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Heinz Rudolf Kunze (Wittenberg 2017)

Heinz Rudolf Erich Arthur Kunze (born November 30, 1956 in Espelkamp - Mittwald ) is a German rock singer , writer , songwriter and musical writer / translator . Kunze has so far (as of February 21, 2020) published 489 songs and, according to his own statements, wrote around 5,000 texts, of which more than 1,900 have been published. He had his biggest single success so far in 1985 with Dein ist mein whole Herz . Kunze occasionally worked as a lecturer for various universities on a project basis.


Origin, youth and education

Kunze's family comes from the Polish part of Guben ( Niederlausitz ) and Berlin. Heinz Rudolf was born in the Espelkamp refugee camp near Minden (Westphalia), where his father Rudi Kunze (1925–2001), who was a front-line officer in the Waffen-SS and only returned home from Soviet captivity in 1956, had found work in the camp management. The father's professional career as a teacher brought about a frequent change of residence in the following years; The Kunze family lived first in Lengerich (Westphalia) , then in Alte Piccardie on the Dutch border, and later in Bad Grund (Harz) . At the end of 1963 she made her home in Osnabrück . There, the father took a job as a university assistant at the college of education with the social worker Elisabeth Siegel (1901-2002). The mother Gerda Kunze geb. Lehmann (1926-2010) was a midwife, pediatric nurse and elementary school teacher, the historian Rolf-Ulrich Kunze (* 1968) is Kunze's brother.

Heinz Rudolf Kunze attended the Graf-Stauffenberg-Gymnasium in Osnabrück and, according to his own statements, passed the best high school graduation with an average grade of 1.4. He then studied German and philosophy and received a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation . He passed the first and second state exams for teaching at grammar schools.

In an interview, Kunze stated that at the age of 13 he orientated himself on the musician Pete Townshend . The first single he bought was The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore by the Walker Brothers .

In the mid-1970s, Heinz Rudolf Kunze won first prize for short prose in a literary competition.

1980 to 1999

Kunze began his artistic career on November 9th, 1980: He took part in the pop up-and- coming festival in the Stadttheater Würzburg , with musical accompaniment by Mick Franke , which the German Phono Academy organized for the third time. The jury headed by Michael Kunze (who is neither related to Heinz Rudolf Kunze nor by marriage) chose him as one of the prize winners in the “Folk, Lied, Song” category. His title “Bestandsaufnahme” (length: 8:27 minutes) made it in full length on the festival LP of the same name (CBS 84845), making it Kunze's first record. Producer Siegfried Loch brought Kunze to the record company WEA with a five-year contract .

The debut album Reine Nervensache (1981) was welcomed and the following album Eine Form von Demokratie ( A Form of Violence) was awarded the German Record Prize in 1982. Shortly after Kunze started in parallel first journalistic work: For the mirror , he wrote a Randy Newman -Essay and moderated the NDR and the SFB own radio broadcasts. His multi-part David Bowie analysis “The Favorite” was broadcast on NDR. The Kunze phenomenon was probably explained by the upswing in German-language texts in the early 1980s as part of the Neue Deutsche Welle. Kunze was initially classified by the management and the audience as a songwriter with a philosophical background in the tradition of Bob Dylan or as a singer / songwriter in the American tradition. During this time, the term "Niedermacher" was also created to describe Kunze's art of text and music. Many of his companions did not expect that he would be successful in the music charts as an intellectual rock poet.

Kunze achieved his first commercial success in 1984 with the single "Sicherheitsdienst" and a little later with the German version of the Kinks classic "Lola". “State of exception” (1984) marks the last album by Kunze as a songwriter, singer / songwriter (see above). After the inclusion of the composer and guitarist Heiner Lürig in his band “Reinforcement” in 1985 and the single hit “ Dein ist mein Ganzes Herz ” (1985), Kunze managed to inspire a broader audience and to establish himself in the field of German rock . This single, which was taken from the LP of the same name and recorded by Conny Plank , was his breakthrough as a musician in the rock / pop area. Kunze stayed true to his own high copywriting standards, even if the melodies became more catchy thanks to Heiner Lürig: “How do you feel as the snow of tomorrow? As a bomb that doesn't tick properly? As a particle without mass, as the best without class, as a world that never sees the light? ”(From“ Heul mit den Wölfen ”, 1989). In 1986 his title “With body and soul” came onto the market. As a result, the musician was awarded the golden tuning fork for the first time and toured the GDR. In the following years "Wunderkinder" in 1986, "One for All" in 1988, "Good Entertainment" in 1989, "Glasses" in 1991 and "Daredevil" in 1992, some very successful rock / pop albums were released.

