1979 NHL Entry Draft

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1979 NHL Entry Draft
date August 9, 1979
place Montréal , Québec , Canada
Round 6th
Selected players  126

1st position CanadaCanada Rob Ramage
Elected By: Colorado Rockies
2nd position CanadaCanada Perry Turnbull
Elected By: St. Louis Blues
3rd position CanadaCanada Mike Foligno
Elected By: Detroit Red Wings
NHL Entry Draft
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The 1979 NHL Entry Draft took place on August 8, 1979 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montréal in the Canadian province of Québec . In the 17th edition of the NHL Entry Draft - for the first time under this name - the teams of the National Hockey League (NHL) selected a total of 126 players in six rounds. The Canadian defender Rob Ramage of the Colorado Rockies was selected as the first overall draft pick . Perry Turnbull for the St. Louis Blues and Mike Foligno for the Detroit Red Wings followed in second and third .

In 1979 it was the first draft after the remaining teams of the World Hockey Association (WHA) were accepted into the NHL, so major changes were made to the regulations. The order of the draft resulted from the reversed final table of the past season 1978/79 , while the four WHA representatives were sorted behind all NHL teams. When the name was changed from “Amateur Draft” to “Entry Draft”, the fact that eight players could be selected from the WHA this year, who thus came from the professional and not the amateur field, was taken into account. In addition, the NHL was forced to lower the starting age for the draft from 20 to 19 years, as the WHA did not have a comparable age limit and had already used younger players in the 1978/79 season . As a result, all players who were born before January 1, 1961 were now available, as well as those players who had already gained experience in the WHA. However, the four WHA teams had the opportunity to protect two players from their squad in advance from a draft election, so that Wayne Gretzky could switch to the NHL without a draft. The officials of the league needed a long time for the entire negotiations, so that the draft did not take place until August - as late as ever.

In retrospect, the Entry Draft 1979 is seen as one of the strongest vintages in NHL history. This is essentially due to the change in the entry age, which made two years available at the same time. The major players of the year include the later Hockey Hall of Fame members Mark Messier , Ray Bourque , Mike Gartner , Michel Goulet , Glenn Anderson and Guy Carbonneau as well as Dale Hunter , Neal Broten and Brian Propp , each recorded over 1000 scorer points .

Draft result

Mike Gartner , elected at position 4
Rick Vaive , elected at position 5
Ray Bourque , elected at position 9
Michel Goulet , elected at position 20
Billy Carroll , elected at position 38
Tim Hunter , elected at position 54
Roland Melanson , elected at position 59
Glenn Anderson , elected at position 69
Jim Peplinski , elected at position 75
Table of Contents
Round 1  | Round 2  | Round 3  | Round 4  | Round 5  | Round 6

position with C = center , LW = left wing , RW = right wing , D = defender , G = goalkeeper

Color Legend:
 = players into the Hockey Hall of Fame were taken

Round 1

# player nationality position NHL team College / junior / professional team
1. Rob Ramage CanadaCanada D. Colorado Rockies Birmingham Bulls ( WHA )
2. Perry Turnbull CanadaCanada LW St. Louis Blues Portland Winter Hawks ( WHL )
3. Mike Foligno CanadaCanada RW Detroit Red Wings Sudbury Wolves ( OMJHL )
4th Mike Gartner CanadaCanada RW Washington Capitals Cincinnati Stingers (WHA)
5. Rick Vaive CanadaCanada RW Vancouver Canucks Birmingham Bulls (WHA)
6th Craig Hartsburg CanadaCanada D. Minnesota North Stars Birmingham Bulls (WHA)
7th Keith Brown CanadaCanada D. Chicago Black Hawks Portland Winter Hawks ( WHL )
8th. Ray Bourque CanadaCanada D. Boston Bruins
(from Los Angeles Kings )
Éperviers de Verdun ( LHJMQ )
9. Laurie Boschman CanadaCanada C. Toronto Maple Leafs Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
10. Tom McCarthy CanadaCanada LW Minnesota North Stars
(from Pittsburgh Penguins via Washington Capitals )
Oshawa Generals (OMJHL)
11. Mike Ramsey United StatesUnited States D. Buffalo Sabers University of Minnesota ( NCAA )
12. Paul Reinhart CanadaCanada D. Atlanta Flames Kitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
13. Doug Sulliman CanadaCanada RW New York Rangers Kitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
14th Brian Propp CanadaCanada LW Philadelphia Flyers Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
15th Brad McCrimmon CanadaCanada D. Boston Bruins Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
16. Jay Wells CanadaCanada D. Los Angeles Kings
(from Canadiens de Montréal )
Kingston Canadians (OMJHL)
17th Duane Sutter CanadaCanada RW New York Islanders Lethbridge Broncos (WHL)
18th Ray Allison CanadaCanada RW Hartford Whalers Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
19th Jimmy Mann CanadaCanada RW Winnipeg Jets Castors de Sherbrooke (LHJMQ)
20th Michel Goulet CanadaCanada LW Nordiques de Québec Birmingham Bulls (WHA)
21st Kevin Lowe CanadaCanada D. Edmonton Oilers Remparts de Québec (LHJMQ)

