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Peter Heppner (2007)

Peter Heppner (born September 7, 1967 in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg ) is a German musician , songwriter and music producer who u. a. through its involvement in the synth-pop - Duo Wolfsheim was known. Heppner's most commercially successful release is the platinum single Die Flut with over 900,000 units sold.


Heppner grew up in the Hamburg district of Wilhelmsburg . In his childhood and youth he sang in the church and school choir. His friends included Pompejo Ricciardi, who later became Wolfsheim's founding member. He attended the same high school as his future Wolfsheim partner Markus Reinhardt . However, they only got to know each other better in the joint art course. Heppner originally aspired to a career as a visual artist ( sculptor / painter ) or writer and not as a professional musician. The music was actually just a hobby, but then they (Wolfsheim) would have got a record deal. He is the father of a daughter (* 2002/2003).

In the summer of 2016, Heppner announced on his Facebook page that he had been suffering from the heart disease hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HOCM) since he was 16 . This disease was diagnosed only two and a half years earlier, after Heppner was hospitalized with an inflammation of the heart muscle , previously it was wrongly assumed to be suffering from asthma . In the spring of 2016, he underwent an operation to remove the HOCM, which went without complications . As the reason for the decision to go public with his illness only after about 30 years, Heppner stated that he did not gain attention through a "pity bonus" and as a kind of "ailing musician", but through his art, music and Texts wanted to be known.

Musical career

With Wolfsheim

Wolfsheim (Reinhardt and Heppner) (1992)

Heppner's career at Wolfsheim began in 1987 as an initial replacement and later recognized successor for the singer Pompejo Ricciardi, who had left the company. After Oliver Reinhardt left the band in the same year, the duo Peter Heppner and Markus Reinhardt formed. The two quickly played themselves in such a way that Reinhardt is responsible for the music and Heppner for the lyrics. Wolfsheim's first real success was with the maxi single The Sparrows and the Nightingales , which appeared in 1991 and developed into a Europe-wide club hit. After several albums and tours, Wolfsheim reached number two in the charts in 1998 with their fourth studio album, Spectators . This success could be topped with the following album Casting Shadows 2003, which placed at number one in the German album charts . At the beginning of 2007 Reinhardt tried to exclude his long-time band colleague Heppner from the joint band project Wolfsheim and sued the Hamburg district court for this purpose . However, the action was dismissed, as was the appeal before the competent higher regional court . Heppner repeatedly emphasized in interviews that he would continue to be very interested in continuing Wolfsheim. Since then there has been no further activity from Wolfsheim.

As a solo artist

Debut album solo (2005-2008)

In December 2005, Peter Heppner signed his first solo contract with the Warner Music Group music label . After more than two years, he began recording his first studio album in 2007.

On September 5, 2008, the single Aloneein from the debut album was released . The single was able to place itself in the German top 20 of the single charts . It reached position 16 and stayed in the charts for a total of nine weeks. In Germany it is Heppner's first solo hit to hit the charts. Including duets by other artists, it is already Heppner's seventh chart success. The song was written by Tom Albrecht , Jose Alvarez-Brill , Dior Da Silva, Peter Heppner and Marc Kaschke , and it was produced by José Alvarez-Brill. Heppner published being alone because only charts are played up and down. The piece most likely gave him the feeling that it was being accepted and played by the various radio stations. A week later on September 12, 2008, the debut album was finally released solo . It consists of ten newly composed titles, the limited edition of eleven titles and the deluxe edition includes an extra DVD with the making of the album creation. The album was produced by 3typen , José Alvarez-Brill, Peter-John Vettese and Thommy Hein . In the German album charts , the solo was directly in the top 10 at position nine, and the album stayed in the charts for six weeks.

Tours (2009-2010)

On January 27, 2009, Heppner released the second and final solo single, Wherever . From January 15 to February 21, 2009 he went on his first solo tour . The tour, which was originally scheduled to start at the end of 2008, took Heppner to twelve German cities and the two Russian cities of Saint Petersburg and Moscow . In Dresden , Hamburg , Hanover , Stuttgart and Leipzig , Heppner's fan club was giving away two meet and greet tickets exclusively for club members. Heppner's accompanying band consisted of Achim Färber, Carsten Klatte , Lothar Manteuffel and Dirk Riegner .