Between the album releases, Kunze and Reinforcement were on extensive tours across Germany and were present on the stages, including in the GDR. The concert at Rock am Ring on June 7, 1987 as the opening act for David Bowie can be seen as the highlight .

After the album Kunze: Macht Musik in 1994, he parted ways with almost all of the musicians in his band “Reinforcement”. In 1996, with the exception of Heiner Lürig, the band “Reinforcement” was completely replaced by the album “Richter Skala”, which was highly praised in the trade press, but did not get the desired response from the general public. In 1997 the 13th studio album "Alter Ego" was released and reached chart position 33. At the end of the 1980s, he began working with Herman van Veen , for whose albums he has since made regular song contributions. Heinz Rudolf Kunze, who has also published his own books since 1984, went on tour through Germany in 1994/95 with a second literary program “Der Golem from Lemgo”.

In 1996, in an interview with Spiegel magazine , Kunze complained as a spokesman for around 600 German-speaking artists "the flood of foreign music and foreign trash" and spoke out in favor of a minimum quota of German rock music on the radio. This demand met with criticism in many German media. As a result, Kunze was often portrayed in the public debate as the sole responsible “quota requester”.

In 1999, Kunze's success returned with the Lürig composition “Aller Herren Länder” with the theme “Refugees” as a single from the album “Korrekt”. For this he received the single again Golden Tuning Fork and the Fred Jay Prize of GEMA . Also in 1999 followed a gold CD for the translation work on the musical Miss Saigon .

2000 to 2009

In 2001 the album Halt was released . Kunze continued the series of his book publications and wrote the libretto for two Shakespeare musicals based on the music of Heiner Lürig ( A Midsummer Night's Dream , Clothes Make Love - or: What you want ). After the musical successes, both artists were allowed to register in the Golden Book of the city of Hanover in 2003 , which began a kind of review of Kunze's artistic work. As a result, he received the Praetorius Music Prize and the Lower Saxony State Prize for his life's work. In 2007 he was awarded another golden tuning fork by Dieter Thomas Heck , also for his life's work.

Kunze with "robber civilian"

In 2002 there was a complete new line-up of his band with the recordings for the album "Tailwind". On October 25, 2004, Heinz Rudolf Kunze signed a new contract with the Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG-Ariola).

In 2005 Kunze and Lürig contributed to the German Evangelical Kirchentag 2005 the Kirchentaglied More than this / If your child asks you tomorrow . For this purpose, a CD special edition with a print run of 10,000 copies was published.

In 2005 Kunze celebrated his 25th stage anniversary, which the WDR recorded for the Rockpalast . Heiner Lürig returned to him again in 2005 for two studio albums and is a co-producer on the 2005 albums “Das Original” and 2007 “Klare Zeiten”.

In November 2006, Heinz Rudolf Kunze and the actor Rolf Hoppe (1930–2018) performed their joint program Sachsophonie at Weesenstein Castle . They presented personal favorite texts from various authors from Saxony and Lower Saxony - from Lessing to Kunze - and both appeared enthusiastic about singing.

On March 8, 2007 he took part in the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest Who sings for Germany? with the song Die Welt ist Pop part. The participation of Kunze in the preliminary decision, forced by the record company, was rated in the media as a "comeback attempt" (BILD); the single presented there did not find its way into the record stores. Since the hoped-for commercial success did not materialize, Lürig and Kunze went their separate ways since mid-2008. While Lürig founded a new band with "Hausboot" (and the former Kunze "reinforcement": Martin Huch, Raul Walton, Marius Lürig), Kunze announced another album for 2009 with "Protest", which was released in autumn 2008 by Leo Schmidthals was produced.

