List of high-rise buildings in Frankfurt am Main

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Frankfurt skyline (view from Deutschherrnbrücke , August 2015)
Old and new towers in Frankfurt (view from the cathedral , July 2019)

Frankfurt am Main is the only city in Germany with a skyline of high-rise buildings and some skyscrapers that defines the cityscape . The skyline as a whole and individual skyscrapers are perceived as Frankfurt's landmarks . More than 30 buildings reach a structural height of over 100 meters, including 17 of Germany's 18 skyscrapers .

Historical overview

The oldest high-rise buildings in Frankfurt are the Mousonturm (1923–1926), the IG-Farben-Haus (1928–1931) - today the main building of the Goethe University - and the trade union building (1930–1931). The three buildings between 31 and 35 meters high still exist today, but are no longer perceived as high-rise buildings in comparison with later buildings.

After the destruction of the city center by the air raids in World War II , numerous houses of ever greater heights were built from 1949 onwards. The AfE tower, which was completed in 1972 and blown up on February 2, 2014, was the first skyscraper over 100 meters high to tower over the Gothic cathedral tower . The Plaza Hotel and the Dresdner Bank high-rise were the first skyscrapers to be over 150 meters high at the end of the 1970s .

Since 1998, a high-rise master plan has regulated where and how high-rise buildings may be built. Most of the skyscrapers are in the banking district , along Mainzer Landstrasse and in the Europaviertel on the exhibition grounds . The towers of the Palaisquartier in the city ​​center and the new building of the European Central Bank in Ostend set a contrast .

For a long time, high-rise construction in Frankfurt was controversial. During the Frankfurt house-to-house war in the early 1970s, the names Bankfurt and Mainhattan emerged as the epitome of urban planning that promoted investor interests at the expense of the long-established population. Since the 1980s, the Frankfurt skyline has become the city's landmark and a symbol of prosperity and future orientation. The population increasingly identified with their high-rise buildings. Since 1996, the Skyscraper Festival has been celebrated at irregular intervals (so far 1996, 1998, 2001, 2007 and 2013) . The SkyArena , a multimedia production of the Frankfurt skyline, was broadcast worldwide for the opening of the 2006 World Cup . The Luminale light art festival , which has taken place every two years since 2000 , also puts the city's high-rise buildings in the limelight.

The increasing demand for real estate, the planned exit of Great Britain from the EU and the favorable economic development in Germany led to a new "boom" in high-rise construction from 2015 onwards. In addition to the 185 meter high new building of the European Central Bank , high-rise projects such as the Omniturm , the Maintor area and the development of the former Deutsche Bank area with four high-rise buildings between 120 and 228 meters embody this development. Germany's tallest residential tower is currently being built with the 172-meter-high Grand Tower .

High-rise buildings in Frankfurt am Main

Part of the Frankfurt skyline from the southwest (June 2015)

This list includes all Frankfurt skyscrapers that reach a height of at least 50 meters without superstructures. The height figures stem largely of the database Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat ( Council for tall buildings and urban habitat ) and Emporis . All buildings are ranked according to their official height . This includes spiers if they are part of the building architecture, but not radio antennas without similar technical structures. Buildings that are still under construction but have already reached their total height are also listed.

In addition, buildings are listed that are not classified as high-rise buildings, since less than 50 percent of the total height is available as usable area (e.g. television towers, churches, stadiums). A complete overview can be found in the list of the tallest structures in Frankfurt am Main .

rank Surname image Height (m) Floors opening Location architect Remarks
Europaturm Frankfurt am Main-Europaturm-view from the Messeturm-20130525.jpg 337.5 1979 Ginnheimer Stadtweg 90, Bockenheim Johannes Möhrle Telecommunications tower .
Second tallest free-standing structure in Germany after the Berlin TV tower .
Nickname: Ginnheimer asparagus .
1 Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt am Main-Commerzbank Tower from Rathenauplatz-20100808.jpg 259.0 56 1997 Große Gallusstraße 17-19, city ​​center Norman Foster 1997–2003 tallest building in Europe.
1997–2012 tallest building in the EU.
The tallest building in the EU again since 2020.
Since 1997 tallest building in Germany.
Height with antenna 300 meters. Commerzbank
headquarters .
2 Exhibition tower 01-01-2014 - Messeturm - trade fair tower - Frankfurt- Germany - 04.jpg 256.5 55 1990 Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49, Westend-Süd Helmut Jahn 1990–1997 tallest building in Europe.
1990–1997 tallest building in the EU.
1990–1997 tallest building in Germany.
3 Westendstrasse 1 Frankfurt Westend Tower.Süd.20130616.jpg 208.0 53 1993 Westendstrasse 1, Westend-Süd Kohn Pedersen Fox ; Nägele, Hofmann & Tiedemann Headquarters of the DZ Bank .
4th Main Tower Maintower Frankfurt.jpg 200.0 55 1999 Neue Mainzer Strasse 52–58, city ​​center Schweger associated architects Height with antenna 240 meters.
Headquarters of the Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen .
On the top floors there is a fitness studio, a restaurant, a café and a public viewing terrace.
4th Tower 185 Frankfurt am Main-Tower 185-view from the Deutsche-Bank-Hochhaus-20130525.jpg 200.0 55 2011 Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 35-37, Gallus Christoph Mäckler PricewaterhouseCoopers headquarters in Germany.
6th Omniturm Omniturm Frankfurt 09-19.jpg 189.9 45 2019 City center , Große Gallusstrasse 16-18 BIG office, Copenhagen Mixed-use tower with offices and apartments
7th Trianon Frankfurt Trianon.Süd. 20130618.jpg 186.0 45 1993 Mainzer Landstrasse 16–24, Westend-Süd Novotny Mähner Associate ; HPP International; Albert Speer & Partner DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale headquarters .
8th New building of the European Central Bank Frankfurt ECB.Nordwest-2.20141228.jpg 185.0 45 2014 Sonnemannstrasse / Rückertstrasse, Ostend Coop Himmelb (l) au New headquarters of the European Central Bank since 2014.
The north tower is 201 meters high with antenna.
9 Grand Tower Frankfurt.Grand Tower.20200207.jpg 179.9 47 2020 Gallus , Osloer Strasse / Europa-Allee Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie Highest purely residential building in Germany, 413 apartments
10 Opera tower Frankfurt-Opernturm-2012-Ffm-916.jpg 170.0 42 2009 Bockenheimer Landstrasse 2-4, Westend-Süd Christoph Mäckler UBS headquarters in Germany.
10 Taunusturm Frankfurt Taunusturm. 20140417.jpg 170.0 40 2014 Taunustor 1–3, city ​​center Gruber + Kleine-Kraneburg The Taunusturm was built speculatively without pre-letting.
12 Silver tower Silver Tower.jpg 166.3 32 1978 Jürgen-Ponto-Platz 1, Bahnhofsviertel ABB Architects 1978–1990 tallest building in Germany.
Former headquarters of Dresdner Bank .
The main tenant has been DB Systel , the ICT service provider of Deutsche Bahn , since 2012 .
13 Westend Gate Westend Gate Frankfurt 2011-07.jpg 159.3 47 1976 Hamburger Allee 2-4, Westend-Süd Siegfried Hoyer; Richard Heil 1976–1978 tallest building in Germany.
The main tenant is the hotel chain Marriott International .
14th Deutsche Bank I. Frankfurt Deutsche Bank Headquarters.20140221.jpg 155.0 40 1984 Taunusanlage 12, Westend-Süd Walter Hanig, Heinz Scheid, Johannes Schmidt Deutsche Bank headquarters .
14th Deutsche Bank II Deutsche Bank Taunusanlage.jpg 155.0 38 1984 Taunusanlage 12, Westend-Süd Walter Hanig, Heinz Scheid, Johannes Schmidt Deutsche Bank headquarters .
14th Marienturm Marienturm Frankfurt 05-19.jpg 155.0 37 2019 Taunusanlage 9-10, Bahnhofsviertel Thomas Müller and Ivan Reimann Architects, Berlin Office building. The main tenant is Goldman Sachs . ( HHRP08 )
17th Skyper Frankfurt am Main-Skyper from Suedosten-20120309.jpg 153.8 38 2004 Taunusanlage 1, Bahnhofsviertel JSK The main tenant is DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale .
18th Eurotower Frankfurt Eurotower.20130603.jpg 148.0 39 1977 Willy-Brandt-Platz 2, city ​​center Richard Heil 1994–2014 headquarters of the European Central Bank . After a renovation, the ECB will continue to use the building for the employees of the single banking supervision .
Former head office of the Bank für Gemeinwirtschaft (1977–1993).
19th One Forty West 145 40 2020 Westend-Süd , Senckenberganlage 15 Cyrus Moser Architects

