List of Roman provinces from Diocletian onwards

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Map of the Roman Empire around 395

The list of Roman provinces from Diocletian onwards provides the essential information on the development of the Roman regional structure after the administrative reform of Emperor Diocletian up to the division of the empire in 395 , when the division into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire took place. The information on the development of the Roman regional structure up to the administrative reform of Diocletian is presented in the list of the Roman provinces up to Diocletian . An alphabetical list of all Roman provinces regardless of the time of their existence can be found under List of Provinces of the Roman Empire .

With the administrative reform of Diocletian and his successors, mostly smaller units were formed from the 46 provinces so far, mainly through division 85; Only in one case were provinces amalgamated ( Alpes Graiae and Alpes Poeninae to Alpes Graiae et Poeninae ), and no major border shifts took place (exception: Alpes Maritimae , which was expanded to include parts of Gallia Narbonensis and Alpes Cottiae ). An essential feature of the reform was that the Italian peninsula, which had previously had the privilege of not counting among the provinces, was divided into eight units. In a further reform, the number of the now 93 provinces was increased to 119. This time, too , mainly divisions and only a merger of ( Numidia Cirtensis and Numidia Militiane to Numidia ) took place, which, however, only involved the reversal of a previous division acted.

The more than doubled number of provinces made it necessary to introduce a further hierarchy level, the consolidation of individual provinces into dioceses . Under Emperor Constantine I , the Praetorian prefects , who were released from their military duties, were entrusted with civil duties as a further administrative level.

The hierarchy levels

Thus at the end of the 4th century the Roman Empire had the following regional hierarchy:

Praefectus praetorio per Orientem
Praefectus praetorio Illyrici, Italiae et Africae
Praefectus praetorio Galliarum

The division of the empire in 395 had consequences for the prefects, as the prefecture "Illyricum, Italia et Africa" ​​had to be divided. The Praefectus praetorio Galliarum and a Praefectus praetorio Italiae et Africae belonged to the Western Roman Empire, the Praefectus praetorio per Orientem and a Praefectus praetorio Illyrici to the Eastern Roman Empire.