With the album "Protest", which was released in January 2009, Kunze entered the sales charts at position 15. Of the decoupled singles - which were not released by the BMG as a sound carrier, but only as a music download - the double release "Longer Days / Astronaut in Baghdad" made it to number 93 on the German single sales charts. As was announced at the end of the “Protest” tour on June 28, 2009 in Kiel, this concert will be the last HRK concert with reinforcements until 2011, because the artist will now look forward to his acoustic live performances in the “robber civilian” - Trio with Wolfgang Stute and Hajo Hoffmann concentrate and continue to perform together with Purple Schulz 'program “Common Cause”. In addition, another book with previously unpublished texts was published in autumn 2009 with “Saldo Mortale”.

Heinz Rudolf Kunze married a conflict coach for the second time; One day before the marriage in September 2009, his double album Räuberzivil was released . The 2009 cover of "Dein ist mein Ganzes Herz", Mi Corazon ( translated into Spanish by Jay Del Alma ), was also released in a bilingual version in which Kunze sang the German-language parts of his greatest hit.

Since 2010

In 2010 the DVD box In old freshness was released with Kunze's most important Rockpalast appearances, including a bonus CD with a live recording of a gig in the former GDR.

In the summer of 2010, Heinz Rudolf Kunze recorded the studio album Die Gunst der Stunden , which was released in January 2011 for its 30th stage anniversary. It was produced by Kunze; Leo Schmidthals acted as co-producer . A tour of Germany followed the release. In 2012, Heinz Rudolf Kunze was live with a small cast with the Räuberzivil project . At the beginning of 2013 Kunze and Tobias Künzel went on stage together - as "KuK - Kunze and Künzel". Both projects were also released as live recordings.

In 2012 the album Ich bin was released with titles by Heinz Rudolf Kunze in a duet with Pe Werner , Achim Reichel , Reinhard Mey , Hartmut Engler , Herman van Veen , Purple Schulz , Stefan Gwildis , Jan Plewka , Julia Neigel , Joachim Witt , Heiner Lürig and Tobias Kuenzel .

In 2013 Kunze changed the main record company: from Ariola to RCA . In autumn, the studio album Stein vom Herzen , produced by Kunze, Jens Carstens and Zoran Grujovski , was released , the first release by RCA. Before that, he had performed at the Festival 28 Years Songs on a summer evening at Kloster Banz .

In January 2014, parallel to the tour (Management: Matthias Winkler, MAWI Concert GmbH Leipzig), the live album Stein vom Herzen - Live was released on radio 88.8 , which is the recording of the studio concert on November 21, 2013 on the RBB radio program of the same name .

A five-part edition of remastered HRK albums was published by Rakete Medien in January 2014 (with the albums Der heavy courage, The cities look like sleeping dogs, Germans sing at work, One for all, Live in the GDR, Zodiac sign scapegoat, The Golem from Lemgo, water is up to my neck, Jesus Tomahawk and stop ).

In 2015, Heinz Rudolf Kunze and Heiner Lürig wrote the song “Das Gute” for Bernd Stelter , which appeared on his album “Who sings songs, doesn't need a therapist”.

On September 30, 2016, Kunze's first cover album was released with cover versions of songs by Karat , Hildegard Knef , Freddy Quinn , Roy Black , Die Ärzte , Einstürzende Neubauten , German American Friendship , Thees Uhlmann , Casper , Ideal , Udo Jürgens , Münchner Freiheit , Die Toten Pants and Puhdys .

2014: children's songs

Heinz Rudolf Kunze embarked on a new artistic path in June 2014 - as the spiritual father of Quentin Qualle and as the author and composer of children's songs: Kunze invented Quentin Qualle and his friends of the sea, he wrote the lyrics for the CD accompanying the children's book "The Moray Has Migraine" . Kunze's drummer Jens Carstens wrote the text for the children's picture book, published by Loewe Verlag Bindlach . The songs are by Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Jens Carstens and Zoran Grujovski ; Julia Ginsbach designed the characters and illustrates the children's book series Tafiti . At the same time, the audio book of the same name appeared on the Edel kids label . The musician Jens Wrede took part in the Quentin jellyfish performances from September 2014 - apparently as a replacement for Grujovski. In January 2015 Volume 2 "Quentin Qualle - Rock am Riff" was released with a CD of songs (5 titles). Volume 3 "Quentin Qualle - Halligalli bei Zirkus Koralli" followed in summer 2015 with a CD of songs (5 tracks).

