Faroese Football Championship 1983

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1st deild 1983
master GÍ Gøta
Cup winners GÍ Gøta
Relegated MB Miðvágur
Teams 8th
Games 56  (including 2 criminally verified)
Gates 171  (ø 3.17 per game)
(not including criminally verified games)
Top scorer Petur Hans Hansen
( B68 Toftir )
1st deild 1982

The Faroese Football Championship 1983 was held in the 1st Deild called first Faroese league and was the 41st season overall. It started on April 24, 1983 and ended on September 25, 1983.

Promoted MB Miðvágur returned to the top division after two years. Master was GÍ Gøta , who could win the title for the first time. Defending champion HB Tórshavn finished in second place. However, MB Miðvágur had to relegate after a year of first class.

Compared to the previous season, the goal rate improved to 3.17 per game, which was the highest average since 1980 . The biggest win achieved GÍ Gøta with a 6-0 in the away game against MB Miðvágur on the tenth match day. The highest-scoring game was completed by TB Tvøroyri and HB Tórshavn with a 2: 5 on matchday seven.


In the 1st Deild , each team played twice against each other on 14 match days. The team with the best points at the end of the season was clear as champions of this league, the last team relegated to the 2nd Deild .

Season course

Championship decision

GÍ Gøta started the season with three wins, after a 1-1 draw against B68 Toftir in the home game on matchday four, KÍ Klaksvík passed due to the better goal difference. However, the lead lasted only a short time and had to be surrendered after a 4: 4 in the home game against MB Miðvágur , as GÍ Gøta was able to win 1-0 away against HB Tórshavn on the same day . After a 2: 4 defeat by GÍ in a direct duel at KÍ Klaksvík and a 0: 2 in the home game against LÍF Leirvík , the lead changed again to KÍ after the eighth match day. They were at the top until the 1-1 draw against LÍF Leirvík in the home game on matchday 11, after which HB Tórshavn was tied for the first time in front of KÍ in first place. However, HB lost the next game 2-1 at GÍ Gøta, from which KÍ Klaksvík benefited from a 5-0 at MB Miðvágur and again increased the gap to two points. On the 13th matchday KÍ did not get beyond a 0-0 home game against HB, GÍ won 3-2 in the away game against B36 Tórshavn and reduced the gap to one point. On the last day of the match there was another direct duel. Here GÍ retained the upper hand with 5: 1 against KÍ and was thus able to move into first place.

Relegation battle

The first four games were lost by TB Tvøroyri each. On the fifth matchday, the direct duel in the home game against the then seventh-placed LÍF Leirvík could be won 3-0 and the last place in the table could be left. Since the next three games for TB were lost again, however, the team slipped again and occupied from the seventh matchday the last place in the table, as LÍF could leave this with a 3-1 in the home game against B68 Toftir. On the ninth matchday, TB managed a 2-1 home win against GÍ Gøta, so that B68 Toftir now graced the bottom of the table for the first time, but on the next matchday both teams swapped places again with B68's 3-1 win in a direct duel with TB . With three wins in a row, one of which was subsequently achieved at the Green Table , TB got rid of all relegation worries. From the twelfth day onwards, MB Miðvágur was in last place and could not leave it until the end of the season, from the tenth day onwards the remaining games were all lost. The decision about relegation was made on the last day of the match. LÍF Leirvík and MB Miðvágur were tied, with LÍF showing the significantly better goal difference. B36 Tórshavn was two points ahead of both teams. Nevertheless, due to LÍF's 2-0 home win against B36, there were only theoretical chances for MB, who in turn lost the home game with 1: 3 against B68 Toftir and were relegated.

Closing table

Teams of the 1st Deild 1983
Pl. society Sp. S. U N Gates Diff. Points
 1. GÍ Gøta  14th  9  1  4th 031:180 +13 19: 90
 2. HB Tórshavn (M, P)  14th  8th  2  4th 023:120 +11 18:10
 3. KÍ Klaksvík  14th  7th  4th  3 029:210  +8 18:10
 4th B68 Toftir  14th  5  4th  5 019:190  ± 0 14:14
 5. TB Tvøroyri  14th  6th  0  8th 023:210  +2 12:16
 6th LÍF Leirvík  14th  4th  3  7th 016:220  −6 11:17
 7th B36 Tórshavn  14th  4th  3  7th 017:270 −10 11:17
 8th. MB Miðvágur (N)  14th  3  3  8th 019:370 −18 09:19

Placement criteria: 1st points - 2nd goal difference - 3rd goals scored

  • Champion and cup winner
  • Descent to the 2nd Deild
  • (M) Master of the previous year
    (P) Cup winner of the previous year
    (N) Newcomers from the 2nd Deild