Dietz-Joppien Architects

In 2015 Commerz Real acquired the land for the 140-meter tower and has been building a mixed-use hotel and residential building on the area of ​​the blown AfE tower since January 2017 . A long-term rental agreement has been signed with the Spanish hotel chain Meliá Hotels International. ( HHRP08 )

20th Frankfurt office center Frankfurt FBC.20121012.jpg 142.4 40 1980 Mainzer Landstrasse 46, Westend-Süd Richard Heil The main tenant is Clifford Chance .
21st City House I. City-House-2008.jpg 142.1 42 1974 Republic Square 6, Westend-Süd Johannes Krahn ; Richard Heil The main tenant is DZ Bank .
22nd New Henninger tower New-henningerturm-2017-ffm-2934.jpg 140 40 2017 Sachsenhausen Meixner Schlueter Wendt Second tallest residential tower
23 Gallileo Gallileo-2012-Ffm-517-9.jpg 136.0 38 2003 Gallusanlage 7, Bahnhofsviertel Novotny Mähner Associate The main tenant is Commerzbank .
Former headquarters of Dresdner Bank . The English Theater
is on the ground floor .
23 Nextower Frankfurt Nextower.20130514.jpg 136.0 32 2009 Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 6, city ​​center KSP Jürgen Engel Architects Part of the building complex Palaisquartier .
25th Pollux Pollux Frankfurt.jpg 130.0 33 1997 Unit 1 Square, Gallus Kohn Pedersen Fox Part of the building ensemble Kastor and Pollux .
The main tenant is Commerzbank .
26th Garden Tower Frankfurt am Main-Garden Towers from south-20120312.jpg 127.0 25th 1976 Neue Mainzer Straße 46–50, city ​​center Novotny Mähner Associate The main tenant is Société Générale (Germany).
Formerly the headquarters of the Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen .
27 Fair gatehouse Messe-Torhaus, Frankfurt.jpg 117.0 30th 1984 Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, Bockenheim Oswald Mathias Ungers The main tenant is Messe Frankfurt .
28 Japan Center Frankfurt.Japan-Center.Taunustor 2-4.20150909.jpg 115.0 28 1996 Taunustor 2, city ​​center Joachim Ganz The main tenant is the European Central Bank .
28 Park Tower Frankfurt Park Tower.20131019.jpg 115.0 29 2007 Bockenheimer Anlage 46, Westend-Süd Fischer, Krüder, Rathai The main tenant is the law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer .
30th Westhafen Tower Frankfurt Westhafen Tower.Ost.20130618.jpg 112.3 30th 2003 Westhafenplatz 1, Gutleutviertel Schneider + Schumacher The main tenant is the European supervisory authority for insurance and company pension schemes .
31 IBC Frankfurt IBC.20130423.jpg 112.0 30th 2003 Theodor-Heuss-Allee 70, Bockenheim Koehler Architects Erected by Deutsche Bank for the new investment banking trading room before the dot-com bubble burst , then rented out.
32 City Gate Frankfurt Nibelungenplatz 3rd Shell high-rise. 20130811.jpg 110.0 27 1966 Nibelungenplatz 3, Nordend-West G. Rheingaus
32 Eurotheum Eurotheum-1.jpg 110.0 31 1999 Neue Mainzer Strasse 66–68, city ​​center Novotny Mähner Associate The main tenant is the European Central Bank .
32 WinX WinX Frankfurt 05-19.jpg 110 30th 2019 Old town , Neue Mainzer Straße 6–12 KSP Engel and Zimmermann Architects
35 Neue Mainzer Strasse 32–36 Frankfurt Neue Mainzer Strasse 32-36.20120525.jpg 108.6 28 1973 Neue Mainzer Strasse 32–36, city ​​center Richard Heil The main tenant is the European Central Bank .
Former headquarters of Commerzbank .
36 Leonardo Royal Hotel Frankfurt Leonardo Royal Hotel Frankfurt.20130901.jpg 100.0 25th 1972 Mailänder Strasse 1, Sachsenhausen-Süd For many years, the main tenant was the InterContinental Hotels Group , which operated the Holiday Inn Frankfurt City-South Conference Center. In 2014 it was sold to the Leonardo Hotels chain .
37 Hotel Jumeirah Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main-Zeil-Jumeirah-Hotel-view from the main tower (cropped) .jpg 99.1 28 2011 Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 6, city ​​center KSP Jürgen Engel Architects Part of the building complex Palaisquartier .
First hotel of the Jumeirah Group in Germany.
38 Arabella office center Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 44.20130511.jpg 96.3 25th 1969 Lyoner Strasse 44, Niederrad
39 160 Park View (formerly Hochhaus am Park) Hochhaus am Park, Frankfurt am Main.jpg 96.0 26th 1975 Grüneburgweg 102, Westend-Nord ABB Architects Tenants are u. a. BDO Deutsche Warentreuhand and the Hessian University of Cooperative Education .
39 Westend Duo 20070310-WestendDuo MQ.jpg 96.0 26th 2006 Bockenheimer Landstrasse 24, Westend-Süd KSP Jürgen Engel Architects The main tenant is the law firm Hengeler Mueller .
Imperial Cathedral of St. Bartholomew Frankfurt Cathedral Evening.jpg 95.0 1877 Domplatz 1, old town Dom .
The tallest building in Frankfurt until 1961.
Largest sacred building in the city.
41 Castor Kastor Frankfurt.jpg 95.0 22nd 1997 Unit 1 Square, Gallus Kohn Pedersen Fox Part of the building ensemble Kastor and Pollux .
42 Commerzbank Trading Center Frankfurt Hafenstrasse 51.20130525.jpg 93.0 22nd 1976 Hafenstrasse 51, Gallus AGI plan Rüping Commerzbank trading center .
42 Union Investment high-rise View of the Union Investment Skyscraper at a sunny winter day 2013.jpg 93.0 19th 1977 Wiesenhüttenstraße 10, Bahnhofsviertel Speerplan Regional and Urban Planner GmbH Union Investment headquarters .
44 Office building at the Alte Oper ItDozent Frankfurt aM Citibank high-rise 2005 01.jpg 89.0 20th 1984 Neue Mainzer Strasse 75, city ​​center Architectural association Gerhard Balser Tenants are u. a. Bank of Communications , Shinhan Financial Group , Bloomberg LP and Lazard .
The former main tenant was Citibank .
45 Main Plaza Frankfurt am Main-Main Plaza view from the Ignatz-Bubis-Bruecke.jpg 88.0 24 2002 Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 1, Sachsenhausen-Nord Hans Kollhoff The Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza offers 118 hotel rooms and suites as well as 17 apartments.
46 Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt Frankfurt Radisson Blu Hotel.S.20131124.jpg 87.0 20th 2005 Franklinstrasse 65, Bockenheim John Seifert Architects Ltd. The tenant is the Radisson Blu hotel chain .
47 Rhein-Main-Center Frankfurt Bockenheimer Landstrasse 51-53.JPG 84.0 22nd 1969 Bockenheimer Landstrasse 51, Westend-Süd JSK
48 BHF Bank high-rise Frankfurt am Main-BHF-Bank-Hochhaus von Suedosten-20120312.jpg 82.0 23 1965 Bockenheimer Landstrasse 10, Westend-Süd Sep call Headquarters of the BHF Bank .
The building is listed.
49 Mailänder Strasse 12 Frankfurt Mailänder Strasse 10-18.20130512.jpg 81.7 25th 1973 Mailänder Strasse 12, Sachsenhausen-Süd Residential buildings.
50 Campus Tower Frankfurt Herriotstrasse 4.20130511.jpg 80.3 18th 1969 Herriotstrasse 4, Niederrad Christoph Mäckler Seat of Colt Technology Services GmbH and Nintendo of Europe GmbH .
