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Klokočí coat of arms
Klokočí (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Olomoucký kraj
District : Přerov
Area : 366 ha
Geographic location : 49 ° 33 '  N , 17 ° 40'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 32 '59 "  N , 17 ° 40' 9"  E
Height: 278  m nm
Residents : 259 (Jan. 1, 2019)
Postal code : 753 61
Street: Hranice - Milenov
Railway connection: Hranice - Přerov
Status: local community
Districts: 1
Mayor : Oldřich Šnajdárek (as of 2008)
Address: Klokočí 40
753 61 Hranice 4
Municipality number: 514047
Website : www.obecklokoci.cz

Klokočí (German Klogsdorf ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic . It is located five kilometers west of Hranice and belongs to the Okres Přerov .


Klokočí is located at the southern foot of the Oder Mountains in the basin of the Klokočský potok. The Uhřinovský kopec (512 m) rises to the northwest. The railway line runs between Hranice and Přerov on the southern outskirts of the village, while the "Drahotuše" train station is south of the village. The route of the D 1 / E 462 motorway from Lipník nad Bečvou to Bělotín passes in the north and is to be opened to traffic on this section in 2008.

Neighboring towns are Hrabůvka in the north, Velká in the northeast, Hranice in the east, Drahotuše in the south, Slavíč in the southwest, Milenov in the west and Uhřínov in the northwest.


The first written mention of the place belonging to the Drahotuš castle was in 1371, when the brothers Bohuš, Kuno, Jaroš and Ješek von Drahotuš sold the rule to Margrave Johann Heinrich . His son Jobst pledged Drahotuš to Ctibor von Tobitschau and Cimburg . After the pledge had expired, the village passed into the possession of the Cimburger in 1408. In 1476 the Lords of Cimburg sold the Drahotuš rule to Wilhelm II of Pernstein . In 1543 the village was attached to the dominion of Weißkirchen . Four years later, the Pernsteiner Weißkirchen sold to Wenzel Haugwitz von Biskupitz. This left the property in 1553 to Jan Kropáč of Nevědomí. After the death of her husband Jan von Kunovice, his daughter and heir Anna married Johann the younger of Zerotein . He was succeeded by Dietrich von Kunowitz, who handed over the rule to Zdeněk von Pottenstein and Žampach in the course of an exchange in 1600. Karl Berger von Berg was the owner between 1610 and 1612. He was followed by Václav Mol von Modřelice. Its goods were confiscated after the Battle of the White Mountain and sold to Cardinal Franz Xaver von Dietrichstein in 1622 . The Dietrichstein family remained the owners of goods in Klogsdorf until after the First World War.

After the abolition of patrimonial Klokočí became an independent municipality in the district administration Mährisch Weißkirchen in 1850. The inhabitants lived mainly from agriculture, and overall the place was a very poor village. Klokočí was remote until the beginning of the 20th century and could only be reached via a side road from Milenov . In 1911 the connecting road from Drahotuše via Klokočí to Hrabůvka was built . In the same year a one-class village school opened. In 1925 the place was electrified. An army ammunition depot was built between 1924 and 1925, to which a two-kilometer road led. The village school closed in the 1950s. In the course of the territorial reform of 1960 and the dissolution of the Okres Hranice Klokočí was assigned to the Okres Přerov on January 1, 1961 .

Klokočí has ​​been a member of the Podlesí microregion since 2000. Klokočí has ​​had a coat of arms since 2005.

Community structure

No districts are shown for the municipality of Klokočí.


  • four crucifixes
  • Village bell
  • Hraběnčin Manor, owned by Antonius Althann until 1923

Individual evidence

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