From January 30th to October 16th 2010, Heppner went on a club tour . It was his second solo tour with the background of playing concerts in parts of Germany that were underrepresented on the previous solo tour . It was planned that the tour would stretch over a month from January to February 2010, but towards the end of the tour Heppner had to cancel the last three concerts in Flensburg , Magdeburg and Neubrandenburg due to illness. The catch-up appointments took place six months later in September 2010. In addition to the three catch-up dates, there were also three extra concerts. An additional concert in Paderborn was also planned for September 16, 2010, but for operational reasons all events in the Capitol Paderborn had to be canceled by the organizers. The tour took Heppner to 12 German cities and Athens in Greece . A concert in Moscow was also planned, but it had to be canceled. The German synth-pop band Melotron was hired as the opening act for all concerts in Germany .

At each of his concerts, Heppner has a music stand with his "songbook" in front of him , from which he can read the lyrics and the song order at any time. He has been taking his songbook with him since the beginning with Wolfsheim.

Second studio album My Heart of Stone (2011-2013)

The recordings for his second studio album began in 2011. The first pre-single was released on April 11, 2012, the single God Smoked . The song was written by Peter Heppner, Lothar Manteuffel and Dirk Riegner, it was produced by Thommy Hein, Lothar Manteuffel and Dirk Riegner. God Smoked was offered as a free download for a “like” on Facebook . On May 4, 2012, the second pre-release single Meine Welt was released . The song was written by Peter Heppner, Lothar Manteuffel and Dirk Riegner, it was produced by Thommy Hein, Lothar Manteuffel and Dirk Riegner. The first promotion took place on April 12, 2012 on Facebook, a short audio sample of the song was posted here, and a day later some screenshots of the music video were presented. On April 17th, 2012 there was a live performance on the Harald Schmidt Show . The last major promotion was an advertising trailer for RTL II , in which the Berlin - Tag & Nacht actress Meike could be seen. Meine Welt reached position 44 in the German single charts and stayed in the charts for a total of four weeks. On May 18, 2012, the second studio album My Heart of Stone was finally released . The album was produced by Thommy Hein and like its predecessor, the second album was able to place itself in the top 10 of the German album charts straight away. It reached position six on the charts and stayed on the charts for a total of five weeks. For the first time, a Heppner album was able to position itself in the charts in all DA-CH countries. The My Heart of Stone (Deluxe Edition) includes a second sound carrier on which Heppner's best guest contributions can be heard. On December 7, 2012, Heppner released the Christmas single Dream of Christmas . The song was only offered to download as a thank you to his fans. Like God Smoked , Dream of Christmas was offered for free download for a “like” on Facebook.

From November 12th 2012 to April 26th 2013 Heppner went on his third tour called My Heart of Stone Tour . The set list consisted of 20 songs, both by Heppner and Wolfsheim. The tour took Heppner to 18 German cities as well as Athens and the two Russian cities of Saint Petersburg and Moscow . The German bands Kosmos, Moonrise and Solar Fake were hired as the opening act for the concerts in Germany .

Festival appearances and other tours (2013-2017)

Heppner at the Nocturnal Culture Night 2014
Heppner at the Amphi Festival 2016

Immediately after completing the My Heart of Stone Tour , Heppner began work on his third studio album. The first composition session took place on May 28, 2013 together with Dirk Riegner . In the meantime, two festival concerts followed, as well as a few guest appearances at Camouflage concerts . From November 16 to December 4, 2014, Heppner played six acoustic concerts that took him to Bochum , Berlin , Dresden , Hamburg and Mannheim . During the tour he surprised his fans in the second encore with a cover version of Anna Stens I don't know who I belong to from the film Storms of Passion from 1931. The set list with the encores consisted of a total of 21 songs. His backing band consisted of Achim Färber (drums), Carsten Klatte (guitar) and Dirk Riegner (piano). After another guest appearance with Camouflage, where he sang the later published single Count on Me for the first time with them on March 29, 2015 , the second part of his acoustic tour followed in September 2015 . This consisted of eleven concerts that took him through ten German cities and once to Austria. During the main show, Heppner presented a medley of two songs that were already created for the upcoming third studio album. He played a medley from Give me a reason and Good Things Break . At the end of 2017, Heppner celebrated its 30th stage anniversary. In this context he went on a small club tour, entitled 30 Years of Heppner . The tour included a total of eight concerts in three countries. At the concerts in Germany he was supported by camouflage singer Marcus Meyn (6 concerts) and the American singer Kim Sanders (3 concerts).

