Alexander Valeryevich Khalifman

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Khalifman, Alexander 2000 Porz.jpg
Chalifman, Porz 2000
Association Soviet UnionSoviet Union Soviet Union (until 1990) Germany (1991 to 1992) Russia (since 1992)
Born January 18, 1966
title International Master (1986)
Grand Master (1990)
World Champion 1999-2000 ( FIDE )
Current  Elo rating 2608 (August 2020)
Best Elo rating 2702 (October 2001, January / April 2003)
Tab at the FIDE (English)

Alexander Valerjewitsch Chalifman ( Russian Александр Валерьевич лалифман , often in the English transcription Alexander Khalifman ; born January 18, 1966 in Leningrad ) is a Russian chess player and former world champion .


Alexander Chalifman attended the science lyceum number 239 (formerly Annenschule ).

In 1982 and 1984 he was junior champion of the Soviet Union . He achieved the title of Grand Master in 1990. Previously playing for the Soviet Chess Federation, he switched to the German Chess Federation in 1991 and 1992 before joining the Russian Chess Federation . In 1996 he was the Russian national champion .

From 1999 to 2000 he was FIDE world champion . Today he heads a chess academy in Saint Petersburg and has emerged as an author of chess books . In the multi-volume works Opening for White according to Anand and Opening for White according to Kramnik , he presents an opening repertoire based on 1. e4 and 1. Nf3, respectively.

Team chess

Alexander Chalifman, 1994

Chalifman took part in four Chess Olympiads with the Russian national team between 1992 and 2004 and won them in 1992 , 2000 and 2002 . He also took part in the team world championships in 1993 and 1997 and won the competition in 1997, furthermore he won the team European championship in his only participation in 2003. In 2017 he was first with Saint Petersburg in the team world championship for seniors (over 50 years) in Limenas Chersonisou .

Chalifman won the Russian team championship in 1992 with St. Petersburg , 1995 with Novaya Sibir Novosibirsk and 2004 with Tomsk-400 . Overall, he took part in the Russian team championship ten times between 1992 and 2008, except for the clubs mentioned, he also played for Termosteps Samara , Elara Tscheboksary and Moscow .

Award ceremony, April 2000 in Porz

He played in the Bundesliga chess league from 1990 to 1992 for FTG Frankfurt , from 1992 to 1994 for SC Stadthagen, from 1994 to 1997 for PSV Duisburg and from 1997 to 2003 for SG Porz , with whom he was German in 1998 , 1999 and 2000 Team champion was.

In the Spanish team championship in 2003 Chalifman played for CA Tiendas UPI Mancha Real .

At the European Club Cup Chalifman took from 1988 to 2006 thirteen times in part, he won the competition in 1988 with CSKA Moscow , reached in 2000 with Mikhail Chigorin St. Petersburg the second and 1996 vector Novosibirsk third.


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