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developer CanadaCanada EA Canada
(as EA Sports )
Publisher United StatesUnited States Electronic Arts
First title FIFA International Soccer (1993)
Last title FIFA 20 (2019)
Platform (s) Current platforms:
PC ( Microsoft Windows , macOS ),
consoles ( Xbox 360 , Xbox One , PS3 , PS4 , Nintendo Switch )
Mobile ( iOS , Android , Microsoft Windows Phone 8 )
Previous platforms:
Sega Mega Drive , Nintendo GameCube , Super Nintendo Entertainment System , Sega Game Gear , 3DO , Sega Master System , Nintendo 64 , PlayStation , Xbox , Sega Saturn , Wii U , PS2 , PSP , PSVita , Wii , Nintendo 3DS , Nintendo DS
Licenses FIFA
Genre (s) Sport - soccer

The FIFA series (formerly known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer ) is a series of soccer simulations developed by EA Canada that is published under the brand name EA Sports . It has existed since the end of 1993 with the publication of FIFA International Soccer . Since then, a new edition of the game has been published annually with the latest data from the world of football, so that the series has so far consisted of more than 20 games. The current version FIFA 20 was released on September 27, 2019 for PC and various consoles. In addition to the main games, which have a consecutive year in the title, EA Sports publishes different offshoots (see FIFA Street ) of the games as well as independent versions for World and European Championships at irregular intervals .

The last promotional ambassadors included Lionel Messi , Marco Reus , Cristiano Ronaldo and Eden Hazard .


The games in the series are published by the US software manufacturer Electronic Arts . The game series is developed by the subsidiary EA Canada under the brand name EA Sports .


As the game is fully licensed by FIFA, FIFPro and numerous national associations, the series offers a large number of international leagues, players and national teams.

The number of playable tournaments fluctuates in each version, EA reserves the right in recent years to publish individual competitions such as the soccer world and European championships as separate games and not to integrate these tournaments into FIFA (most recently FIFA World Cup 2014 ). The part FIFA 17 contains a total of over 30 leagues and 650 licensed teams.

In career mode you can choose a team that you can then accompany for up to 15 seasons. As coach and manager at the same time, contracts are negotiated and players are signed in addition to the usual game play. Furthermore, you can only play a single player and his / her career. In this game mode you can choose between a specially created player or an existing footballer.

In addition to the friendly, tournament, career and league modes, the series has both a multiplayer mode and an editor with which you can make changes in the game, such as the player's appearance, tactics and team line-ups. The official external editor Creation Center enables further changes to players, teams, jerseys, balls etc. and the addition of specially created teams.


With FIFA International Soccer , the first FIFA game title from Electronic Arts was released in 1993 exclusively for the Sega Mega Drive . At the end of the same year there was a version for the PC ( MS-DOS ) and in the following year for 3DO , Amiga , Game Gear , Mega-CD , Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System . In 1996 the first part was ported to the Sega Master System for the Brazilian market . In addition, the part was integrated as a bonus in FIFA 06 on the PlayStation 2 .

The graphics were based on an isometric perspective and used simple 2D sprites . However, in contrast to the other platforms, the 3DO version of the game had 3D graphics in SVGA resolution as early as 1994 . On the PC was only switched to 3D graphics with FIFA 96 .

FIFA Soccer 95 was released in 1994 exclusively for Mega Drive and expanded the previous year's version to include club teams from international leagues.

With FIFA 2000 , the Major League Soccer from the United States was introduced for the first time, and the Danish Super League , the Greek Super League , the Ligat ha'Al from Israel, the Norwegian Eliteserien and the Turkish Süper Lig were added. The offshoot attracted attention because of the ban on tournaments at LAN parties .

