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The river basin district ( RGE ) is a term from the EU Water Framework Directive . The catchment areas of the rivers are assigned to the states, and small areas are grouped into systematic groups.


In Article 2 of the Directive, the term river basin district is defined as follows:

"[...] a land or marine area defined as the main unit for the management of catchment areas, which consists of one or more neighboring catchment areas and the groundwater and coastal waters assigned to them"

- Directive 2000/60 / EC, Article 2, definition 15

The river basin units are the common and national planning areas for the implementation of the WFD in which water management plans are drawn up.


  • In the case of large river systems , the river basin district is the hydrological catchment area ( surface + groundwater bodies ) plus the coastal waters near the mouth .
  • In coastal landscapes with many small river systems, the catchment areas of the sea tributaries of a coastal section and the coastal waters into which they flow can be combined into a river basin unit for administrative purposes or added to the river basin unit of the nearest river . A good example is the river basin district Schlei / Trave , named after a bay and the largest of the small rivers , which includes all the sea tributaries of the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic Sea coast and with the catchment area of ​​the Stepenitz extends as far as Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania .
  • Since the river basin districts were defined without taking national borders into account, there are national river basin districts if all the bodies of water concerned are assigned to one and the same nation state, and international river basin districts if several European nation states are affected. In this case, all planning must also take place in the context of the states concerned.



River basin districts in Germany

Germany comprises the following river basin districts:

Danube river basin district
Eider river basin district
Elbe river basin district
River basin district Ems
Maas river basin district
River Basin District Oder
Rhine river basin district
Schlei / Trave river basin district
Warnow / Peene river basin district
River Basin District Weser


Austria has a share in the river basin units (river catchment areas) Danube (80,593 km², 96% of the Austrian territory), Rhine (2.8%, in Vorarlberg) A6 and Elbe (1.1%, small area in the Mühlviertel and Waldviertel).

The river basin units (planning areas) of the National Water  Management Plan (NPG) are:

code designation includes the catchment areas of international over
DBJ Danube to Jochenstein A1 Inn A1 (> 500 km²: in Tyrol Sanna , Ötztaler Ache , Sill , Ziller ;> 250 km²: downstream of the Bavarian part in Upper Austria Mattig , Antiesen ), with the Inn tributaries in Tyrol such as Großache and Salzach (with Saalach ) as well as Lech and Isar Danube over Germany resp. at the German border A1
DUJ Danube below Jochenstein A1 Rivers directly to the Danube A2 (> 4000 km²: Traun with Ager , Alm ; Enns with Salza , Steyr ;> 500 km² to the Danube: Große Mühl , Innbach / Aschach , Aist , Ybbs , Erlauf , Pielach , Kamp , Traisen , Schwechat , Fischa , Russbach ) Danube to Slovakia
MAR March March (with Zaya ), as well as Thaya A3 (over the Czech Republic,> 500 km²: Moravian Thaya , Pulkau ) Danube on the Slovak border
LRR Leitha, Raab, Rabnitz Leitha ; A4 Rabnitz with Lake Neusiedl ; A5 Raab with Lafnitz / Feistritz , as well as Pinka , u. a. Danube all over Hungary
MUR Mur Mur (> 500 km²: Mürz , Kainach , Sulm ) Danube across the Drau / Drava in Slovenia
DRA Outside Drau (> 500 km²: Isel , Möll , Lieser , Gail , Glan , Gurk , Lavant ) Danube over Slovenia
RHI Rhine Rhine (with Ill ), Lake Constance tributaries (such as Bregenz Ache ) A6 Rhine Swiss-German border in Lake Constance
ELB Elbe Lainsitz , Maltsch (<500 km²) Elbe via Moldau / Moldava in the Czech Republic
A1with some streams from the Sauwald to the Danube between the mouth of the Inn near Passau and Jochenstein; from there Danube tributaries on both sides Austrian; Since the Achleiten water level in the Jochenstein reservoir was flooded in 1955 , the Jochenstein below is the new hydrometric landmark
A2 March with the shares in the Czech Republic
A3with the groundwater body at Kittsee that drains into the Slovakian Danube
A4as well as Leitha Canal and groundwater body of the Parndorfer Platte near Nickelsdorf via Hungary to Leitha
A5 Endorheic basin , connected to the Rabnitz system via the Einser-Kanal
A6with a small area on the Arlberg in Tyrol


River basin districts in metropolitan France

The term “river basin district” is called District hydrographique in France .

code Short name includes the catchment areas of international
FRA Scheldt - Somme Scheldt , Somme and coastal rivers to the English Channel and North Sea EU33
FRB1 Meuse Meuse EU3
FRB2 Sambre Sambre EU3
FRC Rhine Rhine EU36
FRD Rhône Rhone and coastal rivers to the Mediterranean EU35
FRE Corsica Corsica
FRF Adour - Garonne Adour , Garonne , Dordogne , Charente and coastal rivers of Nouvelle-Aquitaine
FRG Loire - Brittany Loire and the coastal rivers of the Vendée and Brittany departments
FRH Seine - Normandy Seine and the coastal rivers of Normandy EU31
FRI Guadeloupe Guadeloupe
FRJ Martinique Martinique
FRK Guyana Guyana
FRL Reunion Reunion
FRM Mayotte Mayotte


Since the new regulation of 2016, Italy has had seven river basin districts, referred to in Italian as "distretti idrografici".

code Short name includes the catchment areas of Area in km²
ITA Eastern Alps Adige , Upper Adriatic , Lemene , Fissero Tartaro Canalbianco and the regional catchment areas of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia as well as the catchment areas that flow into the Venetian lagoon 39,385
ITB Padano Po 71,057
ITC Northern Apennines Arno , Magra , Serchio as well as all the catchment areas in Liguria and the catchment areas from Tuscany that flow into the Tyrrhenian Sea 24,300
ITE Central Apennines Tiber , Tronto , Sangro , Potenza , Chienti , Tenna and the catchment areas from the Lazio region that flow into the Tyrrhenian Sea as well as the catchment areas of much of the Abruzzo region and the southern Marches 36,500
ITF Southern Apennines Liri-Garigliano , Volturno , Sele , Sinni , Noce , Bradano and parts of the areas in the Abruzzo and Lazio regions as well as all other catchment areas from the Apulia , Basilicata , Calabria , Campania and Molise regions . 68,000
ITG Sardinia All catchment areas in Sardinia 24,000
ITH Sicily All catchment areas in Sicily 26,000

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