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This list includes a selection of papal bulls . Since the special type of document of the bull in the narrower sense only developed in the course of the 13th century for important decisions and measures, but the term is often used unspecifically, the older documents listed here can formally be other types of papal documents.

year Surname Pope description
880 Industriae tuae John VIII declares Greater Moravia a fiefdom of the Holy See , approves the Old Slavic liturgy
1059 In nomine Domini Nicholas II Papal election only by cardinal bishops , the so-called papal election decree
1079 Antiqua sanctorum patrum Gregory VII Archbishop of Lyon becomes Primate of Gaul (ecclesiastical provinces of Rouen , Tours and Sens )
1139 Omne date optimum Innocent II Privileges for the Templars
1144 Milites Templi Celestine II. Confirmation of the Templars' privileges
1145 Militia Dei Eugene III. Reinforcement of the Templars' privileges
1145 Quantum praedecessores Eugene III. Second crusade
1146 Sicut Judaeis Eugene III. To protect the Jews ( anti-Judaism # Middle Ages )
1155 Laudabiliter Hadrian IV Pontifical Jurisdiction in Ireland
1170 Not est dubium Alexander III Against the enemies of the Lombard League
1179 Manifestis probatum Alexander III Independence of the Kingdom of Portugal
1184 Ad abolendam Lucius III. Measures to combat heretics
1187 Audita tremendi Gregory VIII Third crusade
1198 Post miserable Ierusolimitans Innocent III. Call to the Fourth Crusade
1199 Vergentis in senium Innocent III. Measures to combat heretics
1213 Quia maior Innocent III. Call to the Fifth Crusade
1216 Religiosam vitam Honorius III. Confirmation of the rules of the order for the Dominicans
1223 Solet annuere Honorius III. About the rules of the Franciscans
1228 Fraternitatis tuae Gregory IX. Eucharistic Miracle of Alatri
1230 Quo elongati Gregory IX. Dispute over the will of St. Francis
1231 Parens scientiarum Gregory IX. Founding bull for the University of Paris
1231 Nimis iniqua Gregory IX. Goods and property regulation of the Franciscan order
1234 Pietati proximum Gregory IX. Bull von Rieti confirms the rule over the Kulmer Land for the Teutonic Order .
1234 Rex pacificus Gregory IX. Annunciation of the Liber Extra , the collection of papal decretals by Raimund von Penyafort
1245 Inter alia desiderabilia Innocent IV. Charges against the Portuguese King Sancho II
1245 Ordinem vestrum Innocent IV. Exemption of the churches and monasteries of the Franciscan order
1252 Ad extirpanda Innocent IV. Authorization of torture in the Inquisition proceedings
1253 Solet annuere Innocent IV. Founding bull of the Poor Clares
1256 Licet ecclesiae catholicae Alexander IV Founding bull of the Augustinian order
1264 Transiturus de hoc mundo Urban IV. Establishment of the Feast of Corpus Christi
1265 Parvus fons Clement IV Strengthening of the General Chapter of the Cistercians
1279 Exit qui seminat Nicholas III Opinion on the ideal of poverty of the Franciscans ( poverty dispute )
1296 Clericis laicos Boniface VIII Investiture and tax dispute with France
1297 Romana mater ecclesia Boniface VIII Investiture dispute with France
1298 Sacrosanctae Boniface VIII Bull for the promulgation of the third part ( Liber Sextus ) of the Corpus Iuris Canonici
1299 De sepulturis Boniface VIII About the internal inquest
1300 Antiquorum has fida relatio Boniface VIII Proclamation of the first holy year
1300 Super cathedram Boniface VIII About the mendicant privileges
1301 Ausculta filii Boniface VIII Convocation of a synod in Rome for the French episcopate
1302 Unam Sanctam Boniface VIII Spiritual and secular sovereignty of the church
1307 Pastoralis praeeminentiae Clemens V. Arrest of the Templars
1308 Faciens misericordiam Clemens V. Establishment of a commission of inquiry against the Knights Templar
1312 Vox in excelso Clemens V. Prohibition of the Knights Templar
1312 Ad providam Clemens V. Assumption of assets by the Knights Templar
1312 Considerantes dudum Clemens V. Trial of the Knights Templar
1312 Nuper in concilio Clemens V. For the abolition of assets of the Templar Order
1312 Licet dudum Clemens V. About the privileges of the repealed Knights Templar
1312 Dudum in generali concilio Clemens V. Orders for the liquidation of assets of the Knights Templar
1313 License pridem Clemens V. Correction to the "bulls of dissolution" of the Knights Templar
1317 Quorundam exigit John XXII. Against the spirituals among the Franciscans (poverty struggle)