2015: solo appearances

From 2015 onwards, Kunze's program Einimmig could be experienced solo on stage for the first time in his career, where he alternately accompanied each other on piano and guitar for almost three hours per concert.

As the name suggests , he has been traveling all over Germany with the solo program since 2019 , which he describes as "a mixture of Springsteen on Broadway and the Harald Schmidt Show ".

Before that he was either with the guitarist Jan Drees or with the guitarist Ralph König from the Räuberzivil band.

2015: Welcome, dear murderers

On his album Tiefenschenken , released in February 2015 , Kunze had predicted that the song Willkommen, dear murderers , would cause trouble. Kunze was inspired by Max Frisch's play Biedermann and the Arsonists . Today no theater dares to approach this “parable about misunderstood tolerance that leads to ruin”, although it is “currently the most current German play”. That's why he made the song. However, you don't have to "focus the song just on Islam". The song was distributed as a video on numerous social media sites , including right-wing politicians who understood Welcome, Dear Murderers as a sarcastic commentary on the welcoming culture. Thereupon Kunze forbade "any appropriation and ingratiation that contradicts the spirit of this song, especially from the right". He explained in a Facebook post: “The song 'Willkommen liebe Mörder' from my robber civil album 'Tiefenschär' was written in the summer of 2014, one year before the refugee debate. The murderers of the NSU are meant and addressed in an ironic way. "

2018: Greetings from fate

Heinz Rudolf Kunze (2018)

At the beginning of February 2018, Kunze signed a record deal with Electrola / Universal Music Group . The album "Schöne Grüße vom Schicksal" was released there on May 4th. The tour for the album "Greetings from destiny" began on January 11, 2019 in Leipzig to gain include 2019 alongside the existing musicians Jens Carstens , Peter Koobs , Leo Schmidthals and Matthias Ulmer also the singers Jördis Tielsch (+ violin) and Natalie Puetz and the guitarist Andrew Gräser .


In October 2019, pop singer Nicole released her album 50 ist das neue 25 , for whose title song of the same name and six other songs Heinz Rudolf Kunze wrote the lyrics and Jens Carstens created the compositions. In addition there is the duet version of “Your is my whole heart” sung by Nicole and Heinz Rudolf Kunze (text: Kunze, composition: Heiner Lürig).

In November 2019, Kunze released the single Der Prediger from the album Der Truth die Ehre , released on February 21, 2020 , with which Kunze landed at number 3 in the German album charts.

In January 2020 Kunze supported the new version of Oscar Wilde's masterpiece “ The Ghost of Canterville ” with 100 musicians as the current edition of the annual Cinephonics series of events at the Alzey - Worms district music school .

On March 6, 2020, the band Anyone's Daughter released the single One World for You and Me , the multilingual song featured Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Tayfun Ünlü, Mick Jackson, Dani Suara as well as John Vooijs and Matthias Ulmer.

In May 2020 the audiobook "If you speak of the devil - Live reading in Leipzig in March 2020" was published, recorded in the Kupfersaal Leipzig.

On May 23, 2020, Kunze gave the first car concert of his career in Erfurt due to the corona .

Kunze's podcast, Through the Glasses , has been available since June 2020 , in which he interviews personalities from music, entertainment, politics, business and sport. Guests were u. a. Klaus Meine , Jim Rakete , Reinhard Mey , Flake , Arno Köster , Jan Hofer and Jerry Scheff .

Texts, Germanizations and compositions for other artists

Heinz Rudolf Kunze has created compositions and texts for other artists or translated foreign-language texts into German. Kunze wrote for Herman van Veen , Milva , Mario Adorf , Karel Gott , The Hooters , Peter Hammill , the rock band City around singers Toni Krahl , Bernd Stelter , Dieter Birr , Hildegard Knef and Nicole . According to Kunze, when Udo Jürgens was commissioned to write texts for him according to his rudimentary musical specifications, he was unable to do this, which he regretted very much, as they had known and valued each other since the 1980s.

In September 2019, Leonardo Colombati's book " Bruce Springsteen - Like a Killer in the Sun" was published as a German first edition, for which Heinz Rudolf Kunze translated the 101 Springsteen lyrics into German. Kunze dedicated these broadcasts to his late friend Peter Rüchel , WDR editor and inventor and maker of the Rockpalast : "He was the first one who drew my attention to Springsteen decades ago, and one of the most important teachers of my life".

