Charmed - magical witches

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Television series
German title Charmed - magical witches
Original title Charmed
Charmed logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1998-2006
length 42 minutes
Episodes 178 in 8 seasons ( List )
genre Drama , fantasy , comedy , mystery
Theme music Love Spit Love - How Soon Is Now?
idea Constance M. Burge
music Jay Gruska
J. Peter Robinson
First broadcast October 7, 1998 (USA) on The WB
first broadcast
May 9, 1999 on ProSieben

Charmed is an American television series produced from 1998 to 2006 and spanning eight seasons. A ninth and tenth season was released in the form of comics. The series, which uses elements from various television genres, was produced by Aaron Spelling's company and over time has developed into one of the trademarks of the television network The WB .


First season - discovery of their magical abilities

The series begins when Phoebe Halliwell ( Alyssa Milano ), after returning from New York, went broke with her sisters Prue ( Shannen Doherty ) and Piper ( Holly Marie Combs ) six months after the death of her grandmother, and returned to the family home in San Francisco moves in. The three very different sisters often clash, especially Prue and Phoebe.

When Piper and Phoebe deal with an old Ouija board, its pointer moves by itself and spells the word “ATTIC” (German: “attic”). In the attic, Phoebe finds the Book of Shadows , a family heirloom that leads the three sisters to their fate. Without knowing the magic of the family, Phoebe reads aloud from the book and thus conjures up the magic of the three sisters - the "power of three". Prue receives the ability of telekinesis , Piper the power to influence things and living beings so that they stand still, and Phoebe suddenly has visions of events that are occurring or that have happened in the past. While Prue and Piper learn to use their powers in a targeted manner over time, Phoebe is also haunted uncontrollably by visions, for example when touching a person or an object. Phoebe begins to learn martial arts in order to have an "active force".

The council of elders assigns a guardian of light to the Mighty Three: Leo Wyatt ( Brian Krause ), who introduces himself to the sisters as a craftsman and leaves a strong impression on Piper and Phoebe in particular. A sisterly battle for the favor of the man breaks out, which Piper quickly wins. However, she only learns about Leo's true identity and what powers he has much later. These include, for example, beaming (teleporting from place to place, called "orbing" in English) or the power of healing.

The fight against evil, which usually attacks in the form of demons and sorcerers ("warlocks"), quickly takes its toll. Prue's friend, Detective Andy Trudeau ( TW King ), falls victim to a demon attack soon after his inauguration.

Second season - professional self-realization

Phoebe begins to study psychology in the second season after unsuccessful job search . Piper wants to realize her dream of her own club. After all, she can realize this with her sisters' bank guarantees, which is why Piper comes up with the name "P3".
After Andy dies, Prue is briefly with her new employee at the auction house Jack Sheridan ( Lochlyn Munro ), although she initially hated him. After Prue quit her job at the auction house, she also wants to turn her hobby, photography, into her profession and is hired as a photographer for "415 Magazine".

The witches' mother, Patty Halliwell ( Finola Hughes ) drowned in a lake because of a water demon when her daughters were very young. That's why Prue is terrified of water. In addition, the sisters learn details about their mother's death and their relationship with their Guardian of Light Sam ( Scott Jaeck ) in the second season .

Piper is torn between her new neighbor Dan Gordon ( Greg Vaughan ) and her guardian of light Leo, who even temporarily gives up his powers (and thus his immortality) for her. Although relationships between Guardians of Light and their charges are strictly forbidden, Piper chooses Leo, and Dan moves away.

Prue receives the power of astral projection ( out-of-body experience ), which allows her to be in two places at the same time. Your subconscious is projecting itself to another place. Her bodily shell becomes frozen and her astral ego can only project itself back again.

Andy's colleague Darryl Morris ( Dorian Gregory ), who over time becomes a friend of witches, is meanwhile often in danger.

Season Three - Half-Mortal Relationships

The Mighty Three face a conspiracy of evil at the beginning of the season: criminals receive demonic support. Phoebe has to testify as a witness against a murderer and falls in love with the prosecutor Cole Turner ( Julian McMahon ). Phoebe only realizes late who is really hiding behind her friend - the powerful half-demon Balthasar, sent by the Triad to destroy the Mighty Three. Cole falls in love with Phoebe and then kills the triad. Phoebe fakes his sisters' destruction for a while, while Cole hides from both sides in the mausoleum.

Cole decides to give up his existence as an evil demon and only let his good, human half emerge. More reluctantly, Prue and Piper accept their youngest sister's relationship with a demon, which is repeatedly put to the test, as evil also fights for Balthasar.

Leo proposes to Piper. After several problems with the council of elders, who are strictly against a relationship between a guardian of light and a witch , Piper and Leo can finally get married in the middle of the third season and start a life together. Piper gains the power to accelerate molecules , causing the person or object she is aiming at to explode. In the beginning she also has problems mastering this ability; however, it becomes a good weapon in the fight against the demons.
Phoebe also gets a new ability at the beginning of the season. She learns to levitate and from then on she also has an active force.

In the final episode, the demon Shax appears to kill a doctor who is in the way of the forces of evil. The fight between him and the sisters is recorded by a television team, through which the public learns that Piper and Prue are witches. When Piper is shot and dies, Cole asks the source of evil that the demon Tempus turn back time. But the ruler proposes a deal and demands that Phoebe stays in the underworld and only then can save her sister Piper. Phoebe agrees, but demands a promise that her sisters will be warned of Shax before he breaks into the Halliwells. However, she is deceived; Piper, Prue and the doctor are attacked by Shax. When Leo tries to save the sisters, only Piper comes back to life. Prue and the doctor are dead.

Fourth season - the emergence of both powers

After Prue's death, the power of the three seems to have been destroyed. Paige Matthews ( Rose McGowan ) shows up at Prue's funeral, and she triggers a vision in Phoebe. As it turns out later, Paige was lured to the funeral by magic. Through their mother Patty and grandmother Penny ( Jennifer Rhodes ), Piper, Phoebe, Leo and Cole learn that Paige is Patty's daughter, a result of the secret love affair between Patty and her guardian of light, Sam. The power of three arises again, despite all attempts by the source to prevent this. Paige was told that her birth parents died shortly after she was born and that she was passed on to a monastery . Paige also has individual magical powers. Since she is half a witch and half the guardian of light, her magical abilities are shaped more by the guardians of the light than by the witch side (for example telekinetic beaming or teleportation).