round 2

# player nationality position NHL team College / junior / professional team
22nd Blake Wesley CanadaCanada D. Philadelphia Flyers
(from Colorado Rockies )
Portland Winter Hawks (WHL)
23. Mike Perovich CanadaCanada D. Atlanta Flames
(from St. Louis Blues )
Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
24. Errol Rausse CanadaCanada LW Washington Capitals
(from Detroit Red Wings )
Seattle Breakers (WHL)
25th Tomas Jonsson SwedenSweden D. New York Islanders
(from Washington Capitals )
MoDo AIK ( Elitserien )
26th Brent Ashton CanadaCanada LW Vancouver Canucks Saskatoon Blades (WHL)
27. Gaston Gingras CanadaCanada D. Canadiens de Montréal
(from Minnesota North Stars )
Birmingham Bulls (WHA)
28. Tim Trimper CanadaCanada LW Chicago Black Hawks Peterborough Petes (OMJHL)
29 Dean Hopkins CanadaCanada RW Los Angeles Kings London Knights (OMJHL)
30th Mark Hardy CanadaCanada D. Los Angeles Kings
(from Toronto Maple Leafs )
Junior de Montréal (LHJMQ)
31. Paul Marshall CanadaCanada LW Pittsburgh Penguins Brantford Alexanders (OMJHL)
32. Lindy Ruff CanadaCanada D. Buffalo Sabers Lethbridge Broncos (WHL)
33. Pat Riggin CanadaCanada G Atlanta Flames Birmingham Bulls (WHA)
34. Ed Hospodar United StatesUnited States D. New York Rangers Ottawa 67’s (OMJHL)
35. Pelle Lindbergh SwedenSweden G Philadelphia Flyers AIK Solna (Elitserien)
36. Doug Morrison CanadaCanada RW Boston Bruins Lethbridge Broncos (WHL)
37. Mats Näslund SwedenSweden LW Canadiens de Montréal Brynäs IF (Elitserien)
38. Billy Carroll CanadaCanada C. New York Islanders London Knights (OMJHL)
39. Stuart Smith CanadaCanada D. Hartford Whalers Peterborough Petes (OMJHL)
40. Dave Christian United StatesUnited States RW Winnipeg Jets University of North Dakota (NCAA)
41. Dale Hunter CanadaCanada C. Nordiques de Québec Sudbury Wolves (OMJHL)
42. Neal loaves United StatesUnited States C. Minnesota North Stars
(by Edmonton Oilers )
University of Minnesota (NCAA)

Round 3

# player nationality position NHL team College / junior / professional team
43. Craig Levie CanadaCanada D. Canadiens de Montréal
(from Colorado Rockies )
Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL)
44. Guy Carbonneau CanadaCanada C. Canadiens de Montréal
(from St. Louis Blues )
Saguenéens de Chicoutimi (LHJMQ)
45. Jody Gage CanadaCanada RW Detroit Red Wings Kitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
46. Boris Fistric CanadaCanada D. Detroit Red Wings
(by Washington Capitals )
New Westminster Bruins (WHL)
47. Ken Ellacott CanadaCanada G Vancouver Canucks Peterborough Petes (OMJHL)
48. Mark Messier CanadaCanada C. Edmonton Oilers
(of Minnesota North Stars )
Cincinnati Stingers (WHA)
49. Bill Gardner CanadaCanada C. Chicago Black Hawks Peterborough Petes (OMJHL)
50. John-Paul Kelly CanadaCanada LW Los Angeles Kings New Westminster Bruins (WHL)
51. Norm Aubin CanadaCanada C. Toronto Maple Leafs Éperviers de Verdun (LHJMQ)
52. Bennett Wolf CanadaCanada D. Pittsburgh Penguins Kitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
53. Mark Robinson CanadaCanada D. Buffalo Sabers Victoria Cougars (WHL)
54. Tim Hunter CanadaCanada RW Atlanta Flames Seattle Breakers (WHL)
55. Jacques Cloutier CanadaCanada G Buffalo Sabers
(from New York Rangers )
Draveurs de Trois-Rivières (LHJMQ)
56. Lindsay Carson CanadaCanada LW Philadelphia Flyers Billings Bighorns (WHL)
57. Keith Crowder CanadaCanada RW Boston Bruins Peterborough Petes (OMJHL)
58. Rick Wamsley CanadaCanada G Canadiens de Montréal Brantford Alexanders (OMJHL)
59. Roland Melanson CanadaCanada G New York Islanders Windsor Spitfires (OMJHL)
60. Don Nachbaur CanadaCanada C. Hartford Whalers Billings Bighorns (WHL)
61. Bill Whelton United StatesUnited States D. Winnipeg Jets Boston University (NCAA)
62. Lee Norwood United StatesUnited States D. Nordiques de Québec Oshawa Generals (OMJHL)
63. Kevin Maxwell CanadaCanada C. Minnesota North Stars
(by Edmonton Oilers )
University of North Dakota (NCAA)