    Games and results

    B36 B68 HB LÍF MB TB
    B36 Tórshavn 2: 1 2: 3 1-0 1: 3 3: 3 0: 4 3: 1
    B68 Toftir 0-0 3: 1 0: 1 2: 2 1-0 1: 1 3: 1
    GÍ Gøta 4: 1 1: 1 2: 1 5: 1 0: 2 3: 1 1-0
    HB Tórshavn 2: 1 3: 1 0: 1 2-0 2-0 4-0 2-0
    KÍ Klaksvík 1: 2 3: 1 4: 2 0-0 1: 1 4: 4 2-0
    LÍF Leirvík 2-0 3: 1 0: 1 1: 1 1: 2 2: 1 01: 0 1
    MB Miðvágur 0-0 1: 3 0: 6 00: 3 2 0: 5 3: 1 0: 3
    TB Tvøroyri 3: 1 0: 1 2: 1 2: 5 0: 1 3-0 5: 1
    1 The game was subsequently rated 3-0 for TB Tvøroyri.
    2 The game was subsequently rated 3-0 for MB Miðvágur.

    List of goalscorers

    If the number of hits is the same, the players are sorted alphabetically by last name.

    space player society Gates
    1 Petur Hans Hansen B68 Toftir 10
    2 Ásmund Nolsøe TB Tvøroyri 09
    3 Hans Leo í Bartalsstovu GÍ Gøta 08th
    IcelandIceland Lárus Gretarsson GÍ Gøta
    5 Beinur Poulsen KÍ Klaksvík 07th
    6th Oddbjørn Joensen KÍ Klaksvík 06th
    Símun Petur Justinussen GÍ Gøta
    8th Mikkjal Danielsen MB Miðvágur 05
    Jákup Mikkelsen KÍ Klaksvík
    Helgi Olsen HB Tórshavn


    team Trainer Match days
    B36 Tórshavn Jóhan Nielsen 01-14
    B68 Toftir DenmarkDenmark Valter Jensen 01-14
    GÍ Gøta IcelandIceland Kristian Hjartansson 01-14
    HB Tórshavn DenmarkDenmark Ole Skoubo 01-14
    KÍ Klaksvík DenmarkDenmark Jens Hvidemose 01-14
    LÍF Leirvík EnglandEngland Ernie Boxall 01-14
    MB Miðvágur Finnur Helmsdal 01-14
    TB Tvøroyri Henrik Thomsen 01-14
    Sigmund Nolsøe

    There were no coach changes throughout the season.


    team Stadion Venue
    B36 Tórshavn Gundadalur Tórshavn
    B68 Toftir Svangaskarð Toftir
    GÍ Gøta Sarpugerdi Norðragøta
    HB Tórshavn Gundadalur Tórshavn
    KÍ Klaksvík Við Djúpumýrar Klaksvík
    LÍF Leirvík Uppi á Brekku Leirvík
    MB Miðvágur Við Kirkjar Miðvágur
    TB Tvøroyri Sevmýri Tvøroyri


    The following referees, including one from Denmark, led the 56 top division games (there is no data for one game):

    Surname Parent club Games
    Baldvin Baldvinsson B36 Tórshavn 06th
    Kim Ejdesgaard Fram Torshavn 06th
    Jógvan Jacobsen KÍ Klaksvík 05
    Jákup Simonsen ÍF Fuglafjørður 04th
    DenmarkDenmark Holger Hansen HB Tórshavn 03
    Egga Jensen HB Tórshavn 03
    Niklas á Líðarenda GÍ Gøta 03
    Martin á Mýrini HB Tórshavn 03
    Róin Clementsen B71 Sandur 02
    Nemus Napoleon Djurhuus HB Tórshavn 02
    John Eysturoy HB Tórshavn 02
    Jógvan Gregersen Fram Torshavn 02
    Jens Straagaard Holm ÍF Fuglafjørður 02
    Jákup Ms. Joensen GÍ Gøta 02
    Jóan Jákup Joensen B71 Sandur 02
    Øssur Mohr ÍF Fuglafjørður 02
    Preben Olsen VB Vágur 02

    Another four referees each presided over a game.

    The championship team

    The number of missions and the goals scored are given in brackets.

    1. GÍ Gøta
    GI Gota.svg

    Hans Leo í Bartalsstovu (14/8) | Torry í Bartalsstovu (12/1) | Jógvan Gregersen (2/0) | Magnus Gregersen (13/3) | Lárus Gretarsson (13/8) | Páll Guðlaugsson (14/0) | Hallur Hansen (13/0) | Poul Enok Hansen (14/2) | Dánjal Jarnskor (14/0) | John Jarnskor (14/1) | Pauli Jarnskor (6/0) | Símun Petur Justinussen (9/6) | Jóannes M. Mikkelsen (3/0) | Petur Páll Mikkelsen (2/0) | Tummas Pauli Olsen (14/0) | Kim Petersen (4/1) | Helgi Rasmussen (10/1)

    without commitment: Rúni Jacobsen

    National Cup

    In the national cup , GÍ Gøta won 5-1 against second division Royn Hvalba and thus reached the double .

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