Grand Canal

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Grand Canal
The Canal by William Turner
View from the Rialto Bridge over the canal in south-west direction
Grand Canal from Ponte dell'Accademia to the west

The Grand Canal , in the Venetian town of Canałazzo , is a main waterway in the lagoon city of Venice, almost four kilometers long, between 30 and 70 meters wide and up to five meters deep . The first bend in the S-shaped canal is called the Volta di Canal .

It is the last part of the northern arm of the Brenta River , which runs through the lagoon , which is why the water here, unlike the other Venetian canals, always flows. Around 45 smaller canals ( Rii in Italian ) flow into the Grand Canal.


The Grand Canal separates the citra (on this side) -Stadtsechstel ( Sestieri ) San Marco , Cannaregio and Castello by lying on the right side channel ultra (beyond) -Stadtteilen Dorsoduro , San Polo and Santa Croce .

Bridges and gondolas

There are currently four bridges spanning the canal, the oldest of which is the Rialto Bridge . It is a covered bridge in limestone built towards the end of the 16th century instead of a wooden bridge .

Until the Scalzi Bridge and the Accademia Bridge were built in the 19th century (both renewed in the 20th century), the Rialto Bridge was the only permanent connection across the canal.

In the summer of 2007, the construction of a fourth bridge based on designs by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava began. On August 11, 2007, the middle section of the load-bearing structure was installed. To this end, the Grand Canal was closed for several hours. On September 11, 2008, the bridge was inaugurated as the " Ponte della Costituzione ". The 94-meter-long bridge with steps enables commuters and bus travelers to get to Santa Lucia train station directly from the parking lots and the bus station in Piazzale Roma.

In addition to the bridges and the urban vaporetti , gondolas ( traghetti in Italian ) allow people to cross the Grand Canal in eight places. The gondolas only run during the day.

Loss of historical buildings, including the church of Santa Lucia, had to be recorded in the 19th century when the train station was built at the western end of the canal. In memory of the demolished church, the station was called Stazione Ferroviaria Santa Lucia .

In the Grand Canal is an administrative fine reinforced bathing ban is strictly enforced.


The Grand Canal is lined with over 200 magnificent aristocratic palaces. In Venice, the height of the palaces was dictated by numerous regulations of the city ​​republic and everyone accepted this. Here, too, compared to other Italian cities, there was a strong common spirit that overlaid individual interests. The opposite example are the gender towers in other cities, with which the individual families tried to outdo each other.

Palaces on the Grand Canal

After the great Fourth Crusade of 1204 , in the course of which the Venetians took rich booty, the formerly wooden houses were initially replaced by stone buildings in the Byzantine style. From the 15th century onwards, they were gradually replaced by magnificent palaces - in the Gothic , Renaissance and Baroque styles . Byzantine elements have been preserved in a few buildings, but can still be seen in the tracery forms of the Gothic windows.

Palazzo Loredan, Palazzo Farsetti , both with water level, piano nobile, another simple upper floor and mezzanine

The distance between the palaces and the Grand Canal was sometimes greater in the early and high Middle Ages. It was not until the 13th century that the buildings, which were built on many small islands, began to be extended towards the canal and the courtyard was moved to the rear. At the same time, the main facade was moved towards the water, which previously faced the land side. Contrary to popular belief, the palaces of the most famous families were not on the Grand Canal, but in larger and smaller squares or on side canals.

The stones for these palaces were mainly brought in from the mainland, especially from Verona (red marble) and from Istria (white limestone marble). All building material, including bricks for walls and roofs, as well as vast amounts of wood, had to be brought in from outside, sometimes over hundreds of kilometers, as nothing was naturally available in Venice.

Arbor on a palace

The palaces are often very different in size, but all of them are laid out according to the same construction principle - a dominant central section and laterally subordinate wings. The facade, which is opened by large windows, and the preference for light over solid construction is also a result of the need not to be able to build too heavy houses on unsafe, often sandy ground in the middle of the lagoon. All of Venice's buildings are built on scaffolding made of thousands of oak piles that were driven many meters into the ground. The interior arrangement of the rooms can usually be read on the facade. This shows the builders' centuries of experience that the fundamental element of Venice is water, the light reflections of which should reflect into the rooms.

