Summer Olympics 2032

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Games of the XXXV. Olympics
Venue: Brisbane
Opening ceremony: July 24, 2032
Los Angeles 2028

The 2032 Summer Olympics (officially XXXV Olympiad Games ) are a planned international multisport event. They are supposed to take place in the Australian city ​​of Brisbane . It will be the third Summer Games in Australia after Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000 . The opening ceremony is scheduled for July 24, 2032 .

Selection process

The new IOC selection process was approved at the 134th IOC meeting on June 24, 2019 in Lausanne . The main proposals based on the relevant recommendations of the 2020 Olympic Agenda are:

  • Establishing a permanent, continuous dialogue to explore cities / regions / countries and national Olympic committees for each Olympic event and arouse interest
  • Establish two Future Host Commissions (Summer and Winter Games) to monitor interest in future Olympic events and to report to the IOC Governing Board
  • More influence for the IOC session by including non-Executive Committee members on the Future Host Commissions.

To increase flexibility, the IOC amended the Olympic Charter . The rule that set the election date to 7 years before the games was deleted. In addition, the passage that only a single city / region / country can host has been deleted.

Future Host Commission

The full composition of the summer commissions overseeing interested hosts or potential hosts whom the IOC wishes to interest is as follows:

Future Host Commission for the 2032 Summer Games
IOC members (6) Other members (4)

Dialogue phases

In accordance with the mandate of the Future Host Commission with rules of conduct, the new IOC application process is divided into two dialogue phases:

Continuous dialogue
Non-binding discussions between the IOC and interested parties (city / region / country / NOC interested in hosting) regarding the hosting of future Olympic events.
Targeted dialogue
Targeted discussions with one or more interested parties (referred to as Preferred Hosts) as directed by the IOC Board of Directors. This follows a recommendation by the Future Host Commission as a result of the ongoing dialogue.


In addition to Brisbane, Germany with the Rhine-Ruhr region (North Rhine-Westphalia) , Qatar and Indonesia with its capital Jakarta also expressed interest. As part of the new selection process, the IOC chose Brisbane as the preferred applicant early on.

Planned competition venues

The application for the Australian city of Brisbane stipulated that 84% of the existing or temporary infrastructure should be used. At the center is the Brisbane Cricket Ground known as The Gabba , which will be used for athletics and celebrations of the games after a renovation. Further competitions will primarily take place in Brisbane itself, but also in Gold Coast , which hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games .

At the moment the concept for the competition venues is as follows:


Brisbane River Zone

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center
South Bank Piazza
Competition venue sports capacity comment
Brisbane Cricket Ground athletics athletics 50,000 available - modifications required
Opening and closing ceremonies
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center Table tennis Table tennis 6,000 (Hall 1) available
fencing fencing 6.500 (Hall 2)
Taekwondo Taekwondo
badminton badminton 6,000 (Hall 4)
South Bank Piazza 3 × 3 basketball 3 × 3 basketball 4,500 available
South Bank Cultural Forecourt Archery Archery 4,000 temporarily

Brisbane City Zone

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Brisbane Arena swim swim 15,000 planned - new
Water polo Water polo (final round)
Brisbane Football Stadium 7 rugby 7-a-side rugby 52,000 available
Soccer Soccer (final)

Herston Zone

Brisbane Showgrounds
Competition venue sports capacity comment
Brisbane Indoor Sports Center basketball basketball 12,000 planned - new
Ballymore Stadium hockey hockey 10,000 (field 1) available - modifications required
5,000 (field 2)
Brisbane Showgrounds Dressage riding Dressage riding 15,000 available
Show jumping Show jumping
Eventing riding Eventing riding
Victoria Park BMX freestyle BMX freestyle 5,000 temporarily
Eventing riding Eventing (cross-country riding ) 25,000

Chandler Zone

Anna Meares Velodrome
Competition venue sports capacity comment
Chandler Indoor Sports Center Gymnastics do gymnastics 10,000 planned - new
Brisbane Aquatic Center Jumping in the water Jumping 4,300 available - modifications required
Synchronized swimming Synchronized swimming
Water polo Water polo (preliminary round)
Anna Meares Velodrome Track cycling Track cycling 4,000 available - modifications required
BMX racing BMX racing 5,000
Brisbane International Shooting Center Sport shooting shoot 2,000 available - modifications required

North of Brisbane

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Brisbane Entertainment Center Handball Handball 11,000 available
Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Center Boxing Boxing 7,000 planned - new

East of Brisbane

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Manly Boat Harbor sail sail 10,000 available
Redland Whitewater Center Canoe slalom Canoe slalom 8,000 planned - new

South of Brisbane

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Queensland Tennis Center tennis tennis 5,500 (Center Court) available - modifications required
4,000 (Court 1)
2,400 (Court 2)
2,400 (Court 3)
Ipswich Stadium Modern pentathlon Modern pentathlon 10,000 available - under renovation
Wyaralong Flatwater Center Canoe racing Canoe racing 14,000 available - modifications required
rowing rowing

Gold coast

Broadbeach Zone

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center volleyball Volleyball (preliminary round) 6,000 (arena) available
Weightlifting Weightlifting 5,000 (Hall 3)
Broadbeach Park Stadium beach volleyball beach volleyball 12,000 temporarily

Carrara Zone

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Center Judo Judo 7,500 available
Wrestling Wrestling
Royal Pines Resort golf golf 15,000 available

Southport Zone

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Broadwater Parklands Open water swimming pictogram.svg Open water swimming 3,000 temporarily
Triathlon Triathlon 5,000

North of the Gold Coast

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Coomera Indoor Sports Center volleyball volleyball 11,000 available

South of the Gold Coast

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Gold Coast Stadium Soccer Football (preliminary round / QF) 27,400 available

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Zone

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Alexandra Headland athletics marathon 5,000 temporarily
athletics Go
Road cycling Road cycling
Kiteboarding pictogram.svg Kiteboarding
Sunshine Coast Mountain Bike Center Mountain bike Mountain bike 10,000 available - modifications required

Kawana Zone

Competition venue sports capacity comment
Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports Center basketball Basketball (preliminary round) 6,000 planned - new
Sunshine Coast Stadium Soccer Soccer (preliminary round) 20,000 available - modifications required

More competition venues

Competition venue city State sports capacity comment
Barlow Park Cairns Queensland Soccer Football (preliminary round, QF) 20,000 available - modifications required
Toowoomba Sports Ground Toowoomba 15,000 available - modifications required
North Queensland Stadium Townsville 25,000 available
Sydney Football Stadium Sydney New South Wales 42,500 available - under renovation
Melbourne Rectangular Stadium Melbourne Victoria 30,000 available

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