While the changes in FIFA 2001 were only marginal compared to its predecessor, the successor FIFA Football 2002 , which appeared in 2002, contained some new features. A new passing game with a shot power display and improved optics was used, which, together with the freely configurable control, created a new gaming experience. With FIFA 2002, player fatigue and injuries were also integrated into the game. As a special feature, qualification for the upcoming soccer World Cup 2002 was added to the game.

With FIFA 2003 , the game series also made its debut on the Nintendo GameCube . In addition to the usual statistics such as “possession of the ball” or “shots on goal”, additional information such as “shots on goal” or “tackles” was displayed in the game during a running football game. In contrast to its predecessor, the controls have been presented a bit simpler, but also more sophisticated: the movements of the players have been revised and the play equipment itself has been given a newly developed ball physics.

With FIFA Football 2004 , the FIFA series received a significantly better defensive AI of the opponents, which made the build-up game in the direction of the opponent's penalty area more difficult. At the same time, with the new "Off the Ball" feature, a function for easier passing was added, with which the recipient of the passed pass could be selected at the push of a button. With the newly added training mode, the new gameplay could be internalized. In the also new "Dynasty mode" it was also possible to take on a club of your choice as a coach and lead it to success in the course of the season by means of player transfers and the completion of various goals. It is also worth mentioning that GameCube and Xbox players had to do without an online mode. Sony had negotiated an exclusive contract with EA for the online game.

In contrast to most of its predecessors, FIFA 2005 has been improved relatively cautiously. As in the predecessor, the sluggish offensive AI of the own team and the physics of the ball were criticized. With the new First Touch system, however, the movements of the players have been improved and the precision and danger of flanks have been increased.

With FIFA 06 , among other things, the new "team chemistry" was added to the career mode, which was made up of the values ​​of morality and experience: many assignments of the respective players of the selected team increased the team chemistry, among other things, releases for transfers or loans reduced them. In addition, various challenges have been added to the game, in which, among other things, the aim is to turn a game believed to have been lost into a win from the 85th minute or to achieve a hat trick .

In FIFA 07 , the physics of the player and the ball were separated for the first time and the entire game could be played more individually and smoothly. In the previous games it often had the impression that the cue ball was “stuck” to the player's foot.

Since FIFA 08 the game contains the so-called “Be a Pro” mode, in which you can play through the career of an existing or self-created player. During the season you collect “Attribute” points with which you can improve your player's skills. In addition, a new " third person " camera was introduced, which is intended to give the player a realistic and close-up picture of what is happening on the pitch. The game series was also released for the first time on the Nintendo Wii .

In 2009, FIFA 09 was ported to the Nintendo DS for the first time , but received rather average to poor ratings there.

With FIFA 10 , the game series was rated as highly as the competitor Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami for the first time in years . This was mainly due to the new playful freedom and the further improved gameplay in contrast to the predecessor.

In FIFA 11 , players were initially assigned special attributes such as clippers or playmakers under the term “personality” , which led to the various skills of the respective players being more mature than others. In contrast to its predecessor, FIFA 11 has also been significantly improved in terms of play and appearance. In addition, for the first time, you had the opportunity to control your own goalkeeper yourself.

The biggest innovations in FIFA 12 can be seen in the general gameplay: the Player Impact Engine causes more realistic collisions in duels and fouls or more intense running duels, while the new defense style called Tactical Defending requires good timing on the defensive in order to get to the ball reach.

FIFA 13 was able to score points above all through further improved gameplay with more intelligent running paths of its own teammates and more natural movements of the players in duels and ball actions and for the first time added coaches and warming up players on the sidelines in the game. The second generation of the Player Impact Engine was also expanded to include actions without a ball and, for example, allowed defenders to fight for the best positioning when corner kicks were coming up . Another innovation was integrated into the game under the name FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks . Different types of free kicks could be created and executed.

