CONCACAF Champions League

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CONCACAF Champions League
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abbreviation CL
Association CONCACAF
First edition 1962 (as CONCACAF Champions' Cup)
Teams 16 (since 2018)
Game mode Knockout system (since 2018)
Title holder MexicoMexico CF Monterrey (4th title)
Record winner MexicoMexico Club América (7 wins)
Record scorer MexicoMexico Javier Orozco (24 goals)
Current season 2019
Qualification for FIFA Club World Cup
The logo of the Champions' Cup
The Victory Trophy (1972)

The CONCACAF Champions League (also Scotiabank Champions League ) is a football competition for club teams in North and Central America and the Caribbean that has been held under this name since the 2008/2009 season and is organized by CONCACAF. It is the direct successor to the CONCACAF Champions' Cup , which was played from 1962 to 2008. The respective winner is qualified for the FIFA Club World Cup.


The forerunner of the competition was the CONCACAF Champions' Cup , which has been held annually in spring since 1962. The CONCACAF Champions 'Cup was comparable to the European Champion Clubs ' Cup or the South American Copa Libertadores , but it did not have the same status for the clubs. The competition offered comparatively little financial incentive for the clubs, and the dominance of teams from Costa Rica and Mexico resulted in less public interest in the other countries. Since Mexican clubs were able to take part in the Copa Libertadores, the Champions Cup has also lost importance in the Primera División of Mexico. The Mexican teams were more interested in getting a place in the Copa Libertadores through the InterLiga than in participating in the Champions Cup.

Eight teams from the following regions took part:

Since 2005, the winner of the CONCACAF Champions Cup has participated in the FIFA Club World Cup, and the runner-up received one of the three CONCACAF starting places in the Copa Sudamericana , which was not restricted to South American teams until 2008. These changes had led to increased interest in the Champions Cup from both the club and the fans.

In 2001, instead of the Champions Cup, the CONCACAF Giants Cup was organized, in which the teams with the highest number of visitors from their respective national leagues played against each other. The 2001 Giants Cup was won by Club América from Mexico.


All games in the tournament will be played in the evenings of the week Tuesday through Thursday, following the European model. The qualifying matches are played from July to the beginning of August, the group stage runs from August to the end of October. The knockout round begins in March and ends with the final at the end of April.


A total of 24 teams take part in the tournament. The previous year's winner is not automatically qualified.

If a team that is actually qualified does not meet the license conditions or does not compete, the free space will be reassigned by Concacaf. This can change the number of teams per national or regional association.

  1. if a Canadian team occupies one or a US team more than one of these places, the remaining places will be given to the best teams of the regular season that are not yet qualified

Group stage

The qualified teams are drawn into 8 groups of 3 teams each, whereby two or more teams from the same national association cannot normally be drawn into the same group.

The group stage consists of four game days, with each team playing once at home and once away against the other two teams. The three-point rule is used here. The eight group winners qualify for the quarter-finals. In the event of a tie at the end of the group stage, the following rules are used to determine the group winner:

  • points scored in direct comparison
  • better goal difference in direct comparison
  • higher number of away goals scored in direct comparison
  • better goal difference in all group matches
  • higher number of goals scored in all group matches
  • higher number of away goals scored in all group matches
  • in the end the lot decides

Final round

The knockout rounds, including the finals, will be played in the home and away leg. The pairings are determined by a seeding list based on the results of the group phase, with the strongest team in the group phase meeting the weakest in the quarter-finals, etc. The seeded team has home rights in the second leg. The away goals rule also applies here (with the exception of extra time ) . The winner will qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup .

