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This is a list of famous people who died in 1746 . The entries are made alphabetically within the individual data. Animals can be found in the necrology for animals .


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
January 3rd Jacques Égide Duhan de Jandun Educator of Frederick the Great, Braunschweig librarian in Blankenburg and Prussian legation councilor in Berlin 60
January 4th Christian Hagmaier German Protestant theologian as well as professor, rector and prorector at the University of Tübingen 65
10. January Abraham Wieling German legal scholar 52
January 16 Johann Rudolf Tillier Bernese and Swiss politicians
January 18th Valeriano Pellegrini Italian castrato soprano and opera singer
21th January Gottfried Kirchhoff German organist and composer of the baroque era 60
January 23 Peter anger Librarian, philologist, professor of theology in Kiel, church historian 63
January 28th Samuel von Polentz royal Prussian major general 48


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
February 2nd Matthias Desubas Huguenot preacher and evangelical martyr 25th
3 February Ludwig Balthasar Müller Mint master in Hanau, Hesse-Darmstadt chief mining inspector, founder of copper mining in Thalitter 83
February 7th Jan Albertsz van Dam Dutch mathematician, astronomer and surveyor
February 11th Vasily Vladimirovich Dolgorukov Russian politician and field marshal 79
February 17th Jakob Denner German Mennonite preacher 86
February 22 Guillaume Coustou the Elder French sculptor 68
February 23 Johann Heinrich von Heucher German natural scientist, personal physician to August the Strong, museum director 69
February 24th Samuel Gottlieb Heine German pastor and chronicler 62
February 28 Johannes Christoph Ludwig Beringer German physician, personal physician to the Prince-Bishop of Speyer 36
February 28 Hermann von der Hardt German orientalist and historian, professor in Helmstedt 85


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
4th of March Johann Veit Hauck Austrian painter
March 10th Friedrich Wilhelm Duke of Saxe-Meiningen 67
March 18th Anna Leopoldowna Grand Duchess and Regent of Russia 27
March, 20th Nicolas de Largillière French Rococo painter 89
March 22 Karl Sebastian Flacker Baroque sculptor
March 24th Joseph Franz Valerian of Arco Prince-Bishop of Chiemsee 59
28th March Bernhard Walther Marperger German Lutheran theologian 63
March 29 Matteo Ripa Italian missionary and orientalist 64
March 30 Jean-Joseph Fiocco Flemish composer and bandmaster of the Baroque 59
March 30 Ignaz Koegler German missionary 65
March 30 Jakob Palthen German lawyer, judge at the Greifswald court 63


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
3rd of April Wilhelm Christian Gmelin German clergyman 61
3rd of April Otto Reinhold Strömfelt Swedish politician 67
7th of April Peter Georgian Electoral Councilor and archivist in Dresden
11 April Sadiq Muhammad Khan I. Nawab of Bahawalpur
April 14th Ernst Ferdinand Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern 64
April 15th Francisco Caporale Italian cellist and composer
April 15th Johann August Olearius German Protestant theologian 57
April 16 Johann Melchior Sauter German pastor, doctor and dean 59
April 18 Christoph Beez from Beezen Staff and court major of Stralsund Fortress (1721–1746) 75
April 23 Thomas Winnington British politician 49
April 29 Ewald von Kleist Elector General of Cologne 78
April John of Carnap Mayor of Elberfeld


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
May 3rd Heinrich von Krosigk Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttelscher Oberhofmarschall and Landdrost 45
May 4th Antonio Pollarolo Italian Baroque composer 69
May 7th Thomas Hanmer, 4th Baronet Speaker of the House of Commons (1714–1715), editor of Shakespeare's works 68
May 14th Franz Conrad Romanus Mayor of Leipzig 75
May 15 Andreas Adam German architect
May 15 Konrad Heinrich von der Groeben Prussian Major General, Chief of Infantry Regiment No. 4 63
May 16 Johann Adolf II. Duke of Saxony-Weißenfels, Prince of Saxony-Querfurt (1736–1746) 60
May 16 Moshe Chaim Luzzatto Jewish philosopher and Kabbalist
23. May Kaspar Leonhard Moritz von Prittwitz Governor and Consistorial President 58
25. May Johann Gottfried Schaumburg German legal scholar 43


