League MX

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League MX
Full name Liga BBVA Bancomer MX
abbreviation League MX
First edition October 17, 1943
hierarchy 1st League
Teams 18th
master Santos Laguna (5th title)
Record champions Club América (13 wins)
Record player MexicoMexico Oswaldo Sánchez (725)
Record scorer BrazilBrazil Evanivaldo Castro (312)
Website ligamx.net
Qualification for CONCACAF Champions League
Copa Libertadores
Ascenso MX (II)

The Liga MX or Primera División de México , known as the Liga Mayor in the 1940s , is the top Mexican football league. It was founded in 1943 and currently consists of 18 teams; including three from Mexico City and two each from Guadalajara and Monterrey . The record champions are Club América with 13 titles (as of December 2018). Since 2013 the league has officially been named Liga BBVA Bancomer after the sponsor BBVA .


Unlike in Europe, two championships are held annually: The " Clausura " takes place in the first half of a calendar year and thus during the second half of a European season; the " Apertura " accordingly in the second half of a calendar year or during the first half of the season.

The 18 teams each play against each other once. After the 17 match days of the regular season , the eight best-placed teams qualify for the playoffs , the so-called "Liguilla". You play in the knockout system with a return leg for the championship title. The descent takes place once a year after the Clausura. To determine who has been relegated, the points average for the past three years is calculated; the team with the lowest value is relegated. The two champions of the second division play off the promoted team in a playoff.

The teams of the Liga MX can qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League of the North and Central American association CONCACAF as well as for the Copa Libertadores of the South American association CONMEBOL . Since the Mexican association is a member of CONCACAF, the Mexican teams can only qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup via the Champions League, but not via the Copa Libertadores .


In the 2020/21 season the following teams are represented in the Liga MX:

Surname place State
Club America Mexico city Mexico city Federal District
Atlas Guadalajara Guadalajara Jalisco Jalisco
Atlético San Luis San Luis Potosí San Luis Potosí San Luis Potosí
CD Cruz Azul Mexico city Mexico city Federal District
CD Guadalajara Guadalajara Jalisco Jalisco
Juarez FC Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Chihuahua
Club León Leon Guanajuato Guanajuato
Mazatlán FC Mazatlan Sinaloa Sinaloa
CF Monterrey Monterrey Nuevo León Nuevo León
Club Necaxa Aguascalientes Aguascalientes Aguascalientes
CF Pachuca Pachuca de Soto Hidalgo Hidalgo
Club Puebla Puebla Puebla Puebla
Querétaro FC Santiago de Querétaro Querétaro Querétaro
Pumas UNAM Mexico city Mexico city Federal District
Santos Laguna Torreón Coahuila Coahuila
Tigres UANL Monterrey Nuevo León Nuevo León
Club Tijuana Tijuana Baja California Baja California
Deportivo Toluca Toluca de Lerdo México (state) México
CD Veracruz Veracruz Veracruz Veracruz

History of the Mexican professional league

The Mexican professional football league started in the 1943/44 season and replaced the Primera Fuerza football championship, which had previously been held on an amateur basis . Like this one, it operated as the Liga Mayor (German: Highest League) in the beginning .

Founding members

The ten founding members of the professional league were América, Asturias, Atlante, España and Marte (all from Mexico City and previously represented in unison in the Primera Fuerza ), Atlas Guadalajara and Deportivo Guadalajara (from the old Liga de Occidente and in the Primera Fuerza indirectly through the Selección Jalisco ) and three associations from the state of Veracruz : CF Veracruz from the port city of the same name as well as ADO and Moctezuma, both of which were based in the industrially important city of Orizaba at the time . Moctezuma also came from the old Primera Fuerza, CF Veracruz, newly formed by members of the two clubs España and Sporting Veracruz, and the Asociación Deportiva Orizabeña, or ADO for short, from the old Liga Veracruzana .

A special note deserves the fact that the first champion of the newly installed professional league, Asturias, had finished last year in the Primera Fuerza in last place. Conversely, the last champion of the Primera Fuerza, Marte, ended up in last place at the end of the opening season of the professional league. This curiosity would repeat itself a decade later. Because even as champions of the 1953/54 season, Marte finished last in the following game year 1954/55. But at that time this also meant relegation from the football club, to which Marte could never return.

The first masters

The first championship in 1943/44 ended with two teams tied at the top of the table. Because the goal difference was not used to decide the championship, a playoff for the championship was necessary in the first year, in which the two Spanish arch-rivals Asturias and España faced each other. Asturias surprisingly retained the upper hand with 4: 1. For this España won the championship the following season. But this triumph also meant the end of the Spanish-dominated era . Because from now on no Spanish - or any other foreign - team should win the title. 1 The loss of the Spanish teams was both a blessing and a curse for the capitals. A blessing, because the Mexicans are just as hostile towards the Spaniards due to their history as the Americans and they also tried to free themselves from the supremacy of the Spaniards in football. But also a curse because Province 2 began to dominate the league and with CF Veracruz's title win in 1946 a 20-year-long dry spell began for the capital city, in which not a single championship title went to the metropolis. It was not until 1966 that America was able to end this negative series.

First entries and exits

In the second season of 1944/45 the professional league was increased to 13 players around the clubs León, Oro and Puebla and again a year later the league already consisted of 16 teams. Among them was the CF Monterrey as the first representative from Northern Mexico, who had to withdraw after only one season due to internal problems, whereby he also formed the first team to be eliminated from the professional league.

The first gigantic upheaval took place in 1950. At the end of the 1949/50 season, Asturias, España and Moctezuma had withdrawn as a result of federation disputes. A year earlier, the AD Orizaba had left due to internal quarrels, so that in the 1950/51 season four of the ten founding members no longer took part in the game. In the same season, a national second division, the Segunda División , was held for the first time, and the first division was given its new and still valid name, Primera División. Since then there has been a promoted and relegated team between the two leagues. The first to be relegated was San Sebastian, Zacatepec the first to be relegated.

