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Káranice (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Královéhradecký kraj
District : Hradec Králové
Area : 300 ha
Geographic location : 50 ° 9 '  N , 15 ° 33'  E Coordinates: 50 ° 9 '11 "  N , 15 ° 33' 27"  E
Height: 236  m nm
Residents : 214 (Jan. 1, 2019)
Postal code : 503 66
License plate : H
Street: Chýšť - Kosičky
Railway connection: Chlumec nad Cidlinou – Międzylesie
Status: local community
Districts: 1
Mayor : Vladimír Svoboda (Status: 2019)
Address: Káranice 48
503 66 Káranice
Municipality number: 570150
Website : www.karanice.cz
Bell tree and cross
railway station
Virgin Mary statue

Káranice (German Karanitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic . It is located seven kilometers east of Chlumec nad Cidlinou and belongs to the Okres Hradec Králové .


Káranice is located at the foot of the Dobřenická plošina ( Dobrzenitzer plateau ) on the Chlumecká tabule ( Chlumetzer board ). On the northern edge of the village runs the Chlumec nad Cidlinou – Międzylesie line , one kilometer north of the state road I / 11 between Nové Město and Hradec Králové . The Vrše forest with the hills Lhotáček (290 m nm), Soudný (288 m nm) and Nedabylice (288 m nm) extends to the southeast. The Haškova Lhota desert is located southeast of Káranice and the Nedabylice desert to the south .

Neighboring towns are Kosičky , Nová Ves, Babice and Požáry in the north, Obědovice in the northeast, Benátky and Dobřenice in the east, Ovčín, Michnovka, Pravy , Kasaličky and V Austrálii in the southeast, Na Obci, Voleč , America, Žáravice and Chýšť in the south, Chudeřice in the south-west, Nová Hospoda and Písek in the west and Oktaviánov, Hrázka, Mlékosrby , Přestavecko and Třesice in the north-west.


The first mention of Karanicz took place in 1297 as the property of Zemanen Vseslav of Zachrašťany. The next owners were Čeněk Šesták, then his son Jan. In the 15th century Káranice belonged to the estates of the Přestavlky fortress , the owners were Unka from Přestavlk, Dobřan from Kochovice and Vaněk from Kovalec. In the middle of the 16th century, the Lords of Pernstein acquired the desert fortress Přestavlky with the associated villages and added them to the Chlumetz rule . Johann von Pernstein , who had acquired the dominions in 1533, sold them to King Ferdinand I , who united them in 1547 to form a chamberlain for Chlumetz. In 1611, King Matthias signed the Chlumetz Chamber of Commerce to Wenzel Graf Kinsky von Wchinitz and Tettau for loyal services in obtaining the Bohemian Crown. After Count Wenzel Kinsky invaded the parish church of St. Ursula in Chlumetz in 1620 to stop Hussite services, an uprising broke out in the area. During the Thirty Years War the village became deserted. In the berní rula from 1654 only eight people are listed for Káranice. In 1775 a great peasant uprising broke out in the manor. In 1790 part of the property was parceled out for the settlement of immigrants.

In 1833 the village of Karanitz , located in the Bidschower district , consisted of 26 houses in which 196 people lived. To Karanitz konskribiert the single-mill Hrazka were at the Bistrita and lying on the road Königgrätzer bastion Požar. There was an inn in the village. The parish was Kratenau . Until the middle of the 19th century Karanitz remained subject to the Fideikommissherrschaft Chlumetz.

After the abolition of patrimonial Káranice formed from 1849 a municipality in the judicial district of Chlumetz . From 1868 the village belonged to the district of Neubydžow , at the same time the incorporation of Chudeřice took place . In 1869 Káranice had 215 inhabitants and consisted of 31 houses.

Between 1870 and 1873 the Chlumetz – Königgrätz railway line was laid north of the village ; the village did not initially receive a breakpoint. In 1893 a railway station for passenger traffic was built. The volunteer fire brigade was founded in 1896. In 1900 there were 238 people in Káranice, in 1910 there were 242. In 1913, Chudeřice broke up and formed its own community. In 1930 Káranice had 295 inhabitants and consisted of 58 houses. In the course of the territorial reform of 1960 the Okres Nový Bydžov was dissolved, since then the municipality has belonged to the Okres Hradec Králové . In the 2001 census, 183 people lived in the 65 houses in the community.


  • Statue of the Virgin Mary, created in 1912
  • Steel bell tree
  • Sandstone cross in the center of the village
  • Memorial to the fallen of the First World War


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