However, the next stroke of fate is not long in coming. Phoebe (now married to Cole and pregnant by him) has to realize that after the destruction of the source of all evil, her husband received its magical powers and is now the source of evil himself. A treacherous plan by the powerful seer ( Debbi Morgan ) destroys their happiness. The sisters destroy Cole and a world collapses for Phoebe. In the fight against the seer, Phoebe loses her child, who had a great influence on her.

The sisters get a surprise visit from the Angel of Fate and are given the opportunity to lead a peaceful, non-magical life, but ultimately refuse. The Angel of Destiny brings Piper and Leo the happy news that Piper is pregnant.

Fifth season - breakups

Piper is pregnant and pretty annoyed. The child she is expecting limits her strength in part because the baby influences her. It also makes it practically invincible because the child heals it immediately if it is wounded. Paige quits her job to devote herself only to witchcraft and Phoebe has a steep career as a star columnist for the "Bay Mirror".

Cole manages to free himself from the "lost land" (valley of the slain demons) by collecting the powers of the dead and, to Phoebe's surprise, appears at his divorce negotiation. Since their relationship has finally failed, he wants to kill himself out of lovesickness, but fails because of his immortality despite the sisters' provocation to an attempt at annihilation. To win back Phoebe, he ends up joining the as-yet-unknown avatars. These equip him with even more power, making it possible for him to create a reality in which Paige dies before uniting with her sisters in order to be with Phoebe. However, by chance, Paige also gets into the new reality. Since Cole is not immortal in this, he can be finally destroyed by the reunited sisters on his own birthday.

Contrary to earlier visions of the future, Piper and Leo have a son whom they - in defiance of tradition (all names begin with a "P") - give the name Wyatt Matthew Halliwell. Demons try to use Wyatt for their own purposes, but the Powerful Three prevent this. The first power that Wyatt receives and uses in the womb is a magical protective shield with which he can protect himself and other people. But the child also brings a lot of movement into the family, which ultimately leads to Leo and Piper having to go to marriage counseling because they are constantly fighting.

Leo is promoted to the council of elders after the titans destroy it, which means that he has to give up his family as an elder does not live on earth. Chris Perry ( Drew Fuller ), who came from the future, helps the sisters fight the titans (all three become goddesses) in order to change the future so that it is not ruled by the titans. But not only that is the reason why he came from the future, he also has a completely different goal.

Sixth season - Battle for Wyatt

A tangible crisis occurred a few days before the start of shooting of the sixth season after Alyssa Milano had her previously long hair cut extremely short without consulting the producers. This was ultimately defused by the fact that Phoebe is greeted by her sister in one of the first scenes with the words "I really like your new hairstyle". Rose McGowan did something similar in the previous season. Paige's then-new red hair was explained as having an accident while mixing a magic potion. This season, too, Paige changes the hair color, which Piper comments with the sentence "She has become weird since she changed the hair color".

Phoebe now has one more power. As an empath, she can reflect other people's feelings. Absurd situations arise when Phoebe is overwhelmed by her sisters' feelings. However, Chris can use a magic potion to make Piper and Paige immune to Phoebe's power. In one episode of the third season, Prue had also acquired this ability through a demon and almost perished from it.

Leo is still mostly with the Mighty Three on earth to investigate his banishment to Valhalla . The new Guardian of the Light of the Mighty Three, Chris, appears dodgy at first sight, but Phoebe is the first to recognize in a vision that Chris is Piper's second son. And when Chris reveals that Leo is his father, the problem of procreation arises, since Leo and Piper are no longer a couple. Also, Chris admits that he only came back from the future to keep Wyatt from getting angry.

Phoebe's relationship with her boss, Jason Dean ( Eric Dane ), as well as Paige's relationship with the witcher Richard Montana ( Balthazar Getty ) , fails because of magic .

Gideon ( Gildart Jackson ) appears for the first time in the middle of the sixth season . He is an elder, Leo's mentor, and head of the wizarding school. Gideon was one of the proponents of the wedding between Leo and Piper. He soon regrets this, however, as he feels that Wyatt is too great a threat to the forces of good. He is destroyed by Leo at the end of season six when he learns that Gideon wants to kill Wyatt. However, the consequences of his actions extend well into the seventh season. After making his first move to kill Wyatt, Piper and Leo get back together - Chris is conceived that night.

Another major character who first appears in season six is ​​Inspector Sheridan (Jenya Lano). Because of her, Darryl came closer to a "permanent" death than ever before and therefore wants nothing more to do with the sisters. In order to save his life, the Mighty Three make the impossible possible once again, which, however , results in the demon Barbas ( Billy Drago ) being freed again.

At the end of the sixth season there is a happy ending after several sad and painful events. Chris is born healthy in this double episode, despite complications with Piper. But the Chris from the future dies because of Gideon. Barbas is still "at large".

Seventh Season - The Creation of Utopia

Shocked by Gideon's actions, Leo now tries to eliminate all threats to his sons Wyatt and Chris and starts with Barbas. However, by sneaking into Leo's mind, the latter can get him to kill another elder (Zola). After Barbas is killed, Leo continues his campaign - with poor judgment - and has little time for his family or for his duties as an elder. His relationship with Piper also suffers greatly.

Paige decides to take over the management of the wizarding school and fight the elders for its continued existence. Phoebe's advice is getting worse, which is why a ghostwriter is temporarily hired, with whom she immediately falls in love, but then gets scared and gets out of his way. But Leslie ( Nick Lachey ) takes part in a competition to win a date with Phoebe and wins. They "get together (for a short time)" even though Phoebe's dropping the date until Leslie moves back to his hometown and Phoebe returns to work.

Meanwhile, Leo is haunted by a mysterious head. Later it turns out that the so-called avatars, who have very great power and are neither good nor bad, try to convince Leo of their idea of ​​a peaceful world without magic, because Leo has very great power. In order to achieve this plan, however, the power of three is also required. The avatars manage to convince Leo to become one of them. Through Leo they manage to get Piper and Phoebe on their side, while Paige is rather skeptical about them, as the parents of her friend, Agent Kyle Brody ( Kerr Smith ), were allegedly murdered by the Avatars, but thanks to one Time travel they find out that these were not the avatars, but demons. But Kyle is still convinced that the avatars don't mean anything good, which he is ultimately right about. But the Mighty Three only notice this too late, when he is already dead and the plan to create Utopia has already been completed. So the three team up with Zankou, a demon, to destroy the avatars, who however realize that they have made a mistake and make Utopia disappear again. However, they do not finally give up their goal. As Paige finds less and less pleasure in her work, Leo becomes the new head of the magic school. She is also initially dejected as Kyle Brody has become a Guardian of the Light.

