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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Aldenhoven
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Aldenhoven highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 54 '  N , 6 ° 17'  E

Basic data
State : North Rhine-Westphalia
Administrative region : Cologne
Circle : Düren
Height : 114 m above sea level NHN
Area : 44.13 km 2
Residents: 13,787 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 312 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 52457
Area code : 02464
License plate : DN, JÜL, MON, SLE
Community key : 05 3 58 004
Community structure: 7 localities
Address of the
municipal administration:
Dietrich-Mülfahrt-Strasse 11–13
52457 Aldenhoven
Website :
Mayor : Ralf Claßen ( CDU )
Location of the municipality of Aldenhoven in the Düren district
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Aldenhoven is a municipality in the Düren district in North Rhine-Westphalia . Before January 1, 1972, Aldenhoven belonged to the Jülich district .



The place gave the Aldenhovener Platte its name. It is part of the Jülich Börde and is bordered by the Rur , Inde and Wurm river valleys . Fertile loess soil lies over the gravel of the main terrace.

Lignite from the tertiary and hard coal are pending underground .


Aldenhoven is located in the triangle between Aachen , Cologne and Düsseldorf , directly on the A44 .

Neighboring communities

Neighboring communities are clockwise and starting from the north: Linnich , Jülich , Inden , Eschweiler , Alsdorf and Baesweiler .

Community structure

The following seven localities belong to the municipality of Aldenhoven. With the exception of Aldenhoven, all other localities each form a municipality with a local mayor: Districts of the municipality of Aldenhoven
The village of Aldenhoven is divided into the following three municipal districts, each with a local mayor:

Lost districts

The Obermerz district was excavated in 1972 and the Langweiler district in 1973 as part of the “Future” open-cast lignite mine . In the 1980s, the Pattern district was excavated because of the "Inden" open-cast lignite mine .


In the area of ​​the municipality of Aldenhoven there are a number of Neolithic settlements, including the ribbon ceramic settlements of Langweiler 2, Langweiler 8 and Langweiler 9.

Remains of an aqueduct from Roman times have been preserved, but in the area of ​​Aldenhoven it was run underground and is therefore not visible.

Documented to the place Aldenhoven since the year 922. In a document dated 11 August 922 has Archbishop Hermann I. of Cologne the pin Gerresheim the Cologne Ursula pen to, this involved a process described in the document area in Aldenhoven mentioned by name.

In the central town, the “old tower” still reminds of the fortifications built in the 15th century .

Aldenhoven has been a place of pilgrimage to Mary since 1654 . In 1659 an octagonal pilgrimage chapel was built around the miraculous image discovered in 1654, a carved Madonna figure in a halo, probably from the 14th century. The pilgrimage experienced its heyday in the 18th century. A Capuchin monastery was built in 1661 to look after the pilgrims and existed until 1802.

The two battles at Aldenhoven in 1793 and 1794 achieved world historical significance . Aldenhoven's name is still listed in the triumphal arch of Paris with the year 1794 among the places where the French revolutionary troops were victorious. The so-called French era began on the left bank of the Rhine .

In Siersdorf, the second largest district of the town is the ruin of the former German Order Coming Siersdorf of the Teutonic Order . The main building, which was built around 1580, was badly damaged in World War II and has not yet been rebuilt. The neighboring Catholic parish church of St. John the Baptist was also partially destroyed, but rebuilt and supplemented by an extension. The late Gothic Antwerp reredos , the choir stalls and the wooden rood screen arch are well worth seeing .

On January 1, 1972 Aldenhoven came to the district of Düren , the district court of Aldenhoven was dissolved. At the same time, the community was enlarged by incorporating the previously independent towns of Dürboslar, Engelsdorf, Freialdenhoven, Niedermerz, Pattern bei Aldenhoven, Schleiden and Siersdorf.


Distribution of seats in the municipal council
A total of 26 seats
Local election 2014
Turnout: 53.77% (2009: 59.78%)
n. k.
Gains and losses
compared to 2009
 % p
+ 2.21  % p
+ 8.73  % p.p.
-2.49  % p
+ 4.18  % p.p.
+ 2.36  % p.p.
-14.99  % p

Municipal council

The municipal council is the local people's representative body for the municipality of Aldenhoven. The citizens decide on the composition every five years. The last election took place on May 25, 2014.


After a runoff election on October 12, 2014, the CDU candidate Ralf Claßen against the non-party Stephan Spaltner became the new mayor with almost 66.6% of the vote. Claßen comes from Siersdorf .

coat of arms

After the municipal reorganization came into force, the council of the municipality of Aldenhoven decided on August 10, 1972 to continue the coat of arms of the former Aldenhoven office as the new municipal coat of arms . The coat of arms of the new municipality of Aldenhoven was approved with a certificate from the district president dated February 8, 1973.