1319 Ad ea ex quibus John XXII. Foundation of the Portuguese Order of Christ
1322 Quia nonnunquam John XXII. Freedom of discussion in the poverty struggle
1322 Ad conditorem canonum John XXII. Continuation of the poverty dispute
1323 Cum inter nonnullos John XXII. Against the spiritualistic concept of poverty of some Franciscans
1324 Quia quorundam John XXII. Poverty dispute between Pope and King Ludwig
1329 Quia vir reprobus John XXII. Power struggle in the poverty struggle
1329 In agro dominico John XXII. About the theses of Meister Eckehardt
1336 Benedictus Deus Benedict XII. Definition of the Catholic doctrine about the divine vision of souls after death
1343 Unigenitus Dei filius Clement VI. About the return of a holy year and the treasure of grace of the church
1363 In coena domini Urban V. Bull of excommunication against heresy, also known as "Communion Bull"
1399 Quanto frequentius Boniface IX Founding bull of the pilgrims' hospice and priestly college Collegio Teutonico di Santa Maria dell'Anima
1431 Quoniam alto Eugene IV. Dissolution of the Council of Basel
1433 Dudum sacrum Eugene IV. Recognition of the Council of Basel
1442 Cantat Domino Eugene IV. Union with the Copts and Ethiopians (without lasting success)
1452 Dum diversas Nicholas V. The Portuguese are given the power to conquer and subjugate all "pagan" countries.
1455 Romanus pontiff Nicholas V. Portuguese receive the patronage for proselytizing and the trade monopoly for new countries in Africa and Asia .
1475 Ad decorem militantis Ecclesiae Sixtus IV. Founding bull of the Vatican Library
1479 Ea quae Sixtus IV. About praying the rosary
1481 Aeterni regis Sixtus IV. Confirms the content of the Alcaçovas contract .
1484 Summis desiderantes affectibus Innocent VIII. Confirms the existence of witches, contrary to the previously valid church doctrine .
1493 Inter caetera Pope Alexander VI Division of the world into a Spanish and a Portuguese sphere of influence (demarcation line 100 Leguas west of the Cape Verde Islands )
1493 Eximiae devotionis Alexander VI. Granting privileges to the kings of Spain and Portugal for the division of the New World
1493 Dudum siquidem Alexander VI. Reaffirmation of the privileges for the Spanish and Portuguese territories
1493 Piis fidelium Alexander VI. Mission for the New World
1504 Transmutation Julius II Conversion of the cathedral chapter of Ratzeburg into a secular canon monastery
1514 Supernæ Leo X. About the position of the cardinals
1520 Exsurge Domine Leo X. Against Martin Luther ( threat of ban )
1521 Decet Romanum Pontificem Leo X. Against Martin Luther ( excommunication )
1521 Dudum siquidem Leo X. Order rules for the tertiaries
1537 Sublimis Deus Paul III Against slavery
1540 Regimini militantis ecclesiae Paul III Founding bull of the Jesuit order
1541 Illius fulciti praesido Paul III Foundation of the diocese of Lima
November 19, 1544 Laetare Jerusalem Paul III Convocation of the Council of Trent on March 15, 1545
1555 Cum nimis absurdum Paul IV Compulsory residence for Jews in ghettos
1559 Cum ex apostolatus officio Paul IV Catholics alone are empowered to elect the Pope
1564 Iniunctum nobis Pius IV Publication of the Trento Creed
1568 In coena domini Pius V. Against supporters of heresies
1570 Quo primum Pius V. Entry into force of the Roman Missal
1570 Regnans in Excelsis Pius V. (Last) excommunication of a ruling head of state outside Italy, against Elizabeth I of England
1577 Apostolatus officium Gregory XIII. Foundation of the diocese of Arequipa Lima
1582 Inter gravissimas Gregory XIII. Introducing the Gregorian calendar
1586 Coeli et terrae creator Sixtus V. Against astrology
1627 Immortalis Dei Filius Urban VIII. Foundation of the Urbano College ( Pontifical Urban University since 1962 )
1643 In eminenti Urban VIII. Condemnation of Jansenism
1653 Cum occasione Innocent X. Condemnation of Jansenism
1656 Gratia Divina Alexander VII Definition of heresy
1676 nn Innocent XI. Writing to the Archdiocese of Besançon , discovered in 2010 in the Cathedral Monastery of Bautzen ( Diocese of Dresden-Meißen ) and kept in the Cathedral Treasury there, is to be returned to the Archdiocese of Besançon
1695 Ecclesiae Catholicae Innocent XII. Prohibition of voting agreements on the Mainz cathedral chapter
1713 Unigenitus Dei filius Clement XI. Condemnation of Jansenism
1725 Cunctis ubique Benedict XIII. Foundation of the Budweis diocese
1732 Sedes apostolica Benedict XIII. Return of possession of the former church property of Saxony on return to the Catholic Church