Dreikönigskirche Frankfurt am Main-Dreikoenigskirche from Mainkai-20110408.jpg 80.0 1880 Dreikönigsstrasse 32, Sachsenhausen-Nord Franz Josef Denzinger Church .
The user is the Evangelical Lutheran Epiphany Congregation.
51 Main forum Frankfurt Main Forum 2011.jpg 80.0 22nd 2003 Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 79–85, Gutleutviertel Gruber + Kleine-Kraneburg IG Metall headquarters .
52 Inheidener Strasse 71 Frankfurt Inheidener Strasse 71.20130524.jpg 76.2 23 1975 Inheidener Strasse 71, Bornheim Residential buildings.
53 Lighttower Lighttower 201302 6121.jpg 75.0 21st 1966 Hanauer Landstrasse 126–128, Ostend Theodor Josef Seifert Complete renovation 2003–2005 based on a design by msm meyer schmitz-morkramer architects.
53 Taunusanlage 11 Frankfurt.Taunusanlage 11.20150909.jpg 75.0 16 1972 Taunusanlage 11, Bahnhofsviertel Max Meid; Helmut Romeick 2012–2014 rebuilt according to a design by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten
53 American Express high-rise Frankfurt American Express high-rise. 20140209.jpg 75.0 17th 1993 Theodor-Heuss-Allee 112, Bockenheim Novotny Mähner Associate American Express headquarters in Germany .
53 K26 K26.jpg 75.0 20th 2004 Neue Mainzer Straße 28–30, city ​​center Koehler Architects
56 Tower center Frankfurt Eschersheimer Landstrasse 14.20130514.jpg 73.9 22nd 1971 Eschersheimer Landstrasse 14, Nordend-West Günther Rheingans Tower is currently being revitalized.
57 Lyoner Strasse 40 Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 40.20130511.jpg 73.2 19th 1974 Lyoner Strasse 40, Niederrad Headquarters of the Steigenberger Hotel Group .
58 Scala Scala high-rise1.jpg 73.0 17th 2001 Solmsstrasse 83, Bockenheim Christoph Mäckler ; GFB GmbH
59 Hainer Weg 24 Frankfurt Hainer Weg 24.20130512.jpg 72.9 22nd 1969 Hainer Weg 24, Sachsenhausen-Süd Residential buildings.
60 Lyoner Strasse 14 Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 14.20130511.jpg 72.8 19th 1986 Lyoner Strasse 14, Niederrad
61 Herriot's Frankfurt Herriotstrasse 1.20130511.jpg 72.0 20th 2003 Herriotstrasse 1, Niederrad Koehler Architects The structure consists of four sub-buildings of different heights with 11 to 17 floors, connected by a 52 m high glass hall, and offers offices, restaurants, cafés, shopping facilities, a fitness studio and conference rooms.
62 Theodor-Heuss-Allee 110 Theodor-Heuss-Allee-110-ND8-6058.jpg 72.0 20th 2003 Theodor-Heuss-Allee 110, Bockenheim Richard Heil
63 Julius-Brecht-Strasse 3 FfmBerg4.jpg 70.2 27 1968 Julius-Brecht-Strasse 3, Frankfurter Berg Until 2001 the highest pure residential building in Frankfurt.
64 Access tower Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 36.20130511.jpg 70.0 21st 1971 Lyoner Strasse 36, Niederrad A large part is used by Marsh & McLennan Companies . Completely renovated in 2002.
64 Cielo Frankfurt Theodor-Heuss-Allee 100-104.ING DiBa high-rise. 20130607.jpg 70.0 19th 2003 Theodor-Heuss-Allee 100-104, Bockenheim The tenant is Commerzbank. The main sub-tenant was ING-DiBa until mid-2013 .
64 Finance-informatics-skyscraper Frankfurt Theodor-Heuss-Allee 90.Sparkassen Informatik.20130607.jpg 70.0 19th 2006 Theodor-Heuss-Allee 90, Bockenheim MOW architects Part of the Frankfurt turntable building complex . Finanz Informatik
headquarters .
64 Maintor Porta Frankfurt.Maintor Porta.20150605.jpg 70.0 19th 2014 Weißfrauenstrasse 7–9, old town KSP Jürgen Engel Architects Part of the Maintor project. Union Investment has rented the entire building.
64 St Martin Tower Frankfurt.St Martin Tower.20150711.jpg 70.0 18th 2015 Theodor-Heuss-Allee 116, Bockenheim , City West msm, meyer schmitz-morkramer Speculatively built by Hansa Aktiengesellschaft.
69 Skyscraper on the tower Frankfurt Bleichstrasse 64-66, high-rise building at the tower. 20130514.jpg 69.0 20th 1974 Bleichstrasse 64–66, city ​​center BFJ Long Renovated in 2001.
69 Dr. Gerhard Löwenstein House Gerhard-Löwenstein-Haus2.jpg 69.0 19th 1975 Georg-Voigt-Strasse 15, Westend-Süd H. Knoll The building of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Hessen was named in 2001 after the late chairman Gerhard Löwenstein .
71 Alpha Rotex Frankfurt DB Schenker.Alpha Rotex.20130602.jpg 68.0 15th 2013 Thea-Rasche-Strasse, airport Yo. Franzke New corporate headquarters of DB Schenker and the tallest building in the Gateway Gardens business district and at Frankfurt Airport.
71 Taunusanlage 8 Taunusanlage 8, Frankfurt.jpg 68.0 17th 2015 Taunusanlage 8, Bahnhofsviertel Novotny Mähner Associate, msm meyer schmitz-morkramer The main tenant is the law firm Linklaters .
73 InterContinental Hotel Frankfurt Frankfurt Intercontinental Hotel.20130324.jpg 67.0 21st 1963 Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 43, Bahnhofsviertel O. Apel; HG Beckert; G. Becker The operator is the InterContinental Hotels Group . With 770 rooms, it is the second largest hotel in Frankfurt and the sixth largest in Germany.
73 Romeo & Juliet Romeo & Juliet (Skyscraper) .jpg 67.0 19th 1971 Ulmenstrasse 37–39, Westend-Süd Richard Heil Completely renovated in 2006–2009. Originally built by the builder Ignatz Bubis .
75 Praedium Praedium Frankfurt.jpg 66.0 19th 2017 Europa-Allee 101-103, Gallus Dietz Joppien Architects Residential buildings
75 Westside Tower Westside Tower Frankfurt1.jpg 66.0 19th 2016 Europa-Allee 140–142, Gallus msm, meyer schmitz-morkramer Residential buildings.
Commerzbank Arena CommerzbankArena-20.05.2007.jpg 65.0 2005 Mörfelder Landstrasse 362, Sachsenhausen-Süd Gerkan, Marg and Partner Stadium .
Tenth largest football stadium in Germany.
Use by Eintracht Frankfurt .
77 Former head office of Deutsche Bahn Frankfurt am Main main administration Deutsche Bahn AG-view from the Messeturm-20130525.jpg 65.0 17th 1993 Stephensonstrasse 1, Gallus Stephan Bohm Group headquarters of Deutsche Bahn until 2000, today the seat of the board of directors of DB Bahn and the seat of DB Fernverkehr , DB Regio and DB Vertrieb .
77 Leo Leo high-rise Frankfurt1.jpg 65.0 16 1986/2013 Theodor-Heuss-Allee 2 / Hamburger Allee 1, Westend-Süd Nägele, Hoffmann, Tiedemann & Partner (Poseidon); Schneider + Schumacher (Leo) 2012–2013 gutting, expansion by a building cross bar and revitalization. ING-DiBa headquarters from mid-2013 . As Poseidonhaus, the former headquarters of Aventis Pharma AG.
79 In Mainfeld 17 Frankfurt Im Mainfeld 17.20130512.jpg 64.2 21st 1974 Im Mainfeld 17, Niederrad Residential high-rise of Wohnheim GmbH (ABG subsidiary).>
80 Maintor Panorama Frankfurt.Maintor Panorama.20150909.jpg 64.0 17th 2015 Neue Mainzer Straße 2-4, old town Christoph Mäckler Part of the Maintor project. The main tenant is the commercial law firm CMS Hasche Sigle .
