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Gerhard (also: Gerhardt, abbreviated: Gerd, Gert, Gertschi and Geri) is a male given name and family name .

Origin and meaning of the name

Gerhard can be interpreted as "sattelfest" (hard - firm), thus: "the strong spear", "bold, accurate javelin thrower", "the bold with the spear", "brave hunter with a spear", "pointed spear".


The spread of the name Gerhard increased in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. From the mid-1910s to the mid-1930s, he was one of the ten most common boy names of each year. Its popularity fell sharply in the 1960s, and since the 1970s, boys have hardly been called Gerhard.

name day

Possible name days are:


male: Gard, Garrit, Geert , Gehre, Gerd, Gerhardt, Gerhart, Gerit, Gero, Gerrit , Gerrith, Gerry, Gert, Gherhard, Gherardo, Jerrit
Short form: also Hardy, Austrian (colloquial): Hartl, Geri, Gerli ( First name)
Family names : Gerhard, Gerhardy, Gerdes , Geerdes , Gertz

Variants in other languages
Dutch Geert, Geeraard, Geerd, Gerrit, Gert
Low German Gerke, Gehrke, Gericke
English Garrett and Garret , Jerrard , Gerrard, Gerard , Jerry
Esperanto Gerardo
Spanish Gerardo, Giraldo (as a family name)
French Gérard and Gerard ; Girard
Italian Gerardo ;, Gherardi and Gherardini
Latin Giraldus
Gallic Xerardo
Catalan Gerard, Guerau, gray
Basque Kerarta
Icelandic Geirharður
Hungarian Gellért (also as a saint's name )
Lower Franconian Gerrit
German Gerhard, Gerhardt, Gerhart, Gehrhardt

In Norway and Sweden, "Gerd" is a female given name, see also Gerda (mythology)

Name bearer

Ruler's name

First name

Form Gerhard

Short form Gerd

family name

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Individual evidence

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