Kostomlaty nad Labem

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Kostomlaty nad Labem
Coat of arms of Kostomlaty nad Labem
Kostomlaty nad Labem (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Středočeský kraj
District : Nymburk
Area : 1805 ha
Geographic location : 50 ° 11 '  N , 14 ° 57'  E Coordinates: 50 ° 11 '4 "  N , 14 ° 57' 14"  E
Height: 184  m nm
Residents : 1,858 (Jan 1, 2019)
Postal code : 289 21, 536 02
License plate : S.
Street: Nymburk - Lysá nad Labem
Railway connection: Kolín – Děčín
Status: local community
Districts: 5
Mayor : Milena Hercoková (as of 2006)
Address: Hronětická 237
28921 Kostomlaty nad Labem
Municipality number: 537331
Website : www.kostomlaty-obec.cz

Kostomlaty nad Labem (German Groß Kostomlat ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic . It is located six kilometers west of Nymburk and belongs to the Okres Nymburk .


Kostomlaty is located on the right side of the Elbe at its tributary Vlkava on the Bohemian Table .

Neighboring towns are Hronětice, Lány and Šibice in the north, Dvory in the northeast, Kamenné Zboží , Nymburk and Drahelice in the east, Kostomlátky in the southeast, Doubrava and Hradištko in the south, Šnepov and Rozkoš in the west and Stratov in the northwest.


Bell tower in Kostomlaty
Chapel in Lány

Kostomlaty was founded in 1223. Mydlovar Castle with the “Šafranice” garden, which was first mentioned in 1346, is located to the southwest . According to legend, it is said to have been built by the Duchess Libuše . During the Hussite Wars , Kostomlaty was captured by Emperor Sigismund and Jan Puška was imprisoned. In the middle of the 16th century, wolves are said to have caused great damage in the surrounding forests.

In 1712 the first school was founded. During the Counter Reformation and the associated forced re-Catholicization of the residents, there were uprisings in 1775, which were suppressed militarily. Those residents who were not ready to change their faith then left the place. In 1843 the first wine distillery was built, which had to give way to a sugar factory in 1870 . In 1875 the place got a post office and in 1872 a connection to the railway line Nymburk - Lysá nad Labem .

Owner of Kostomlaty nad Labem

  • 1223 Sezema from Kostomlat.
  • 1289 Mutin of Kostomlat, son of Sezema.
  • 1346 Puta d. Ä. from Častolowitz
  • 1420 Eliška von Veselé, married to Jan Puška von Kunstadt , captain of Nymburg
  • 1425/26 Hynek Boček of Podebrady , follower of the Hussites
  • 1426/27 Viktorin von Podiebrad , father of the later King George of Podiebrad
  • 1427–1471 Georg von Podiebrad . After George's death the property was given to his son
  • Heinrich d. J. von Munsterberg who it
  • 1492 handed over to his illegitimate son Friedrich ( Bedřich ), whose mother was Katharina Vojkova from Štítar and Straßnitz ( Kateřina Vojkova ze Štítar a ze Strážnice ).
  • In 1493 Catherine sold the castle to King Vladislav , who owned it
  • Pledged to Colonel Chancellor Johann von Schellenberg in 1495.
  • In 1509 Friedrich von Dohna acquired Kostomlaty after the uprising against the Habsburgs
  • 1547 lost the fortune to the crown. The Bohemian Chamber gave Kostomlaty to the rule of Lysk.
  • In 1553 the Kostomlaty Castle was declared abandoned.
  • In 1647 several gentlemen followed, of whom especially Johann von Sporck ( Jan ze Šporků ) is worth mentioning, who was led by Emperor Ferdinand III. the village was given as a gift for his military services.
  • In 1679 the older son Franz Anton von Sporck ( František Antonín ze Šporků ) inherited the village. He made it easier for his subjects to labor and provided them with education.
  • In 1722 he sold the manor to Josef Czernín von Chudenic . After he got into debt, Franz Anton von Sporck bought the property back.
  • 1738 inherited his daughter Anna Katharina, married to Franz Karl Freiherr von Sweerts-Reist. This sex held the property until
  • 1851 before falling into the hands of the Counts of Rohan for 31 years .
  • In 1904 Ferdinand Bonaventura Prince Kinsky acquired the property.

Community structure

The municipality of Kostomlaty nad Labem consists of the districts Hronětice ( Hronietitz ), Kostomlaty nad Labem ( Groß Kosotomlat ), Lány ( Lahn ), Rozkoš ( Roskosch ) and Vápensko ( Wapensko ) as well as the settlement of Šibice ( Schibitz ).


  • St. Bartholomew Church, built in 1778
  • Rectory from the 14th century
  • Chapel in Lány

Individual evidence

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