Further commitment

Heinz Rudolf Kunze's activities are varied. In 2003 Kunze spoke out against the Iraq war at a concert in Hamburg. In addition to his rock music, Kunze wrote the text for the hymn of the 30th Evangelical Church Congress 2005 in Hanover ( More than this / If your child asks you tomorrow ), wrote the text for the title song of the cartoon series Little Amadeus and was an expert in the Enquêteus for three and a half years . Commission "Culture in Germany" of the German Bundestag.

Kunze was active in the ARD television series In allerfreund und Großstadtrevier as an actor, in the latter in the 289th episode ("Boards that mean the world"). In 2015 he had a small role in the episode "The Trail of the Nightingale" of the TV series SOKO Wismar . In addition, he holds readings in theaters, cabaret theaters and churches, takes part in television shows such as The Perfect Celebrity Dinner and The Big Soap , was a juror for the Gospel Awards in 2005 and 2006. On November 13, 2009 he became patron of the non-profit Berlin project “ The street choir ”, which ZDF documented in an eight-part series.

Kunze has been teaching song writing since the 2007 winter semester as a lecturer in the popular music course at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences .

In February 2017, Heinz Rudolf Kunze was featured on the homage album Manfred Krug - His Songs” , on which he interpreted the song “Morning was awake” .

Kunze had taken on a smaller role in the film Timm Thaler or the laughter sold , which was released in February 2017.


Kunze's interim balance sheet 2020

According to his own statements, Heinz Rudolf Kunze has been able to sell around 4.5 million records so far (as of February 2020) .

“I would have liked to have achieved more than four and a half million records. Grönemeyer manages that with two plates. I need 38 for this. I am never satisfied. On the other hand, I have to be very grateful. It's great that I've been able to play for so long. Sometimes in the first division, sometimes in the second, but never in the third. "

- Heinz Rudolf Kunze (February 2020)

Studio albums

year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placementsTemplate: chart table / maintenance / without sources
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1981 Just a matter of nerves - - -
First published: May 29, 1981
1982 Some form of violence - - -
First published: January 1982
1983 The heavy courage - - -
First published: January 27, 1983
1984 state of emergency - - -
First published: October 4, 1984
1985 My heart is all yours DE8th

(22 weeks)DE
- -
First published: October 25, 1985
Sales: + 250,000
1986 Child prodigies DE18th

(17 weeks)DE
- -
First published: October 23, 1986
Sales: + 250,000
1988 One for all DE13 (8 weeks)
- -
First published: August 25, 1988
1989 Good entertainment DE31 (25 weeks)
- -
First published: October 27, 1989
1991 glasses DE4 (17 weeks)
- -
First published: January 15, 1991
1992 Daredevil DE22 (12 weeks)
- -
First published: August 28, 1992
1994 Kunze: Makes music DE10 (15 weeks)
- -
First published: February 25, 1994
1996 Richter scale DE46 (9 weeks)
- -
First published: February 23, 1996
1997 alter ego DE33 (5 weeks)
- -
First published: February 28, 1997
1999 Correctly DE12 (11 weeks)
- -
First published: March 1, 1999
2001 Stop! DE10 (7 weeks)
- -
First published: January 15, 2001
2002 I have water up to my neck DE65 (1 week)
- -
First published: February 4, 2002
2003 Tailwind DE26 (4 weeks)
- -
First published: March 31, 2003
2005 The original DE28 (3 weeks)
- -
First published: February 28, 2005
2007 Clear conditions DE21 (5 weeks)
- -
First published: January 26, 2007
2009 protest DE15 (8 weeks)
- -
First published: January 30, 2009
2011 The favor of the hour DE8 (6 weeks)
- -
First published: January 21, 2011
2012 In here out there DE23 (1 week)
- -
First published: September 7, 2012
with robber civilian
2013 Stone from the heart DE18 (5 weeks)
- -
First published: October 25, 2013
2015 depth of field - - -
First published: February 27, 2015
with robber civilian
2016 Germany DE8 (5 weeks)
- -
First published: February 12, 2016
Masterpieces: bows DE37 (1 week)
- -
First release: September 30, 2016
cover album
2018 Greetings from fate DE16 (4 weeks)
- -
First published: May 4, 2018
2020 Honor the truth DE3 (5 weeks)
- -
First published: February 21, 2020