The lower floor, the water floor, was open to accommodate the goods brought in by the ships. This entire floor, the piantereno, had been reserved for trade on the courtyard side since the 14th century, i.e. the economic and financial basis of most of the Venetian families who lived in such palaces. Here the boats docked in front of the portal, were loaded and unloaded and the goods were immediately stored in the adjacent rooms and magazines. In front of the palaces are the famous Pali, the colorful poles for tying up the ships. With their individual colors, they also designate the respective landlord.

The first floor, the piano nobile , and often another, was reserved for the family. Here there was the great hall, the portego, which took up the whole depth of the house in the middle. This central wing was mostly surrounded by smaller rooms on both sides. The servants lived at the top of the mezzanine . Most of the kitchens were also under the roofs - for good reason. If there was a fire here, the whole house wouldn't be affected.

Courtyards are almost always missing. Each palace had its own fountain in the courtyard, which is open to the rear. The less affluent got their water from public cisterns on the campuses . A well was set up above each cistern.

Some of the water for the cisterns came from the roofs. The so-called Gorne, a stone rain gutter, ran around the roof and was connected to the cisterns by vertical drainage pipes. The roofs of the palaces are relatively flat, and - according to legend - because the Venetian women were able to let the sun bleach their hair there until it had reached that shade of golden reddish blonde for which it was famous in Titian's time . Only the hair was bleached, not the skin tanned. That was considered vulgar. Only people who had to work outdoors had brown skin. Contrary to popular belief, the roofs of the Venetian palazzi were rarely really accessible, but in Venice there were and still are numerous arbors , wooden, balcony-like structures above the roofs.

Santa Maria della Salute

Many palaces were very dark inside, despite their airy, light construction, especially in the rear area when the house, as is usually the case in Venice, was wedged between neighboring buildings, with often little or no space for an inner courtyard. The stairwells and ground floors in particular left a lot to be desired in terms of light and air. This is why these areas were upgraded in the 16th century.


Directly facing the Grand Canal, separated from it only by small squares or paved bank areas, there are also some churches: the Santa Maria di Nazareth (Scalzi) , San Simeone Piccolo , San Geremia , San Marcuola , San Stae , San Samuele and Santa Maria della Salute . As part of the Accademia , the largest museum for Venetian art, the nave of the former church of Santa Maria della Carità can also be seen. The church of Santa Lucia was demolished in the 19th century for the construction of the station at the northwest end of the Grand Canal.

Orientation plan

The following map shows the buildings and moorings on both sides of the Canal Grande if one follows the natural flow.