The finals and winners

year Final pairing
winner Results finalist
CONCACAF Champions' Cup
1962 MexicoMexico Deportivo Guadalajara 1: 0/5: 0 GuatemalaGuatemala CSD Comunicaciones
1963 HaitiHaiti RC Haïtien Haïtien declared the winner. MexicoMexico Deportivo Guadalajara
not held from 1964 to 1966
1967 El SalvadorEl Salvador Alianza FC 1: 2/3: 0 / Play-Off: 5: 3 Netherlands Antilles 1959Netherlands Antilles CRKSV Jong Colombia
1968 MexicoMexico Deportivo Toluca Transvaal disqualified.
Toluca declared the winner.
SurinameSuriname SV Transvaal
1969 MexicoMexico CD Cruz Azul 0: 0/1: 0 GuatemalaGuatemala CSD Comunicaciones
1970 MexicoMexico CD Cruz Azul Transvaal withdrew. SurinameSuriname SV Transvaal
1971 MexicoMexico CD Cruz Azul 5: 1
(play-off after league round)
Costa RicaCosta Rica LD Alajuelense
1972 HondurasHonduras CD Olimpia 1: 0/0: 0 SurinameSuriname SV Robinhood
1973 SurinameSuriname SV Transvaal Transvaal declared the winner.
1974 GuatemalaGuatemala CSD Municipal 2: 1/2: 1 SurinameSuriname SV Transvaal
1975 MexicoMexico Atletico Español (Necaxa) 3: 0/2: 1 SurinameSuriname SV Transvaal
1976 El SalvadorEl Salvador Club Deportivo Águila 5: 1 /? SurinameSuriname SV Robinhood
1977 MexicoMexico Club America 1: 0/1: 1 SurinameSuriname SV Robinhood
1978 MexicoMexico Universidad Guadalajara CSD Comunicaciones Defense Force FC
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago 
Final tournament not played.
3 teams declared winners.
1979 El SalvadorEl Salvador Club Deportivo FAS 1: 0/8: 0 Netherlands Antilles 1959Netherlands Antilles CRKSV Jong Colombia
1980 MexicoMexico UNAM Pumas League system HondurasHonduras Universidad NAH
1981 SurinameSuriname SV Transvaal 1: 0/1: 1 El SalvadorEl Salvador Atlético Marte
1982 MexicoMexico UNAM Pumas 0: 0/3: 2 SurinameSuriname SV Robinhood
1983 MexicoMexico CF Atlante 1: 1/0: 5 SurinameSuriname SV Robinhood
1984 HaitiHaiti Violet AC Violette declared the winner.
1985 Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago Defense Force FC 2: 0/1: 0 HondurasHonduras CD Olimpia
1986 Costa RicaCosta Rica LD Alajuelense 4: 1/2: 1 SurinameSuriname SV Transvaal
1987 MexicoMexico Club America 1: 1/2: 0 Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago Defense Force FC
1988 HondurasHonduras CD Olimpia 2: 0/2: 0 Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago Defense Force FC
1989 MexicoMexico UNAM Pumas 1: 1/3: 1 CubaCuba Pinar del Río
1990 MexicoMexico Club America 2: 2/6: 0 CubaCuba Pinar del Río
1991 MexicoMexico Club Puebla 3: 1/1: 1 Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago Police FC
1992 MexicoMexico Club America 1-0 Costa RicaCosta Rica LD Alajuelense
1993 Costa RicaCosta Rica CD Saprissa League system MexicoMexico Club León
1994 Costa RicaCosta Rica CS Cartaginés 3: 2 MexicoMexico CF Atlante
1995 Costa RicaCosta Rica CD Saprissa League system GuatemalaGuatemala CSD Municipal
1996 MexicoMexico CD Cruz Azul League system MexicoMexico Club Necaxa
1997 MexicoMexico CD Cruz Azul 5: 3 United StatesUnited States LA Galaxy
1998 United StatesUnited States DC United 1-0 MexicoMexico Deportivo Toluca
1999 MexicoMexico Club Necaxa 2: 1 Costa RicaCosta Rica LD Alajuelense
2000 United StatesUnited States LA Galaxy 3: 2 HondurasHonduras CD Olimpia
2001 Tournament canceled, CONCACAF Giants Cup held instead.
2002 MexicoMexico CF Pachuca 1-0 MexicoMexico Monarcas Morelia
2003 MexicoMexico Deportivo Toluca 3: 3/2: 1 MexicoMexico Monarcas Morelia
2004 Costa RicaCosta Rica LD Alajuelense 1: 1/4: 0 Costa RicaCosta Rica CD Saprissa
2005 Costa RicaCosta Rica CD Saprissa 2: 0/1: 2 MexicoMexico UNAM Pumas
2006 MexicoMexico Club America 0: 0/2: 1 n.v. MexicoMexico Deportivo Toluca
2007 MexicoMexico CF Pachuca 2: 2/0: 0 n.v. , 7: 6 i. E. MexicoMexico Deportivo Guadalajara
2008 MexicoMexico CF Pachuca 1: 1/2: 1 Costa RicaCosta Rica CD Saprissa
CONCACAF Champions' League
2008/09 MexicoMexico CF Atlante 2: 0/0: 0 MexicoMexico CD Cruz Azul
2009/10 MexicoMexico CF Pachuca 1: 2/1: 0 MexicoMexico CD Cruz Azul
2010/11 MexicoMexico CF Monterrey 2: 2/1: 0 United StatesUnited States Real Salt Lake
2011/12 MexicoMexico CF Monterrey 2: 0/1: 2 MexicoMexico Santos Laguna
2012/13 MexicoMexico CF Monterrey 0: 0/4: 2 MexicoMexico Santos Laguna
2013/14 MexicoMexico CD Cruz Azul 0: 0/1: 1 MexicoMexico Deportivo Toluca
2014/15 MexicoMexico Club America 1: 1/4: 2 CanadaCanada Montreal Impact
2015/16 MexicoMexico Club America 2: 0/2: 1 MexicoMexico UANL Tigres
2016/17 MexicoMexico CF Pachuca 1: 1/1: 0 MexicoMexico UANL Tigres
2018 MexicoMexico Deportivo Guadalajara 2: 1/1: 2 4: 2 i. E. CanadaCanada Toronto FC
2019 MexicoMexico CF Monterrey 1: 0/1: 1 MexicoMexico UANL Tigres


