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Joke heroes
Former Witzhelden municipal coat of arms
Coordinates: 51 ° 6 ′ 56 ″  N , 7 ° 6 ′ 37 ″  E
Height : 226 m above sea level NN
Area : 11.85 km²
Residents : 7500  (Jan. 6, 2011)
Population density : 633 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : 1st January 1975
Postal code : 42799
Area code : 02174

Witzhelden is a district of Leichlingen (Rhineland) in the Rheinisch-Bergisches Kreis .


Local division

In addition to the church village, the area of ​​the Witzhelden district includes several residential areas and suburbs :


The former municipality of Witzhelden has been part of Leichlingen since January 1st, 1975. The place was first mentioned on October 11, 1184. In the handbook of the historical sites of Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Volume 274 (Alfred Kröner-Verlag) it says: “The church Henricus (tower 12th century, nave 1768/69) of Witzhelden first documented in 1184 is mentioned in 1235. With the tithe it was subordinate to the St. Gereonsstift in Cologne . The parish of Witzhelden had its own district court during the time of the county and the duchy of Berg and belonged to the Miselohe office . The Lutheran creed has prevailed since 1560. The Counts and Dukes of Berg owned significant property in Witzhelden, which was combined in the Oberhof "Zum Eichen" and belonged to the winery at Burg Castle . "

Another historical note states:

“The village of Flamerscheid is considered to be one of the oldest Witzheroes settlements. After 1150 it is said to have belonged to a noble von Hemmersbach who donated the property to the Cistercian monastery Hemmerod on the central Moselle . Pope Lucius III confirmed the ownership of the monastery with a bull from 1184 in which the village was named 'Withseleden' (Vito's or Wittrich's apartment). "

The original of the certificate can be found in the Koblenz State Main Archive (inventory 96, no. 27). In this Latin written bull from Pope Lucius III. is it [called:

“An estate belonging to the noble von Hemmersbach, located across the Rhine. It is mentioned near the village of Withseleden with every right, which means that it will own it. "

Until 1974, Witzhelden was an independent municipality in what was then the Rhein-Wupper district . On January 1, 1975, it was incorporated into the city of Leichlingen (Rhineland).

Origin of name

1184 the place name is Withseleden , 1363 Wytselden . The first syllable with is formed from the Middle High German wede , wide , widu or wite , an old word for wood or wood , as can still be found in the bird name hoopoe , the “wood hopper”. The part of the name seleden has changed through syncope over the centuries to selden and then to hero and means settlement . Witzhelden can therefore be translated as a forest settlement .


coat of arms

Coat of arms of joke heroes
Blazon : "Divided by silver (white) and red, on the dividing line anoak lightedfrom the right (gold-tinged on the trunk) in natural colors, below a silver (white) pinnacle bar ."
Justification of the coat of arms: The coat of arms designed by Adolf Rademacher was awarded on May 8, 1942 by the Upper President of the Rhine Province . The oak as the predominant tree in the Witzhelden landscape symbolizes the abundance of forests in the area and today stands for the closeness to nature and the strength of the hilltop village. The alternating pinnacle bar is borrowed from the coat of arms of those von Quadt ("In red two silver alternating pinnacle bars."), Who were located in Witzhelden-Bechhausen as the Bergische Ministeriale and in memory of the same-looking old coat of arms of the Counts of Berg , to whose possession Witzhelden im Middle Ages belonged. Today it symbolizes the independence of the residents.

Banner Witzhelden.svg 00Banner: "The banner is striped white and green lengthways with the coat of arms above the middle."


Memorial plaque on the house where Johann Wilhelm Wilms was born in 2007


The Evangelical village church is located on the market square of Witzhelden and is one of the most important trademarks of the village. It is a peasant baroque church and it has been documented since 1184. The nave was extensively restored between 1917 and 1982.

There is a Deutsche Telekom transmitter in Witzhelden:

  • a 134 meter high reinforced concrete telecommunications tower at 51 ° 7'31 "north latitude and 7 ° 6'36" east longitude. From the top of the tower, WDR 2 regional window Wuppertal is broadcast on the VHF frequency 95.7 MHz with 1.0 kW. Due to the excellent location 200 m high above the Cologne Bay, the frequency can be received from Düsseldorf via Solingen, Remscheid, Leverkusen and Bergisch Gladbach to Bonn. When visibility is good, the tower can be easily seen from the Zoobrücke in Cologne, which is more than 20 km away, as well as the Leverkusen Rhine bridge.
  • Another transmitter, the 229-meter-high Witzhelden transmitter for broadcasting television programs at 51 ° 7'7 "north latitude and 7 ° 5'59" east longitude, was disrupted on November 7, 2017. Before the switch to DVB-T, the ZDF (K29), WDR Cologne (K55), WDR Düsseldorf (K41), RTL (K36) and VOX (K39) with up to 500 kW transmission power for the Cologne Bight and the Broadcast in the Rhine-Ruhr area. The 16 m high GRP cylinder was dismantled on April 7, 2006.

Sons and daughters of the place

Other personalities associated with the place

  • Carl Hesselmann (1830–1902), discoverer of the Kaiser Wilhelm apple variety ( Hesselmannstrasse ), was a teacher in Witzhelden and died here too.
  • Torsten Jansen (* 1976) handball world champion 2007, handball European champion 2004, Olympic silver medal 2004

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