Defending champions, serial champions and "permanent members"

The first team to defend their title was León (1948/49). The Esmeraldas managed to defend their title again in the Clausura 2014. Toluca (1967/68), Necaxa (1994/95) and the UNAM Pumas (Apertura 2004) were also able to defend their title. Three clubs succeeded in defending their title twice: Cruz Azul (defending title 1979/80 and previous hat trick between 1972 and 1974) and America (defending title 1988/89 and previous hat trick between 1983/84 and PRODE) each managed to defend their title and hattrick 85) as well as Guadalajara, the only club that was able to win the championship four times in a row between 1959 and 1962 and which managed to defend its title again in 1964/65. If Guadalajara had not lost the last game of the 1962/63 season against their immediate rival Oro, Guadalajara would have been champions seven times in a row. With a total of eleven titles, Guadalajara was the record champions of the professional league for a long time, but has now been overtaken by its arch-rival América, who has already been successful twelve times. These two clubs are also the only ones that have always been represented in the professional league.

Mode change

Up to and including the 1969/70 season, the champion was determined by an overall table. A playoff for the championship was only required if there was a tie, as the goal difference was not taken into account to determine the champion.

In the 1970/71 season, the championship was held in two groups, although all teams represented in the league played against each other (a procedure that has remained in principle to this day). The two group winners contested the final. The mode with two groups was retained in the following years, but the finals were expanded to include the top two in a group and a semi-final.

Since 1975/76 the championship has been held in four groups and after the season itself play-offs ( called Liguilla in Mexico ) are decided from the quarterfinals. Since 1996/97 two championships have been held each year. The first half of the season was initially considered to be the winter season ( Invierno ) and the second half of the season as the summer season ( Verano ), as it ended in the corresponding season. Since the 2002/03 season, the preliminary round is referred to as Apertura and the second half as Clausura .


1 Before the First World War, the Mexican football championship was played exclusively by teams that were founded by the British and which largely dominated the clubs. The most successful team of this era was the Reforma Athletic Club . Between the two world wars, Mexican club football was repeatedly dominated by Spanish clubs, of which Real Club España was by far the most successful. With the withdrawal of España and Asturias in the summer of 1950, the era of clubs dominated by foreigners ended. However, this was by no means true for the teams themselves. Many Mexican clubs bought en masse from foreign - especially South American and here primarily Argentine and Brazilian - players who immediately produced so-called legionnaires' troops. Only the Club Deportivo Guadalajara vehemently opposed this trend and only signed players born in Mexico. With this voluntary commitment, he also opposed the new habit of naturalizing foreign players after the Mexican Football Association had imposed a limit on foreign players.

2 In Mexico, a province is generally the entire country outside the capital district.

Overview of all previous teams in the highest Mexican professional league

society founding Playing times Best place 1
ADO 1898 1943 / 44-48 / 49 5th place (1947/48)
America 1916 since 1943/44 13 times champion
Ángeles de Puebla 1984 1984 / 85-87 / 88 13th place (1984/85)
Asturias 1918 1943 / 44-49 / 50 Master (1943/44)
Atlante 1918 1943 / 44-75 / 76, 77 / 78-89 / 90, 91 / 92-13 / 14 3 times champion
Atlas 1916 1943 / 44–53 / 54, 55 / 56–70 / 71, 72 / 73–77 / 78, since 79/80 Master (1950/51)
Atletas Campesinos 1977 1980 / 81-81 / 82 11th place (1981/82)
Atlético Celaya 1994 1995/96-Ape 02/03 Runner-up (Ape 1995)
Atlético Español 2 1971 1971 / 72-81 / 82 Runner-up (1973/74)
Atlético Potosino 1972 1974 / 75-88 / 89 5th place (1978/79)
Atlético San Luis 2013 since 2019/20
BUAP Lobos 1939 2017 / 18–2018 / 19 10th place (Ape 2017)
Celaya FC 1954 1958 / 59-60 / 61 12th place (1959/60)
Chiapas FC 2002 2002 / 03-16 / 17 3rd place (2003/04)
Cobras Cd. Juarez 1987 1988 / 89-91 / 92 2 times 12th place
Cobras Querétaro 1985 1986/87 21st place
Colibríes 2002 Cla 2002/03 13th place
Coyotes Neza 1978 1978 / 79-87 / 88 6th place twice
Cruz Azul 1927 since 1964/65 8 times champion
Cuautla 1952 1955 / 56-58 / 59 8th place (1956/57)
Dorados 2003 2004/05–05/06, 2015/16 14th place (2004/05)
España 1912 1943 / 44-49 / 50 Master (1944/45)
Guadalajara 1906 since 1943/44 12 times champion
Indios Cd. Juarez 2005 2008 / 09-09 / 10 13th place (2008/09)
Irapuato 1911 1954 / 55–71 / 72, 85 / 86–90 / 91, 00/01 – Ape 01, 03/04 4th place (1963/64)
Jalisco 2 1970 1970 / 71-79 / 80 4th place (1971/72)
Juarez 2015 since 2019/20
Laguna 1953 1968 / 69-77 / 78 9th place (1975/76)
La Piedad 1951 1952/53, 01/02 4th place (2001/02)
Leon 1944 1944 / 45–86 / 87, 90 / 91–01 / 02, since 12/13 7 times champion
CF Madero 1964 1965 / 66-66 / 67, 73 / 74-74 / 75 14th place (1965/66)
Marte 1928 1943 / 44-54 / 55 Master (1953/54)
Mazatlan 2020 since 2020/21
Moctezuma 1932 1943 / 44-49 / 50 2 times 3rd place
Monterrey 1945 1945/46, 56/57, since 60/61 4 times champion
Morelia 1920 1957 / 58-67 / 68, 81 / 82-19 / 20 Master (Ape 2000)
Nacional 1917 1961 / 62-64 / 65 6th place (1962/63)
Necaxa 2 1923 1950 / 51–70 / 71, 82 / 83–08 / 09, 10/11, since 16/17 3 times champion
Nuevo León 1957 1966 / 67-68 / 69 6th place (1966/67)
Oaxtepec 1979 1982 / 83-83 / 84 15th place (1983/84)
Oro 2 1923 1944 / 45-69 / 70 Master (1962/63)
Pachuca 1900 1967 / 68–72 / 73, 92/93, 96/97, since 98/99 6 times champion
Puebla 1944 1944 / 45–55 / 56, 70 / 71–04 / 05, since 07/08 2 times champion
Querétaro FC 1950 1990 / 91–93 / 94, 02 / 03–03 / 04, 06/07, since 09/10 Vice champion (Cla 2015)
San Luis 1957 1971 / 72–73 / 74, 76/77, 02 / 03–03 / 04, 05 / 06–12 / 13 Vice champion (Cla 2006)
San Sebastian 1944 1945 / 46–50 / 51 6th place (1947/48)
Santos Laguna 1983 since 1988/89 6 times champion
CD Tampico 1945 1945 / 46-57 / 58, 59 / 60-62 / 63, 77 / 78-81 / 82 Master (1952/53)
Tampico-Madero 1982 1982 / 83-89 / 90, 94/95 2 times runner-up
Tecos 1971 1975 / 76-11 / 12 Master (1993/94)
Tijuana 2007 since 2011/12 Master (Ape 2012)
Toluca 1917 since 1953/54 10 times champion
Toros Neza 1993 1993 / 94-99 / 00 Vice champion (Cla 1996/97)
Torreón 1959 1969 / 70-73 / 74 13th place (1970/71)
UANL Tigres 1967 1974 / 75–95 / 96, since 97/98 7 times champion
UAT Correcaminos 1973 1987 / 88-94 / 95 7th place (1989/90)
UdeG 1970 1974 / 75–93 / 94, 2014/15 3 times runner-up
UNAM Pumas 1954 since 1962/63 7 times champion
Unión de Curtidores 1928 1974 / 75-80 / 81, 83/84 3rd place (1974/75)
Veracruz 1943 1943 / 44–51 / 52, 64 / 65–78 / 79, 89 / 90–97 / 98, Ver 02–07 / 08, 13/14 – Ape 19 2 times champion
Zacatepec 1948 1951 / 52-61 / 62, 63 / 64-65 / 66, 70 / 71-76 / 77, 78 / 79-82 / 83, 84/85 2 times champion
Zamora 1950 1955/56, 57 / 58-59 / 60 7th place (1957/58)