In addition, the ex-demon Drake ( Billy Zane ) appears, who only appears in three episodes, but still plays a very important role. In the episode "The Lost Leo" Cole's ghost appears and tries to reunite Piper and Leo. Together with Drake he wants to bring back Phoebe's belief in love, because he believes that he has destroyed it in her.

At the end of the season, the demon Zankou finally manages to weaken the sisters so that he can obtain the Book of Shadows and thus drive them out of the house. With the help of the book he can also steal the powers of Piper and Phoebe. To stop it, the Powerful Three come up with a plan that appears to be dying. They destroy the Nexus after Zankou has absorbed it, but they are not harmed even thanks to astral projection. In order to keep their magical powers a secret and to be able to lead a normal life from now on, the three sisters and Leo adopt new identities.

Eighth Season - The Ultimate Power

The sisters faked their own deaths to avoid the police and the demons. Now Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo have new magical identities. To the outside world, they are now the cousins ​​of the Halliwells, who came to San Francisco to settle the estate of the supposedly dead Halliwell sisters. Piper, Paige and Phoebe are now called Jenny (later Jamie), Jo and Julie Bennett and Leo becomes Louis.

The magic school is occupied by demons, so that the training of the good guys is difficult. The young witch Billie ( Kaley Cuoco ) is a protégé of Paige. Although Paige risks her cover being blown, she responds to Billie's call. At first, Billie refuses to have a Guardian of Light, but eventually the sisters teach her their craft and Billie hunts demons so the sisters can lead a more normal life.

Phoebe has a vision that shows her marrying a man named Dex Lawson ( Jason Lewis ), who she has met several times in the editorial office of her newspaper. She introduces him to her new self, they both fall in love and marry under the influence of a spell.

However, the sisters cannot come to terms with their new identities for long and therefore reverse the spell. You start to work with the Ministry of State Security and can go back to your old life.

Leo is frozen in the tenth episode of this season ("Vaya Con Leos") until the end of the Ultimate Battle, because this was the only way to prevent his death. His death was to harden the sisters to improve their chances of survival in battle.

Paige meets probation officer, Henry Mitchell ( Ivan Sergei ), and eventually marries him.

Phoebe's relationship with the artist Dex fails because he is overwhelmed when she transforms into Julie in front of his eyes. Thereupon a Cupid named Coop ( Victor Webster ) tries to find a husband for Phoebe, they both fall in love, but believe that a relationship would break the magic rules.

Ultimately, Billie finds her sister Christy again. Christy had been kidnapped by demons 15 years ago on behalf of the Triad. They could pull them over to their side. The triad wanted to ensure that the Mighty Three had equal opponents, because Billie and Christy jointly have "Ultimate Power".

Billie's and Christy's parents are murdered by demons. Christy claims that Piper made the demons possible. Then Billie wants to destroy the Mighty Three with her. When they, with Wyatt's help, summon “nothing” and steal his powers, the Ultimate Battle begins. The Halliwells have also absorbed “nothing”. But the ultimate battle ends tragically: Phoebe, Paige and Christy die. The Angel of Fate reunites Leo and Piper after the Ultimate Battle. However, before she disappears, she also notes that the Ultimate Battle was not meant to end this way. Piper can save her sisters by traveling back in time. Billie also travels into the past through her projection power - acquired in the middle of the season - and finds out that the demons have pulled Christy on her side and finally kills her in self-defense.

The final scenes of the series show life after the Ultimate Battle. So it is revealed that each of the sisters will have three children. Phoebe and Coop, who brought the elders together, get married at the magic school and have three daughters, whom Billie occasionally looks after. Piper and Leo also have a daughter named Melinda. Leo takes over the magic school again, while Piper opens his own restaurant. Paige is the mother of a son named Henry Jr. and twin girls, and helps the next generation of witches and Guardians of Light take on their destiny. The Mighty Three are relieved as their children fight against evil in the future and their dreams are fulfilled.

Cast and dubbing

The series was set to music at Telesynchron Film GmbH in Berlin . Roland Frey and Ulrike Heiland wrote the dialogue books , Jürgen Kluckert directed the dialogue .

Main cast

actor Role name Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Holly Marie Combs Piper Halliwell 1.01-8.22 Melanie Hinze
Alyssa Milano Phoebe Halliwell 1.01-8.22 Dascha Lehmann
Shannen Doherty Prudence "Prue" Halliwell 1.01-3.22 Ranja Bonalana
Rose McGowan Paige Matthews 4.01-8.22 Carola Ewert (4.01–5.10)
Anna Carlsson (5.11–8.22)
Dorian Gregory Darryl Morris 1.01-7.22 Charles Rettinghaus
TW King Andrew "Andy" Trudeau 1.01-1.22 Thomas Nero Wolff
Greg Vaughan Dan Gordon 2.01-2.22 Simon hunter
Karis Paige Bryant Jenny Gordon 2.01-2.06 Oona Plany
Brian Krause Leonardo "Leo" Wyatt 2.14-8.22 1.03-2.13 Tobias Kluckert
Julian McMahon Cole Turner / Balthasar 3.01-5.12 7.16 Torsten Michaelis
Drew Fuller Christopher "Chris" Perry Halliwell (adult) 6.01-6.23 5.22-5.23, 7.07, 8.22 Norman Matt
Kaley Cuoco Billie Jenkins 8.01-8.22 Julia Kaufmann