right side image image Left side
Ponte della Libertà Venice Aero Pont de la Liberté.jpg
Former Santa Chiara Monastery (Uffici Questura) Police Station Venezia.jpg Railway area
Canale di Santa Chiara Canale di Santa Chiara Canal Grande Venezia.jpg
Piazzale Roma vaporetto stop Appontement Piazzale Roma (Parisi) .jpg
Ponte della Costituzione Ponte della Costituzione.JPG
Rio Novo Giardini Papadopoli - Rio Novo.jpg Palazzo della Regione Veneto.jpg Palazzo della Regione , former seat of the railway administration
Rio della Croce Ponte de la Croce (Venice) .jpg
Palazzo Emo Diedo ( Andrea Tirali , 17th century) Palazzo Emo Diedo (Venice) .jpg Venezia Santa Lucia Train Station R01.jpg Venezia Santa Lucia train station
School of wool weavers Scuola dei Tessitori di Panni di Lana.jpg
San Simeone Piccolo San Simeone Piccolo (Venice) .jpg
Palazzo Adoldo Palazzo Adoldo (Venice) .jpg
Palazzo Foscari Contarini Palazzo Ca 'Foscari Contarini Grand Canal Venezia.jpg Santa Maria degli Scalzi (Venice) .jpg Santa Maria di Nazareth (Scalzi)
Ponte degli Scalzi Scalzi BridgePonte degli Scalzi (Venice) .jpg
Rio Marin Rio Marin - Venezia3.jpg Pier Stazione Santa Lucia
Campo San Simeon Grande Campo San Simeon Grande (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Calbo Crotta (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Soranzo Calbo Crotta
Ca 'Pollaco Ca 'Polacco (Venice) .jpg Rio Tera Sabioni Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Rio Terà dei Sabbioni
Palazzo Gritti Palazzo Gritti a Santa Croce dal Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Palazzo Flangini.JPG Palazzo Flangini ( Giuseppe Sardi ,
17th century)
Palazzo Corner Pontile Vaporetto Riva de Biasio Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Scuola dei Morti (Venice) .jpg Scuola dei Morti (Undertaker)
Palazzo Donà Balbi Palazzo Dona Balbi Venezia.jpg San Geremia (Venice) view from Grand canal.jpg San Geremia (18th century)
Palazzo Zen Palazzo Marcello Toderini e Palazzo Zen Grand Canal Santa Croce Venezia.JPG Palazzo Labia (Venice) in Campo San Geremia.jpg Palazzo Labia
Riva di Biasio vaporetto stop Canale di Cannaregio verso north-ovest, dal ponte dei Tre Archi.jpg Canale di Cannaregio
Palazzo Marcello Toderini Palazzo Marcello Toderini Grand Canal Santa Croce Venezia.JPG Pal Emo lungo can cannaregio.JPG Palazzo Emo
Palazzo Querini Papozze Cannaregio Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Palazzo Querini
Rio di San Giovanni Decollato Rio de San Zan Degola glicini Grand Canal 2.jpg Palazzo Correr Contarini Zorzi Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Palazzo Correr Contarini Zorzi
Palazzo Giovanelli Palazzo Giovanelli (Venice) .JPG Palazzo Gritti Dandolo Grand Canal Venezia.jpg Palazzo Gritti Dandolo
Casa Correr Casa Correr Canal Grande Santa Croce Venezia.jpg Chiesa San Marcuola.jpg San Marcuola (18th century, unfinished)
Traghetto Museo Traghetto San Marcuola
Fontego dei Turchi (Natural History Museum) Fondaco dei Turchi.jpg Pontile San Marcuola Venezia.jpg San Marcuola vaporetto stop
Rio del Fondaco dei Turchi Rio del megio verso sud rio san boldo.JPG Apertura del Rio di San Marcuola sul Canal Grande.jpg Rio di San Marcuola
Fontego del Megio (millet granary, 15th century) Fontego del Megio.jpg Ca 'Vendramin Calergi.jpg Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi
( Mauro Codussi , Renaissance)
Palazzo Belloni Bataggia ( Longhena , Baroque, 17th century) Venezia - Palazzo Belloni Battagia.JPG
