the 2–1 success against the Flyers and the first Stanley Cup -Triumph of the Red Wings for 42 years.

At the beginning of the 1997/98 season he was appointed alternate captain of the Detroit Red Wings. He was able to build on the successful previous season with the team, won the Stanley Cup again and was fourth-best scorer in the playoffs with six goals and 13 assists . He was also nominated for the first time for the James Norris Memorial Trophy as best defender of the NHL, but Rob Blake won and was elected to the NHL First All-Star Team .

Lidström established himself from now on among the best defenders in the league, was re-elected to the First All-Star Team in the following two seasons and was nominated for the James Norris Memorial Trophy both times. The team success was initially missing. There were also rumors that he would be leaving North America so that his sons could go to school in Sweden.

But Lidström stayed in Detroit and played one of his best seasons with 71 points, making it the Red Wings' second best scorer. In the playoffs, however, he surprisingly failed with his team in the first round at the Los Angeles Kings . Even so, he was awarded the James Norris Memorial Trophy for the first time as the best defender in the NHL.

In the 2001/02 season , the Detroit Red Wings dominated the regular season of the NHL and finished with 15 points ahead of the runner-up Boston Bruins . As in previous years, Lidström was one of the central figures of the team and with 50 assists was the Red Wings' best goal setter. Also in this year's playoffs, he continued his good performance on the defensive as well as on the offensive. The Red Wings defeated the Vancouver Canucks , the St. Louis Blues and their arch-rival the Colorado Avalanche before facing the Carolina Hurricanes in the Stanley Cup Finals . After they started with a home defeat in the final round, they won the next games and thus also the third Stanley Cup since 1997. Lidström contributed five goals and eleven assists in the 23 playoff games and was the first European with the Conn Smythe Trophy awarded as most valuable player of the playoffs. In addition, there was his second James Norris Memorial Trophy as best defender and the fifth appointment to the First All-Star Team in a row.

In the following season , the Red Wings were again among the best teams of the regular season, but the title defense failed in the playoffs in the first round with a 0-4 defeat in the series against the Anaheim Ducks . Lidström was only the third best scorer among defenders in the regular season behind Al MacInnis and Sergei Gontschar , but led them with a plus / minus value of +40 and again won the James Norris Memorial Trophy.

2003/04 Lidström played the worst season of his career. Although the Red Wings took first place in the NHL, the Swede could not keep up with the best defenders in the league. After the end in the second playoff round, he joined the Swedish national team at the World Cup and played his first game in the semi-final victory over the USA . In the final, however, they failed against Team Canada .

After the World Cup, Lidström played for Sweden at the 2004 World Cup of Hockey , but then took a one-year break due to a lockout due to the failure of the entire 2004/05 NHL season .

For the 2005/06 season he returned to the Red Wings, who again dominated the league, but failed early in the playoffs. Lidström set a new personal record with 80 points in 80 games, led the defenders as the best scorer and was named the best defender in the NHL for the fourth time. In February 2006 he took part in the Winter Olympics in Turin and won the gold medal. In the final against Finland he scored the 3–2 winning goal at the beginning of the last third.

In the summer of 2006, the long-time team captain of the Red Wings, Steve Yzerman , announced the end of his career and Nicklas Lidström took his place.

As captain of the Red Wings, he led the team after a good regular season to the final of the Western Conference, where they were subject to the Anaheim Ducks. With four goals and 14 assists in 18 games, he was Detroit's top scorer in the playoffs. After the season, the NHL distinguished him for the fifth time with the James Norris Memorial Trophy as the best defender, previously only Doug Harvey , Bobby Orr and Ray Bourque .

Nicklas Lidström with the Stanley Cup

In the 2007/08 season he won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings as the first European captain in NHL history.

Nicklas Lidström is one of the best defenders in NHL history due to his all-round abilities on the defensive as well as on the offensive. In addition, from 1999 to 2003 he was nominated five times in a row for the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy , which the player receives who has a high sporting standard combined with fairness. Lidström has played 1,412 games in 18 seasons and has only missed 32 games due to injuries.

Since winning the gold medal at the Winter Olympics, Lidström has belonged to the small circle of the Triple Gold Club , which includes the players who have won the World Cup, Olympic gold and the Stanley Cup.

At the beginning of June, the Detroit Red Wings announced that Lidström would renew his contract for another year. Previously, the defender had left his future open after his team's early playoffs. On December 15, 2010, he scored a hat trick against the St. Louis Blues for the first time in his career. After the end of the 2010/11 regular season , which Lidström ended with a record of 62 scorer points and thereby became the oldest defender in NHL history with over 60 points, he received another nomination for the Lady together with Loui Eriksson and Martin St. Louis Byng Memorial Trophy.

In June 2011, the defender re-signed a one-year contract with the Detroit Red Wings. On May 31, 2012 Lidström announced his retirement after 20 seasons in the National Hockey League.

In August 2013, the Detroit Red Wings announced that Nicklas Lidström's number 5 would be suspended from the Colorado Avalanche game on March 6, 2014 .

He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in June 2015 .