Supporting cast

actor Role name Supporting role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Neil Roberts Rex Buckland 1 1.02-1.10 Boris Tessmann
Leigh-Allyn Baker Hannah Webster 1 1.02-1.10 Nadja Reichardt
Cristine Rose Claire Pryce 1 1.11-1.20 Joseline Gassen
Billy Drago Barbas 1-2, 5-7 1.13, 2.09, 5.07, 6.19-7.01 Jan Spitzer
Jennifer Rhodes Penelope "Penny" Halliwell 1-8 1.15-8.22 Bettina Schön (seasons 1–5)
Rita Engelmann (seasons 6–8)
Finola Hughes Patricia "Patty" Halliwell 1-5, 7-8 1.17-5.02, 7.03, 8.22 Daniela Hoffmann (Season 1)
Joseline Gassen (Season 3–8)
Carlos Gomez Inspector Rodriguez 1 1.20-1.22 Jörg Hengstler
Lochlyn Munro Jack Sheridan 2 2.06-2.12 David Nathan
Scott Jaeck Samuel "Sam" Wilder 2, 5, 8 2.08, 5.09, 8.07 Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Amir Aboulela Triad member 3 3.02-3.07 Stefan Fredrich
Shaun Toub Triad member 3 3.02-3.07 Thomas Wolff
Rick Overton Triad member 3 3.02-3.07 Jürgen Kluckert
Keith Diamond Reece Davidson 3, 7 3.08-3.16, 7.21 Lutz Schnell
James Read Victor Bennett 3-8 3.10-8.22 Helmut Gauss
Simon Templeman Angel of Death 3, 7-8 3.16, 7.05, 8.10 Klaus-Dieter Klebsch (Season 3)
Erich Räuker (Season 7-8)
David Reivers Bob Cowan 4-5 4.01-5.02 Jörg Hengstler
Ben Guillory The source of evil 4th 4.01-4.07 Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Peter Woodward 4, 8 4.13, 8.04
Krista Allen oracle 4th 4.01-4.07 Ghadah Al-Akel
Jesse Woodrow Glen Belland 4-5 4.06, 4.11, 5.13 Michael Iwannek (4.06)
Sven Hasper (4.11 & 5.13)
Debbi Morgan The seer 4-5 4.13-4.21, 5.12 Arianne Borbach
Rebecca Balding Elise Rothman 4-8 4.16-8.21 Marie Gruber
Joel Swetow Avatar Alpha 5, 7 5.09, 5.12, 7.06-7.13 Bodo Wolf
Sandra Prosper Sheila Morris 5-7 5.12-7.22 Diana Borgwardt
Eric Dane Jason Dean 5-6 5.16-6.13 David Nathan
Jason and Kristopher Simmons Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (child) 5-8 5.21-8.22
Balthazar Getty Richard Montana 6th 6.05-6.15 Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Wes Ramsey Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (adult) 6-8 6.10, 6.23, 7.20, 8.22 Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Gildart Jackson Gideon 6th 6.14-6.23 Detlef Bierstedt
Christopher Neiman Sigmund 6th 6.14-6.21 Gerald Schaale
Jenya Lano Inspector Sheridan 6-7 6.19-7.22 Katarina Tomaschewsky
Nick Lachey Leslie St. Claire 7th 7.01-7.06 Marius Clarén
Elizabeth Dennehy Sandra 7-8 7.02-8.19 Karin Grüger
John de Lancie Odin 7th 7.02-7.16 Hans-Werner Bussinger
Kerr Smith Kyle Brody 7th 7.04-7.13 Robin Kahnmeyer
Ian Anthony Dale Avatar gamma 7th 7.06-7.13 Bernhard Völger
Patrice Fisher Avatar beta 7th 7.06-7.12 Ulrike Stürzbecher
Oded Fehr Zankou 7th 7.10-7.22 Ingo Albrecht
Billy Zane Drake dè Mon 7th 7.14-7.16 Nicolas Boell
Brandon Quinn Agent Murphy 8th 8.01–8.09 Klaus-Peter Grap
Jason Lewis Dex Lawson 8th 8.01-8.06 Markus Pfeiffer
Ivan Sergei Henry Mitchell 8th 8.08-8.22 Peter Flechtner
Marnette Patterson Christy Jenkins 8th 8.15-8.22 Maria Koschny
Leland Crooke Triad member Candor 8th 8.15-8.22 Frank-Otto Schenk
Søren Oliver Triad member Baliel 8th 8.15-8.22 Till Hagen
Steven J. Oliver Triad member Asmodeus 8th 8.15-8.22 Victor Deiß
Victor Webster Cupid "Coop" 8th 8.16-8.22 Jaron Lowenberg
Anthony Cistaro Dumain 8th 8.20-8.22 Peter Reinhardt

Guest cast

season 1

  • Anthony Denison , episode: "Die Formwandler" (Original title: "Thank You for Not Morphing") - Victor Bennett
  • John Cho , episode: "Rendezvous with a ghost" (Original title: "Dead Man Dating") - Mark Chao
  • Barbara Stock , episode: "Höllenhochzeit" (original title: "The Wedding from Hell") - Grace Spencer
  • Danielle Harris , episode: "Sister of the Night" (Original title: "The Fourth Sister") - Aviva
  • Shawn Christian , episodes: "Who is afraid of the black man?" (Original title: "Is There a Woogy in the House?"), "When evil awakens" (Original title: "When Bad Warlocks Turn Good") and "Blind" (Original title: "Out of Sight") - Josh
  • Michael Weatherly , episode: "When Bad Warlocks Turn Good" (original title: "When Bad Warlocks Turn Good") - Brendan Rowe
  • Michael Trucco , episode: "Guardians of the Darkness" (original title: "Love Hurts") - Alec
  • David Carradine , episode: "Always again Wednesday" (Original title: "Déjà Vu All Over Again") - Tempus

season 2

  • Misha Collins , episode: "The Akashic Roles" (Original title: "They're Everywhere") - Eric Bragg
  • Dean Norris , episode: "The Akasha Roles" (original title: "They're Everywhere") - Sucker / "Dr. Stone "
  • Antonio Sabato Jr. , episodes: "Between Heaven and Hell" (Original title: "Ms. Hellfire") and "Daszeichen" (Original title: "Give Me a Sign") - Bane Jessup
  • Clayton Rohner , episode: "Mitten ins Herz" (original title: "Heartbreak City") - Drazi
  • Matthew Glave , episodes: "Fever" (Original title: "Awakened") and "Hexenblut" (Original title: "Astral Monkey") - Dr. Curtis Williamson
  • Amy Adams , episode: "Bad luck" (Original title: "Murphy's Luck") - Maggie Murphy
  • Arnold Vosloo , episode: "Persecuted by bad luck" (original title: "Murphy's Luck") - Guardian of darkness
  • Brian Thompson , episode: "The Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (original title: "Apocalypse Not") - war