FIFA 14 received the so-called Locomotion engine as the most striking innovation . This mainly ensures that the body's center of gravity is more closely involved in the movement of the players and thus provides additional realism. An additional innovation is the possibility of setting up scouting networks for talent spotting in career mode . In 2014, the series also appeared for the first time as a mobile app on Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows Phone 8 . The game is free to play, but has a meager gameplay. Until 2015, players could only use the career mode in the paid premium version. Since then, only the Ultimate Team mode has been available.

The successor to FIFA 15 has received numerous improvements: as dirt on jerseys and wear have been added to the lawn, the area received its own physics and the options for standard situations and Abstößen of the goalkeeper have been extended. In the English Premier League , all stadiums and goal-line technology were also implemented.

In FIFA 16 , women's football was introduced by popular demand . There were twelve national teams available: Germany , USA , Australia , Brazil , China , England , France , Italy , Canada , Mexico , Sweden and Spain . The then reigning world champion Japan is not included. In the successor FIFA 17 there were 16 women's teams, including the reigning European champions from the Netherlands. It is not possible to play against men's teams. FIFA 16 was the first title in 13 years that was not released for a mobile platform. This means that FIFA 16 also had its smallest launch since 2002.

With FIFA 17 , Electronic Arts has made a fundamental change in terms of graphics by switching to the Frostbite engine . However, the change only applies to the current platforms PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A new feature was the story mode "The Journey", which lets the player slip into the role of the Premier League youngster Alex Hunter. For the first time, virtual replicas of the trainers can also be seen in the game. A total of 20 coaches from the Premier League can be seen in FIFA 17 .

The career mode has been revised in FIFA 18 . For example, cutscenes were added during contract and transfer negotiations. Video transfers are also shown in the start menu. The player can now also give players bonuses after a certain number of goals, but a release amount is also available. In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team there are “icons” in the game, ie players who have become legends in the past. In addition, the new mode Squad Battles has been added, in which you play with your team against teams from all over the world, but they are controlled by an AI. In addition, the story mode introduced in FIFA 17 around the fictional young star Alex Hunter is continued. The third soccer league was also introduced for the first time in FIFA 2018.

With the license for the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League , which previously belonged to competitor Konami and his game Pro Evolution Soccer , the biggest innovation of FIFA 19 could take place in the scope of the game itself. In addition to this license, the licenses for Serie A , the Chinese Super League and the FIFA Women's World Cup were also acquired. In FIFA 19 it is also possible to execute more precise shots using the so-called timed finish and to change the formation during the game.

In FIFA 20 , some gameplay elements have been revised again: the timed finish has also been extended to the new penalty control and the execution of free kicks has been changed.


Several games were published annually in the FIFA series. Titles on a gray background indicate the annual release of the main game.


FIFA Street

Since 2005, other games in the FIFA series called FIFA Street have been appearing at irregular intervals , although these are not the usual stadium football , but street football . The current and fourth title in the game series is FIFA Street (2012).


FIFA Online

FIFA Online was in the final beta since September 30, 2010 and could be tested by anyone. In FIFA Online it was a free massively multiplayer online community game for the PC . The game used the same game engine as FIFA 10 and the gameplay is very similar too .

On March 25, 2011, FIFA Online was discontinued and the servers shut down after the developers of FIFA Online 2 EA offered an unknown amount of money for the discontinuation.

FIFA Online 2

In 2006, FIFA Online 2 was published under the name FIFA Online , which, however, was not advertised in Europe because the classic variant of the annual full price title promised more financially. It was later renamed FIFA Online 2 . The game was based on FIFA 08 and FIFA 09 . In addition, FIFA Online 2 was again based on keyboard control instead of the mouse control of FIFA Online . On March 31, 2013, the servers in South Korea were shut down completely. On November 5, 2013, the game was also switched off from the online gaming website IAHGames.

FIFA Online 3

On September 20, FIFA Online 3 appeared in closed beta and on December 18, 2012 as a full game in South Korea . The game was later released for other Asian countries such as Thailand , Indonesia , Vietnam , Singapore , Malaysia and China . However, the game can also be played in other regions using the Garena client and supports several language versions. Technically, the game is based on the game engine of FIFA 13.