Explanations 1 For the last time in the 1969/70 season, a full year table was valid in Mexico at the end of the season, for example in the Bundesliga . Since then, the championship has been held in different variants. If no championship or runner-up could be achieved and said team only achieved their best placement in the later epoch, the position given here was determined using an annual table as is customary in most countries.

2 Necaxa and Atlético Español are basically the same club, as is Oro and Jalisco. Their respective renaming was in connection with a transfer of ownership, which is why there were purely legally different clubs. Therefore they are listed separately in the table above. In contrast, pure name renaming, such as B. from Atlético Morelia in Club Atlético Monarcas Morelia (1999) or UAG Tecos or Tecos de la UAG in Estudiantes Tecos (2009), are not counted as two separate clubs and are therefore only listed once.


season master Master trainer Runner-up
Clausura 2020 Season end due to Covid-19
Apertura 2019 CF Monterrey ArgentiniansArgentinians Antonio Mohamed Club America
Clausura 2019 UANL Tigres BrazilianBrazilian Ricardo Ferretti Club León
Apertura 2018 Club America MexicanMexican Miguel Herrera CD Cruz Azul
Clausura 2018 Santos Laguna UruguayanUruguayan Robert Siboldi Deportivo Toluca
Apertura 2017 UANL Tigres BrazilianBrazilian Ricardo Ferretti CF Monterrey
Clausura 2017 Deportivo Guadalajara ArgentiniansArgentinians Matías Almeyda UANL Tigres
Apertura 2016 UANL Tigres BrazilianBrazilian Ricardo Ferretti Club America
Clausura 2016 CF Pachuca UruguayanUruguayan Diego Alonso CF Monterrey
Apertura 2015 UANL Tigres BrazilianBrazilian Ricardo Ferretti UNAM Pumas
Clausura 2015 Santos Laguna PortuguesePortuguese Pedro Caixinha Querétaro FC
Apertura 2014 Club America ArgentiniansArgentinians Antonio Mohamed UANL Tigres
Clausura 2014 Club León UruguayanUruguayan Gustavo Matosas CF Pachuca
Apertura 2013 Club León UruguayanUruguayan Gustavo Matosas Club America
Clausura 2013 Club America MexicanMexican Miguel Herrera CD Cruz Azul
Apertura 2012 Club Tijuana ArgentiniansArgentinians Antonio Mohamed Deportivo Toluca
Clausura 2012 Santos Laguna MexicanMexican Benjamin Galindo CF Monterrey
Apertura 2011 UANL Tigres BrazilianBrazilian Ricardo Ferretti Santos Laguna
Clausura 2011 UNAM Pumas MexicanMexican Guillermo Vázquez Monarcas Morelia
Apertura 2010 CF Monterrey MexicanMexican Víctor M. Vucetich Santos Laguna
Bicentenario 2010 Deportivo Toluca MexicanMexican José Manuel de la Torre Santos Laguna
Apertura 2009 CF Monterrey MexicanMexican Víctor M. Vucetich CD Cruz Azul
Clausura 2009 UNAM Pumas BrazilianBrazilian Ricardo Ferretti CF Pachuca
Apertura 2008 Deportivo Toluca MexicanMexican José Manuel de la Torre CD Cruz Azul
Clausura 2008 Santos Laguna MexicanMexican Daniel Guzmán CD Cruz Azul
Apertura 2007 CF Atlante MexicanMexican José Guadalupe Cruz UNAM Pumas
Clausura 2007 CF Pachuca MexicanMexican Enrique Meza Club America
Apertura 2006 Deportivo Guadalajara MexicanMexican José Manuel de la Torre Deportivo Toluca
Clausura 2006 CF Pachuca MexicanMexican José Luis Trejo Club San Luis
Apertura 2005 Deportivo Toluca ArgentiniansArgentinians Américo Gallego CF Monterrey
Clausura 2005 Club America MexicanMexican Mario Carrillo UAG Tecos
Apertura 2004 UNAM Pumas MexicanMexican Hugo Sánchez CF Monterrey
Clausura 2004 UNAM Pumas MexicanMexican Hugo Sánchez Deportivo Guadalajara
Apertura 2003 CF Pachuca MexicanMexican Víctor M. Vucetich UANL Tigres
Clausura 2003 CF Monterrey ArgentiniansArgentinians Daniel Passarella Monarcas Morelia
Apertura 2002 Deportivo Toluca ArgentiniansArgentinians Alberto Jorge Monarcas Morelia
Verano 2002 Club America MexicanMexican Manuel Lapuente Club Necaxa
Invierno 2001 CF Pachuca MexicanMexican Alfredo Tena UANL Tigres
Verano 2001 Santos Laguna MexicanMexican Fernando Quirarte CF Pachuca
Invierno 2000 Monarcas Morelia MexicanMexican Luis Fernando Tena Deportivo Toluca
Verano 2000 Deportivo Toluca MexicanMexican Enrique Meza Santos Laguna
Invierno 1999 CF Pachuca MexicanMexican Javier Aguirre CD Cruz Azul
Verano 1999 Deportivo Toluca MexicanMexican Enrique Meza Atlas Guadalajara