gray hatching : no chart data available for this year

Reinforcement musicians

Since the beginning of his musical career, Heinz Rudolf Kunze has had a manageable circle of professional musicians at his side who support him in the studio and on the touring stages and reinforce his musical concerns. From the beginning they appeared as a group - as "Heinz Rudolf Kunze and reinforcement" . Kunze was closely connected to this group of musicians and shied away from personal changes (probably also because of his experiences from the break with Mick Franke , where there was absolute radio silence between the former friends for many years). This also led to the fact that during his successful years Kunze paid his musicians and employees monthly, even if there were neither studio productions nor tours - an unusual practice even then.

In the course of the decades there have been several mostly fundamental changes in the musicians involved in the amplification , so that up to today (2014) four generations can be identified:

The reinforcement 1981 to 1984: Mick Franke (guitar), Hendrik Schaper (keyboard; switched to Udo Lindenberg ), Josef Kappl (bass) and on drums Joachim Luhrmann (1981/82) and Mickie Stickdorn (1982/83).

The reinforcement 1985 to 1994: Joschi Kappl (bass), Peter Miklis (drums, since 1984), Thomas Bauer (keyboards, saxophone, since 1984), Martin Huch (guitar, pedal steel, lap steel, since 1986) and Heiner Lürig ( Guitar, musical director).

The reinforcement from 1995 to 2002: Raoul Walton (bass), Matthias Ulmer (keyboards), CC Behrens (drums) and furthermore Heiner Lürig (guitar, musical director).

The reinforcement since 2002: Jens Carstens (drums), Leo Schmidthals (bass), Jörg Sander (guitar), Matthias Ulmer (keyboards) and temporarily Heiner Lürig (guitar). When Jörg Sander switched to Udo Lindenberg , Zoran Grujovski (guitar) joined the team for a while. From 2014 to 2019 Peter Koobs was there as guitarist, and Manuel Lopez will be new from 2020.

Musician at robber civilian

Kunze's second band parallel to the reinforcement has developed over the recent years. The beginnings go back to the years when he toured extensively with Wolfgang Stute . Then Hajo Hoffmann (violin, mandolin) and later Peter Pichl (bass) joined them. Since 2015 Räuberzivil has consisted of Ralph König, Hilko Schomerus and Peter Pichl.



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  • 2015 - Quentin Qualle - Rock on the Reef. Children's book with CD of songs (5 titles) by Heinz Rudolf Kunze and Jens Carstens, illustrated by Julia Ginsbach. Loewe Verlag, Bindlach 2015, ISBN 978-3-7855-8039-4 .
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  • Heinz Rudolf Kunze: When you talk about the devil - 200 contemporary stories . Adeo Verlag, Aßlar 2020, ISBN 978-3-86334-252-4 .

In addition, early text works by Heinz Rudolf Kunze have appeared in the following anthologies:

  • 1975 - Osnabrück authors. Poetry + prose . Bünde 1975: 8 texts.
  • 1979 - Freedom of writing. Poetry and prose . Osnabrück 1979: 9 texts.

More publishments:

  • 1986 - The favorite or: The many faces in the empty mirror - biography about David Bowie by Heinz Rudolf Kunze in Idole 8, Rock & Schock, Verlag Ullstein, ed. Siegfried Schmidt-Joos, ISBN 3-548-36529-9 . The text of the same name was also broadcast as a 9-part radio play series on NDR with Heinz Rudolf Kunze as the speaker.
  • 1986 - The Empire falls - biography about Ray Davies by Heinz Rudolf Kunze in Idole 9, British Beat, Ullstein publishing house, publisher Siegfried Schmidt-Joos , ISBN 3-548-36522-1
  • 2006 - Foreword “I was Stevie Winwood - Heinz Rudolf Kunze about the year 1971” in 1971 - A year and its 20 songs - from the Süddeutsche Zeitung Diskothek series 1955-2004 (one book per year with accompanying CD, 20 songs are documented each time from the year of publication). ISBN 978-3-86615-073-7 , Munich 2006.