Rio di Ca 'Tron Rio di Ca 'Tron Grand Canal Venezia.jpg
Ca 'Tron (Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, 16th century) Ca 'Tron.JPG Palazzi Marcello Molin Soranzo Grand Canal Cannaregio Venezia.jpg Palazzo Marcello ( Benedetto Marcello was born here)
Palazzo Duodo Palazzo Duodo.JPG Palazzo Erizzo.JPG Palazzo Erizzo
Palazzo Priuli Bon Palazzo Priuli Bon.JPG Palazzo Soranzo Piovene Cannaregio Grand Canal Venezia.jpg Palazzo Soranzo Piovene
San Stae vaporetto stop Palazzo Emo alla Maddalena Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Palazzo Emo alla Maddalena
San Stae (Sant'Eustachio, 18th century) Chiesa di San Stae Venezia Facciata.jpg Venezia-Murano-Burano, Venezia, Italy - panoramio (441) .jpg Palazzo Molin Querini
Scuola dei Tiraoro e Battioro (Scuola of the gold workers) Scuola dei tiraoro facciata di Giacomo Gaspari 1711.JPG Palazzo Molin Querini Rio de la Madalena Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Rio della Maddalena
Rio della Rioda Scuola Dell'arte de Tiraoro e Battioro Rio della Rioda Venezia.jpg Palazzetto Barbarigo and Palazzo Zulian Priuli on Canal Grande Venice.jpg Palazzo e Palazzetto Barbarigo
Palazzo Coccina Giunti Foscarini Giovannelli Palazzo Coccina Giunti Foscarini Giovannelli Canal Grande Venezia.jpg
Rio della Pergola Rio della Pergola o Ca Pesaro verso Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Pal gussoni gran canal cannregio.JPG Palazzo Gussoni Grimani Della Vida
Ca 'Pesaro ( Longhena , 17th century, Museo d'Arte Moderna) Ca 'Pesaro.jpg Rio di Noale (Venice) .jpg Rio di Noale
Rio di Ca 'Pesaro or delle Due Torri Grand Canal 25 (7247841098) .jpg Palazzetto Da Lezze Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Palazzetto da Lezze
Palazzo Donà Palazzo Sangiantoffetti.jpg Pal boldu gran canal cannaregio.JPG Palazzo Boldù
Palazzo Correggio Palazzo Correggio e Palazzo Donà Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Pal contarini pisani gran canal.JPG Palazzo Contarini Pisani
Ca 'Corner della Regina (18th century) Ca 'Corner della Regina (Venice) .jpg
Ca 'Favretto Venezia Ca 'Favretto.jpg Rio di San Felice (Venice) .JPG Rio di San Felice
Rio di San Cassiano Venezia Rio de San Cassan.jpg Palazzo Fontana Rezzonico (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Fontana Rezzonico ( Clement XIII was born here)
Palazzo Morosini Brandolin Palazzo Morosini Brandolin Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Palazzo Giusti (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Giusti
Fondamenta dell'Olio Ca 'd'Oro facciata.jpg Ca 'd'Oro (15th century, Galleria Franchetti)
Ca 'd'Oro vaporetto stop
Palazzo della Pretura Palazzo Giustinian Pesaro e Sagredo Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Palazzo Giustinian Pesaro
Rio delle Beccarie Venezia, rio de le becarie e pescheria.JPG Ca 'Sagredo.jpg Ca 'Sagredo
Pescheria (neo-Gothic, 20th century) Pescheria Venezia.jpg Campo Santa Sofia (Venice) .jpg Campo Santa Sofia
Traghetto Pescaria Traghetto a S.Sofia.jpg Traghetto Santa Sofia
Campo della Pescaria Campo della Pescaria.JPG Palazzo foscari del pra.JPG Palazzetto Foscari
Casa Coin
Palazzo Michiel dalle Colonne.JPG Palazzo Michiel dalle Colonne
Fabbriche Nuove di Rialto ( Sansovino , 16th century) Fabbriche nuove dal Canal Grande.JPG Palazzo Michiel del Brusà.JPG Palazzo Michiel del Brusà
Venezia 2009, Palazzo Smith Mangilli Valmarana - Photo di Paolo Steffan.jpg Palazzo Smith Mangilli Valmarana
Rio dei Santi Apostoli (Venice) .jpg Rio dei Santi Apostoli