Invierno 1998 Club Necaxa MexicanMexican Raúl Arias Deportivo Guadalajara
Verano 1998 Deportivo Toluca MexicanMexican Enrique Meza Club Necaxa
Invierno 1997 CD Cruz Azul MexicanMexican Luis Fernando Tena Club León
Verano 1997 Deportivo Guadalajara BrazilianBrazilian Ricardo Ferretti Toros Neza
Invierno 1996 Santos Laguna MexicanMexican Alfredo Tena Club Necaxa
1995/96 Club Necaxa MexicanMexican Manuel Lapuente Atlético Celaya
1994/95 Club Necaxa MexicanMexican Manuel Lapuente CD Cruz Azul
1993/94 UAG Tecos MexicanMexican Víctor M. Vucetich Santos Laguna
1992/93 CF Atlante ArgentiniansArgentinians Ricardo La Volpe CF Monterrey
1991/92 Club León MexicanMexican Víctor M. Vucetich Puebla FC
1990/91 UNAM Pumas MexicanMexican Miguel Mejía Barón Club America
1989/90 Puebla FC MexicanMexican Manuel Lapuente UdeG
1988/89 Club America BrazilianBrazilian Jorge Vieira CD Cruz Azul
1987/88 Club America BrazilianBrazilian Jorge Vieira UNAM Pumas
1986/87 Deportivo Guadalajara MexicanMexican Alberto Guerra CD Cruz Azul
México 1986 CF Monterrey MexicanMexican Francisco Avilan Tampico-Madero
Prode 1985 Club America ArgentiniansArgentinians Miguel Ángel López Tampico-Madero
1984/85 Club America ArgentiniansArgentinians Miguel Ángel López UNAM Pumas
1983/84 Club America ChileanChilean Carlos Reinoso Deportivo Guadalajara
1982/83 Puebla FC MexicanMexican Manuel Lapuente Deportivo Guadalajara
1981/82 UANL Tigres UruguayanUruguayan Carlos Miloc CF Atlante
1980/81 UNAM Pumas YugoslavYugoslav Bora Milutinović CD Cruz Azul
1979/80 CD Cruz Azul MexicanMexican Ignacio Trelles UANL Tigres
1978/79 CD Cruz Azul MexicanMexican Ignacio Trelles UNAM Pumas
1977/78 UANL Tigres UruguayanUruguayan Carlos Miloc UNAM Pumas
1976/77 UNAM Pumas HungarianHungarian Jorge Marik UdeG
1975/76 Club America MexicanMexican Raúl Cárdenas UdeG
1974/75 Deportivo Toluca UruguayanUruguayan Ricardo de León Club León
1973/74 CD Cruz Azul MexicanMexican Raúl Cárdenas Atlético Español
1972/73 CD Cruz Azul MexicanMexican Raúl Cárdenas Club León
1971/72 CD Cruz Azul MexicanMexican Raúl Cárdenas Club America
1970/71 Club America MexicanMexican José Antonio Roca Deportivo Toluca
Mexico 1970 CD Cruz Azul MexicanMexican Raúl Cárdenas Deportivo Guadalajara
1969/70 Deportivo Guadalajara MexicanMexican Javier de la Torre CD Cruz Azul
1968/69 CD Cruz Azul MexicanMexican Raúl Cárdenas Deportivo Guadalajara
1967/68 Deportivo Toluca MexicanMexican Ignacio Trelles UNAM Pumas
1966/67 Deportivo Toluca MexicanMexican Ignacio Trelles Club America
1965/66 Club America UruguayanUruguayan Roberto Scarone Atlas Guadalajara
1964/65 Deportivo Guadalajara MexicanMexican Javier de la Torre Club Deportivo Oro
1963/64 Deportivo Guadalajara MexicanMexican Javier de la Torre Club America
1962/63 Club Deportivo Oro HungarianHungarian Árpád Fekete Deportivo Guadalajara
1961/62 Deportivo Guadalajara MexicanMexican Javier de la Torre Club America
1960/61 Deportivo Guadalajara MexicanMexican Javier de la Torre Club Deportivo Oro
1959/60 Deportivo Guadalajara HungarianHungarian Árpád Fekete Club America
1958/59 Deportivo Guadalajara HungarianHungarian Árpád Fekete Club León
1957/58 CD Zacatepec MexicanMexican Ignacio Trelles Deportivo Toluca
1956/57 Deportivo Guadalajara UruguayanUruguayan Donaldo Ross Deportivo Toluca
1955/56 Club León SpaniardsSpaniards Antonio López Herranz Club Deportivo Oro
1954/55 CD Zacatepec MexicanMexican Ignacio Trelles Deportivo Guadalajara
1953/54 Marte MexicanMexican Ignacio Trelles Club Deportivo Oro
1952/53 CD Tampico SpaniardsSpaniards Joaquín Urquiaga CD Zacatepec
1951/52 Club León SpaniardsSpaniards Antonio López Herranz Deportivo Guadalajara
1950/51 Atlas Guadalajara ArgentiniansArgentinians Eduardo Valdatti CF Atlante
1949/50 CD Veracruz SpaniardsSpaniards Juan Luque de Serrallonga CF Atlante
1948/49 Club León ArgentiniansArgentinians José María Casullo Atlas Guadalajara
1947/48 Club León ArgentiniansArgentinians José María Casullo Club Deportivo Oro
1946/47 CF Atlante HungarianHungarian Luis Grocz Club León
1945/46 CD Veracruz ArgentiniansArgentinians Enrique Palomini CF Atlante
1944/45 España Costa RicansCosta Ricans Rodolfo Muñoz Puebla FC
1943/44 Asturias AustrianAustrian Ernst Pauler España