season 3

  • Elisabeth Harnois , episode: "Hexenhochzeit" (original title: "Magic Hour") - Brooke
  • Scout Taylor-Compton , episode: "Of fairies and trolls" (original title: "Once Upon a Time") - Thistle
  • Steve Valentine , episode: "Against all rules" (Original title: "Blinded by the Whitelighter") - Eames
  • Ron Perlman , episode: "Lost Souls" (Original title: "Wrestling with Demons") - Mr. Kellman
  • Dana Ashbrook , episode: "Marriage with obstacles" (Original title: "Just Harried") - TJ
  • Matt Battaglia , episode: "The Banshee" (Original title: "Look Who's Barking") - journalist
  • Ashley Tisdale , episode: "The Banshee" (Original title: "Look Who's Barking") - runaway
  • Michael Bailey Smith , episode: "The End" (Original title: "All Hell Breaks Loose") - The source of evil and Shax

Season 4

  • Michael Bailey Smith , episode: "The new power of three" (Original title: "Charmed Again") - Shax
  • Robert Englund , episode: "The collector" (Original title: "Size Matters") - Gammill
  • Alicia Keys , episode: "The collector" (original title: "Size Matters") - VIP guest in P3
  • Bethany Joy Lenz , episode: "A Prince for Paige" (original title: "A Knight to Remember") - Lady Julia
  • Charlie Weber , episode: "A Prince for Paige" (Original title: "A Knight to Remember") - Prince
  • Coolio , episode: "The bride wears black" (original title: "Marry-Go-Round") - Lazarus demon
  • Molly Hagan , episode: "The fifth wheel" (Original title: "The Fifth Halliwheel") - Karen Young
  • Dakin Matthews , episode: "The Angel of Fate" (Original title: "Witch Way Now?") - Angel of Fate

Season 5

  • Sean Patrick Flanery , episode: "And if they haven't died ..." (Original title: "Happily Ever After") - Adam Prinze
  • Melinda Clarke , episode: "Siren Song" (original title: "Siren Song") - Siren
  • Mark Sheppard , episode: "Superhelden" (Original title: "Witches in Tights") - Arnon
  • Tobin Bell , episode: "Böse Augen" (original title: "The Eyes Have It") - Orin
  • Emmanuelle Vaugier , episode: "Böse Augen" (original title: "The Eyes Have It") - Dr. Ava Nicolae
  • Grace Zabriskie , episodes: "Babyalarm" (original title: "Baby's First Demon") and "See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing" (original title: "Sense and Sense Ability") - Crone
  • Zachary Quinto , episode: "Katzenjammer" (Original title: "Cat House") - Warlock
  • Norman Reedus , episodes: "See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing" (original title: "Sense and Sense Ability") and "Hexentaufe" (original title: "Necromancing the Stone") - Nate Parks
  • Scout Taylor-Compton , episodes: "Hexentaufe" (original title: "Necromancing the Stone") and "Clash of the Titans" (original title: "Oh My Goddess!") - Fee
  • Brian Thompson , episode: "Clash of the Titans" (Original title: "Oh My Goddess!") - Chronos

Season 6

  • Melissa George , episode: "Under the spell of the Valkyries" (original title: "Valhalley of the Dolls") - Freyja
  • Jenny McCarthy , episode: "The Power of Three Blondes" (Original title: "The Power of Three Blondes") - Mitzy Stillman
  • Jennifer Sky , episode: "The Power of Three Blondes" (Original title: "The Power of Three Blondes") - Mabel Stillman
  • Rachelle Lefèvre , episode: "Deadly love" (original title: "Love's a Witch") - Olivia Callaway
  • Kathryn Joosten , episode: "Victims of Desire" (original title: "My Three Witches") - wife
  • Scout Taylor-Compton , episodes: "Piper and the Round Table" (original title: "Sword and the City") and "The Spider" (original title: "Spin City") - Fee
  • Marisol Nichols , episode: "Between the Times" (original title: "Chris-Crossed") - Bianca
  • Jodi Lyn O'Keefe , episode: "The Spider" (original title: "Spin City") - spider demon

Season 7

  • James Avery , episode: "Blinder Zorn" (Original title: "A Call to Arms") - Zola
  • Kristen Miller , episode: "The Naked Mile" (Original title: "The Bare Witch Project") - Lady Godiva
  • Charisma Carpenter , episodes: "Der Rivalitätszauber" (original title: "Cheaper by the Coven"), "Angel of Death" (original title: "Styx Feet Under") and "I see what you don't see" (original title: "Witchness Protection") ) - Kyra
  • Anne Dudek , episode: "The witches next door" (Original title: "Ordinary Witches") - Denise
  • Sebastian Roché , episode: "Carpe Demon" (original title: "Carpe Demon") - sorcerer
  • David Anders , episode: "Fire and Flame" (original title: "Show Ghouls") - Count Roget
  • Danneel Ackles , episode: "Power or Life" (original title: "Something Wicca This Way Goes") - transformed Paige
  • Glenn Morshower , episode: "Power or Life" (Original title: "Something Wicca This Way Goes") - Agent Keyes
  • Scout Taylor-Compton , episode: "Power or Life" (Original title: "Something Wicca This Way Goes") - Fee

Season 8

  • Janice Dickinson , episode: "Dead people live longer" (Original title: "Still Charmed and Kicking") - Janice Dickinson
  • Glenn Morshower , episode: "Dead people live longer" (Original title: "Still Charmed and Kicking") - Agent Keyes
  • Michael Trevino , episode: "Halliwells in Wonderland" (original title: "Malice in Wonderland") - Alastair
  • Alana de la Garza , episode: "Desperate House Witches" (original title: "Desperate Housewitches") - Sylvia
  • Michelle Stafford , episode: "Desperate House Witches" (original title: "Desperate Housewitches") - Mandi
  • Barbara Niven , episodes: "Billie's killer parents" (original title: "Mr. & Mrs. Witch") and "A high price" (original title: "Generation Hex") - Helen Jenkins
  • Gil Birmingham , episode: "With the same coin" (original title: "Payback's a Witch") - Indian chief
  • Scout Taylor-Compton , episodes: "Small, but mine" (original title: "Repo Manor") and "Hexenkampf" (original title: "Gone with the Witches") - Fee

Characters and fictional locations

main characters

Prudence "Prue" Halliwell

Prue is the oldest of the Halliwells. After the death of her mother (Patty) and the escape of her father (Victor), she feels responsible for Phoebe and Piper. She doesn't get on very well with Phoebe, as Phoebe is freedom-loving and, in her opinion, irresponsible. At the beginning of the first season she works as an antiquarian and moves from a museum to an auction house. During her work, she involuntarily comes across magical objects. In the second season she turns her hobby of photography into a profession and becomes a photo editor. Prue is the most powerful of the sisters until her death at the end of the third season. Her childhood friend Andy Trudeau and she flirt again and again, but only get back together shortly before Andy's death.