1738 In eminenti apostolatus specula Clement XII. Condemnation of Freemasonry
1742 Ex quo singulari Benedict XIV. Prohibition of Chinese rites
1744 Omnium solicitudinum Benedict XIV. Against the Jesuit missionary practice in China and India
1748 Gloriosae Dominae Benedict XIV. For the veneration of Mary
1751 Providas romanorum Benedict XIV. Forbids every Catholic Christian to interact with Freemasons.
1755 Beatus Andreas Benedict XIV. Adoration of Anderl von Rinn
1765 Apostolicum pascendi Clement XIII. Confirmation of the Jesuit order
1777 Charitas illa Pius VI Foundation of the Križevci diocese
1805 In Universalis Ecclesie cura Pius VII Transfer of the archbishopric dignity of Karl Theodor von Dalberg from Mainz to the diocese of Regensburg
1814 Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum Pius VII Re-establishment of the Jesuit order
1821 Ecclesiam a Jesu Christo Pius VII Excommunication from followers of Freemasonry
1821 Provida solersque Pius VII New regulation of the diocese borders in southwestern Germany
1821 De salute animarum Pius VII Reorganization of the dioceses and church provinces in Prussia
1824 Impensa Romanorum Pontificum Leo XII. Reorganization of the diocese borders in the Kingdom of Hanover
1826 Quo graviora Leo XII. About the secret societies
1827 Ad dominici gregis custodiam Leo XII. Foundations of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart
1828 Locum beati Petri Leo XII. Foundation of the Diocese of Dubrovnik
1847 Ubique pateat Pius IX Foundation of the diocese of Cochabamba in Bolivia
1850 Universalis Ecclesiae Pius IX Restoration of the ecclesiastical hierarchy in England
1853 Ex Qua Die Pius IX Restoration of the ecclesiastical hierarchy in the Netherlands
1854 Ineffabilis Deus Pius IX Definition of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
1867 Reversurus Pius IX Transfer of the Patriarchate of the Armenian Catholic Church to Istanbul and declaration of the primary jurisdiction of the Roman See over the Armenian Catholic bishops
1869 Apostolicae sedis moderationi Pius IX About canon law
1870 Pastor Aeternus Pius IX The Pope's infallibility is established.
1874 Non expedit Pius IX Prohibits Italian believers from participating actively and passively in democratic elections in Italy.
1897 Felicitate quadam Leo XIII. Founding of the Order of Friars Minor ( Franciscans (OFM) )
1911 Cravi Iamdiu scandalo Pius X. Excommunication of Arnold Harris Mathew
1915 Incruentum altaris sacrificium Benedict XV Celebration of the Holy Mass on All Souls Day
1920 Eclesiae Universae Benedict XV Foundation of the Eupen-Malmedy diocese for East Belgium
1928 Divini cultus sanctitatem Pius XI. Arrangement for liturgy, art and church music
1930 Pastoralis officii nostri Pius XI. Reorganization of the dioceses in Germany
1949 Jubilee maximum Pius XII. Proclamation of the Holy Year 1950
1957 Germanicae gentis Pius XII. Foundation of the diocese of Essen (Ruhrbistum)
1961 Cum venerabilis frater John XXIII Establishment of the Aiquile Territorial Prelature
1969 Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum Paul VI About the duties of the papal legates
1975 Quo gravius Paul VI Elevation of the diocese of Cochabamba in Bolivia to an archdiocese
1998 Incarnationis mystery John Paul II Proclamation of the Holy Year 2000
2015 Misericordiae vultus Francis Proclamation of the extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy

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