Huabei Automobile

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Huabei Automobile Co. Ltd.
legal form Co. Ltd.
founding ?
Seat Gaobeidian , People's Republic of China
Number of employees 387
Branch Motor vehicles

Huabei Automobile Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of motor vehicles from the People's Republic of China .

Company history

The Gaobeidian company was initially active in the off-road vehicle sector. In the 1990s, the production of buses began . Passenger cars were manufactured between 2001 and 2007 . The brand name was Huabei . 1800 vehicles were built in 2005. The connection to Great Wall is unclear.


Initially, the company equipped Beijing BJ212 SUVs with diesel engines .

The pick-up HC 1020 was later included in the range. The vehicles were powered by two different four-cylinder engines with a displacement of 2237 cm³ or 2771 cm³ and an output of 75 kW to 76 kW. With a wheelbase of 3025 mm, the vehicles were between 514 cm and 517 cm long, 172 cm wide and between 175 cm and 180 cm high. The curb weight was given as 1500 kg to 1590 kg.

The RV Tengshi HC 6460 E was an SUV that was similar to the Honda CR-V . It also had a four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2237 cc and 75 kW of power. Despite the identical wheelbase of 2850 mm, two vehicle lengths of 4625 mm and 4900 mm were on offer. The width was 1800 mm and the height 1720 mm.

The Xingshi HC 6490 E and Chaosai HC 6490 E 1 were larger SUVs with the same engine. Its wheelbase was 3,025 mm. The length varied from 4860 mm to 5150 mm with a width of 1790 mm and a height of 1800 mm to 1830 mm.

1800 vehicles have been handed down for 2005.

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