Reichsstrasse 397

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Reichsstrasse 397 in the German Empire
Basic data
Operator: German Empire
Start of the street: Luxembourg City
End of street: Border with Belgium at Steinfort
Overall length: 19 km historical, on Luxembourg territory occupied in 1940 and then placed under civil administration

Reichsgaue :

The national highway 397 ( R 397 ) was until 1945 a national route of the German Reich , the fully occupied in the 1940 and subsequently Civil Administration asked the German Empire Grand Duchy of Luxembourg went. The road began in the city of Luxembourg , where the former national route 57 branched off and went in west-northwest direction on the line today by Arlon in Belgium leading National Road 6 , where they at Steinfort ended. The Luxembourg A 6 motorway ( Areler motorway ) is now essentially parallel to the route .

The total length of the former Reichsstraße to the Belgian border was around 19 kilometers.

Individual evidence

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