FIFA Online 4

FIFA Online 4 was released in South Korea on May 17, 2017 and appeared in many other Asian countries before the start of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The Frostbite Engine 3 is used as the game engine.

FIFA World

FIFA World has been in Open Beta in Brazil and Russia since November 12, 2013, and worldwide since May 20, 2014. It offers a slimmed-down Ultimate Team mode and a league mode. FIFA World offers three control options: keyboard, mouse and gamepad . On April 16, 2015, Electronic Arts announced that it would shut down the servers for FIFA World on June 14, 2015.

FIFA Mobile

On October 11, 2016, EA Sports released a variant for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows instead of the normal FIFA version, which had been available for mobile devices for 13 years. FIFA Mobile contains a heavily modified Ultimate Team version. Like the other Ultimate Team versions, the app receives an annual update. Microsoft Windows was removed again in 2017.


Advertising figures

The following list contains the previous advertising figures on the cover of the German FIFA edition.

So far five times on the German-language FIFA cover: Ronaldinho
title Cover
FIFA Soccer 95 Erik Thorstvedt
FIFA 96 David Platt and Piotr Świerczewski
FIFA 97 David Ginola
FIFA 98 Andreas Möller
FIFA 99 Olaf Thon
FIFA 2000 Mehmet Scholl
FIFA 2001 Lothar Matthäus
FIFA 2002 Gerald Asamoah
FIFA 2003 Roberto Carlos , Ryan Giggs and Edgar Davids
FIFA 2004 Alessandro Del Piero , Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho
FIFA 2005 Patrick Vieira , Fernando Morientes and Andrij Shevchenko
FIFA 06 Wayne Rooney , Lukas Podolski and Ronaldinho
FIFA 07 Lukas Podolski and Ronaldinho
FIFA 08 Miroslav Klose and Ronaldinho
FIFA 09 Ronaldinho and Kevin Kurányi
FIFA 10 Bastian Schweinsteiger and Wayne Rooney
FIFA 11 Mesut Özil and René Adler
FIFA 12 Lukas Podolski and Mats Hummels
FIFA 13 Lionel Messi
FIFA 14 Lionel Messi
FIFA 15 Lionel Messi
FIFA 16 Lionel Messi
FIFA 17 Marco Reus
FIFA 18 Cristiano Ronaldo
FIFA 19 Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr.
FIFA 20 Virgil van Dijk and Eden Hazard
FIFA 21 Kylian Mbappé

Game commentary

As in other sports simulations, the game commentary in the FIFA series consists of ready-made voice samples that are played depending on the situation. In the past, the samples were recorded by different commentators for the different language versions.

In the first games from FIFA 96 onwards, not only the main commentator Wolf-Dieter Poschmann but also various co-commentators commented on the games. Poschmann was supported in the 1997 edition by Karl-Heinz Feldkamp and Martin Siebel . In 1998 Siebel was replaced by Werner Hansch , who in 1999 commented on the games as sole co-commentator alongside Poschmann. In 2000, Hansch was replaced by Jörg Dahlmann , who was included in the games FIFA 2000 to FIFA 2002. This was followed by the duo of Florian König and Tom Bartels , who commented on the games until FIFA 2005. This was followed by commentators Thomas Herrmann and Patrick Wasserziehr in 2006 . Since the 2007 edition, the voices of Tom Bayer and his “ Sky ” colleague Sebastian Hellmann have been used for the comments . The commentator duo Manfred Breuckmann and Frank Buschmann was introduced with FIFA 11 . Since the title FIFA 16 , the games have been commented on by the duo Wolff-Christoph Fuss and - as has been customary since FIFA 11 - by co-commentator and game analyst Frank Buschmann.