CaDaMosto.JPG Ca 'da Mosto (Venetian-Byzantine, 13th century)
Palazzo Bollani Erizzo ( Pietro Aretino lived here )
Aperture of Rio San Giovanni Crisostomo on Grand Canal (Venice) .jpg Rio di San Giovanni Crisostomo
Fabbriche Vecchie di Rialto ( Scarpagnino , 16th century) Venezia-Murano-Burano, Venezia, Italy - panoramio (13) .jpg San Polo, 30100 Venice, Italy - panoramio (100) .jpg Palazzo Lion Morosini
Campiello del Remer.jpg Campiello del Remer
CANAL GRANDE - palazzo remer.jpg Palazzo Remer
CANAL GRANDE - palazzo sernagiotti.jpg Casa Sernagiotto
Palazzo Civran.jpg Palazzo Civran
Palazzo Perducci (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Perducci
Palazzo Ruzzini (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Ruzzini
Venezia Rio del Fontego dei Tedeschi 20100213.jpg Rio del Fontego dei Tedeschi
Palazzo dei Camerlenghi (Renaissance, 16th century) Palazzo dei Camerlenghi.jpg 1933 - Venezia - Fondaco dei Tedeschi - Photo Giovanni Dall'Orto, 30-Sept-2007.jpg Fondaco dei Tedeschi (16th century, post office)
Ponte di Rialto Rialto BridgeVenice - Ponte di Rialto.jpg
Palazzo dei Dieci Savi ( Scarpagnino , 16th century) Palazzo dei Dieci Savi (Venice) .jpg Riva del Ferro
Fondamenta del Vin Arret rialto.JPG Rialto vaporetto stop
Palazzo Dolfin-Manin.jpg Palazzo Dolfin Manin ( Sansovino , Renaissance,
16th century, Banca d'Italia)
Ponte Manin (Venice) .jpg Rio di San Salvador
Palais Bembo.jpg Palazzo Bembo (Gothic, 15th century; Pietro Bembo was born here)
Traghetto Rialto
Traghetto di San Silvestro Ca'Loredan Venice.jpg Ca 'Loredan (Venetian-Byzantine, 13th century,
seat of the city council)
Ca 'Farsetti.jpg Ca 'Farsetti (Venetian-Byzantine, 12th-13th centuries, seat of the city council)
San Silvestro vaporetto stop Palazzo Cavalli
Palazzo Barzizza Palazzo Barzizza and Palazzo Avogadro, San Polo, Venice.jpg Palazzo Grimani di San Luca (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Grimani (di San Luca) (16th century, Michele Sanmicheli , seat of the appellate court)
Palazzo Giustinian Businello
Rio dei Meloni Small Channel Venice 2.jpg Rio di san luca verso sud.jpg Rio di San Luca
Palazzo Papadopoli Palazzo Papadopoli Grand Canal Venezia.jpg Palazzo Corner Contarini dei Cavalli (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Corner Contarini dei Cavalli
Palazzo Tron a San Beneto (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Tron
Palazzo Donà della Trezza Palazzo Donà della Trezza (Venice) .jpg Palazzo D'Anna Viaro Martinengo Volpi di Misurata.JPG Palazzo d'Anna Viaro Martinengo Volpi di Misurata
Palazzo Donà della Madoneta Palazzo Donà della Madoneta (Venice) .jpg
Palazzo Sure Dona-della-Madoneta-20050525-020.jpg
Rio della Madoneta Rio dela Madoneta e Ponte Cavalli a Venezia.jpg Palazzo Querini Benzon (Venice) .JPG Palazzo Querini Benzon
Palazzo Bernardo di Canal (Gothic, 15th century) Palazzo Bernardo (Venice) .jpg Rio Ca 'Michiel (Venice) .jpg Rio di Ca 'Michiel
Palazzo Querini Dubois Palazzo Querini Dubois (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Curti Valmarana
Palazzo Grimani Marcello Palazzo Grimani Marcello (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Corner Spinelli ( Codussi , Renaissance , 15th century)
Palazzo Cappello Layard Ca 'Cappello Layard Carnelutti (Venice) .jpg Sant'Angelo vaporetto stop
Rio di San Polo Casa Barocci
Casa Tito
Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza (16th century) Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza (Venice) .jpg Rio di Ca 'Garzoni