81 Skylight Frankfurt am Main-Skylight-residential tower-view from Nextower-20110812.jpg 63.0 20th 2001 Stephanstrasse 14–16, city ​​center Richard Rogers The main building houses shops and restaurants on the ground floors and offices on the upper floors, with the crossbar at the Katzenpforte providing 50 apartments.
81 Taunusturm Residential Frankfurt Taunusturm.Wohnen.20140312.jpg 63.0 18th 2014 Taunustor 1–3, city ​​center Gruber + Kleine-Kraneburg A total of 39 apartments are to be built.
83 Lyoner19 Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 19.20130511.jpg 62.0 17th circa 1969 Lyoner Strasse 19, Niederrad Stefan Forster Architects
(conversion, expansion)
2010 Conversion into an apartment house with three additional floors.
84 Ostendstrasse 12 Frankfurt Ostendstrasse 12.20130524.jpg 61.3 20th 1968 Ostendstrasse 12, Ostend Residential buildings. Refurbished 2009–2010.
85 Raimundstrasse 48-54 61.2 16 Raimundstrasse 48–54, Ginnheim
86 KfW high-rise 61.0 15th 1968 Palmengartenstrasse 5–9, Westend-Süd FC Throll The tallest building in the building complex of the KfW banking group, which consists of four interconnected high-rise towers . Renovation 2003-2006.
87 Allianz-Kai skyscraper Frankfurt Theodor-Stern-Kai 1st Alliance.20130510.jpg 60.0 16 2001 Theodor-Stern-Kai 1, Sachsenhausen-Nord HPP Hentrich; Pentschnigg & Partner The tenant is the Frankfurt branch of Allianz . The AEG high-rise was demolished in 1999 for the new building .
87 Main triangle Maintriangel003.jpg 60.0 14th 2006 To Laurenburger Hof 76, Sachsenhausen-Nord Novotny Mähner Associate The shape of the building should be reminiscent of a sail.
87 AXIS Axis high-rise Frankfurt1.jpg 60.0 19th 2016 Europaallee 165, Gallus Meixner Schlueter Wendt Residential buildings.
90 Inheidener Strasse 69 Frankfurt Inheidener Strasse 69.20130524.jpg 59.7 18th 1975 Inheidener Strasse 69, Bornheim Residential buildings.
91 KfW West Arcade Westarkade Frankfurt.jpg 59.0 15th 2009 Zeppelinallee 4–8, Westend-Süd Sauerbruch Hutton Part of the building complex of the KfW banking group at the main site. In 2011, the West Arcade was voted “Best Skyscraper in the World” by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) in Chicago.
92 Wyndham Grand Hotel Frankfurt.Wyndham Grand Hotel.20150605.jpg 58.4 18th 1969 Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 34, Bahnhofsviertel Former 'City Wing' of the InterContinental Hotel Frankfurt , since 2014 'Wyndham Grand Hotel'
93 Thomas-Mann-Strasse 18 58.2 19th 1968 Thomas-Mann-Strasse 18, Niederursel Residential buildings.
93 Mitscherlichhaus Mitscherlich House, Frankfurt-Höchst.jpg 58.2 19th 1979 Peter-Fischer-Allee 23, formerly Windthorststraße 35, Höchst Residential buildings. The building was extensively renovated in 2006 and named after its former resident Alexander Mitscherlich .
95 BICC high-rise 58.0 15th Hanauer Landstrasse 330, Ostend Part of the BICC Business Center. The BICC was created in the course of a high-rise renovation through complete renovation.
95 NWZ Tower 58.0 13 2004 Walter-Möller-Platz 1, Heddernheim Erected as part of an extension to the Nordwestzentrum shopping center . Mixture of offices and apartments.
97 Dörpfeldstrasse 8 57.2 22nd 1972 Dörpfeldstrasse 8, Eckenheim Residential buildings.
98 NM-1 201302 Frankfurt National-Haus.6204.jpg 57.0 17th 1964 Neue Mainzer Straße 1, city ​​center Max Meid ; Helmut Romeick The main tenant is the Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe , the previous tenant was the Swiss National Insurance Company AG for many years . From 2004 to 2006 the high-rise was extensively renovated.
98 Olivetti Tower II Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 34.North.20130511.jpg 57.0 14th 1972 Lyoner Strasse 34, Niederrad Egon Eiermann The two striking towers were built for the Italian company Olivetti . Both buildings stand on a single concrete column.
100 Sonnenring East Sonnenring Ost Frankfurt1.jpg 55.5 17th 1974 Mailänder Strasse 3–15, Sachsenhausen-Süd Part of the large Sonnenring housing estate on the Sachsenhausen mountain.
101 High-rise dfv media group Dfv Stammhaus.jpg 55.0 17th 1989 Mainzer Landstrasse 245-253, Gallus Nägele, Hofmann & Tiedemann Headquarters of the dfv media group .
101 Maritim Hotel Frankfurt Maritim Hotel Messe Frankfurt.jpg 55.0 12 1996 Theodor-Heuss-Allee 3, Westend-Süd JSK The main tenant is the Maritim Hotelgesellschaft .
103 Julius-Brecht-Strasse 5 54.0 20th 1967 Julius-Brecht-Strasse 5, Frankfurter Berg Residential buildings.
103 Julius-Brecht-Strasse 1 54.0 20th 1969 Julius-Brecht-Strasse 1, Frankfurter Berg Residential buildings.
103 German Bundesbank Deutschebundesbank-ffm003.jpg 54.0 17th 1972 Wilhelm-Epstein-Strasse 14, Bockenheim Headquarters of the Deutsche Bundesbank .
106 In Mainfeld 19 Frankfurt Im Mainfeld 19.20130511.jpg 53.2 17th 1974 Im Mainfeld 19, Niederrad Residential high-rise of Wohnheim GmbH (ABG subsidiary).
106 In Mainfeld 21 Frankfurt Im Mainfeld 21.20130511.jpg 53.2 17th 1974 Im Mainfeld 21, Niederrad Residential high-rise of Wohnheim GmbH (ABG subsidiary) with 115 apartments.
108 Berkersheimer Weg 8 52.0 18th 1969 Berkersheimer Weg 8, Frankfurter Berg Residential buildings.
108 Olivetti Tower I Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 34.South.20130511.jpg 52.0 12 1972 Lyoner Strasse 34, Niederrad Egon Eiermann The two striking towers were built for the Italian company Olivetti . Both buildings stand on a single concrete column.
Rödelheim water tower Water towerRödelheim3.jpg 51.0 1899 Seegewann 19, Rödelheim Water tower .
Refurbishment 2003.
110 Colonia Business Center 51.0 15th 1988 Grüneburgweg 58–62, Westend-Nord Helmut Hentrich
110 Fina house Frankfurt Fina-Haus. 20131107.jpg 51.0 13 1965 Bleichstrasse 2-4, downtown Former seat of Fina Germany .
110 Sigma Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 20.20130511.jpg 51.0 13 2003 Lyoner Strasse 20, Niederrad Nägele, Hofmann & Tiedemann Replaced the previous Lufthansa office tower at the same location.
113 Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 4-6.Adina Hotel.20131009.jpg 50.1 16 Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 4-6, Bahnhofsviertel Apartment hotel. Former house of Bieger. Renovated in 2009.
114 ADAC high-rise Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 22.20140309.jpg 50.0 13 1972 Lyoner Strasse 22, Niederrad
114 The wave The wave Frankfurt.jpg 50.0 12 2001 At wave 4, Westend-Süd JSK The shaft is an ensemble consisting of three building parts with offices, shops and cafes.
114 Kia Motors European Headquarters & Design Center Kia Headquarters Frankfurt.jpg 50.0 11 2007 Theodor-Heuss-Allee 11, Westend-Süd Kia Motors European headquarters .
114 Nestlé Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 23.20130511.jpg 50.0 13 Lyoner Strasse 23, Niederrad German headquarters of the Swiss food company Nestlé .