Community u. E-sports

FIFA in esports

The e-sports - community of FIFA games has evolved over the years into a constant throughout the e-sports. FIFA is one of the most popular and best-selling online games worldwide. The FIFA series is now recognized in esports and included as an official discipline at the World Cyber ​​Games . Germany is the most successful nation there with 10 gold medals to date. Also at the German ESL championship , FIFA has long been a permanent discipline, which is why many German multigaming clans maintain FIFA squads. FIFA has thus established itself as an e-sports title in Germany. FIFA also runs its own World Cup with the FIFA Interactive World Cup .

FIFA is currently played professionally in the World League eSport Bundesliga , the Electronic Sports League , the ClanBase and the WWCL .

With Hertha BSC , VfL Wolfsburg , FC Schalke 04 , RB Leipzig , VfB Stuttgart and Werder Bremen , six Bundesliga clubs in Germany have also signed e-athletes.

In Austria, all clubs in the Bundesliga with e-athletes took part in the newly created eBundesliga in 2017 . In the final on December 8th, SK Sturm Graz won the team competition and Sercan Kara from LASK Linz won the individual competition.


competition Game mode year platform venue Prize money 1st place place 2 place 3 Game version
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2000 Pc Korea SouthSouth Korea Yongin , Everland $ 50,000 Korea SouthSouth Korea Lee Ji-hun Korea SouthSouth Korea Jin-hyung Park Korea SouthSouth Korea Lee Ro-su FIFA 2000
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2001 Pc Korea SouthSouth Korea Seoul , COEX Convention & Exhibition Center $ 35,000 Korea SouthSouth Korea Kim Doo-hyung ItalyItaly Francesco di Dio China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Wei Zheng FIFA 2001
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2002 Pc Korea SouthSouth Korea Daejeon , Expo Science Park $ 43,000 Korea SouthSouth Korea Hwang Sang-woo Korea SouthSouth Korea Kim Doo-hyung GermanyGermany Stefan Berndt FIFA Football 2002
World Cyber ​​Games 2 on 2 2002 Pc Korea SouthSouth Korea Daejeon , Expo Science Park GermanyGermany Germany United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom ItalyItaly Italy FIFA Football 2002
CPL Europe 1 on 1 2003 Pc FranceFrance Cannes , Palais des Festivals et des Congrès € 3,000 NetherlandsNetherlands Marco Jongerius GermanyGermany Stefan Berndt GermanyGermany [pG] Chicken FIFA Football 2003
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2003 Pc Korea SouthSouth Korea Seoul , Olympic Park Seoul $ 35,000 GermanyGermany Dennis Bellhare GermanyGermany Daniel Bell Hare Korea SouthSouth Korea Choi Daehan FIFA Football 2003
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2004 Pc United StatesUnited States San Francisco , Bill Graham Civic Auditorium $ 40,000 Korea SouthSouth Korea Choi Daehan BrazilBrazil Bruno Carrico GermanyGermany Daniel Rasche FIFA Football 2004
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2005 Pc SingaporeSingapore Singapore , Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center $ 35,000 GermanyGermany Dennis Bellhare RussiaRussia Viktor Gusew SpainSpain Eduardo Torralbo FIFA 05
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2006 Pc ItalyItaly Monza , Autodromo Nazionale Monza $ 27,000 GermanyGermany Daniel Bell Hare RomaniaRomania Ovidiu Patrascu RussiaRussia Viktor Gusew FIFA 06
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2007 Pc United StatesUnited States Seattle , CenturyLink Field $ 26,000 GermanyGermany Daniel Bell Hare SpainSpain Victor Sánchez BulgariaBulgaria Ognyan Tomov FIFA 07
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2008 Pc GermanyGermany Cologne , Koelnmesse $ 23,000 RomaniaRomania Marius Craciun PortugalPortugal Pedro Caiado ArgentinaArgentina Juan Francisco Sotullo FIFA 08
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2009 Pc China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Chengdu , Century City New Convention & Exposition Center $ 16,000 GermanyGermany Joshua desire GermanyGermany Daniel Bell Hare PolandPoland Piotrek Zajkowski FIFA 09