Third studio album Confessions & Doubts and remix album TanzZwang (since 2018)

With what remains? the first harbinger of the third studio album was released on August 10, 2018. In the course of the 20th anniversary of Die Flut, it is a new duet by Heppner and Witt. On September 28, 2018, after six and a half years with Confessions & Doubts and TanzZwang , two new albums by Heppner were released. In Confessions & Doubts is a regular studio album in dance compulsion is a remix album, but also consists of new recordings. The album reached position eleven in the German album charts and thus just missed the top 10. Compared to its predecessor, entry into the charts in Austria and Switzerland was denied. On October 1, 2018, Standing Tall (Sand & Pfeffer Remix) was released as a video from TanzZwang. This is a lyric video. On the 80th day of remembrance of the November pogroms in 1938 , the play Immer noch der same Himmel , a duet by Heppner and Jade Schulz , was released as part of the musical theater play Die Kinder der toten Stadt . With ... und ich tanz '(Latches Mix) a second video from TanzZwang was released on November 15, 2018 . On the same day, Heppner's sixth solo tour started with the Confessions & Doubts Tour , which took him with his live band through twelve German cities and once to Switzerland within a month.

On April 17, 2019, Heppner released Unloveable, his first video release from Confessions & Doubts .

As a guest musician

Girls Under Glass (1992)

In 1992 Heppner published songs for the first time as a solo artist, apart from the Wolfsheim project. In 1992 he worked with the German rock band Girls Under Glass and supported them on the songs Gray in Gray and Reach for the Stars for their fourth studio album Darius . How exactly this collaboration came about is not known. It is only known that Girls Under Glass had long been under contract with the music label Dark Star (a side label of Strange Ways Records) and that Heppner and his band Wolfsheim were newly engaged with Strange Ways Records to work on their debut album No Happy View to work.

Umbra et Imago (1993-2000)

Between 1993 and 2000, Heppner worked a total of four times with the German Neue-Deutsche-Hardness band Umbra et Imago . 1993 the song Away for the second studio album Infantile Spiele by Umbra et Imago was created. In 1996 they recorded the two tracks Hörst du mein Rufen and Black Waves , which can be found on Umbra et Imago's fourth studio album Mystica sexualis . For the sixth studio album Mea culpa in 2000 they recorded the piece Lieber Gott together .

Moonrise (1997)

In 1997, Heppner first worked with the German rock band Moonrise . They recorded the track Whispering Voices together for the first Moonrise EP No Mean Depression . In the summer of 2008, Moonrise followed Heppner's call to Berlin to record an alternative version for “Vorbei” with him. The cooperation can be found on the fan edition of the album solo . In 2009 and 2012 Moonrise made guest appearances as the opening act at some of Heppner's concerts.

Witt / Heppner (1998-2019)

In 1998 Joachim Witt and Peter Heppner worked together for the first time under the project name Witt / Heppner. The result was the song Die Flut , which is part of Witt's eighth studio album bayreuth one and was released as a single. The piece was first released on January 23, 1998 as a single and was written by the two performers themselves and produced by Jose Alvarez-Brill . At the beginning there was no success, even after a new publication in March of that year, a chart success was initially still denied. In May 1998 Die Flut entered the German single charts for the first time. In the course of the next few weeks the single climbed to position two in the charts and also made it onto the charts in Austria and Switzerland. The single had to admit defeat to single Loonas Bailando in Germany . The flood ranked eighth in the 1998 single year charts in Germany and received a platinum record for over 500,000 units sold. This makes Die Flut one of the best-selling German-language songs and duets in Germany since 1975. According to sources, the single has sold over 900,000 times worldwide. For both interpreters, the single represents the greatest success of their careers to this day.

