UCI Track World Championships 1980

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The 70th UCI Track World Championships took place from September 3rd to 7th, 1980 on the Velodrome in the Stade Léo-Lagrange in Besançon .

The cycling track had a 454 meter long cement runway with a curve superelevation of 32 degrees. Around 35,000 spectators attended the competitions. Even if the enthusiasm of the audience was great, the journalist of the German cycling sport complained , the hospitality in the city was not far off. The gastronomy was in no way adjusted to the world championship, so that late in the evening after the end of the races there was nothing to eat.

Since the 1980 Olympic Games were held in Moscow , only the non-Olympic competitions were held at the World Championships in France. Nevertheless, a total of ten competitions were on the program, as both the points race and Keirin had been newly included for the professionals. The year before, a demonstration competition had taken place in the Keirin at the World Cup , won by the Italian Giordano Turrini .

The team of the Association of German Cyclists won a total of four medals, making it the second strongest team behind that of the Netherlands. In the Amateur - pacemaker race occupied Germans Jean Breuer and Rainer Podlesch fourth and fifth. The German Beate Habetz finished fourth in the sprint after being beaten for third in the final by her compatriot Claudia Lommatzsch .

As part of the tandem competitions, the semi-finals between the Italians Giorgio Rossi and Floriano Finamore against the French Yvon Cloarec and Franck Dépine led to a war of nerves against the Italians, fueled by the audience. The heated atmosphere resulted in Finamore hitting a French journalist. The cycling lamented the chauvinism of the French audience and commented Finamores outburst: "It certainly was not right [...] but completely understandable."

Results women

discipline space country athlete
sprint 1 United StatesUnited States Sue Novara 13.33 (1st), 12.57 (2nd)
16 starters from 10 nations 2 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Galina Tsaryova
3 GermanyGermany Claudia Lommatzsch 13.29 (1st), 13.37 (2nd)
Single pursuit (3000 m) 1 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Nadezhda Kibardina 3: 59.70 min.
18 starters from 12 nations 2 CanadaCanada Karen Strong 4: 00.57 min.
3 NetherlandsNetherlands Petra de Bruin 3: 59.70 min.

Results men


discipline space country athlete
sprint 1 JapanJapan Kōichi Nakano 11.54 (1st), 11.30 (2nd)
9 starters from 3 nations 2 JapanJapan Masahito Ozaki
3 FranceFrance Daniel Morelon 12.71 (1st), 12.85 (2nd)
Keirin 1 AustraliaAustralia Danny Clark
13 starters from 8 nations 2 FranceFrance Daniel Morelon
3 DenmarkDenmark Niels Fredborg
Single pursuit (5000 m) 1 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Tony Doyle 6: 04.97 min.
21 starters from 9 nations 2 NetherlandsNetherlands Herman Ponsteen 6: 14.77 min.
Points race 1 BelgiumBelgium Constant Tourné 61 pts.
16 starters from 9 nations 2 ItalyItaly Giovanni Mantovani 57 pts.
3 GermanyGermany Heinz Betz 53 pts.
Standing race (1 hour) 1 Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany Wilfried Peffgen (behind Dieter Durst ) 69.170 km
13 starters from 6 nations 2 NetherlandsNetherlands René Kos (behind Bruno Walrave ) 35 meters back
3 ItalyItaly Bruno Vicino (behind Domenico De Lillo ) 180 meters back


discipline space country athlete time
tandem 1 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Ivan Kučírek / Pavel Martinek 10.43 (1st), 10.34 (2nd)
5 teams from 5 nations 2 FranceFrance Yvon Cloarec / Franck Dépine
3 ItalyItaly Giorgio Rossi / Floriano Finamore 10.75 (1st), 10.66 (3rd)
Points race (50 km) 1 AustraliaAustralia Gary Sutton 49 pts.
28 starters from 15 nations 2 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Viktor Manakov 45 pts.
3 GermanyGermany Josef Kristen 43 pts.
Standing race (final over 50 km) 1 NetherlandsNetherlands Gaby Minneboo (behind Bruno Walrave ) 43: 05.48 min.
20 starters from 8 nations 2 NetherlandsNetherlands Matthé Pronk (behind Norbert Koch ) 70 meters back
3 Spain 1977Spain Bartolomé Caldentey (behind Antonio Mora ) 340 meters back

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