Electronic Sports World Cup 1 on 1 2009 Pc Korea SouthSouth Korea Cheonan Korea SouthSouth Korea Kim Jung-Min Korea SouthSouth Korea Lee Woo-Young Korea SouthSouth Korea Yang Jin-Mo FIFA ONLINE 2
Asian indoor games 1 on 1 2009 VietnamVietnam Hanoi , Hanoi University of Science and Technology IranIran Davoud Khoei China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Liu Xiao VietnamVietnamTô Trung Hiếu / Yang ZhengChina People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China FIFA 09
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2010 Pc United StatesUnited States Los Angeles , Los Angeles Convention Center $ 11,000 GermanyGermany Kevin Santner China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Zheng Yang SlovakiaSlovakia Michal Polivka FIFA 10
Electronic Sports World Cup 1 on 1 2010 FranceFrance Paris , Disneyland Paris $ 14,000 FranceFrance Anas Sofi BrazilBrazil Sergio Pires MexicoMexico Andrei Jordan Torres FIFA 10
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2011 Pc Korea SouthSouth Korea Busan , Busan Exhibition and Convention Center $ 14,000 GermanyGermany Kai Wollin PolandPoland Bartosz Pistka ItalyItaly Mattia Guarracino FIFA 11
FIFA Interactive World Cup 1 on 1 2011 PlayStation 3 United StatesUnited States Los Angeles , Mayan PortugalPortugal Francisco Cruz ColombiaColombia Javier Munoz AustraliaAustralia Steven Azzi FIFA 11
Electronic Sports World Cup 1 on 1 2011 PlayStation 3 FranceFrance Paris , Paris expo Porte de Versailles FranceFrance Adrien Viaud SpainSpain Rafael Riobó Sánchez PortugalPortugal Francisco Cruz FIFA 11
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2012 Pc China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Kunshan , KunShan Convention and Exhibition Center $ 17,000 GermanyGermany Kai Wollin PolandPoland Bartosz kick ArgentinaArgentina Juan Francisco Sotullo FIFA 12
FIFA Interactive World Cup 1 on 1 2012 PlayStation 3 QatarQatar Qatar , Jumeirah Beach Hotel SpainSpain Alfonso Ramos FranceFrance Bruce Grannec GermanyGermany Kai Wollin FIFA 12
Electronic Sports World Cup 1 on 1 2012 Xbox 360 FranceFrance Paris , Paris expo Porte de Versailles FranceFrance Bruce Grannec RomaniaRomania Ovidiu Patrascu FranceFrance Julien Dassonville FIFA 13
FIFA Interactive World Cup 1 on 1 2013 PlayStation 3 SpainSpain Madrid FranceFrance Bruce Grannec MexicoMexico Andrei Torres Vivero SpainSpain Rafael Riobo FIFA 13
Electronic Sports World Cup 1 on 1 2013 Xbox 360 FranceFrance Paris , Paris expo Porte de Versailles FranceFrance Vincent Hoffmann RussiaRussia Robert Fahretdinov SwedenSweden Ivan Lapanje FIFA 14
World Cyber ​​Games 1 on 1 2013 Pc China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Kunshan , KunShan Convention and Exhibition Center $ 17,000 IranIran Keivan Javadi Elyaderani GermanyGermany Tim Schiewe ArgentinaArgentina Juan Francisco Sotullo FIFA 14
Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games 2013 1 on 1 2013 Korea SouthSouth Korea Incheon , Samsan World High School UzbekistanUzbekistan Pavel Saprikin China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Chen Wei MalaysiaMalaysia Chew Hoe Shen FIFA 13
Electronic Sports World Cup 1 on 1 2014 Xbox One FranceFrance Paris , Paris expo Porte de Versailles $ 8,000 IranIran Navid Borhani EnglandEngland Sean Allen FranceFrance Benfreha Hicham FIFA 15
FIFA Interactive World Cup 1 on 1 2014 PlayStation 3 BrazilBrazil Rio de Janeiro , Sugar Loaf / Estádio das Laranjeiras $ 20,000 DenmarkDenmark August Rosenmeier EnglandEngland David Bytheway NetherlandsNetherlands Steven van de Vorst FIFA 14
FIFA Interactive World Cup 1 on 1 2015 PlayStation 4 GermanyGermany Munich , Münchner Volkstheater / Palais Lenbach $ 26,000 Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Abdulaziz Alshehri FranceFrance Julien Dassonville DenmarkDenmark August Rosenmeier FIFA 15
Electronic Sports World Cup 1 on 1 2015 Xbox One FranceFrance Paris , Paris expo Porte de Versailles $ 8,000 DenmarkDenmark August Rosenmeier EnglandEngland Spencer Ealing GermanyGermany Erhan Kayman FIFA 16
FIFA Interactive World Cup 1 on 1 2016 PlayStation 4 & Xbox One United StatesUnited States New York City , Apollo Theater $ 25,000 DenmarkDenmark Mohamad Al-Bacha EnglandEngland Sean Allen SwedenSwedenIvan Lapanje / Dylan BanceFranceFrance FIFA 16

