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State : EstoniaEstonia Estonia
Circle : Viljandimaa lipp.svg Viljandi
Founded : 1283
Coordinates : 58 ° 22 ′  N , 25 ° 36 ′  E Coordinates: 58 ° 22 ′  N , 25 ° 36 ′  E
Height : 83  m
Area : 14.62  km²
Residents : 17,868 (2012)
Population density : 1,222 inhabitants per km²
Time zone : EET (UTC + 2)
Telephone code : (+372) 043
Mayor : Ando Kiviberg
Postal address : Linnu 2
71020 Viljandi
Website :
Map of Estonia, position of Viljandi highlighted

Viljandi (German: Fellin ) is a Hanseatic city in Estonia and the capital of Viljandi County in the south of the country. With almost 18,000 inhabitants, it is the sixth largest city in Estonia.

The distances to other cities in Estonia are: Tallinn 161 km, Tartu 81 km, Pärnu 97 km.


St. John's Church in Viljandi

The oldest settlement finds on Lake Viljandi go back to the fifth millennium BC. A castle was built by the Estonians in the Viking Age at the latest . The first written mention was made in 1154 by the geographer Al-Idrisi .

In the 12th century, the first permanent settlement around the fortress Viljandi began, which also became the economic center of the later Sakala district .

After the struggle for freedom in the early 13th century, Viljandi was conquered by the German Brotherhood of the Sword . In 1224, instead of the wooden fortifications, construction began on a mighty order castle , which was at times the largest in the Baltic region . It was continuously expanded and modernized in the following 200 years.

In 1283 Fellin received city ​​rights from the master of the order Wilhelm von Endorpe (Wilhelm or Willikin von Endorpe fell on March 26, 1287 near Riga in the battle against the Semgallians ). At the beginning of the 14th century Fellin became a member of the Hanseatic League and thus an important point on the trade route to and from Russia. In 1346 the city was mentioned as a Hanseatic city in documents from the Hanseatic League. In 1365 the peace treaty between Denmark and the Hanseatic League was signed in Fellin.

During the Livonian War in 1560 , the town and the castle were partially destroyed. During the Polish-Russian War at the beginning of the 17th century, the facility was largely destroyed. Today only the castle mountains with partially intact walls are evidence of the splendor of that time.

During the Swedish rule in the 17th century, Fellin's town charter was revoked. This situation lasted until 1783, when a reform made Catherine the Second Fellin the capital of Fellin County in Livonia . With the growing economic and political influence, the population of Viljandi increased again. To this day, Viljandi is a district capital and an important center in southern Estonia with various cultural events.


City administration

After the elections on October 15, 2017, the Viljandis City Council consists of 27 members. They are distributed among the individual parties and groups as follows (column +/−: difference to the previous election in October 2013):

Viljandi Town Hall
Political party Mandates +/-
Social Democratic Party 9 + 1
Estonian Reform Party 8th ± 0
Pro Patria and Res Publica Union 6th - 2nd
Center Party 2 - 1
Conservative Party 2 + 2

Pro Patria and Res Publica Union, the Estonian Reform Party and the Center Party will form a coalition for the period 2017–2021.

Town twinning

Viljandi maintains city partnerships with


Alongside Pärnu and Tartu, Viljandi is an important business location in the region . The following companies are based in Viljandi:

  • AS Hansa Candle
  • AS Vennad-Dahl
  • Benexon OÜ
  • BHC AS
  • Dold Puidutööstus AS
  • Eesti Energia
  • Eesti Gaas
  • Esro AS
  • Farm Plant Eesti AS
  • Foreco Homes AS
  • Galvi-Linda AS
  • Kinema OÜ
  • Kolmeks AS
  • Leho Kaubandus OÜ
  • Lehola OÜ
  • Nice AS
  • Parlin AS
  • Pleksor OÜ
  • Rovex AS
  • Sveba-Dahlen Baltic AS
  • Sovek AS
  • Tere AS Viljandi
  • Trame AS
  • Viljandi Metall AS
  • Viljandi Naftabaas OÜ
  • Viljandi Aken ja Uks AS

Culture, education, sport

Viljandi is the venue of the internationally known, annual “ Viljandi Folk Music Festival ”.

The Ugala Theater in Viljandi has existed since 1920. There is also a puppet theater for children, a cinema, a bowling alley, a sports school with a rowing club, a music school and a hobby school for leisure activities.

The University of Tartu has a higher education institution in Viljandi with the Viljandi Cultural Academy of the University of Tartu , and the private Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences has a branch.

The Tulevik Viljandi club plays in the second highest league, the highest Estonian football league. The club plays its home games at the Viljandi Linnastaadion .


There is a train connection from Viljandi to Tallinn . Otherwise you can reach all cities and towns in Estonia from the bus station (Viljandi Bussijaam) . From there, around 50 bus routes leave several times a day. There is also a bus network with 8 lines within the city of Viljandi and its suburbs.

sons and daughters of the town


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