Palazzo Pisani Moretta (Gothic, 15th century) Palazzo Pisani Moretta (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Garzoni
Palazzo Tiepolo Passi Palazzo Tiepolo (Venice) .jpg Traghetto Garzoni
Fondaco Marcello
Palazzo Giustinian Persico Palazzo Giustinian Persico (Venice) .JPG Palazzo Corner Gheltoff (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Corner Gheltof
Rio di San Tomà Rio San Toma (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Mocenigo centro gran canal san marco.jpg Palazzi Mocenigo (16th - 17th centuries; Giordano Bruno , Thomas Moore and Lord Byron stayed here )
Traghetto San Tomà
Palazzo Marcello dei Leoni Pal marcello dei leoni destra gran canal.JPG
Palazzo Dolfin (San Polo) Palazzo Dolfin Canal Grande Venezia.jpg
Vaporetto stop in San Tomà / Frari
Palazzo Dandolo Paolucci Palazzo Dandolo Paolucci Canal Grande Venezia.jpg
Palazzo Civran Grimani
Rio della Frescada Palazzo Contarini delle Figure (Venice) .JPG Palazzo Contarini delle Figure ( Andrea Palladio stayed here)
Palazzo Caotorta Angaran
Palazzo Balbi ( Vittoria , Renaissance with Baroque elements, 16th century; seat of the Veneto government ) Palazzo Balbi (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Erizzo Nani Mocenigo.JPG Palazzo Erizzo Nani Mocenigo
Rio di Ca 'Foscari
Ca 'Foscari (Gothic 15th century; headquarters of the University of Venice) Venezia-Ca Foscari.jpg Palazzo Da Lezze.JPG Palazzo Da Lezze
Palazzo Giustinian (Gothic, 15th century; Richard Wagner lived here) Grand Canal Venise 01.JPG Palazzo Moro Lin
Ca 'Bernardo Ramo Moro Lin
Palazzo Bernardo Nani House at Ramo Grassi
Ca 'Rezzonico ( Longhena , Massari ; 17th - 18th centuries; Museo del Settecento Veneziano) Ca 'Rezzonico (Venice) .jpg Palais Grassi.jpg Palazzo Grassi (Massari, neoclassical, 18th century)
Rio di San Barnaba Chiesa di San Samuele.jpg San Samuele
Palazzo Contarini Michiel San Samuele vaporetto stop
Ca 'Rezzonico vaporetto stop Casa Francheschinis (20th century)
Traghetto San Barnaba Traghetto San Samuele
Palazzetto star Palazzetto Stern (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Malipiero (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Malipiero
Rio Malpaga
Palazzo Moro ("House of Othello") Palazzo Moro a San Barnaba (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Tecchio Mamoli
Palazzo Loredan dell'Ambasciatore (Gothic, 15th century) Palazzo Loredan dell'Ambasciatore (Venice) .jpg
Casa Mainella Casa Mainella (Venice) .jpg Ca 'del Duca (Venice) .jpg Ca 'del Duca
Rio di San Trovaso Rio del Duca
Palazzo Contarini Corfù Palazzo Contarini de Corfù.jpg Palazzetto Falier.JPG Palazzetto Falier Canossa
Palazzo Contarini degli Scrigni Palazzo Contarini degli Scrigni (Venice) .jpg
Palazzo Mocenigo Gambara Palazzo Mocenigo Gambara (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Giustinian Lolin ( Longhena , 17th century)
Palazzo Querini Vianello Palazzo Querini Vianello (Venice) .jpg
Scuola Grande di Santa Maria della Carità (Massari, 18th century; today Accademia ) Palazzo Civran Badoer Barozzi (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Civran Badoer Barozzi
Former church of Santa Maria della Carità (Gothic, 15th century; Gallerie dell'Accademia ) Carità (Venice) .jpg Rio di San Vidal
Accademia vaporetto stop Pontile Accademia (Venezia) .jpg Campo San Vidal
Ponte dell'Accademia Accademia bridgeAccademia bridge in Venice (South East exposure) .jpg