20 years later the two published What remains? again a duet as a single, whereby the piece was created with the opposite sign. While Heppner was still a guest on Witt's album bayreuth Eins , this time Heppner is the host. During an interview with Dori from the radio show Nachtfalke on the Internet radio station Radio Schwarze Welle on May 17, 2018, Heppner first hinted at the successor. After talking about Die Flut during the interview , Heppner added that he and his team had noticed that the title was celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. They would also plan something about it, and if everything went as they would like, there would be something else in relation to The Flood this year. Just a week later, Witt confirmed to the Bild newspaper on May 25, 2018 that the two of them were playing a song called What remains? would have recorded. Witt made this statement without consulting Heppner, who uploaded a picture on his Facebook page with the newspaper clipping and the comment "Today in the Bild-Zeitung ...". When asked by a fan whether the Bild newspaper and Witt had screwed up the "surprise" for him, Heppner replied with the words: "Yes", followed by an angry emoticon . He also added the following sentence: “... and what do we learn from it? You can never make arrangements early enough, even if you don't expect anything to happen! ”A little later, however, he also admitted that it was okay and it was also his fault that they had actually simply failed to coordinate. The piece itself is about transience. To promote the piece, the two performed together at the M'era Luna Festival on August 12, 2018.

Published on February 22, 2019 for The Flood and What Remains? orchestral live duet by Heppner and Witt, under the musical accompaniment of the MDR Symphony Orchestra conducted by Christoph-Johannes Eichhorn , on Witt's live album Refugium . The recordings were made on October 7, 2018 in the Leipzig Gewandhaus .

Alice 2 (2001)

In 2001 Heppner worked with the German rock band Alice 2 , which resulted in the song In My Life . The song can be found on the first studio album Brave New World and as the B-side of Alice 2 's maxi single It's a Crime . Alice 2 was a band around the musician Dirk Riegner . He later worked on all of Heppner's studio albums and accompanied him on each of his tours as a keyboardist / pianist.

Goethe's heirs (2001)

On 22 October 2001 collaborated Heppner with the German pop-rock - band Goethe's heirs . This created the common single glass garden . The song was written by Oswald Henke , Mindy Kumbalek and Peter Heppner, and it was produced by Jürgen Jansen. Glass garden was a piece that was created long before it was published. It could not be found on any album, it was only played at a few concerts. Mindy Kumbalek (keyboard player from Goethe's heirs) stated that something was always missing for this piece. They were looking for a distinctive, beautiful voice that can also sing properly and simply represents a counterpart to Oswald's spoken vocals, which ultimately led to Heppner. On the day of the single release, the two also released the joint video album 1302km Iceland - In Search of the Glass Garden . The focus is on a making of the video shoot for Glasgarten. The single reached position 62 in the German single charts and stayed in the charts for a total of three weeks.

Schiller with Heppner (2001-2004)

Schiller with Heppner "Dream of You" cover (maxi single) .jpg
Schiller with Heppner "Life ... I Feel You" Cover (Maxi-Single) .jpg

Cover pictures for Dream of You and Life… I Feel You .

The German music project Schiller and Heppner worked together for the first time in 2001 for Schiller's second studio album Weltreise . The song Dream of You emerged from the first collaboration . On May 28, 2001 Dream of You was released as a maxi single and was able to place itself in the single charts in all DA-CH countries. The song was written by Schiller and Heppner, it was produced by Schiller. In 2002 the piece was awarded a national ECHO Pop in the category Dance Single of the Year .

In 2003 the two artists collaborated again, this time for Schiller's third studio album, Leben . The result was the song Leben… I Feel You , which was released on November 24, 2003 initially as a promo single and finally as a maxi single on January 5, 2004. As with Dream of You , the text is by Heppner, the instrumental composition and the production by Schiller. The song made it into the top 20 of the German single charts straight away. For the first time, a song by Heppner could also be placed outside of the German-speaking area. Life ... I Feel You reached number one in Romania and number five in US dance / club play songs.