High-rise buildings under construction

High-rise buildings that are being built in Frankfurt am Main and have not yet reached their final height:

Surname image Height (m) Floors Planned opening Location use architect Remarks
Frankfurt FOUR 228, 173, 120, 100 59-19 2024 City center, former Deutsche Bank area Offices,



retail trade


Big and partner

In 2000, the Deutsche Bank planned the 228-meter high-rise "MAX", which has not been pursued since 2001 due to the decline in construction interest in the market during the subsequent economic crisis . In 2015, the bank sold the site and other adjacent properties. The new owner plans to rebuild the entire area with four high-rise buildings from 2017, including a 228-meter-high hotel and office building at the original “MAX” location. The building will correspond to the designs of the Dutch architecture firm UNStudio , whose plans prevailed after a competition. The demolition work began at the beginning of April 2018.
ONE 190 49 2021 Gallus , Unity Square Offices, hotel Meurer Architects Part of the Skyline Plaza shopping center, which opened in 2013, on the site of the former main freight station. The winning design was announced on October 15, 2014. The lower 14 floors are used as a hotel with a restaurant and conference area, the upper floors are designed as office space. There will be a communal lobby, one in the 15./16. There is a communal work area on the 1st floor and a public bar with an outdoor area at a height of 185 meters. ( HHRP98 )
Spin Tower (formerly Tower 120) 128 31 2021 Gallus , Güterplatz Hotel, offices Hadi Teherani While the lower 20 floors of the tower will be rented by the NH hotel group , around 8,500 square meters of office space will be created on floors 22 to 31.

Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH is responsible for project development. Next to the building there will be a stop on the U5 underground line from 2022 . The groundbreaking ceremony took place on May 29, 2018.

Eden (formerly Tower 90) 98 27 2021 Gallus , Güterplatz Living Jahn and Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie.

High- rise residential building on the former Telenorma area, which has been fallow for 20 years, between Mainzer Landstrasse, Güterplatz and Europa-Allee. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on May 29, 2018.

Sommerhoff residential towers 66 20th ? Gutleutviertel , Sommerhoffpark Living Cyrus Moser Architects Two 66 and 38 meter high residential high-rises from Aberdeen Asset Management , construction began in autumn 2017, and the project has made slow progress since then.

Planned high-rise buildings

The Frankfurt skyscraper master plan from 1998, designed by the architects Jourdan & Müller under the title Frankfurt 2000 , shows 16 locations in the city where new skyscrapers can be built. The locations are concentrated in the three agglomeration zones of the banking district , Messe / Europaviertel and Parkviertel . The Parkviertel was to be created in connection with the Frankfurt 21 project of Deutsche Bahn as a new urban district on the platform in front of the main train station, but the realization was abandoned in 2002 for cost reasons. As a result, six locations from the 1998 master plan are no longer available ( see below ). The remaining ten high-rise projects approved by the City of Frankfurt are marked with HHRP98 in this list . Only after ten years did the first project from the 1998 plan, Tower 185, begin in 2008 , followed by construction of the Taunus Tower in 2011 .