The coat of arms description reads: “Divided; above in gold (yellow) a blue lily; below in black a floating golden (yellow) cross within a silver (white) laurel wreath. "

The coat of arms is a heraldic composition from the coats of arms of the former independent communities Aldenhoven, Siersdorf and Freialdenhoven . In a halved field at the top in gold it shows a blue glaive from the earlier Aldenhoven coat of arms. Two stars and two glaives (lilies) are already in the oldest aldermen's seal of today's central town as symbols of the Mother of God .

Below is a silver laurel wreath in black from the coat of arms of the former municipality of Siersdorf, which represents the emblem of the coming of the Teutonic Order from the 13th century. The golden cross floating freely within the laurel wreath is taken from the jury 's seal of the Freialdenhoven jury and represents the symbol of the free jurisdiction at that time.

Town twinning

Marian pilgrimage, religion and sights

Denomination statistics

According to the 2011 census , 17.2% of the population in 2011 were Protestant , 58.3% were mostly Roman Catholic and 24.5% were non-denominational , belonged to another religious community or did not provide any information. The number of Catholics has decreased since then. Currently (as of December 31, 2019) Aldenhoven has 14,023 inhabitants, 6,918 (49.3 percent) Catholics , 2,372 (16.9 percent) Protestants and 4,733 (33.8%) either have another religion or no religion at all.

Economy and Infrastructure


From 1952 to 1992 the main employer was the “Emil Mayrisch” coal mine in Siersdorf, which in its prime had more than 4,000 employees . Shortly after the colliery was closed, the coal-fired power station next to it (150 MW ) was shut down and demolished. Thus, the mine was one of the last in the Aachen coal field .

After the colliery was closed, there is now a commercial and industrial area east of Aldenhoven along the former B 1 . The Aldenhoven Testing Center as well as a car test track and a section of the motorway for film purposes were built on the former colliery site, where, among other things, the series Alarm for Cobra 11 - The motorway police is being filmed. It is also Europe's largest film set, called the Film + Test Location (FTL) .

The Indeplastik company , Germany's largest manufacturer of packaging for the convenience food sector, is located in the industrial area.


Aldenhoven is located on the B 56 and the former B 1 (today L 136) and has the "Aldenhoven" motorway junction on the A 44 .

Aldenhoven is part of the Aachen Transport Association (AVV). The main bus traffic point is “Aldenhoven Markt”. The community is connected by bus with all neighboring communities: Alsdorf (line 90, [220 to the districts of Hoengen and Mariadorf ]), Baesweiler (line 71), Eschweiler (line 6), Jülich (lines 6, 220, 281), Linnich ( Line 278). There are also connections to Aachen (line 220) and Geilenkirchen (line 71).

Route 2010; remains of the platform at the bottom left

Aldenhoven used to have the Aldenhoven train station , which was demolished in 1985 and the fire station now stands on the property . There was also a stop at Aldenhoven-Ost on the former B 56 ( Markfeststrasse ) directly in front of the intersection with Urweg . The Aachen Nord – Jülich railway line has been closed, de-dedicated and completely dismantled. The route now serves as a cycle path .

The community is connected to several cycle paths . The 524 km long moated castle route connects more than 130 castles on the edge of the Eifel and in the Cologne Bay . The green route leads over 370 km along the most beautiful natural areas between Beringen in Belgium, Heerlen in the Netherlands and Düren in Germany through what was once the largest coal mining area in Europe.


There are two primary schools in the municipality of Aldenhoven, a secondary school, a secondary school and, together with the city of Linnich, a comprehensive school.

  • Community elementary school Aldenhoven
  • Johannesschule Siersdorf (primary school)
  • All-day secondary school Aldenhoven
  • Käthe-Kollwitz-Realschule named after Käthe Kollwitz ; The rooms of the former Aldenhoven auxiliary hospital are located below the secondary school
  • Comprehensive School Aldenhoven-Linnich.



The municipality of Aldenhoven has several sports clubs, the most successful being the Borussia Freialdenhoven soccer team. The following is a list of the most important sports clubs in the municipality.

society sport league
FC Germania Dürboslar
Motorsport Club Aldenhoven
SC Amiticia Schleiden
SC Borussia Freialdenhoven
SV Aldenhoven / Pattern
SV Siersdorf
SV Teutonia Niedermerz
TuS Aldenhoven 1969 e. V.
Popular Sports (1)
District league C1 district of Düren
different races
District league B1 District Düren
Middle Rhine League
District league B1 District Düren
District league B1 District Düren
District league C2 district Düren
different leagues
(1) Badminton, ball games, canoeing, wrestling, dancing, table tennis, gymnastics, wing chun


The Blausteinsee , an artificial lake in the area of ​​the neighboring town of Eschweiler , was created by filling a remaining open pit with surface water. Today the lake serves as a recreational area for the surrounding cities. It is surrounded by a wide green belt in which there are hiking trails and separate bridle paths.


Honorary citizen

On December 22, 1994, the two long-time mayors Wilhelm Prell (1927-2000) and Franz Vit (1916-2005) were given honorary citizenship of the municipality of Aldenhoven.

Sons and daughters of the church


  • The district of Aldenhoven had a total of 7,544 inhabitants on January 31, 2018.

See also


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Commons : Aldenhoven  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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