Round 4

# player nationality position NHL team College / junior / professional team
64. Steve Peters CanadaCanada C. Colorado Rockies Oshawa Generals (OMJHL)
65. Bob Crawford United StatesUnited States RW St. Louis Blues Cornwall Royals (LHJMQ)
66. John Ogrodnick CanadaCanada RW Detroit Red Wings New Westminster Bruins (WHL)
67. Harvie Pocza CanadaCanada LW Washington Capitals Billings Bighorns (WHL)
68. Arthur Rutland CanadaCanada C. Vancouver Canucks Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OMJHL)
69. Glenn Anderson CanadaCanada RW Edmonton Oilers
(of Minnesota North Stars )
University of Denver (NCAA)
70. Louis Begin CanadaCanada LW Chicago Black Hawks Castors de Sherbrooke (LHJMQ)
71. John Gibson CanadaCanada D. Los Angeles Kings Niagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
72. Vincent Tremblay CanadaCanada G Toronto Maple Leafs Remparts de Québec (LHJMQ)
73. Brian Cross CanadaCanada D. Pittsburgh Penguins Brantford Alexanders (OMJHL)
74. Gilles Hamel CanadaCanada LW Buffalo Sabers National de Laval (LHJMQ)
75. Jim Peplinski CanadaCanada RW Atlanta Flames Toronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
76. Pat Conacher CanadaCanada C. New York Rangers Saskatoon Blades (WHL)
77. Don Gillen CanadaCanada RW Philadelphia Flyers Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
78. Larry Melnyk CanadaCanada D. Boston Bruins New Westminster Bruins (WHL)
79. Dave Orleski CanadaCanada LW Canadiens de Montréal New Westminster Bruins (WHL)
80. Tim Lockridge CanadaCanada D. New York Islanders Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
81. Ray Neufeld CanadaCanada RW Hartford Whalers Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL)
82. Patrick Daley CanadaCanada LW Winnipeg Jets Junior de Montréal (LHJMQ)
83. Anton Šťastný CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia LW Nordiques de Québec Slovan Bratislava ( 1st division )
84. Max Kostovich CanadaCanada LW Edmonton Oilers Portland Winter Hawks (WHL)

Round 5

# player nationality position NHL team College / junior / professional team
85. Gary Dillon CanadaCanada C. Colorado Rockies Toronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
86. Mark Reeds CanadaCanada RW St. Louis Blues Peterborough Petes (OMJHL)
87. Joe Paterson CanadaCanada LW Detroit Red Wings London Knights (OMJHL)
88 Tim Tookey CanadaCanada C. Washington Capitals Portland Winter Hawks (WHL)
89. Dirk Graham CanadaCanada RW Vancouver Canucks Regina Pats (WHL)
90. Jim Dobson CanadaCanada RW Minnesota North Stars Portland Winter Hawks (WHL)
91. Lowell Loveday CanadaCanada D. Chicago Black Hawks Kingston Canadians (OMJHL)
92. Jim Brown United StatesUnited States D. Los Angeles Kings University of Notre Dame (NCAA)
93. Frank Nigro CanadaCanada C. Toronto Maple Leafs London Knights (OMJHL)
94. Nick Ricci CanadaCanada G Pittsburgh Penguins Niagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
95. Alan Haworth CanadaCanada C. Buffalo Sabers Castors de Sherbrooke (LHJMQ)
96. Brad Kempthorne CanadaCanada C. Atlanta Flames Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
97. Dan Makuch CanadaCanada RW New York Rangers Clarkson University (NCAA)
98 Thomas Eriksson SwedenSweden D. Philadelphia Flyers Djurgårdens IF Stockholm (Elitserien)
99 Marco Baron CanadaCanada G Boston Bruins Junior de Montréal (LHJMQ)
100. Yvan Joly CanadaCanada RW Canadiens de Montréal Ottawa 67’s (OMJHL)
101. Glen Duncan CanadaCanada LW New York Islanders Toronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
102. Mark Renaud CanadaCanada D. Hartford Whalers Niagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
103. Thomas Steen SwedenSweden C. Winnipeg Jets Leksands IF (Elitserien)
104. Pierre Lacroix CanadaCanada D. Nordiques de Québec Draveurs de Trois-Rivières (LHJMQ)
105. Mike Toal CanadaCanada C. Edmonton Oilers Portland Winter Hawks (WHL)