Number of championships won in the professional league

society title Years
America 13 1966, 1971, 1976, 1984, 1985, Prode 85, 1988, 1989, Ver 02, Cla 05, Cla 13, Ape 14, Ape 18
CD Guadalajara 12 1957, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1970, 1987, Ver 97, Ape 06, Cla 17
Dep. Toluca 10 1967, 1968, 1975, Ver 98, Ver 99, Ver 00, Ape 02, Ape 05, Ape 08, Bic 10
Cruz Azul 8th 1969, Mex 70, 1972-1974, 1979, 1980, Inv 97
UNAM Pumas 7th 1977, 1981, 1991, Cla 04, Ape 04, Cla 09, Cla 11
Club León 7th 1948, 1949, 1952, 1956, 1992, Ape 13, Cla 14
UANL Tigres 7th 1978, 1982, Ape 11, Ape 15, Ape 16, Ape 17, Cla 19
CF Pachuca 6th Inv 99, Inv 01, Ape 03, Cla 06, Cla 07, Cla 16
Santos Laguna 6th Inv 96, Ver 01, Cla 08, Cla 12, Cla 15, Cla 18
CF Monterrey 5 Mex 86, Cla 03, Ape 09, Ape 10, Ape 19
Atlante 3 1947, 1993, Ape 07
Necaxa 3 1995, 1996, Inv 98
CD Veracruz 2 1946, 1950
CD Zacatepec 2 1955, 1958
Puebla FC 2 1983, 1990
CF Asturias 1 1944
Club España 1 1945
Atlas Guadalajara 1 1951
CD Tampico 1 1953
CD Marte 1 1954
CD Oro 1 1963
UAG Tecos 1 1994
Morelia 1 Inv 2000
Tijuana 1 Ape 2012

Status: including Apertura 2019 (won by CF Monterrey)