Palazzo Brandolin Rota (owned by Toti dal Monte ) Palazzo Brandolin Rota (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti (Gothic, 15th century)
Palazzo Contarini Polignac (Palazzo Contarini Dal Zaffo) (Gothic with Renaissance elements, 15th century) Palazzo Contarini Polignac (Venice) .jpg
Palazzo Balbi Valier Palazzo Barbaro a San Vidal.jpg Palazzo Barbaro-Curtis
Palazzo Loredan (Fondazione Cini) Palazzo Benzon Foscolo (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Benzon Foscolo
Rio di San Vio Ponte privato San Vio (Venice) .jpg Palazzetto Pisani (Venice) .jpg Palazzetto Pisani
Rio del Santissimo di Santo Stefano.jpg Rio del Santissimo
Palazzo Barbarigo (modern mosaics) Barbarigo IMG 3977.JPG Casa Succi (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Succi
Palazzo da Mula Morosini CANAL GRANDE - palazzo da mula morosini.jpg Casa Stecchini
Palazzo Centani Morosini CANAL GRANDE - palazzo centani morosini.jpg
Ca 'Biondetti ( Rosalba Carriera lived here ) Ca 'Biondetti Grand Canal Venezia.jpg Casina delle Rose.JPG Casina delle Rose ( Antonio Canova and Gabriele D'Annunzio worked here )
Palazzo Venier dei Leoni ( Peggy Guggenheim Collection ) Guggenheim Venice.jpg Ca Corner.JPG Palazzo Corner della Ca 'Granda ( Sansovino , Renaissance , 16th century; Prefectur)
Rio delle Torreselle Rio di San Maurizio Venezia.JPG Rio di San Maurizio
Palazzo Dario (Renaissance, 15th century) Venice - Dario's Palace.jpg Palazzo Minotto
Palazzo Barbaro Wolkoff ( Eleonora Duse lived here ) Palazzo Barbarigo
Rio della Fornace Rio di Santa Maria Zobenigo
Palazzo Salviati Palazzo Salviati (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Marin Contarini (Venice) .jpg Vaporetto stop at Santa Maria del Giglio - Palazzo Marin Contarini
Palazzo Orio Semitecolo Benzon Traghetto S. Maria del Giglio
Traghetto S. Gregorio
Casa Santomaso Palazzo Pisani Gritti (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Pisani Gritti
Palazzo Genovese (neo-Gothic, 19th century) Palazzo Genovese facciata Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Rio delle Ostreghe
Abbazia di San Gregorio Abbazia di San Gregorio (Venice) .JPG Palazzo Ferro Fini dalla Salute.JPG Palazzo Ferro Fini (Regional Council of Veneto)
Rio della Salute
Salute vaporetto stop Palazzo Contarini Pheasant (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Contarini Fasan (Gothic, 15th century; "House of Desdemona")
Santa Maria della Salute (baroque, 17th century) Santa Maria della Salute PG.JPG Palazzo Venier Contarini (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Venier Contarini
Palazzo Giustinian Michiel Alvise (Venice) .jpg Palazzo Michiel Alvisi
Patriarchal seminary Hotel europa regina venice.JPG Palazzo Badoer Tiepolo , Hotel Europa & Regina
Punta della Dogana Dogana da mar e Santa Maria della Salute in Venice 2013.jpg Palazzo treves de bonfili.jpg Palazzo Treves de Bonfili
Rio di San Moise (Venice) .jpg Rio di San Moisè
Venezia - Hotel Bauer Palazzo.JPG Hotel Bauer (neo-Gothic, 19th century)
Gustinian IMG 3956.JPG Ca 'Giustinian (Gothic, 15th century; municipal administration, Biennale offices )
Palazzo Vallaresso Erizzo (former Ridotto)
Appontement san marco.jpg San Marco Vallaresso vaporetto stop
Fonteghetto della Farina Accademia dei Pittori Canal Grande Venezia.jpg Fonteghetto della Farina (Renaissance, 15th century; Port Authority)
Palazzina Selva Venice Pavilion Grand Canal Venezia.jpg Venice Pavilion, Palazzina Selva


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