She possessed the skills of telekinesis and astral projection.

Piper Halliwell

Piper is the second born sister. She is a caring person with a desire for a normal life. In order to support her sick grandmother financially, Piper worked as a bank clerk until her death. But her talent is cooking, which she learned from her grandmother. In the first season she works in a restaurant (Quake) as a cook. But already in the second episode she is appointed managing director by her boss. From the second season she runs Club P3, which she and her sisters own. The name is an allusion to the first letters of the sisters' first names and is intended to allude to the power of three. Piper's character is going through the greatest change. At first, Piper is a shy and reserved woman. This changes over time. Especially after Prue's death, Piper takes responsibility for her sisters and her skills increase. Piper marries Leo, her guardian of light, in season three. They have two sons, Wyatt and Chris. In the last episode you can see her daughter, Melinda, and learn that Piper has opened a restaurant.

Piper has the ability to freeze everything. Later it can also blow up things and beings. The ability causes her problems for a long time until she can completely control it.

Phoebe Halliwell

Phoebe is the third born sister and thus - until Paige appears - the youngest. After the death of her grandmother, she left the house and went to New York . After a while she comes back broke and finds the book of shadows in the attic in the first episode. Since she has a talent for creative writing, she regularly writes the spells. During the first three seasons she studies psychology and graduates with a bachelor's degree . In the third season she falls in love with Cole, who is later destroyed by the witches. In the middle of season four, the sisters rescue an innocent woman who works as an advisory columnist for the Bay Mirror. She quits her job and leaves it to Phoebe. Phoebe fulfilled this job from the beginning and she will keep it until retirement. Her next two relationships also begin in the Bay Mirror, where she only falls in love with her new boss Jason Dean, with whom she also flies around the world, and with her ghostwriter Leslie, who stands in for her during a two-month break. In the middle of the last season she met Coop, a Cupid whom she married in the last episode. At the end you see Phoebe, who is about to give birth, and Coop saying goodbye to their two daughters.

Phoebe can see both the future and the past. Later she gets the ability to levitate . Furthermore, she later masters empathy . Towards the end of the sixth season, the tribunal takes Phoebe's magical powers because she has used them too often for her personal benefit. Later she gradually gets her strength back.

Paige Matthews

Paige is the youngest of the Halliwell witches. She is the daughter of Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder, the Guardian of Light from Patty, with whom she fell in love after Patty left her husband Victor. At the beginning of the first episode of the fourth season, she appears for the first time at Prue's funeral. Paige has a very unsteady life and has been through a lot, including losing her adoptive parents in a car accident. After that she had many difficulties and was an alcoholic for a short period of time. But she has kept a promise made to the adoptive parents to reform and study. When she meets her sisters, she is working as a social worker in a company that takes care of social emergencies. She later quits her job and devotes herself entirely to being a witch. After a while she overcomes the urge for more fulfillment in her life. So she takes on several different jobs, all of which have a magical background. Finally she takes over the management of the magic school, which she then hands over to Leo in order to devote herself entirely to her existence as a witch, a member of the Mighty Three and to life as a guardian of light. Last season she marries Henry, a probation officer. In the final episode you see the two of them with a son and twin girls.

Paige has the ability of telekinesis and can - since she is half guardian of light - also "beam". Through this half she also learns the ability to heal at the end of the series.

Leonardo "Leo" Wyatt

Leo is the Guardian of Light for the three or four sisters until the end of the fifth season, when he becomes an elder. This position will be taken from him again during the course of the seventh season because he betrayed the elders when he joined the Avatars. As a consequence, he is sent back to earth as a completely normal person. However, he cannot cope with his mortality and his powerlessness. Later in the series, Leo becomes the head of the magic school. He marries Piper and has three children with her.

Members of the Halliwell family

  • Penelope "Penny" Halliwell: Penny is the grandmother of the four sisters. Prue, Piper and Phoebe were very close to her as she raised the girls. The mother of the three, Patty, died when the girls were very young. After Penny dies, she keeps reappearing as a ghost.
  • Patricia "Patty" Halliwell: Patty is the mother of the four sisters. However, Patty died very early. Her guardian of light was Sam, Paige's father. She was distracted by Sam while fighting a water demon. To save him, Patty froze him, which gave the demon time to kill her. Patty appears in the series from time to time, although she was in the present for the first time in the episode “Marriage with Obstacles”. At that time, she was sent to earth as a human by the elders to be present at Piper's wedding to Leo as the mother. Later she came more often, among other things she was called by Penny at Victor's behest, so that she could settle the dispute between the two. It also appears again in the last episode.
  • Victor Bennett: Victor is the father of Prue, Piper and Phoebe and was married to Patty for a number of years. However, they divorced a year or two after Phoebe was born. He appears several times in the series. In the sixth season, Chris tells from the future that he has a very close relationship with his "Grandpa". Victor appears very often, especially in Season 8, to take care of Wyatt and Chris.
  • Wyatt Matthew Halliwell: Wyatt is the first child of Piper and Leo. He is the most powerful magical being and already had strong magical powers in the womb. As a baby, he let loose a kite on San Francisco. His first names are made up of Leo's and Paige's surnames. In two episodes of the sixth season you see a grown-up Wyatt who is evil. His brother Chris comes from the future to prevent him from falling on the evil side. This information causes the elder Gideon to kill Wyatt, which he does not succeed because he himself is killed by Leo beforehand. This makes Wyatt a powerful and important part of good magic. The grown-up Wyatt also made a guest appearance on the last episode to bring back his magical powers.
  • Christopher "Chris" Perry Halliwell: Chris is the second born son of Piper and Leo. It takes its name from Leo's father. He has less power than Wyatt but is a very important character. Even before he's even born, Chris comes from the future. He can be seen for the entire sixth season as he comes from the future at the age of twenty-two to prevent Wyatt from falling on the path of evil. He keeps a great secret about himself and the future until a vision from Phoebe reveals that he is Piper's son. He is very reserved towards Piper, as she dies on his 14th birthday. However, this was prevented by the change in the future. He has a tense relationship with Leo, as he has little time for him in the future, but this is improving. Since Chris is half a guardian of the light, he has the power of "official", and he also has the power of telekinesis . At the end of the sixth season, he is killed by Gideon. On the same day, Piper gives birth to Chris. In season seven, Chris tries to free his father Leo from his inner pain and guilt about Chris' death. In the last episode, Chris comes from the future because Wyatt has lost his magic powers.