Paul van Dyk (2004-2005)

On June 24, 2004, Heppner released the single Wir sind wir together with the German DJ Paul van Dyk . Van Dyk's wife Natasha can also be heard as a background singer. The lyrics are by Peter Heppner and the song production is by Paul van Dyk. We are we can be found on Paul van Dyk's remix album Re-Reflections in the Mix (The Remix Album) . With position 13 in the German single charts, this is the second-best chart position of his career for van Dyk to this day. According to Paul van Dyk, he and Heppner were inspired by the documentary Das Wunder von Bern - The True Story for this song, which was supposed to show people's feelings before, during and after this time. In 2005 the song was re-recorded in an orchestral version for the 15th day of German unity .

Milù (2004-2005)

On December 6, 2004 he released the benefit single Aus Gold with Milù and Kim Sanders . The piece was written by Milù and Peter Heppner, it was produced by Dirk Riegner. The single placed at position 73 in the German single charts and stayed in the charts for a total of five weeks. In 2005 Milù and Heppner published the song Lustschmerz together . Both songs can be found on Milù's debut album No Future in Gold .

Jose Alvarez-Brill (2005-2010)

On October 3rd, 2005, Heppner and Jose Alvarez-Brill released the single Maybe? . The song was written by Jose Alvarez-Brill, Peter Heppner and Henning Verlage , it was produced by Alvarez-Brill and Verlage. Alvarez and Heppner have often worked together for the Wolfsheim project before . Maybe? is the first single they both released together as the main act.

On September 10, 2010, the two released their second single This moment together . The song was written by Jose Alvarez-Brill and Peter Heppner, it was produced by Alvarez-Brill. The title was written especially for the documentation Back then to the GDR . It was a four-part documentary produced by the MDR , in which the first years after the fall of the Berlin Wall were presented in a kind of time travel with seven stations . This moment served as the soundtrack for the documentary series.

Neither of the two joint single releases reached the official charts so far.

Nena (2010)

On November 5, 2010, Heppner released a new edition of Haus der Drei Sonnen together with the German pop singer Nena . The music and the lyrics come from Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen and Carlo Karges , the cover version was produced by Heppner. The song can be found on Nena's 2010 Best Of album. The single reached position 39 in the German single charts and stayed in the charts for a total of four weeks.

Marianne Rosenberg (2011)

In 2011, Heppner worked with the German pop singer Marianne Rosenberg . This collaboration resulted in the joint piece Exactly Opposite . The song was composed by Marianne Rosenberg and Ken Taylor , it was produced by Dirk Riegner. The title can be found on Rosenberg's studio album Regenrhythmus .

Camouflage (2014-2015)

Heppner and Meyn live in Erfurt 2017.

The idea for the two to work together came in the summer of 2014. Camouflage invited Heppner to their 30th anniversary concert in Dresden. Camouflage singer Meyn announced Heppner with the words: That it was a dream for him to sing her 80s hit That Smiling Face with a very specific man . This duet was so well received by the fans that another joint appearance at the Amphi Festival 2014 in Cologne followed. When asked when fans can hear one of the two songs on CD, Heppner replied on his Facebook page with the words “We're working on it”. On December 19, 2014 it was announced that the two had recorded the song Count on Me for Camouflage's eighth studio album, Greyscale . On March 29, 2015, Camouflage surprised their fans when Heppner was their guest again and they sang Count on Me together at the docks in Hamburg . On September 11, 2015, Camouflage announced on their Facebook page that Count on Me would follow as the second single from their current studio album Greyscale . The single was finally released on October 9th. In 2017 Meyn made six guest appearances as part of Heppner's thirty-year anniversary tour 30 Years of Heppner . At all concerts, Heppner and Meyn sang the songs That Smiling Face and Count on Me as well as the Wolfsheim cover Kein zurück at three concerts .


Musical style

The writer Dirk Horst described Heppner's musical style during his time in Wolfsheim as follows:

"Furthermore, one recognizes the typical Wolfsheim peculiarity in the songs, that when you listen to the music you first feel sadness, melancholy or similar feelings, but when you read the lyrics or think about the different refrains you find your optimism."