In addition, other authors have published the following books (or publications) about Heinz Rudolf Kunze:

  • 1988 - A partially ingenious barbarian - Notes on Heinz Rudolf Kunze and his new record Eine für alle by Tom R. Schulz . 16-page brochure (A4 format) accompanying the tour of the same name from 1988–1989. A publication by the WEA press department in Hamburg.
  • 1999 - heinz rudolf kunze - agent provocateur Peter Badge (limited edition - 2000 numbered copies, 100 Roman numbered copies did not go on sale)
  • 2005 - Silbermond including forehead foot - texts and music by Heinz Rudolf Kunze between 1980 and 2005 by Holger Zürch . ISBN 3-938873-31-0
  • 2006 - Put down roots - Heinz Rudolf Kunze on November 30, 2006; The book about the tree and the 50th anniversary . Limited, one-time edition (out of print); edited by Holger Zürch
  • 2007 - Heinz Rudolf Kunze - My own ways. The biography of Karl-Heinz Barthelmes
  • 2008 - What you were with me - Heinz Rudolf Kunze: 2005 to 2008 by Holger Zürch . Published as ISBN 978-3-86901-008-3 and - with partially changed text and image content - as a fan edition (limited, one-time edition - out of print).


  • Golden tuning fork
    • 1986, 1999, 2007
  • RSH gold
    • 2000: in the category "Most Successful National Artist"
  • In the spring of 2000 Kunze received the Fred Jay Prize from the GEMA Foundation. The prize is given to people who have made a contribution to the creation and promotion of German texts in the field of popular music.
  • On July 7, 2003, Heinz Rudolf Kunze and Heiner Lürig were allowed to register in the Golden Book of the City of Hanover . This honored her musical career and the success of her musical Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Heinz Rudolf Kunze received the Praetorius Music Prize of the State of Lower Saxony in 2006 for his life's work.
  • On November 20, 2007, Heinz Rudolf Kunze received the Lower Saxony State Prize . This prize honors achievements in the fields of science, culture and journalism and was presented by Prime Minister Christian Wulff .

The music journalist HRK

Heinz Rudolf Kunze occasionally wrote versatile essays about him, fascinating artist colleagues , for example about David Bowie , John Lennon , Randy Newman , Ray Davies , Chuck Berry , Neil Young , the Doors , The Who and Herman van Veen . The texts were published in various publications between 1983 and 2008.


  • On October 26, 2019 Kunze was a guest at a game of ProSieben telecast the live show in your home . The two candidate families were asked to predict five questions in the game, which of four residents of Wedemark (including Kunze) would be the first to answer them correctly.
  • In the spring of 2019 was published in honor of Fredrik Vahle the tribute album adding : musicians of various genres pay homage to the masters with their interpretations of his best-known children's songs, including Heinz Rudolf Kunze entitled Ping Pong Penguin .
  • At the turn of the year 2018–2019, Kunze published his text balance 2018 on Instagram: "152 spoken texts, 305 song texts - to a 2019 rich in output!"
  • On the Hessentag 1997 in Korbach there was a concert by Kunze with reinforcement as well as with the hr big band under the direction of Kurt Bong under the motto “Rock meets Big Band” . A selection of 14 of the 19 songs from this musical collaboration was subsequently broadcast on the radio. 21 years later, Kunze worked with the Kiel Philharmonic Orchestra for the Kiel Week 2018 under the motto “Rock meets Classic” .
  • In February 1997 the monastery church in Grimma served as a set for Heinz Rudolf Kunze: The Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk filmed the video for his song "You are not alone" there with Kunze , which a few weeks later - on March 6, 1997 - Television was broadcast.
  • In 1993 a serious accident occurred in Kunze's garden. During his absence, his mastiff, previously considered harmless, suddenly bit the child of the cleaning woman to death, "a terrible incident", the side effects and aftermath of which resulted in a "difficult time" for Kunze.
  • At the end of the song “Madagascar” from 1985, an excerpt from the African song “ Shosholoza ” sounds as a choir quote .


Kunze was married from 1981 to 2009 and has one grown son and one grown daughter. In 2009 he married for the second time; Wife Gabriele brought a son into the marriage and has two grown daughters. The couple live near Hanover.

Heinz Rudolf Kunze is a supporter of the Werder Bremen football club and, with Das ist mein Verein, contributed a song to the double album Lauter Werder , which was released in 2019.


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