Achievements and Awards

  • 2002 NHL First All-Star Team
  • 2003 NHL All-Star Game
  • 2003 James Norris Memorial Trophy
  • 2003 NHL First All-Star Team
  • 2004 NHL All-Star Game
  • 2006 James Norris Memorial Trophy
  • 2006 NHL First All-Star Team
  • 2006 Viking Award
  • 2007 NHL All-Star Game
  • 2007 James Norris Memorial Trophy
  • 2007 NHL First All-Star Team
  • 2008 NHL All-Star Game
  • 2008 Stanley Cup win with the Detroit Red Wings
  • 2008 James Norris Memorial Trophy
  • 2008 NHL First All-Star Team
  • 2009 NHL Second All-Star Team
  • 2010 NHL Second All-Star Team
  • 2011 NHL All-Star Game
  • 2011 James Norris Memorial Trophy
  • 2011 NHL First All-Star Team



Career statistics

Regular season Play-offs
season team league Sp T V Pt SM Sp T V Pt SM
1987/88 VIK Västerås HK Division 1 3 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 6th
1988/89 VIK Västerås HK Elitserien 34 1 6th 7th 4th 5 0 2 2 0
1989/90 VIK Västerås HK Elitserien 39 8th 8th 16 14th 2 0 1 1 2
1990/91 VIK Västerås HK Elitserien 38 4th 19th 23 2 4th 0 0 0 4th
1991/92 Detroit Red Wings NHL 80 11 49 60 22nd 11 1 2 3 0
1992/93 Detroit Red Wings NHL 84 7th 34 41 28 7th 1 0 1 0
1993/94 Detroit Red Wings NHL 84 10 46 56 26th 7th 3 2 5 0
1994/95 Västerås IK Elitserien 13 2 10 12 4th - - - - -
1994/95 Detroit Red Wings NHL 43 10 16 26th 6th 18th 4th 12 16 8th
1995/96 Detroit Red Wings NHL 81 17th 50 67 20th 19th 5 9 14th 10
1996/97 Detroit Red Wings NHL 79 15th 42 57 30th 20th 2 6th 8th 2
1997/98 Detroit Red Wings NHL 80 17th 42 59 18th 22nd 6th 13 19th 8th
1998/99 Detroit Red Wings NHL 81 14th 43 57 14th 10 2 9 11 4th
1999/00 Detroit Red Wings NHL 81 20th 53 73 18th 9 2 4th 6th 4th
2000/01 Detroit Red Wings NHL 82 15th 56 71 18th 6th 1 7th 8th 0
2001/02 Detroit Red Wings NHL 78 9 50 59 20th 23 5 11 16 2
2002/03 Detroit Red Wings NHL 82 18th 44 62 38 4th 0 2 2 0
2003/04 Detroit Red Wings NHL 81 10 28 38 18th 12 2 5 7th 4th
2004/05 Detroit Red Wings NHL not played because of lockout
2005/06 Detroit Red Wings NHL 80 16 64 80 50 6th 1 1 2 2
2006/07 Detroit Red Wings NHL 80 13 49 62 46 18th 4th 14th 18th 6th
2007/08 Detroit Red Wings NHL 76 10 60 70 40 22nd 3 10 13 14th
2008/09 Detroit Red Wings NHL 78 16 43 59 30th 21st 4th 12 16 6th
2009/10 Detroit Red Wings NHL 82 9 40 49 24 12 4th 6th 10 2
2010/11 Detroit Red Wings NHL 82 16 46 62 20th 11 4th 4th 8th 4th
2011/12 Detroit Red Wings NHL 70 11 23 34 28 5 0 0 0 0
Division 1 total 3 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 6th
Elitserien total 124 15th 43 58 24 11 0 3 3 6th
NHL overall 1564 264 878 1142 514 263 54 129 183 76


Represented Sweden at:

year team event result Sp T V Pt SM
1988 Sweden U18 European Championship 4th Place 6th 1 0 1 0
1990 Sweden U20 World Cup 5th place 7th 3 3 6th 2
1991 Sweden WM 1st place, gold 10 3 3 6th 4th
1991 Sweden Canada Cup 4th Place 6th 1 1 2 4th
1994 Sweden WM 3rd place, bronze 4th 1 0 1 2
1996 Sweden World cup 3rd place 4th 2 1 3 0
1998 Sweden Olympia 5th place 4th 1 1 2 2
2002 Sweden Olympia 5th place 4th 1 5 6th 0
2004 Sweden WM 2nd place, silver 2 0 1 1 0
2004 Sweden World cup 5th place 4th 1 0 1 2
2006 Sweden Olympia 1st place, gold 8th 2 4th 6th 2
2010 Sweden Olympia 5th place 4th 0 0 0 2
Juniors overall 13 4th 3 7th 2
Men overall 50 12 16 28 18th

( Legend for player statistics: Sp or GP = games played; T or G = goals scored; V or A = assists scored ; Pkt or Pts = scorer points scored ; SM or PIM = penalty minutes received ; +/− = plus / minus balance; PP = overpaid goals scored ; SH = underpaid goals scored ; GW = winning goals scored; 1  play-downs / relegation )

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