Online leagues

For a more realistic online gaming experience, a large number of FIFA online leagues were created from FIFA 98 onwards. These have been organized in the Association of German-Speaking FIFA Leagues (VDFL) since 1998 . The association organizes the official German FIFA championship twice a year . An official German FIFA champion will be chosen on each of the PC , PlayStation and Xbox gaming platforms . The individual participants compete for hundreds of different leagues or clans. The VDFB's German FIFA League and the FIFA Fighters have been among the largest and most successful online leagues in recent years . The best clans were mainly mTw and SK Gaming .


In the early years of its existence, the series was able to set standards. The parts FIFA Soccer 1996 , which for the first time offered a playing field shown in 3D graphics, and FIFA 98 are considered milestones . For the latter, add-ons created by fans were released in 2008, including a package with the then current team data for the 2007/08 season under the title “Because It's Still the Best” patch.

Later, however, FIFA struggled for years with the reputation of being a paid annual data update. Nevertheless, supported by the high number of licenses and the lively popularity in the market, changes were only made on a small scale. In addition, the depth of the game was only moderate due to prescribed procedures. The direct market competitor Pro Evolution Soccer was able to win the best reviews during this time. For a number of years this trend has been counteracted by the developers, which was also appreciated in the press.

At least since the publication of FIFA 09 , which achieved top ratings in the trade press, the FIFA series has enjoyed not only commercial but also critical success among football fans. Of FIFA 10 just under 10 million units have been sold worldwide until February of 2010.

The concentration of EA's game on newer consoles and the resulting stagnation of graphics and gameplay in the PC version met with incomprehension among many editorial offices and computer gamers. It was not until FIFA 11 that EA started to focus more on the development of the PC version and aimed for a level of development similar to the versions for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

There are differences depending on the platform: While the versions for PlayStation 2 and Xbox use an outdated engine , a new version is used for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows. Among other things, this enables a better calculation of the ball physics. The attributes of all 22 players are calculated in real time and thus actively influence the game. Only six of the 25 leagues and a few stadiums that are included in the other versions were integrated into the Xbox 360 version of FIFA 07 . Because of the small size of this version, the online magazine Chip Online claimed that there were voices calling the game a "cropped" version.

The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions and Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 14 hardly differ in terms of content. There are only differences from a technical point of view in the form of finer animations and more direct control that the next-gen version has. In FIFA 15 , the PC version also includes the new Ignite engine and thus no longer differs qualitatively from the Xbox One version and PlayStation 4 version.

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