- Dirk Horst

Heppner himself described his pieces with the following words: "It should be music that you take your time for and that you don't run to iron on the side." During his career, Heppner mostly worked in the genres of synth-pop , dark wave and pop music . Heppner found his inspiration in the early years in the wave scene from Great Britain and the associated bands such as Bauhaus , The Cure , Echo & the Bunnymen or the Smiths .

song writer

Heppner's texts are usually written in such a way that the piece itself and the mood it conveys dictates the content. The piece therefore puts him in certain moods, which in turn open up certain points of contact (memories, feelings and the like). Heppner described that the songs develop very slowly, he gets used to them over time and only when he still likes them after two or three months do they become real Heppner songs.

Peter Heppner co-wrote almost all of the songs he was involved in, be it as a member of Wolfsheim , as a guest singer or as a solo artist. During the time of Wolfsheim he also produced many of his songs himself. Many of his works have also been covered by foreign musicians, including an Italian version of Once in a Lifetime . To date, 15 author participations and six productions by Heppner have reached the German single charts (as of May 2012).

Twelve and Deserve to Be Alone are special compositions . Twelve is the first piece by Heppner that he wrote without assistance. Deserve to Be Alone was to be the first work that was intended for another artist. The piece was written for the American singer Kim Sanders . She also sang it, but the song was eventually released as a duet by Sanders and Heppner.

Other artistic activities


Heppner took an art course at school. He was actually aiming for a career as a painter or writer and not as a professional musician. Heppner combined his hobby as a painter with his work as a musician. He also designed some covers , such as the music albums Walking Through The ( Cancer Barrack ) and Popkiller (Wolfsheim), or the singles Elias (Drumless Mix) (Wolfsheim) and Die Flut ( Witt / Heppner).

Founding a video company

He also tried himself as a director, together with Oswald Henke , Mindy Kumbalek and Ulrike Rank he directed the music video for the single Glasgarten . After the video shoot for Glasgarten , Heppner founded a video company with Ulrike Rank. One of the biggest projects by Heppner and Rank was a 45-minute documentary about the German dance-pop musician Schiller , which can be found on the Schiller live album Live ErLeben .

Radio play speaker

In addition to working on his third studio album, Heppner tried his hand at the end of 2013 as a speaker in a radio play . He took on a leading role in the eighth part of the radio play series Blauer Planet . The radio play was released on March 15, 2014.

In the recording studio production of the musical theater piece Die Kinder der toten Stadt , which was released on June 23, 2018 as a music radio play and album, Heppner took on the speaking role of the “composer”. The Children of the Dead City tells allegorically about the children captured from the Theresienstadt ghetto , their lives there and their murder in the Nazi death camps. The role played by Heppner is based on the last days of the composer Hans Krása , who was brought to Theresienstadt in 1942 and received the order to rehearse his children's opera “ Brundibár ” with the imprisoned children and to play on the stage.

social commitment

Nordoff Robbins Foundation

In 2000, Heppner took part with Rea Garvey , Sandra Nasić , Henning Wehland and many more. participated in the New Rock Conference charity project . It is an amalgamation of many artists from the alternative scene . Together they recorded the title Heal Yourself . The first release of the single took place on September 18, 2000 in Germany. The song was written by the composers Jeff Collier and Dirk Riegner , it was produced by the latter. The purpose of the project was to donate the proceeds from the sale of the singles to the Nordoff Robbins Foundation. The project was brought to life by Heribert Reipöler.

German Red Cross

On December 6, 2004, the German singer Milù released the single Aus Gold together with Heppner and the US singer Kim Sanders . The piece was written by Milù and Peter Heppner, it was produced by Dirk Riegner. This is a music project accompanied by the German Red Cross . Together they wanted to try to draw attention to the suffering of war victims and help needy children in Afghanistan . Part of the proceeds from the single sale were donated to the DRK. The idea for this song came from Milù. During a joint tour with Schiller , she met Peter Heppner and Kim Sanders, who both convinced her of the project and a collaboration.



Studio albums

year Title
music label
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placementsTemplate: chart table / maintenance / without sources
(Year, title, music label , placements, weeks, awards, notes)
2008 solo
Warner Bros. Records
DE9 (6 weeks)
- -
First published: September 12, 2008
2012 My Heart of Stone
DE6 (5 weeks)
AT47 (1 week)
CH64 (1 week)
First published: May 18, 2012
2018 Confessions & Doubts
Sony Music
DE11 (3 weeks)
- -
First published: September 28, 2018



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