Round 6

# player nationality position NHL team College / junior / professional team
106. Bob Attwell United StatesUnited States RW Colorado Rockies Peterborough Petes (OMJHL)
107. Gilles Leduc CanadaCanada LW St. Louis Blues Éperviers de Verdun (LHJMQ)
108. Carmine Cirella CanadaCanada LW Detroit Red Wings Peterborough Petes (OMJHL)
109. Greg Theberge CanadaCanada D. Washington Capitals Peterborough Petes (OMJHL)
110. Shane Swan CanadaCanada D. Vancouver Canucks Sudbury Wolves (OMJHL)
111. Brian Gualazzi CanadaCanada RW Minnesota North Stars Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OMJHL)
112. Doug Crossman CanadaCanada D. Chicago Black Hawks Ottawa 67’s (OMJHL)
113. Jay McFarlane CanadaCanada D. Los Angeles Kings University of Wisconsin – Madison (NCAA)
114. Bill McCreary United StatesUnited States RW Toronto Maple Leafs Colgate University (NCAA)
115. Marc Chorney CanadaCanada D. Pittsburgh Penguins University of North Dakota (NCAA)
116. Rick Knickle CanadaCanada G Buffalo Sabers Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
117. Glenn Johnson CanadaCanada C. Atlanta Flames University of Denver (NCAA)
118. Stan Adams CanadaCanada C. New York Rangers Niagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
119. Gordie Williams CanadaCanada RW Philadelphia Flyers Lethbridge Broncos (WHL)
120. Mike Krushelnyski CanadaCanada C. Boston Bruins Junior de Montréal (LHJMQ)
121. Greg Moffett United StatesUnited States G Canadiens de Montréal University of New Hampshire (NCAA)
122. John Gibb CanadaCanada D. New York Islanders Bowling Green State University (NCAA)
123. Dave McDonald CanadaCanada LW Hartford Whalers Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
124. Tim Watters CanadaCanada D. Winnipeg Jets Michigan Technological University (NCAA)
125. Scott McGeown CanadaCanada D. Nordiques de Québec Toronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
126. Blair Barnes CanadaCanada RW Edmonton Oilers Windsor Spitfires (OMJHL)


by nationality
rank nationality number
North America 120
1. CanadaCanada Canada 109
2. United StatesUnited States United States 11
Europe 6th
3. SwedenSweden Sweden 5
4th CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 1
by position
rank position number
1. defender 40
2. right winger 29
3. left winger 23
center 23
5. goalkeeper 11
according to league
rank league number
1. CanadaCanada Ontario Major Junior Hockey League (OMJHL) 43
2. CanadaCanada Western Hockey League (WHL) 37
3. CanadaCanada Ligue de hockey junior majeur du Quebec (LHJMQ) 17th
4th United StatesUnited States National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) 15th
5. Flags of Canada and the United States.svg World Hockey Association (WHA) 8th
6th SwedenSweden Elitserien 5
7th CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia 1st League 1


Mark Messier , statistically the best player of this year

All players in this draft year have ended their professional careers. The tables show the five best players in the categories of games, goals, assists and scorer points, as well as the five goalkeepers with the most wins in the NHL. In addition, 103 of the 126 selected players (approx. 82%) have played at least one NHL game.

Abbreviations: Sp = games, T = goals, V = assists , Pkt = scorer points , S = wins; Fat: best value

Outfield player
Pick player position Sp T V Pt
48. Mark Messier C. 1756 694 1193 1887
8th. Ray Bourque D. 1612 410 1169 1579
4th Mike Gartner RW 1432 708 627 1335
20th Michel Goulet LW 1089 548 605 1153
69. Glenn Anderson RW 1129 498 601 1099
41. Dale Hunter C. 1407 323 697 1020
42. Neal loaves C. 1099 289 634 923
5. Rick Vaive RW 876 441 347 788
44. Guy Carbonneau C. 1318 260 403 663
Pick player Sp S.
58. Rick Wamsley 407 204
33. Pat Riggin 350 153
59. Roland Melanson 291 129
35. Pelle Lindbergh 157 87
55. Jacques Cloutier 255 82

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