  • Darryl Morris ( Dorian Gregory ): He made his first appearance in the first episode of the series. After Andy's death, the policeman became a police contact for the Halliwell sisters. He bailed them out quite often and was eventually promoted thanks to the sisters. Between the seventh and eighth season, he and his family moved. In the episode "Run, Piper, run" it is mentioned that he now lives on the east coast.
  • Sheila Morris ( Sandra Prosper ): Sheila is Darryl's wife and has two children with him. She knows from Darryl that the sisters are witches.
  • Andrew "Andy" Trudeau ( TW King ): Andy knew the sisters as a child and fell in love with Prue when he was in high school. He was the first mortal to know that Prue, Piper, and Phoebe were witches. This ultimately also cost him his life. In the season finale of the first season he was killed by the demon Rodriguez.
  • Billie Jenkins ( Kaley Cuoco ): Billie joins the sisters in season eight. She is a protégé of Paige and looking for her sister Christy, who was kidnapped by the Triad 15 years ago.


Over the course of eight years, the Mighty Three had different enemies, often nearly overwhelmed by them.

Surname Period method Victory through
Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster 1st half of the 1st season Rex Buckland was the boss at Buckland's auction house, where he hired Prue. In the episode "Powerless" he first attaches a theft to Prue and then a murder in order to gain access to the Halliwells' magic powers. Leo gives the sisters back their magic powers undetected after they have given them up. Rex is killed by Hannah and Hannah is then destroyed (burned) by an unknown person.
The triad and Balthasar 1st half of the 3rd season On behalf of the Triad, Balthasar was supposed to impersonate the Mighty Three as a normal person and kill them in confidence. Balthasar alias Cole destroys the triad. Phoebe's love for Cole causes him to switch sides.
The source of evil 2nd half of 3rd season and 1st half of 4th season The source sent various demons over time to destroy the mighty three. However, only Shax was successful. Ultimately, the source itself freed the black void and competed against the sisters. By a spell that invokes ancestral powers.
The seer and Cole as a source 2nd half of the 4th season After the previous source was defeated, the seer made Cole the new source. Later the seer was also crowned the source. Both were destroyed by the power of three.
Cole 1st half of the 5th season Cole became an avatar and changed realities. In the reality made by Cole he was not invincible as before, but still Balthasar. So he could be finally destroyed by the Mighty Three.
Gideon 2nd half of the 6th season Knowing about the future that Wyatt was going to turn bad, he wanted to destroy Wyatt at all costs. To protect his sons, Leo killed Gideon with electric lightning.
Zankou 2nd half of the 7th season Zankou weakened the sisters with the help of innocents they could not save in order to get the Book of Shadows. Zankou absorbed the Nexus in order to finally destroy the Powerful Three. He was later destroyed along with the Nexus.
The Triad and the Jenkins Sisters as "The Ultimate Power" 2nd half of the 8th season The Jenkins sisters allied against the Halliwells and announced a great fight between them. The pretext: The Halliwells were negligent with the magic. Christy was killed in self-defense by her sister Billie. The triad was destroyed by a magic elixir of the Mighty Three. This was possible because they only existed as ghosts in the meantime.


The plan of the first floor at Halliwell Manor
The Charmed home in Los Angeles

The House

The house or the "Manor" of the Mighty Three is in reality in Los Angeles 1329 Carroll Avenue in the Echo Park district , although the series is set in San Francisco. It serves as a place of residence for the Mighty Three, but also as a place of battle and summoning.

The P3

The P3 (stands for Prue, Piper and Phoebe) is the nightclub that the three sisters buy at the beginning of the second season, because Piper cannot raise the money alone. Piper runs the club and is very busy with it. In P3, the sisters often sit together to celebrate a victory over evil, or to relax and meet up on their dates. For an episode of the fourth season, the P3 was called "The Spot" to boost profits, but this was quickly discarded. While Chris is the Guardian of the Light of the Mighty Three, he lives in the back room and helps out at the club.

The magic school

The magic school first appeared in episode 14 of the sixth season "The Headless Three". Where exactly the school is located is never explained. The magic school is the place where young witches and wizards learn their skills. It already begins in kindergarten when Wyatt goes to toddler, even if Piper is initially skeptical of the school. The school promotes all sorts of skills, including telekinesis classes , levitation , spell writing, elixir making, astral projection , magical musical compositions, medieval weapon systems and history of good magic. Gideon, an elder, came up with the idea for the school and carried it through to the season six finale. The school was to be closed later for reasons of lack of leadership. Paige worked to ensure that the school continued and is the next head of the school, but with whose management she is very overwhelmed. When Leo becomes mortal, she leaves him the head of the wizarding school. In the finale of the seventh season, the demon Zankou managed to invade the school and from now on magic could no longer be taught there. The magic school became a place of evil until the series finale. In the last episode of the series, Phoebe and Coop get married in the magic school and Leo becomes its head again.


United States

With the second highest rate of a series premiere of 7.70 million viewers on The WB , the series started very successfully on Wednesday evening. When the second season began, the slot also changed to Thursday evening at 9 p.m. Charmed made another channel change with the beginning of the fifth season - the mystery series became part of "The WB's Big Sunday". From the seventh season on, Charmed struggled with quota problems on this slot. This was due, among other things, to successful competition formats such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition , The Simpsons and also to guaranteed ratings such as the award of the Golden Globe or the Grammy .


