Hessian Ministry for Economy, Energy, Transport and Housing

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Hessian Ministry for Economy, Energy, Transport and Housing

Hessian state government
State level State authority
position Ministry
Headquarters Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 75
Authority management Tarek Al-Wazir
Servants 420
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The state house is the seat of the ministry

The Hessian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Housing (HMWEVW) is one of nine ministries in the State of Hesse . It has its seat in the state house in the state capital Wiesbaden . The current Minister of State is Tarek Al-Wazir ( Alliance 90 / The Greens ), State Secretaries are Philipp Nimmermann and Jens Deutschendorf . From January 2014 to January 2019 it was called the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Regional Development and had previously had various other names.


The ministry is responsible for the planning approval of federal highways and motorways within the framework of federal contract management and for state roads. In the area of ​​infrastructure, other procedures are also coordinated by the company, for example the planning approval for the expansion of Frankfurt Airport .

The Ministry is the stock exchange supervisory authority for the State of Hesse and is therefore responsible for the supervision of Germany's most important stock exchanges, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Eurex derivatives exchange .

The Hessian administrative authority for the European Regional Development Fund ( ERDF ), the most important EU structural fund for Hesse, is also located in the Ministry . Further responsibilities include state planning and village renewal .

The ministry had around 420 employees in 2013. A total of around 6,144 employees worked in the economic department.

Subordinate authorities

Hessen Mobil is subordinate to the ministry as the upper state authority (formerly Hessian road and traffic administration) in Wiesbaden, with a further 12 branch offices in Bad Arolsen , Heppenheim , Darmstadt , Dillenburg , Eschwege , Fulda , Gelnhausen , Kassel , Marburg , Schotten and Wiesbaden as well the building material and soil test centers in Darmstadt, Kassel and Wetzlar.

The Hessen Mobil locations are responsible for the planning, new construction, expansion and maintenance of federal motorways, federal and state roads in their respective regional area of ​​responsibility and in some cases also take on the planning of district and municipal roads on behalf of the districts and municipalities. They also include the road maintenance depots .

Other subordinate authorities of the Ministry are:

State, technical and legal supervision

The Ministry exercises state supervision over numerous economic institutions:

The following are subject to technical supervision by the Ministry:

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Bank, as the promotional bank of the State of Hesse , is also subject to legal supervision by the Ministry .


The Ministry of Economics and Transport was formed in the Geiler cabinet in 1945. This also existed in the cabinet floor until November 9, 1949 and was transferred to the Ministry of Labor, Agriculture and Economy from November 9, 1949. In the Zinn I cabinet , the Ministry was designated as the Ministry of Labor, Economics and Transport from January 14, 1953. In Cabinet Zinn III , work and economy were again divided and the name of the ministry was again Ministry of Economy and Transport. In 1969 in the Osswald I cabinet , the ministry was redesigned again and now comprised business and technology. In 1991, the Ministry's area of ​​responsibility in the Eichel I cabinet expanded to include economics, transport and technology, and from February 1, 1994 to economics, transport, technology and European matters. In 1995 the name was the Ministry of Economics, Transport and Regional Development. With the appointment of the Bouffier II cabinet on January 18, 2014, the ministry was renamed the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development . When the Bouffier III cabinet was appointed, the name was again changed to Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing .

Previous ministers

Minister of State Tarek Al-Wazir (2016)
Surname Taking office cabinet Political party
Rudolf Mueller November 1, 1945 Hornier -
Werner Hilpert (acting) October 1, 1946 Hornier CDU
Harald Koch December 20, 1946 floor SPD
Christian Stock (acting) October 31, 1949 floor SPD
Albert Wagner November 9, 1949 floor SPD
Heinrich Fischer December 14, 1950 Tin I SPD
Gotthard Franke December 17, 1954
December 11, 1958
Tin II
tin III
Albert Osswald December 19, 1962 Tin IV SPD
Rudi Arndt September 16, 1964
December 14, 1966
October 3, 1969
Zinn IV
Zinn V
Osswald I
Heinz Herbert Karry December 1, 1970 December
18, 1974
October 12, 1976
December 1, 1978
Osswald II
Osswald III
Börner I
Börner II
Klaus-Jürgen Hoffie May 11, 1981 Borner II FDP
Heribert Reitz (acting) September 28, 1982 Borner II SPD
Ulrich Steger 4th July 1984 Borner III SPD
Alfred Schmidt April 24, 1987 Wallmann FDP
Ernst Welteke April 5, 1991 Acorn i SPD
Lothar Klemm January 26, 1994
April 5, 1995
Acorn I
Acorn II
Dieter Posch April 7, 1999 Cook I. FDP
Alois Rhiel April 5, 2003 Cook II CDU
Dieter Posch February 5, 2009
August 31, 2010
Koch III
Bouffier I
Florian Rentsch May 31, 2012 Bouffier I. FDP
Tarek Al-Wazir January 18, 2014
January 18, 2019
Bouffier II
Bouffier III

Former State Secretaries

Surname Taking office cabinet Political party
Ludwig Wedge November 1, 1945 Hornier KPD
Kurt Magnus January 10, 1951 floor 0
Friedrich Wilhelm Reuss May 1, 1951 Stick - tin III 0
Leonhard Lutz April 1, 1963 Tin IV - Tin V Non-party
Alfred Härtl March 15, 1967 Tin V - Osswald I SPD
Helmut Schnorr 17th December 1970 Osswald II - Osswald III SPD
Ekkehard Gries 2nd December 1975 Osswald III FDP
Otto Kirst 20th October 1977 Börner I - Börner II FDP
Otto Schmidt 4th July 1984 Borner III
Bernd Kummer December 12, 1985 Borner III SPD
Otto Kirst April 24, 1987 Wallmann FDP
Dieter Posch September 1, 1989 Wallmann FDP
Jürgen Wefelmeier April 5, 1991 Acorn i SPD
Matthias Kurth January 27, 1994 Acorn I - Acorn II SPD
Herbert Hirschler April 7, 1999 Chef I - Chef II FDP
Bernd Abeln February 1, 2004 Cook II CDU
Klaus-Peter Güttler February 1, 2007 Koch II - Koch III SPD
Steffen Saebisch February 5, 2009 Koch III - Bouffier I FDP
Mathias Samson January 18, 2014 Bouffier II Green
Philipp Nimmermann 18th January 2019 Bouffier III Green
Jens Deutschendorf 18th January 2019 Bouffier III Green

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  2. Decision on the responsibility of the individual ministers according to Art. 104, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution of the State of Hesse ( GVBl ) of March 28, 2014.

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