old province Provinces at the time of Diocletian and Constantine I. diocese Provinces at the time of the division of the empire (395) diocese approximate location
Achaia Achaea Moesia Achaea Macedonia Peloponnese , Attica
Aegyptus Thebais Oriens Thebais Aegyptus Upper Egypt
Aegyptus iovia Oriens Aegyptus Aegyptus western Nile Delta
Aegyptus Herculea Oriens Augustamnica Aegyptus eastern Nile Delta
Arcadia Aegyptus Middle Egypt
Africa Proconsularis Zeugitana Africa Africa proconsularis Africa northern Tunisia
Valeria Byzacena Africa Byzacena Africa southern Tunisia
Tripolitana Africa western coast of Libya
Alpes Cottiae Alpes Cottiae Italia Alpes Cottiae Italia annonaria Cottian Alps
Alpes Maritimae Alpes Maritimae Viennensis Alpes Maritimae Septem Provinciae the French departments of
Alpes-Maritimes , Alpes-de-Haute-Provence , Hautes-Alpes
Alpes Atrectianae et Poeninae Alpes Graiae et Poeninae Galliae Alpes Graiae et Poeninae Galliae Savoie , Wallis
Aquitania Novempopulana Viennensis Novempopulana Septem Provinciae Gascony
Aquitania Viennensis Aquitania great Septem Provinciae Auvergne
Aquitania secunda Septem Provinciae Poitou , Charente
Arabia Arabia Oriens Arabia Oriens Jordan
Asia Asia Asiana Asia Asiana turkish aegean coast
Hellespontus Asiana Asian side of the Dardanelles
Lydia Asiana Lydia Asiana western Turkey
Caria Asiana Caria Asiana southwestern Turkey
Insulae Asiana Insulae Asiana Aegean Islands
Phrygia Asiana Phrygia Pacatiana Asiana western Turkey
Phrygia salutaris Asiana western Turkey
Baetica Baetica Hispania Baetica Hispania Andalusia
Pontus et Bithynia Bithynia Pontica Bithynia Pontica Turkey near Istanbul
Paphlagonia Pontica Paphlagonia Pontica western Turkish Black Sea coast
Honorias Pontica  
Diospontus Pontica Helenopontus Pontica Turkish Black Sea coast near Sinop
Britannia inferior Flavia Caesariensis Britannia Flavia Caesariensis Britannia Central and North England
Britannia superior Britannia I Britannia Britannia I Britannia  
Britannia II Britannia Britannia II Britannia  
Maxima Caesariensis Britannia Maxima Caesariensis Britannia  
Cappadocia Cappadocia Pontica Cappadocia I Pontica Central Turkey
Cappadocia II Pontica Central Turkey
Pontus Polemoniacus Pontica Pontus Polemoniacus Pontica Turkish Black Sea coast near Trabzon
Armenia minor Pontica Armenia I Pontica eastern Turkey
Armenia II Pontica eastern Turkey
Cilicia Cilicia Oriens Cilicia I Oriens eastern Turkish Mediterranean coast
Cilicia II Oriens eastern Turkish Mediterranean coast
Isauria Oriens Isauria Oriens central Turkish Mediterranean coast
Creta et Cyrenae Creta Moesia Creta Macedonia Crete
Libya superior Oriens Libya superior Aegyptus northeastern Libya
Libya inferior Oriens Libya inferior Aegyptus northwestern Egypt
Cyprus Cyprus Oriens Cyprus Oriens Cyprus
Dalmatia Dalmatia Pannonia Dalmatia Pannonia Dalmatia , Bosnia
Epirus Epirus vetus Moesia Epirus vetus Macedonia Northwest Greece , South Albania
Galatia Galatia Pontica Galatia salutaris Pontica Central Turkey
Galatia Pontica Central Turkey
Pisidia Pontica Pisidia Pontica South turkey
Lycaonia Pontica South turkey
Belgica Belgica I Gallia Belgica I Gallia Catchment area of ​​the Moselle
Belgica II Gallia Belgica II Gallia Belgium , northern France to the Marne
Gallia Lugdunensis Sequania Gallia Maxima Sequanorum Gallia Western and Central Switzerland , Jura
Lugdunensis I Gallia Lugdunensis I Gallia Burgundy
Lugdunensis II Gallia Lugdunensis II Gallia Normandy
Lugdunensis III Gallia Brittany , lower reaches of the Loire
Senonia Gallia Paris , Orléans
Gallia Narbonensis Narbonensis Viennensis Narbonensis I Septem Provinciae Languedoc
Viennensis Viennensis Viennensis Septem Provinciae Rhone Valley
Narbonensis II Septem Provinciae Var , Vaucluse , Drôme
Germania inferior Germania II Gallia Germania II Gallia Catchment area of ​​the Meuse
Germania superior Germania I Gallia Germania I Gallia Parts of Alsace , Rhineland-Palatinate , Baden-Württemberg
Italia (not previously considered a province) Venetia and Histria Italia Venetia and Histria Italia annonaria Veneto and Istria
Aemilia et Liguria Italia Aemilia Italia annonaria western Emilia-Romagna
Liguria Italia annonaria Liguria
Flaminia et Picenum Italia Flaminia et Picenum annonarium Italia annonaria eastern Emilia-Romagna
Picenum suburbicarium Italia suburbicaria Brands
Tuscia and Umbria Italia Tuscia and Umbria Italia suburbicaria Tuscany , Umbria
Valeria Italia Valeria Italia suburbicaria northeast of Rome
Campania et Samnium Italia Campania Italia suburbicaria Campania
Samnium Italia suburbicaria Abruzzo , Molise
Apulia and Calabria Italia Apulia and Calabria Italia suburbicaria Apulia
Lucania and Brittii Italia Brittii and Lucania Italia suburbicaria Calabria , Basilicata
Lusitania Lusitania Hispania Lusitania Hispania Portugal , Extremadura
Lycia and Pamphylia Pamphylia Asiana Pamphylia Asiana western Turkish Mediterranean coast
Lycia Asiana western Turkish Mediterranean coast
Macedonia Macedonia Moesia Macedonia Macedonia Northern Greece
Macedonia salutaris Macedonia  
Epirus nova Moesia Epirus nova Macedonia Albania
Thessalia Moesia Thessalia Macedonia medium
Mauretania Tingitana Mauretania Tingitana Hispania Mauretania Tingitana Hispania North morocco
Mauretania Caesariensis Mauretania Caesariensis Africa Mauretania Caesariensis Africa North Algeria
Mesopotamia Mesopotamia Oriens Mesopotamia Oriens North iraq
Osrhoene Oriens Syria east of the Euphrates
Moesia inferior Moesia inferior Thracia Moesia II Thracia Northern Bulgaria
Scythia Thracia Scythia Thracia Romanian Black Sea coast
Moesia superior Moesia superior Moesia Moesia I Dacia South serbia
Dacia Moesia Dacia ripensis Dacia northwest Bulgaria
Dacia mediterranea Dacia southwestern Bulgaria
Praevalitana Moesia Praevalitana Dacia Montenegro
Dardania Moesia Dardania Dacia Kosovo and North Macedonia
Noricum Noricum ripense Pannonia Noricum ripense Pannonia Upper Austria , Province of Salzburg and Mostviertel
Noricum mediterraneum Pannonia Noricum mediterraneum Pannonia East Tyrol, Carinthia and Styria
Numidia Numidia cirtensis Africa Numidia Africa northeastern Algeria
Numidia Militiane Africa
Pannonia superior Pannonia superior Pannonia Pannonia I Pannonia eastern Austria
Savia Pannonia Savia Pannonia Croatia
Pannonia inferior Pannonia inferior Pannonia Pannonia II Pannonia Vojvodina
Valeria ripensis Pannonia Valeria ripensis Pannonia West hungary
Raetia Raetia Italia Raetia I Italia annonaria Graubünden , Vorarlberg , western North Tyrol
Raetia II Italia annonaria Southern Bavaria between the Iller , Danube and Inn
Corsica et Sardinia Sardinia Italia Sardinia Italia suburbicaria Sardinia
Corsica Italia Corsica Italia suburbicaria Corsica
Sicilia Sicilia Italia Sicilia Italia suburbicaria Sicily
Syria Coele Syria Coele Oriens Syria Oriens syrian mediterranean coast
Syria salutaris Oriens Central Syria
Syria Euphratensis Oriens Syria , western bank of the Euphrates
Syria Phoenice Syria Phoenice Oriens Phoenice Oriens Lebanon
Phoenice Lebanesia Oriens southern Syria
Syria Palestine Syria Phoenice Oriens Palestine I. Oriens  
Palestine II Oriens  
Palestine salutaris Oriens Sinai
Hispania tarraconensis Tarraconensis Hispania Tarraconensis Hispania Northeast spain
Carthaginiensis Hispania Carthaginiensis Hispania Southeast spain
Gallaecia Hispania Gallaecia Hispania Galicia
Insulae Baleares Hispania Insulae Baleares Hispania Balearic Islands
Thracia Europe Thracia Europe Thracia European part of Turkey (→ Eastern Thrace )
Thracia Thracia Thracia Thracia southern Bulgaria
Haemimontus Thracia Haemimontus Thracia southeastern Bulgaria
Rhodope Thracia Rhodope Thracia northeastern Greece