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
8th June Friedrich III. Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg 73
8th June Giacomo Leoni Italian architect of the Georgian style
June 13th Elias Hößler South German organ builder 82
14th June Colin Maclaurin British mathematician, geodesist and geophysicist from Scotland 48
June 19th Antoine-Augustin Bruzen de La Martinière French polymath


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
July 6th Gottfried Taubert German dance master of the baroque period 75
8th of July Melchior Dörrien German pedagogue and councilor 25th
July 9 Philip V. King of Spain 62
July 14th Joachim Wocislaus from Wobeser Prussian general, Drost zu Moers 60
16th of July Anthonie van der Heim Dutch pensioner (1737–1746) 52
22nd of July Maria Theresa Rafaela of Spain Spanish princess from the house of Bourbon and by marriage Dauphine of France 20th
July 26th Friedrich Karl von Schönborn-Buchheim Prince-Bishop of Würzburg and Bamberg and Imperial Vice-Chancellor in Vienna 72
July 28th John Peter Zenger German-American publicist and publisher 48
30th July Francesco Trevisani Italian painter 90


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
6th of August Christian VI. King of Denmark and Norway, Duke of Schleswig and Count of Holstein (1730–1746) 46
8th August Margherita de L'Épine singer
August 10 Karl Gustav von Soldan Prussian Colonel and Chief of Hussar Regiment No. 6
13 August Israel Traugott Garmann Protestant theologian 61
August 16 Giuseppe Gonzaga Duke of Guastalla 56
August 27 Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer German composer and musician
August 27 Adam Friedrich von Wreech royal Prussian lieutenant general 57


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
September 2nd Jean-Baptiste Colbert, marquis de Torcy French diplomat and foreign minister 80
September 10 Maximilian Ulrich von Kaunitz imperial diplomat and governor of Moravia (1720–1746) 67
12th September Franz Hunolt Jesuit, preacher and theologian 55
September 20th Johann Arnold de Reux Vicar General in Cologne 81
September 22 Johann Lembke German medic, professor 60
25th of September Johann Gottfried Krause German theologian and hymn poet 61


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
October 6th Anna Margareta Pepper German poet 67
October 11th Otto Georg Veldtmann Dutch major general 61
October 12th Augustin Friedrich Walther German doctor, anatomist and botanist 57
October 14th Domenico Alberti Italian composer
October, 16th Johann Albert von Heister Imperial and Royal Field Marshal Lieutenant, Privy War Councilor, Commander of Grätz and Colonel of an infantry regiment
the 20th of October Jodocus Andreas Hiltebrandt German Lutheran theologian 79


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
November 5th Johann Ludwig II. Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst 58
22nd of November Johann Baptist Divall Italian / Austrian bell founder
22nd of November Rudolf Kurt Leberecht von Loeben royal Prussian major general, chief of garrison regiment No. 8 and heir to Falkenberg, Matzdorf and Schildkow
November 23 Georg Wilhelm Steller German doctor and scientist 37


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
December 4th Christopher Tärnström Swedish naturalist
9th of December Carl Gyllenborg Swedish statesman 67
10th of December Teodorico Pedrini Italian missionary, harpsichordist and composer in China 75
December 14th José Antonio de Mendoza Caamaño y Sotomayor Spanish colonial administrator, Viceroy of Peru 79
20th of December Carl August von Wolffersdorff German nobleman, heir, feudal lord and court lord 55
December 26th Kaspar Heinrich von Stechow Royal Prussian Colonel and Chief of Garrison Regiment No. 6 59
December Johann Wilhelm on the Heyden Mayor of Elberfeld 85

Date unknown

Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
Beshir Agha Head eunuch at the Sultan's court in Istanbul
Adam Brand German businessman and researcher
Johann Harper Swedish miniature painter, Prussian cabinet painter
Jechiel Heilprin Rabbi, historian, lexicographer
Francis Hutcheson Irish philosopher and economist
Johann Gabriel von der Ketten Canon at the Collegkirche St. Georg in Cologne, heraldist and genealogist
Johann Heinrich Lobeman von Lohendal holstein-gottorfischer general
Christoph Aegidius von Negelein Lord Mayor of Koenigsberg
Grizel Steevens Anglo-Irish benefactress