Top scorer

season Surname team Gates
1943/44 SpaniardsSpaniards Isidro Lángara España 27
1944/45 ArgentiniansArgentinians Roberto Aballay Asturias 40
1945/46 SpaniardsSpaniards Isidro Lángara España 40
1946/47 MexicanMexican Adalberto "Dumbo" López Leon 33
1947/48 MexicanMexican Adalberto "Dumbo" López Leon 36
1948/49 MexicanMexican Adalberto "Dumbo" López Leon 28
1949/50 PeruvianPeruvian Julio Ayllón Aparicio Veracruz 30th
1950/51 MexicanMexican Horacio Casarín Necaxa 17th
1951/52 MexicanMexican Adalberto "Dumbo" López Oro 16
1952/53 Costa RicansCosta Ricans PeruvianPeruvian Tulio Quiñones Necaxa 14th
1953/54 ArgentiniansArgentinians Juan Carlos Carrera Adalberto "Dumbo" López Julio M. Palleiro
1954/55 UruguayanUruguayan Julio M. Palleiro Necaxa 19th
1955/56 MexicanMexican Héctor Hernández Oro 25th
1956/57 MexicanMexican Crescencio "Mellone" Gutierrez Guadalajara 19th
1957/58 MexicanMexican ArgentiniansArgentinians Carlos "Charro" Lara Zacatepec 19th
1958/59 MexicanMexican Eduardo González Palmer America 25th
1959/60 ArgentiniansArgentinians Roberto Rolando Tampico 22nd
1960/61 MexicanMexican ArgentiniansArgentinians Carlos "Charro" Lara Zacatepec 22nd
1961/62 MexicanMexican Salvador Reyes Carlos "Charro" Lara
MexicanMexican ArgentiniansArgentinians
1962/63 BrazilianBrazilian Amaury Epaminondas Oro 19th
1963/64 ArgentiniansArgentinians Alberto Etcheverry Pumas UNAM 20th
1964/65 BrazilianBrazilian Amaury Epaminondas Oro 21st
1965/66 BrazilianBrazilian José Alves "Zague" America 20th
1966/67 BrazilianBrazilian Amaury Epaminondas Toluca 21st
1967/68 MexicanMexican Bernardo "Manolete" Hernández Atlante 19th
1968/69 MexicanMexican Luis "Chino" Estrada Leon 24
1969-70 MexicanMexican Vicente Pereda Toluca 20th
Mexico 70 MexicanMexican Sergio Anaya Leon 16
1970/71 MexicanMexican Enrique Borja America 20th
1971/72 MexicanMexican Enrique Borja America 26th
1972/73 MexicanMexican Enrique Borja America 24
1973/74 ChileanChilean Osvaldo Castro "Pata Bendita" America 26th
1974/75 MexicanMexican Horacio López Salgado Cruz Azul 25th
1975/76 BrazilianBrazilian Evanivaldo Castro "Cabinho" Pumas UNAM 29
1976/77 BrazilianBrazilian Evanivaldo Castro "Cabinho" Pumas UNAM 34
1977/78 BrazilianBrazilian Evanivaldo Castro "Cabinho" Pumas UNAM 33
1978/79 BrazilianBrazilian Evanivaldo Castro "Cabinho" Hugo Sánchez
Pumas UNAM
Pumas UNAM
1979/80 BrazilianBrazilian Evanivaldo Castro "Cabinho" Atlante 30th
1980/81 BrazilianBrazilian Evanivaldo Castro "Cabinho" Atlante 29
1981/82 BrazilianBrazilian Evanivaldo Castro "Cabinho" Atlante 32
1982/83 ArgentiniansArgentinians Norberto Outes America 22nd
1983/84 ArgentiniansArgentinians Norberto Outes Necaxa 28
1984/85 BrazilianBrazilian Evanivaldo Castro "Cabinho" Leon 23
Prode 85 MexicanMexican Sergio Lira Tampico-Madero 10
Mexico 86 MexicanMexican Sergio Lira Francisco Javier Cruz
1986/87 UruguayanUruguayan José Luis Zalazar UAG Tecos 23
1987/88 MexicanMexican Luis Flores Pumas UNAM 24
1988/89 MexicanMexican Sergio Lira Tampico-Madero 29
1989/90 ArgentiniansArgentinians Jorge Comas Veracruz 26th
1990/91 MexicanMexican Luis García Postigo Pumas UNAM 24
1991/92 MexicanMexican Luis García Postigo Pumas UNAM 26th
1992/93 ChileanChilean Ivo Basay Necaxa 27
1993/94 MexicanMexican Carlos Hermosillo Cruz Azul 27
1994/95 MexicanMexican Carlos Hermosillo Cruz Azul 35
1995/96 MexicanMexican Carlos Hermosillo Cruz Azul 36
Winter 96 SpaniardsSpaniards Carlos Muñoz Puebla 15th
Summer 97 ArgentiniansArgentinians Lorenzo Sáez Gabriel Caballero
ArgentiniansArgentinians MexicanMexican
Santos Laguna
Winter 97 MexicanMexican Luis García Postigo Atlante 12
Summer 98 ParaguayansParaguayans José Saturnino Cardozo Toluca 13
Winter 98 MexicanMexican Cuauhtémoc Blanco America 16
Summer 99 ParaguayansParaguayans José Saturnino Cardozo Toluca 15th
Winter 99 MexicanMexican Jesús Olalde Pumas UNAM 15th
Summer 00 EcuadoriansEcuadorians Agustín Delgado Sebastián Abreu Everaldo Begines
Winter 00 MexicanMexican Jared Borgetti Santos Laguna 17th
Summer 01 MexicanMexican Jared Borgetti Santos Laguna 13
Winter 01 UruguayanUruguayan Martín Rodríguez Irapuato 12
Summer 02 UruguayanUruguayan Sebastián Abreu Cruz Azul 19th
Apertura 02 ParaguayansParaguayans José Saturnino Cardozo Toluca 29
Clausura 03 ParaguayansParaguayans José Saturnino Cardozo Toluca 21st
Apertura 03 ColombiansColombians Luis Gabriel Rey Atlante 15th
Clausura 04 ArgentiniansArgentinians Andrés Silvera Bruno Marioni
Pumas UNAM
Apertura 04 ArgentiniansArgentinians Guillermo Franco Monterrey 15th
Clausura 05 ArgentiniansArgentinians MexicanMexican Matias Vuoso Santos Laguna 15th
Apertura 05 UruguayanUruguayan Sebastián Abreu Walter Gaitán Kléber Pereira Matías Vuoso
ArgentiniansArgentinians MexicanMexican
Dorados de Sinaloa
Santos Laguna
Clausura 06 ParaguayansParaguayans Salvador Cabañas Sebastián Abreu
Dorados de Sinaloa
Apertura 06 ArgentiniansArgentinians Bruno Marioni Toluca 11
Clausura 07 MexicanMexican Omar Bravo Guadalajara 11
Apertura 07 ArgentiniansArgentinians Alfredo Moreno Club San Luis 18th
Clausura 08 ChileanChilean Humberto Suazo CF Monterrey 13
Apertura 08 ChileanChilean Hector Mancilla Toluca 11
Clausura 09 ChileanChilean Hector Mancilla Toluca 14th
Apertura 09 ArgentiniansArgentinians Emanuel villa Cruz Azul 17th
Clausura 10 MexicanMexican Chicharito Johan Fano Hérculez Gómez
Apertura 10 EcuadoriansEcuadorians Christian Benítez Santos Laguna 14th
Clausura 11 MexicanMexican Ángel Reyna America 13
Apertura 11 UruguayanUruguayan Iván Alonso Toluca 11
Clausura 12 UruguayanUruguayan Iván Alonso Christian Benítez
Apertura 12 EcuadoriansEcuadorians Christian Benítez Esteban Paredes
Clausura 13 EcuadoriansEcuadorians Christian Benítez America 12
Apertura 13 ParaguayansParaguayans Pablo Velázquez Toluca 12
Clausura 14 EcuadoriansEcuadorians Enner Valencia Pachuca 12
Apertura 14 ArgentiniansArgentinians Mauro Boselli Camilo Sanvezzo
Clausura 15 ColombiansColombians Dorlan Pabón Monterrey 10
Apertura 15 ArgentiniansArgentinians Mauro Boselli Emanuel Villa
Clausura 16 FrenchmanFrenchman André-Pierre Gignac Tigres 13
Apertura 16 ColombiansColombians Dayro Moreno Raúl Ruidíaz
Clausura 17 PeruvianPeruvian Raúl Ruidíaz
Apertura 17 ArgentiniansArgentinians Mauro Boselli Avilés Hurtado
Clausura 18 Cape VerdeCape Verde Djaniny
Santos Laguna
Apertura 18 FrenchmanFrenchman André-Pierre Gignac Tigres 14th
Clausura 19 EcuadoriansEcuadorians Ángel Mena Leon 14th
Apertura 19 MexicanMexican Alan Pulido Mauro Quiroga
Clausura 20 UruguayanUruguayan Jonathan Rodríguez Cruz Azul 09