The first season of Charmed was broadcast on ProSieben every Sunday at 4 p.m. With the second season, the series switched to Saturday afternoon around the same time. Due to the high ratings, the third season was postponed to prime time on Wednesday at 9:15 p.m. After two months, the season switched to the broadcast slot at 8:15 p.m. and then at 9:15 p.m. another episode of Charmed, albeit from the first season, was shown. The fourth season with the new cast of Rose McGowan also began on this slot. As well as the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons. The eighth and final season was broadcast on Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. until the tenth episode. Due to a lack of promotion and the strong US series competition on RTL , this could not build on the success of the previous seasons. So Charmed was moved back to Saturday afternoon.

From February 2006, the series was also repeated Mondays to Fridays at 4 p.m., until ProSieben finally replaced the series on November 5, 2007, due to poor audience ratings, and postponed the Charmed repeats to 11 a.m. In the summer of 2008, kabel eins broadcast the first episodes of the series on Monday evening. However, due to poor audience ratings, she disappeared from the program a short time later.

From November 23, 2009, with the beginning of the sixth season, ProSieben broadcasted again at 13:05. From February 8 to February 26, 2010, Charmed changed the broadcast slot and ran between 11:00 and 11:30. The last episode of the series ended on March 1, 2010 at 6 a.m. on ProSieben. Since November 2011 Charmed has been broadcast intermittently in the afternoon program and in prime time on sixx . From January 2011 to January 2015, kabel eins also broadcast the series with interruptions every day in the morning program.


Season Episodes First broadcast
(The WB)
First broadcast
season 1 22nd October 7, 1998 to May 26, 1999 May 9, 1999 to October 3, 1999
season 2 22nd September 30, 1999 to May 18, 2000 September 9, 2000 to January 27, 2001
season 3 22nd October 5, 2000 to May 17, 2001 June 6, 2001 to September 25, 2002
Season 4 22nd October 4, 2001 to May 16, 2002 October 2, 2002 to March 5, 2003
Season 5 23 September 22, 2002 to May 11, 2003 April 14, 2004 to July 28, 2004
Season 6 23 September 28, 2003 to May 16, 2004 February 9, 2005 to June 29, 2005
Season 7 22nd September 12, 2004 to May 22, 2005 July 6, 2005 to November 16, 2005
Season 8 22nd September 25, 2005 to May 21, 2006 September 19, 2006 to March 24, 2007


  • The last episode of the third season was first broadcast on ProSieben, independently of the other episodes, a week before the start of the fourth season.

Episode overview



Charmed has been available on DVD in Germany since May 2005. In the meantime, all eight seasons have been released, each divided into two box sets. Only the DVDs for the eighth season contain extras; they have been available in Germany since February 2007. In December 2005, a "Charmed Season 1-4" box with the first four seasons was released. On October 30, 2006, the "Charmed magic chest" appeared as a special edition. It contains the first seven seasons and space for the eighth season. The edition includes a t-shirt and an episode guide. In 2007 the “Ultimate Edition” appeared in America. It contains all eight seasons divided into four DVD books. They only contain the DVDs and the covers have pictures of the four Charmed sisters. Although it is made in America, this box contains several languages ​​including: German, English, Spanish, French, Swedish and Norwegian. On the inside left of each DVD book there is an English-language episode guide, on the back of the DVD book there is an English-language season guide.


Since October 30, 2018, the first season has also been available on BluRay in the USA. The second season was released on BluRay on October 22, 2019 in the USA.

A release of a complete BluRay box in Germany is planned by Koch Films , the home entertainment distributor of Koch Media . There is currently no release date.


Three soundtracks for Charmed have also been released. The songs of the bands that performed in P3 are often represented. The title track How Soon Is Now? by Love Spit Love is featured on all soundtracks.



Numerous books by various authors have been written on Charmed. The individual books deal with certain episodes, certain parts of the Charmed story or very own stories about the three witches and their companions.

Action figures

Action figures are available to accompany the series. The first series of figures contains a piece of the attic and one of the Mighty Three or Balthasar. In the second series, the action figures are based on the Valhalla theme. They appeared for season 6.

Board games

There are two Charmed board games in which the aim of the player is to defeat or temporarily damage demons by rolling the dice and playing certain cards.

  • The book of shadows , with the game characters Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Leo
  • The source , with the game characters Phoebe, Piper, Paige and Cole


After the production of Charmed ended after the eighth season, work began on another season for Charmed 18 months later. Due to the demand of many fans worldwide, the creators of Charmed began to bring out a comic series in cooperation with Zenescope Entertainment, which is to act as the official ninth season.

The comics have so far only been published in English and are only available in Germany as an anthology of the individual volumes.

The story begins 18 months after the Ultimate Battle. The sisters live a carefree life in peace and, as seen in the last episode, implement their wishes and dreams. But suddenly the demon activity increases again and the sisters are attacked again by evil.

During the 16 comic editions so far, the magical powers of the Mighty Three are changing and they are getting new ones. By concentrating on her ability, Piper learns that not only can she slow down or speed up molecules, but that she can also make them burn or melt. Paige learns Wyatt's ability to be a shield and Phoebe gains the ability to channel the feelings of others based on empathy and to actively use them as flashes of energy. This was already seen in the second season when the sisters traveled into the future.

Billie broke away from the sisters. Although she is still friends with them, she works as a witch alone - until the ultimate battle comes and she helps the sisters at the end of Volume 1.

With a total of 24 issues that were published in the USA between 2010 and 2012 and summarized in four volumes, the ninth season of Charmed has come to an end. Issue 0 is a summary of the Book of Shadows. A tenth season was announced in April 2014, the first issue followed in October 2014.

In Germany, only Volume 1 of Panini Comics has been published so far.


In October 2013 it was announced that the television network CBS (which owns the rights to all Spelling productions) was working on a remake of the series. A script for a pilot film has been commissioned to be written by Christopher Keyser ( Party of Five ) and Sydney Sidner. This project was discontinued in 2014.

In January 2018, The CW ordered an official pilot for a new Charmed series developed by Jane-the-Virgin showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman . This remake is about three sisters (played by Madeleine Mantock , Melonie Diaz and Sarah Jeffery ) who live in a fictional university town and who eventually discover they are witches. Despite these new protagonists , a reference to the original series is made. That this takes place in the same series universe as the original is made clear by an entry in the Book of Shadows, in which the witch Melinda Warren is mentioned, who was introduced in previous seasons of the original series.

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