In the meantime, however, further high-rise buildings have been built ( e.g. Westhafen Tower , Gallileo , Palaisquartier , Skyper , Opernturm ) or approved ( new building for the European Central Bank , Torhaus II, high-rise building on Güterplatz). There are also plans to replace the AfE tower (see above) with three high-rise buildings between 70 and 140 m high.

In 2007 a draft for a revision of the high-rise master plan was presented, which had again been drawn up by the architects Jourdan & Müller. In December 2008, the city of Frankfurt approved 23 new high-rise projects at a total of 16 locations on this basis, some of the towers being drastically reduced in height. The new projects are marked with HHRP08 in this list .

Surname Height (m) Planned opening Location use architect Remarks
Millennium Tower 369 Canceled Gallus , Osloer Strasse offices Albert Speer & Partner Planned in the 1990s as the tallest skyscraper in Europe (369 meters, 97 floors). Building law has existed since 2001. In October 2007 the project was presented at the Cityscape real estate fair in Dubai . It could be marketed as a European headquarters for global companies. ( HHRP98 ) According to internal information, something is happening at the beginning of 2018 with the demolition of the old buildings. A 200 m high skyscraper is considered possible.
High-rise complex Neue Mainzer Strasse 205 ? City center , Neue Mainzer Strasse 57–59, Junghofstrasse 27 offices KSP Engel and Zimmermann Architects , Frankfurt Planned new high-rise building on land owned by Frankfurter Sparkasse and Württembergische Hypothekenbank in the banking district. The property was purchased by Helaba in mid-2018 with serious plans for its realization. Construction should start in the next few months to years. ( HHRP98 )
Skyscraper on Republic Square 175 ? Westend-Süd , Republic Square offices The DZ Bank is planning a third high-rise between the high-rise Westendstraße 1 and the City-Haus as an extension of their headquarters. The location was initially rejected by the city of Frankfurt because of the threat of shadowing the west, but ultimately approved in the course of the financial crisis from 2007 onwards . In return, DZ Bank must undertake to concentrate new jobs in the tower and have the Union Investment high-rise converted into a residential tower in order to meet the city's demand for 30 percent residential property. ( HHRP08 ) In the end, only a "pavilion" was built instead of a high-rise.
Skyscraper at the former police headquarters 145 ? Gallus , Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 11 offices The state of Hesse has been negotiating the sale of the property with an investor since 2010. The problem here is that the planned extension of the U5 underground line under the property could restrict the new development including high-rise construction. ( HHRP98 )
Grand Central residential tower 140 ? Gallus , Hafenstrasse / Adam-Riese-Strasse Living In addition to the existing 93 m high-rise Hafenstrasse 51 (see above) as part of the "Grand Central" project by Groß & Partner. Architectural competition winner: Mecanoo, Delft (NL). Earliest start of construction at the end of 2020. ( HHRP08 )
Gatehouse II 140 ? Bockenheim , on the exhibition grounds offices Torhaus II, together with the neighboring IBC high-rise, is to represent the western entrance gate to downtown Frankfurt.
Skyscraper Frankfurter Sparkasse / Landeszentralbank 130 ? City center , Neue Mainzer Strasse 47–51 offices The high-rise will not be developed until the neighboring project high-rise complex Neue Mainzer Strasse (197 m) has been completed. ( HHRP98 )
Skyscraper at the Matthäuskirche 130 ? Gallus , Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage offices Contrary to previous plans, the Matthäuskirche should not give way to the new building. The high-rise is to be built on the site behind the church. ( HHRP08 )
Tower house Neue Mitte Höchst 120 ? Höchst , industrial park Offices, technology Kollhoff and Timmermann , Berlin Instead of the demolished high-rise building C660 (see below) of the former Hoechst AG .
Bockenheim campus , north office building 100 2020 Westend-Süd , Robert-Mayer-Strasse offices In addition to the Commerz Real hotel and residential high-rise currently under construction, a second high-rise is to be built on the area of ​​the blown AfE tower . Construction started around 2017. ( HHRP08 )
Exhibition entrance south 100 ? Gallus , Europa-Allee (construction site 42a) Offices, hotel Cyrus Moser Architects In 2013, Messe Frankfurt GmbH bought the property in the Europaviertel directly adjacent to the exhibition grounds . With the construction project “Messeeingang Süd”, an office and hotel building with at least 35,000 square meters of gross floor area is to be created. In 2014, the architectural firm Cyrus Moser Architects won a corresponding architecture competition. The start of construction for the 100-meter high-rise was planned for 2016 and completion for 2018. In 2015, however, the start of construction was postponed indefinitely. Together with the “Porsche Design Tower Frankfurt” residential high-rise planned to the south, the high-rise is to create a portal situation on the Emser Bridge. ( HHRP08 )
Porsche Design Tower Frankfurt 80 ? Gallus , Europa-Allee (construction site 29) Living Blauraum Architects In 2014 the property was bought by P + B Planen und Bauen GmbH & Co. KG and the Porsche Design Group. The clients are planning an exclusive residential high-rise, the “Porsche Design Tower Frankfurt”. The architectural firm Grüntuch Ernst Planungsgesellschaft won an architecture competition in 2015 with a design for a 100 meter high residential tower. In the development plan, only a maximum height of 80 meters is provided for the property. Together with the “Messeeingang Süd” office high-rise planned to the north, the high-rise is to create a portal situation at the Emser Bridge. ( HHRP08 )
Mannheimer Strasse high-rise 100 ? Gutleutviertel , Mannheimer Strasse offices In addition to the eight-story hotel, which has been under construction since 2016, CA Immo Deutschland plans to build a 100-meter-high office building in a few years. The tallest building in Europe under the name “Campanile” had already been planned here in the 1980s, but the realization failed due to an objection from a local resident. ( HHRP08 )
Riverpark Tower (revitalization of the Union Investment high-rise ) 95 2021 Bahnhofsviertel , Wiesenhüttenstraße 10 Living Ole Scheeren The Union Investment high-rise is to be revitalized and 120 condominiums with areas between 60 m² and 700 m² and around 100 boarding apartments on the lower five floors.
Three sisters i 85 2020 City center , Stiftstrasse 23-27 Living Max Dudler In 2012, an urban design ideas competition was held for the property. The Max Dudler architecture firm was awarded a second prize for a design for a 90 to 100 meter high residential building; a first prize was not awarded. In consultation with the city of Frankfurt, the design was revised and now provides for three towers with heights of 40, 50 and 80 meters. The project developer Corpus Sireo is looking for an investor for the realization of the high-rise complex "Drei Schwestern" with around 180 apartments. In February 2016, Becken Development acquired the property. The plans are to be fundamentally revised again, including a. the proportion of apartments is to increase to 250 to 300. Construction could start in mid-2017. ( HHRP08 )
Bockenheim campus , residential tower 70 ? Westend-Süd , Robert-Mayer-Straße 11–15 Living The construction of a 70 meter high residential building is planned on Robert-Mayer-Strasse. However, the property is still used by the Institute for Computer Science at Goethe University. ( HHRP08 )
SOLID Home 66 2020 Gallus , Niedernhausener Straße 13 (construction site 26 north) Living KSP Jürgen Engel Architects 6B47 Real Estate Investors AB will realize a 66 meter high residential building with 175 condominiums in the Europaviertel .
Skyscraper on the Osthafenmole 60 ? Ostend , on the Osthafenmole hotel The hotel near the new ECB building on the Main is to offer a spectacular view of the Frankfurt skyline. However, it is controversial because the new ECB building is supposed to be a solitaire in the Ostend and another high-rise bunch is not wanted at this point. The skyscraper was approved in 2008, but only with a height of 60 m. ( HHRP08 )
Stiftstrasse / Katzenpforte high-rise 60 ? Downtown , Stiftstrasse Living From 2012 to 2013 the northwestern part of the area between Bleichstraße, Katzenpforte and Stiftstraße with the former Tower Palace cinema was demolished. By 2014 the residential and commercial building "Turm-Carrée" stood there. There are currently (as of 2016) no known plans for the residential high-rise planned in the southeastern area. ( HHRP08 )
Skyscraper at the Europagarten (north) 60 ? Gallus , Europa-Allee (construction site 43) offices The plot of land in the Europaviertel designated as “Baufeld 43” is still for sale (as of 2016). Together with the “Praedium” high-rise residential building to the south, it is intended to create a portal situation at the eastern European garden. ( HHRP08 )
Skyscraper on Europa-Allee 60 ? Gallus , Europa-Allee (construction site 42C East) offices The plot of land in the Europaviertel designated as “Baufeld 42C Ost” is still for sale (as of 2016).
Skyscraper at the festival hall 60 ? Westend-South offices The location is between the festival hall and the exhibition tower on the exhibition grounds. ( HHRP08 )
The propeller 60 ? Airport offices Planned high-rise building at the airport with 17 floors and a usable area of ​​41,000 m².