The promoted and relegated

The following overview contains the respective direct promoters from the second division and the direct relegated from the first division.

season Climbers Promotion coach Relegated Relegation coach
2018/19 Atlético San Luis 1 MexicanMexican Luis Alfonso Sosa CD Veracruz 1 MexicanMexican José Luis González China
2017/18 Cafetaleros Tapachula 2 MexicanMexican Gabriel Caballero Lobos BUAP 2 MexicanMexican Daniel Alcántar
2016/17 Lobos BUAP MexicanMexican Rafael Puente Chiapas FC MexicanMexican Sergio Bueno
2015/16 Necaxa MexicanMexican Luis Alfonso Sosa Dorados de Sinaloa MexicanMexican José Guadalupe Cruz
2014/15 Dorados de Sinaloa ArgentiniansArgentinians Carlos Bustos Leones Negros MexicanMexican Luis Alfonso Sosa
2013/14 Leones Negros MexicanMexican Luis Alfonso Sosa CF Atlante ArgentiniansArgentinians Pablo Marini
2012/13 CF La Piedad 3 MexicanMexican Cristóbal Ortega Querétaro FC 4 MexicanMexican Ignacio Ambríz
2011/12 Club León UruguayanUruguayan Gustavo Matosas Estudiantes Tecos UruguayanUruguayan Héctor Hugo Eugui
2010/11 Club Tijuana MexicanMexican Joaquin del Olmo Necaxa MexicanMexican Sergio Bueno
2009/10 Necaxa MexicanMexican Omar Arellano Nuño Indios Juarez MexicanMexican Gabino Amparan
2008/09 Querétaro FC MexicanMexican Hector Medrano Necaxa MexicanMexican Raúl Arias
2007/08 Indios Juarez MexicanMexican Sergio Orduña CD Veracruz MexicanMexican Miguel Herrera
2006/07 Puebla FC MexicanMexican SpaniardsSpaniards José Luis Sánchez Querétaro FC MexicanMexican Salvador Luis Reyes
2005/06 Querétaro FC MexicanMexican Salvador Luis Reyes Dorados de Sinaloa SpaniardsSpaniards Juanma Lillo
2004/05 Club San Luis ChileanChilean Carlos Reinoso Puebla FC ArgentiniansArgentinians Roberto Saporiti
2003/04 Dorados de Sinaloa MexicanMexican Juan Carlos Chavez Club San Luis ChileanChilean Carlos Reinoso
2002/03 CD Irapuato MexicanMexican José Luis Saldivar Colibries MexicanMexican Rodolfo Sotelo Felipe Ocampo
2001/02 Club San Luis MexicanMexican Juan Antonio Luna Club León MexicanMexican Rafael Chavez Carretero
2000/01 CF La Piedad MexicanMexican Carlos Bracamontes no relegation
1999/00 CD Irapuato MexicanMexican Juan Alvarado Toros Neza ChileanChilean Nelson Sanhueza
1998/99 Unión de Curtidores 5 MexicanMexican Carlos Bracamontes Puebla FC 5 BrazilianBrazilian Manoel Miluir
1997/98 CF Pachuca ArgentiniansArgentinians Andrés Fassi CD Veracruz MexicanMexican Juan Manuel Álvarez
1996/97 UANL Tigres MexicanMexican Alberto Guerra CF Pachuca ArgentiniansArgentinians Andrés Fassi
1995/96 CF Pachuca ArgentiniansArgentinians Rubén Ayala UANL Tigres MexicanMexican Víctor Manuel Vucetich
1994/95 Atlético Celaya MexicanMexican Juan Manuel Álvarez UAT Correcaminos
Tampico-Madero FC
MexicanMexican Francisco Medrano Juan de Dios Castillo
1993/94 Tampico-Madero FC MexicanMexican José Camacho Querétaro FC MexicanMexican Carlos de los Cobos
1992/93 Toros Neza MexicanMexican Jorge Gomez CF Pachuca MexicanMexican Ignacio Jáuregui
1991/92 CF Pachuca MexicanMexican Benjamin Fal Cobras Juarez MexicanMexican Joaquín Mendoza
1990/91 CF Atlante MexicanMexican Luis Manuel Torres CD Irapuato ArgentiniansArgentinians Roberto Puppo
1989/90 Club León MexicanMexican Víctor Manuel Vucetich CF Atlante ArgentiniansArgentinians Carlos Rodríguez
1988/89 Potros Neza 6 MexicanMexican Víctor Manuel Vucetich Atlético Potosino MexicanMexican Jesús de Anda
1987/88 Cobras Juarez MexicanMexican Joaquín Mendoza UAT Correcaminos MexicanMexican Juan Manuel Álvarez
1986/87 UAT Correcaminos MexicanMexican Diego Malta Club León
Cobras Querétaro
ChileanChilean Pedro García Barros Rubén Ayala
1985/86 Cobras Querétaro MexicanMexican Jorge Gomez no relegation
1984/85 CD Irapuato MexicanMexican Diego Malta CD Zacatepec MexicanMexican Fernando Dávila
1983/84 CD Zacatepec MexicanMexican José Vela Unión de Curtidores MexicanMexican Juan Manuel Olague
1982/83 Unión de Curtidores MexicanMexican Alfredo Torres CD Zacatepec MexicanMexican Pedro Nájera
1981/82 CF Oaxtepec MexicanMexican Edelmiro Arnauda Tampico-Madero FC MexicanMexican Basilio Salazar
1980/81 Atlético Morelia MexicanMexican Diego Malta Unión de Curtidores UruguayanUruguayan Pio Tabaré
1979/80 Atletas Campesinos MexicanMexican Antonio Carbajal CSD Jalisco MexicanMexican Guillermo Hernández
1978/79 Atlas Guadalajara MexicanMexican Alfredo Torres CD Veracruz MexicanMexican Odilón Mireles
1977/78 CD Zacatepec MexicanMexican Gustavo Cabañas Atlas Guadalajara PeruvianPeruvian Claudio Lostanau
1976/77 CF Atlante ArgentiniansArgentinians José "Che" Gómez CD Zacatepec ArgentiniansArgentinians Carlos Turcato
1975/76 Club San Luis UruguayanUruguayan Carlos Miloc CF Atlante MexicanMexican Carlos Iturralde Dagoberto Moll
1974/75 UAG Tecos MexicanMexican Everardo Villaseñor Ciudad Madero MexicanMexican José Robles
1973/74 UANL ArgentiniansArgentinians José "Che" Gómez Club San Luis MexicanMexican Arturo Mendoza
1972/73 Ciudad Madero PeruvianPeruvian Grimaldo González CF Pachuca MexicanMexican Jesus del Muro
1971/72 Atlas Guadalajara MexicanMexican Alfredo Torres CD Irapuato MexicanMexican Mario Rey
1970/71 Club San Luis MexicanMexican Salvador Reyes Atlas Guadalajara HungarianHungarian Árpád Fekete
1969/70 CD Zacatepec ArgentiniansArgentinians Ernesto Candia no relegation
1968/69 CF Torreón PeruvianPeruvian Grimaldo González CF Nuevo León MexicanMexicanFrancisco Rodríguez Alberto Etcheverry
1967/68 CF Laguna ArgentiniansArgentinians Juan Ángel Pérez Atlético Morelia MexicanMexican Alfredo Herrera
1966/67 CF Pachuca ArgentiniansArgentinians Ernesto Candia Ciudad Madero BrazilianBrazilian Nicola Gravina
1965/66 CF Nuevo León PeruvianPeruvian Augusto Arrasco CD Zacatepec MexicanMexican Francisco Hernández
1964/65 Ciudad Madero ArgentiniansArgentinians Ernesto Candia CD Nacional UruguayanUruguayan Humberto Buchelli
1963/64 CD Cruz Azul HungarianHungarian Jorge Marik no relegation
1962/63 CD Zacatepec MexicanMexican Fernando García CD Tampico ArgentiniansArgentinians Ernesto Candia
1961/62 UNAM Pumas MexicanMexican Octavio Vial CD Zacatepec MexicanMexican Donato Alonso
1960/61 CD Nacional ArgentiniansArgentinians Javier Novello Celaya FC MexicanMexican Gabriel Uñate
1959/60 CF Monterrey MexicanMexican Diego Mercado CD Zamora MexicanMexican Carlos Seville
1958/59 CD Tampico HungarianHungarian Béla Kállói CD Cuautla MexicanMexican Donato Alonso
1957/58 Celaya FC ArgentiniansArgentinians Florencio Caffaratti CD Tampico PeruvianPeruvian Grimaldo González
1956/57 CD Zamora ArgentiniansArgentinians Raúl Leguizamón CF Monterrey MexicanMexican Manuel Pando
1955/56 CF Monterrey MexicanMexican Manuel Pando CD Zamora MexicanMexican Enríque Álvarez
1954/55 Atlas Guadalajara MexicanMexican Felipe Zetter CD Marte MexicanMexican Servando Vargas
1953/54 CD Irapuato MexicanMexican Felipe Castañeda Atlas Guadalajara ArgentiniansArgentinians Eduardo Valdatti
1952/53 CD Toluca SpaniardsSpaniards Tomàs Fàbregas CF La Piedad SpaniardsSpaniardsAntonio Álvarez Servando Vargas
1951/52 CF La Piedad MexicanMexican José Moncebáez CD Veracruz ArgentiniansArgentinians Jorge Cocellato
1950/51 CD Zacatepec MexicanMexican Ignacio Trelles San Sebastian ArgentiniansArgentinians Marcos Aurelio

