List of barracks of the Austrian Armed Forces

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Abandoned barracks in Vienna, 14th district from the time of the monarchy - former Zeiss factory in Vienna

The Austrian Armed Forces have the following barracks : (The years in brackets indicate the year of the planned closure of the barracks, as decided by the Federal Ministry for National Defense and Sport .)

After counting the ones listed here, there were 82 barracks as of February 9th.


The main building of the Martinkaserne in Eisenstadt
Entrance area of ​​the former Turba barracks in Pinkafeld
Montecuccoli barracks in Güssing
Former barracks


Former barracks
  • Aichelburg barracks, Wolfsberg , named after Leopold von Aichelburg-Labia , infantry and anti-aircraft troops; Disbanded in 2006 and meanwhile converted into a residential park (Aichelburg residential park).
  • Orphanage barracks, Klagenfurt, named after the military orphans who worked here in the 18th century in what was then the fine cloth factory; Disbanded in 2009 and then largely demolished.

Lower Austria

Former Herbert barracks, today HTL Krems
Former Martinek barracks
Former barracks

Upper Austria

  • Official building Garnisonstraße, Linz (Upper Austria military command)
  • Army ammunition facility, Stadl-Paura
  • Hessen-Kaserne, Wels (Panzerbataillon 14, Heereslogistikzentrum Wels, part of the Panzer Staff Battalion 4, Army Personnel Office), named after the Austro-Hungarian infantry regiment "Ernst Ludwig Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine" No. 14
  • Towarek-Schul-Kaserne, Enns ( Army Sergeant Academy ) after Rudolf Towarek
  • Vogler Air Base, Hörsching (Upper Austria Military Command, 4th Armored Grenadier Brigade, 4th Armored Staff Battalion, Air Support Command, Aircraft Depot 3, Aviation Logistics Center) after the pilot Lieutenant Walter Vogler
  • General Zehner barracks, Ried im Innkreis (Panzergrenadierbataillon 13) after General Wilhelm Zehner
  • Tilly barracks , Freistadt (training company of Panzer Staff Battalion 4) after Johann t'Serclaes von Tilly

Former barracks


Former barracks


Former barracks
  • Hummel-Kaserne Graz (part of the Heereslogistikzentrum Graz) (sold 2011)
  • Nittner Air Base , Kalsdorf bei Graz (2009) (2nd season of the ÜbwGschw), named after Eduard Nittner (until 2013)
  • Kirchner-Kaserne, Graz (2008) (parts of VersRgt 1, MilMusik ST), named after Captain Hermann Freiherr von Kirchner (1890–1953) (sold in 2016)
  • Mickl barracks Bad Radkersburg (2nd Jäger company of Jäger Battalion 17), named after Lieutenant Mickl, commander of the Radkersburg freedom fighters in 1919 (end of military use in 2008, repossession by the municipality).
  • Hermann barracks Leibnitz (sold in 2009)
  • Hadik-Kaserne, Fehring (2009) (1st and 2nd reconnaissance company of the AAB7) according to Andreas Hadik von Futak (2015)


Andreas Hofer barracks, headquarters of the 6th Jäger Brigade in Absam
Former barracks
  • Dankl barracks (until 1986) in the former city castle of the Andechs in Innsbruck am Innrain No. 1
  • Enrich barracks, Kufstein (until 2007), named after Lieutenant Alfred Enrich (1882–1961)
  • Speckbacher barracks, Hall in Tirol (until 1998), named after Josef Speckbacher , freedom fighter of 1809
  • Straub barracks, Hall in Tirol (until 2008, sold in 2013) (most recently the system workshop department of the Heereslogistikzentrum Salzburg), named after Josef Ignaz Straub (1773–1850), Kronenwirt from Hall in Tirol and freedom fighter of 1809
  • Train barracks, Innsbruck, Erzherzog Eugen Strasse 46
  • Command building Fenner-Dankl, Innsbruck , named after Field Marshal Lieutenant Franz Philipp Fenner von Fenneberg (1759-1824) and Colonel General Viktor Dankl von Krásnik (until 1992)
  • Verdross Kaserne, Imst (until 2001)


Former barracks


Staff building of the Radetzky barracks
Maria-Theresien-Kaserne - Vienna's largest barracks
Starhemberg barracks in Vienna's Favoriten district
Former barracks

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