Abandoned high-rise planning

High-rise buildings that never came to fruition.

Surname Height (m) Location use architect Remarks
Skyscraper Deutsche Bahn III 290 Gutleutviertel , Hafenstrasse offices Was part of the ambitious Frankfurt 21 project , i. H. the tunneling under the Frankfurt city center and the use of the vacated track apron of the main train station for a new city district (Parkviertel). The project was first presented by Deutsche Bahn in 1996 and was finally rejected in 2002 for reasons of cost.
Campanile 264 Gutleutviertel , Mannheimer Strasse offices JSK In the 1980s, the tallest building in Europe (264 m structural height, 300 m with antenna) was to be built under the name "Campanile" on the parking lot on the south side of the main station. The project failed because of a neighbor who refused the necessary approval for the construction.
Skyscraper Deutsche Bahn II 250 Gutleutviertel offices Was part of the Frankfurt 21 project.
Skyscraper Deutsche Bahn IV 230 Gallus , Hafenstrasse offices Was part of the Frankfurt 21 project.
Frankfurt Railway Tower 200 Gutleutviertel , Mannheimer Strasse offices In 2007 the city planner Jochem Jourdan suggested building a high-rise building on the property south of Frankfurt's main train station, which was used as a parking lot . The tallest building in Europe under the name “Campanile” had already been planned here in the 1980s, but the realization failed due to an objection from a local resident. The Frankfurt city council could initially only agree on a maximum height of 100 meters for a new high-rise. After Deutsche Bahn signaled interest in renting such a tower and other political demands (integration of a bus station, apartments, etc.) were approved by the property owner Vivico , the CDU and Green parliamentary groups spoke out in favor of a height of 200 meters. The approval of the neighbors was no longer required due to a change in building law. Since Deutsche Bahn rented the entire Silberturm in the Bahnhofsviertel from Commerzbank in 2012 , the planning became obsolete. ( HHRP08 )
Deutsche Post West skyscraper 175 Gutleutviertel offices Was part of the Frankfurt 21 project.
Skyscraper Deutsche Bahn I 170 Gutleutviertel offices Was part of the Frankfurt 21 project.
Deutsche Post Ost high-rise 160 Gutleutviertel offices Was part of the Frankfurt 21 project.
Skyscraper on the former Telenorma site 160 Gallus , Güterplatz / Mainzer Landstrasse offices Koehler Architects In 2003, an architecture competition was held for the former Telenorma area between Mainzer Landstrasse, Güterplatz and Europa-Alle, which the architect Dieter Köhler won with a design for a 160 meter high office tower. In the period that followed, the property owner, Robert Bosch GmbH, tried in vain to find an investor for the high-rise office building on the fallow property. In 2013, the owner declared that the high-rise should no longer be built and that a new development with apartments was planned instead. In 2015, Robert Bosch GmbH sold the property to ABG Frankfurt Holding , which presented plans to build a hotel tower up to 90 meters high and a 60-meter high residential tower.
High-rise Theodor-Heuss-Allee 2 140 Westend-Süd , Theodor-Heuss-Allee 2 offices The 62 meter high “Poseidon House” built in 1986 at the intersection of Theodor-Heuss-Allee and Hamburger Allee was the headquarters of Aventis (now Sanofi ) from 2000 to 2003 . In 2008 the property was included in the high-rise master plan as a potential high-rise location. In 2010 ING-DiBa rented the entire building for its new German headquarters. In order to be able to provide the required 40,000 square meters of office space, part of the Poseidon House was demolished and replaced with a higher part. In 2013 ING-DiBa moved into the building complex that has been called "Leo" since then. ( HHRP08 )
Grand Hyatt Frankfurt 113 Gallus , Osloer Strasse / Europa-Allee hotel UNStudio In 2008 the Hyatt Group signed a management contract for a 5-star-plus luxury hotel with over 400 rooms, and in 2009 the architecture firm UNStudio won an architecture competition for the planned hotel tower next to the Skyline Plaza shopping center . In 2013, Hyatt announced the termination of the management contract and thus the failure of the project. A 176 meter high residential high-rise ( Tower 2 ) has been built on the property since the beginning of 2016 .
Allianz high-rise 60 Westend-Süd , Taunusanlage offices A 90-meter-high building on the Allianz property at Taunusanlage was already being discussed for the high-rise master plan from 1998, but a decision was not made at the time. From 2003 to 2006, Allianz redeveloped the property, keeping the construction site for the high-rise building free. The alliance brought up a height of 170 meters on several occasions, similar to the neighboring Opera Tower , but the city of Frankfurt stuck to its negative attitude because of the threat of shadowing the Opernplatz . The high-rise was finally included in the new high-rise master plan from 2008, but only with a maximum height of 60 meters. In the meantime (as of 2016), Allianz is no longer planning a high-rise on the site, as all high-rise variants at this point would result in shading of the Opernplatz. ( HHRP98 )
Mainzer Landstrasse 36 60 Westend-Süd , Mainzer Landstrasse 36 offices The high-rise building was abandoned again due to the threat of shading the residential area behind in the Westend. From 2015 to 2016, a new eight-story building called “Vista” was built on the property. ( HHRP98 )

Demolished high-rise buildings

In Frankfurt, skyscrapers are not only being built, they are also being demolished. Usually to replace them with taller skyscrapers.