References and comments

The promoters and relegators can be found in the RSSSF database. The names of the trainers not listed there can be found under the following web links:

1 The CD Veracruz escapes relegation because the Lobos BUAP sell their first division license to FC Juárez, which replaces them in the top division. Because Atlético San Luis is also aware of its athletic promotion, the league will be expanded by a team in the 2019/20 season.
2 As a non-certified team, the Cafetaleros were not allowed to take advantage of the promotion, and with a payment of 6 million US dollars, the Lobos BUAP, who had been relegated to sport, bought their continued membership in the first division. (See season report 2017/18 at RSSSF)
3 La Piedad did not notice the promotion, but sold his license to the CD Veracruz.
4 Querétaro escaped relegation by acquiring a license and in the end San Luis FC left the league.
5 Unión de Curtidores has not seen its climb as his license has been sold. After the 1998/99 season, the first division license of its city rivals Club León was sold to the actual relegated Puebla FC, who was thus able to keep in the league, and the players of Club León transferred to Unión de Curtidores. This decision led to massive fan protests on the part of Club León. In order to calm the situation down, the decision was made by those responsible for sport to let Club León continue to play in the first division and to withdraw Unión de Curtidores from the same. (See season report 1998/99 at RSSSF)
6 Potros Neza did not notice the promotion, but sold his license to the CD Veracruz.

Audience numbers

In Apertura 2018, the average number of spectators per game was 22,896, making the Liga MX one of the most popular football leagues in the world. UANL Tigres (40,995) and CD Cruz Azul (35,999) had the highest average viewership.

season cut Games total
Clausura 2016 27,800 153 4,253,406
Clausura 2016 playoffs 37,216 14th 521.022
Apertura 2016 26,590 153 4,068,308
Apertura 2016 playoffs 37,971 14th 531.597
Clausura 2017 27,832 153 4,258,250
Clausura 2017 playoffs 36,161 14th 506.248
Apertura 2017 23,521 153 3,598,728
Apertura 2017 playoffs 35,640 14th 498,956
Clausura 2018 25.183 153 3,852,988
Clausura 2018 playoffs 31,277 14th 437,877
Apertura 2018 22,896 153 3,503,121
Apertura 2018 playoffs 41,226 14th 577.166

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Individual evidence

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