Büttel (Elbe)

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The municipality of Büttel does not have a coat of arms
Büttel (Elbe)
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Büttel highlighted

Coordinates: 53 ° 54 '  N , 9 ° 14'  E

Basic data
State : Schleswig-Holstein
Circle : Stone castle
Office : Wilstermarsch
Height : 1 m above sea level NHN
Area : 11.08 km 2
Residents: 39 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 4 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 25572
Area code : 04858
License plate : IZ
Community key : 01 0 61 020
Office administration address: Kohlmarkt 25
25554 Wilster
Website : www.wilster.de
Mayor : Kurt Friedrichs
Location of the municipality of Büttel in the Steinburg district
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Büttel ( Low German : Büddel ) is a municipality in the Steinburg district in Schleswig-Holstein . The place also appears as Dickbüttel or Dieckbüttel on maps from the 17th and 18th centuries. Dorf, Altenkoog, Tütermoor, Nordbüttel and Kuhlen are in the municipality.

Geography and traffic

Büttel is located about seven kilometers east of Brunsbüttel directly on the Elbe dike, which runs a little inland here. The protected land in front of the dike on the bank is simply called “Außenendeich” or “Butendiek” in Low German. In the outer dike there is an elevation with the "Bösch", which previously served as a pilot station. The Burg-Kudensee Canal flows through the municipality.

Büttel used to have a port with access to the Elbe . Today only the old little Büttel Canal is left, which is much too narrow for today's ships. Access to the Elbe is locked. Only the old lock building is reminiscent of the former trading port.

The federal highway 5 runs through the municipality.


Büttel is mentioned for the first time in 1318, but the settlement probably dates back to the Franconian period. In a battle that the Holstein Count Gerhard III. delivered to the Danish king in 1331, a citizen of Büttel saved Gerhard's life, after which he exempted the town of Büttel from tax liability. The canal to Kudensee was completed in 1765; it was mainly used to transport peat , which was reloaded onto Elbe ships in Büttel. With the construction of the Kiel Canal , the port of Büttel was quickly overtaken by the neighboring Brunsbüttel. The expansion of the Brunsbütteler Ostermoors to the location of the chemical industry had to give way by 1979 to 750 Büttel residents who were resettled. Of more than 200 buildings, only 17 remain in Büttel today.


Since the community has fewer than 70 inhabitants, it has a community assembly instead of a community council; this includes all citizens of the community.


From 1965 to 1975 the outer dike was characterized by meadows with cows. Lapwings had their eggs there, which the cows would not trample. Storks were to be found as well as many (meal) swallows, which had their nests on the houses under the roof overhangs. The ditches at the foot of the dike in the outer dike were brown from the water fleas in them. Hundreds of sticklebacks, tadpoles, marsh marigolds, sorrel and a few lizards offered a variety that has not been seen since around 1980. The trenches now only accommodate brown algae that could survive in the over-fertilized trenches.

Around 1970 the western part of the outer dike (not the dike, but the land) was increased by flushing. In the Elbe, people bathed in the summer, either directly in the colder river water or at high tide directly behind the embankment made of granite stones and a palisade wall. The shallow water there, warmed by the sun's rays, was the children's favorite bathing place and also the place where young fish stayed.


Büttel converter station
The gondola of one of the five wind turbines

The community changed from an agricultural place to one with industrial and commercial settlements.

North of Wolfenbüttel is located at substation Wolfenbüttel a converter station at which of the under construction offshore wind farms coming HVDC ¯ lines HelWin 1 and SylWin 1 forming and feeding into the 380 kV grid takes place.

13 wind turbines were erected in the municipality  . The Büttel-Holstendamm wind farm consists of five REpower 5M wind turbines, each with a nominal output of 5 MW, a rotor diameter of 126 m and a hub height of 117 m. The systems were finished on site in a demountable assembly hall in order to avoid costly transport of the 400-tonne machine houses. Originally the wind farm was supposed to be operated directly by the builder REpower, later the investor Allianz SE took over the operation.

Another wind turbine of the type REpower 5M , which was the prototype of these systems and which is three meters higher than the one in Büttel-Holstendamm, is located in nearby Brunsbüttel .



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