Surname image Height (m) opening Location use architect Remarks
Henninger Tower Henninger Tower-2005-05-01.jpg 119.5 1961 Hainer Weg 60–64, Sachsenhausen-Süd Grain silo , restaurant / viewing platform Karl Lieser Former grain silo of the Henninger brewery .
First building in Frankfurt to tower over the Kaiserdom .
The demolition began in January 2013.
AfE tower Frankfurt am Main-AfE-Tower-view from the Messeturm-20130525.jpg 116.4 1972 Robert-Mayer-Strasse 5-7, Westend-Süd Social sciences and humanities departments at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University State new building department of the State of Hesse The demolition began in August 2013 and the building was blown up on February 2, 2014.
Deutsche Bank Investment Banking Center Frankfurt Deutsche Bank IBCF, Frankfurt.jpg 93.0 1971 Große Gallusstraße 10-14, city ​​center offices F. Wilhelm Simon Demolished in 2018
Hochtief high-rise 83.0 1974 Westend , Bockenheimer Landstrasse 24-26 offices Egon Eiermann Was demolished in 2004. The Hochtief AG has a new skyscraper called WestendDuo completed at this point of 2006.
Headquarters Deutsche Bahn AG , House I 75.0 1975 Gallus , Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 43–45 Offices, corporate headquarters In place of the former DB administration, there is now the Kastor and Pollux building complex .
Telecommunication tower DBP 1953 172 IFRABA.jpg 69.0 1954 City center , Große Eschenheimer Strasse 14 Offices, telecom Heinrich Ebert Before the television tower was built , the telecommunications tower had impressive transmission systems on its no less astonishing, cantilevered roof plate. The building was a listed building and part of a remarkable ensemble of high-quality 50s architecture. It was dismantled in 2004 in order to build the large-scale Palaisquartier project on the property , which was completed in 2009.
Zurich House 68.0 1962 Westend , Bockenheimer Landstrasse 2-4 (Opernplatz) offices Werner Stücheli , Udo von Schauroth The landmarked high-rise of the Zurich insurance company was demolished in 2002 and was to be replaced by a much taller new building, which was not possible due to the financial crisis in Zurich. Under pressure from the city administration, the insurance company sold the land and building rights to the American company Tishman Speyer Properties, which started the new construction project under the name of the Opera Tower.
Holzmann high-rise 65.0 1968 Bahnhofsviertel , Taunusstraße 2 offices Johannes Krahn The Philipp Holzmann AG was for many of Frankfurt's skyscrapers, the construction company, its bankruptcy the end of an important chapter Frankfurt skyscraper history. The corporate headquarters in Taunusstrasse was demolished in 2002 and replaced by a significantly taller new building called Skyper .
Telecommunication tower Frankfurt Am Main-Zeil-Reichspostgebaeude-Telecommunication Tower.jpg 56.0 1890 City center , area of ​​the Frankfurter Hauptpost , near Zeil Telecommunication systems The Fernsprechtum was built from stone together with the main post office and had a height of 27 m, on the tower there was a guy with 6000 insulators, which reached a total height of 56 m. The upper parts of the tower were destroyed in air raids in 1944, the rest of the stone was demolished in the 1950s to make way for the new main post office.
Administration building C 660 54.0 1955 Höchst , industrial park Offices, corporate headquarters Gerhard Weber The former administration building of Hoechst AG was built after the war in the middle of the Mainzer Landstrasse , which ran through the plant and was closed to the public shortly before . In the immediate vicinity is the listed administration building by Peter Behrens . In building C 660 there was one of the tallest paternoster elevators in the city over 12 floors. The high-rise was demolished in 2003 to make way for a new high-rise.
Student residence FH Nordweststadt 50.0 1966 Heddernheim , Walter-Möller-Platz 1 Apartments The skyscraper, located directly at the northwest center , was blown up in 2002.
Headquarters Deutsche Bahn AG , House II 45.0 1953 Gallus , Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage Offices, corporate headquarters Waltenberg, FAAG The house was blown up in 1994. In place of the former DB administration, there is now the Kastor and Pollux building complex .
AEG high-rise 45.0 1951 Sachsenhausen , Theodor-Stern-Kai 1 Offices, corporate headquarters Adolf Assmann , Hans Bartholmes The AEG headquarters took up an entire block of streets on the southwest bridgehead of the Friedensbrücke. The high-rise with its large clock was one of the most beautiful buildings in Frankfurt from the 1950s. After the demolition, a large, transparent building complex of Allianz AG was built here .

Tallest building of its time (since 1951)

time Surname image Height (m) Floors Location Remarks
Since 1997 Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt am Main-Commerzbank Tower from Rathenauplatz-20100808.jpg 259.0 56 Große Gallusstraße 17-19, city ​​center Also tallest building in Europe by 2003, tallest building in the European Union by 2012.
1990-1997 Exhibition tower Messeturm ffm.jpg 256.5 55 Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49, Westend-Süd At that time also the tallest building in Europe .
1978-1990 Dresdner Bank high-rise Silver Tower.jpg 166.3 32 Jürgen-Ponto-Platz 1, Bahnhofsviertel Former headquarters of Dresdner Bank . In 2009–2011 the building was extensively renovated and renamed the Silberturm , the new tenant is DB Systel .
1976-1988 Plaza office center Westend Gate Frankfurt 2011-07.jpg 159.3 47 Hamburger Allee 2-4, Westend-Süd The main tenant is the Marriott International hotel group . In 2010 the facade was renewed and the skyscraper was renamed Westend Gate .
1974-1976 City House I. City-House-2008.jpg 142.1 42 Republic Square 6, Westend-Süd The building is part of the DZ Bank headquarters . In 2007 the facade was renewed.
1972-1974 AfE tower Afe-Tower-University-Frankfurt.jpg 116.0 32 Robert-Mayer-Strasse 5-7, Westend-Süd The AfE tower was part of the Bockenheim campus of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and housed the offices and seminar rooms of the social sciences and educational sciences departments. Was demolished in 2014.
1972 SGZ high-rise Parktower.jpg 96.0 28 Bockenheimer Anlage 46, Westend-Süd Former administrative headquarters of the Südwestdeutsche Genossenschafts-Zentralbank (since 2001: DZ Bank ). In 2005 the building was rebuilt and increased to 115 meters, since then it has been called the Park Tower .
1966-1972 Shell skyscraper Nibelungenplatz, Frankfurt.jpg 90.0 27 Nibelungenplatz 3, Nordend-West The former tenant was the oil company Shell . In 1993 the building was rebuilt and increased to 110 meters, after which it was named Büro Center Nibelungenplatz and today City Gate .
1966 BHF Bank high-rise Frankfurt am Main-BHF-Bank-Hochhaus von Suedosten-20120312.jpg 82.0 23 Bockenheimer Landstrasse 10, Westend-Süd Headquarters of the BHF Bank . The skyscraper is listed.
1954-1966 Telecommunication tower Fernmeldehochhaus-frankfurt.JPG 69.0 Große Eschenheimer Strasse 14, city ​​center Office and operations building for the telecommunications and postal service of the Deutsche Bundespost . Was demolished in 2004.
1951-1954 AEG high-rise 45.0 12 Theodor-Stern-Kai 1, Sachsenhausen-Nord Former seat of AEG's West Central Administration . Was demolished in 1999.

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