by clubs
rank club title Year (s)
1 MexicoMexico Club America 7th 1977, 1987, 1990, 1992, 2006, 2015, 2016
2 MexicoMexico CD Cruz Azul 6th 1969, 1970, 1971, 1996, 1997, 2014
3 MexicoMexico CF Pachuca 5 2002, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2017
4th MexicoMexico CF Monterrey 4th 2011, 2012, 2013, 2019
5 Costa RicaCosta Rica CD Saprissa 3 1993, 1995, 2005
MexicoMexico UNAM Pumas 3 1980, 1982, 1989
7th Costa RicaCosta Rica LD Alajuelense 2 1986, 2004
MexicoMexico CF Atlante 2 1983, 2009
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago Defense Force FC 2 1978, 1985
MexicoMexico Club Necaxa 2 1975 1 , 1999
HondurasHonduras CD Olimpia 2 1972, 1988
MexicoMexico Deportivo Guadalajara 2 1962, 2018
MexicoMexico Deportivo Toluca 2 1968, 2003
SurinameSuriname SV Transvaal 2 1973, 1981
15th El SalvadorEl Salvador Club Deportivo Águila 1 1976
El SalvadorEl Salvador Alianza FC 1 1967
United StatesUnited States LA Galaxy 1 2000
Costa RicaCosta Rica CS Cartaginés 1 1994
GuatemalaGuatemala CSD Comunicaciones 1 1978
United StatesUnited States DC United 1 1998
El SalvadorEl Salvador Club Deportivo FAS 1 1979
MexicoMexico Universidad Guadalajara 1 1978
HaitiHaiti RC Haïtien 1 1963
GuatemalaGuatemala CSD Municipal 1 1974
MexicoMexico Club Puebla 1 1991
HaitiHaiti Violet AC 1 1984
1 as Atletico Español
by country
rank country title
1 MexicoMexico Mexico 35
2 Costa RicaCosta Rica Costa Rica 6th
3 El SalvadorEl Salvador El Salvador 3
4th GuatemalaGuatemala Guatemala 2
HaitiHaiti Haiti 2
HondurasHonduras Honduras 2
SurinameSuriname Suriname 2
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 2
United StatesUnited States United States 2

Top scorer / awards

The “Golden Shoe” has been awarded since 2008. Since 2011, the best player has also been selected for each tournament.

Top scorer
year player society Gates
2008/09 MexicoMexico Javier Orozco CD Cruz Azul 7th
2009/10 MexicoMexico Ulises Mendivil CF Pachuca 9
2010/11 MexicoMexico Javier Orozco Cruz Azul 11
2011/12 ChileChile Humberto Suazo Oribe Peralta
CF Monterrey
Santos Laguna
2012/13 PanamaPanama Nicolás Muñoz Carlos Quintero
AD Isidro Metapán
Santos Laguna
2013/14 MexicoMexico Raul Nava Deportivo Toluca 7th
2014/15 ArgentinaArgentina Dario Benedetto Oribe Peralta
Club America 7th
2015/16 ArgentinaArgentina Emanuel villa Querétaro Fútbol Club 6th
2016/17 MexicoMexico Hirving Lozano CF Pachuca 8th
2018 CanadaCanada Jonathan Osorio Toronto FC 4th
2019 EcuadorEcuador Enner Valencia UANL Tigres 7th
Record mark
Best player
year player society
2011/12 MexicoMexico Oribe Peralta Santos Laguna
2012/13 MexicoMexico Aldo de Nigris CF Monterrey
2013/14 ArgentinaArgentina Mariano Pavone CD Cruz Azul
2014/15 ArgentinaArgentina Dario Benedetto Club America
2015/16 ArgentinaArgentina Rubens Sambueza Club America
2016/17 ArgentinaArgentina Franco Jara CF Pachuca
2018 ItalyItaly Sebastian Giovinco Toronto FC
2019 ArgentinaArgentina Nicolás Sánchez CF Monterrey
Players also Champions League winners

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Individual evidence

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