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The Community Assist Award or NBA Community Assist Award is a monthly and annually - multiple - award of the NBA Cares program of the National Basketball Association (NBA), which serves the global social responsibility . NBA Cares maintains various programs to promote youth and families, mental, emotional and physical health, international exchange, social inclusion, education and environmental protection in close cooperation with organizations such as UNICEF , the Make-A-Wish Foundation , the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Autism Speaks , the American Red Cross , the YMCA , World Vision , Save the Children , Let's Move , the Special Olympics and others.


Since the 2001/02 season, during the regular NBA season, the prize has primarily been awarded to NBA players who can choose a charitable organization as the recipient of a donation. Since the 2002/03 season, award winners have received a plaque dedicated to David Robinson , the David Robinson Plaque , with the inscription: "Following the standard set by NBA Legend David Robinson, who improved the community piece by piece" ("The one from NBA legend David Following the Robinson standard that has gradually improved the community ”). Since 2008/09 there have been awards for commitment during the break of the season and since 2011/12 there have been annual seasonal awards .

During the season break of the NBA, the WNBA Community Assist Award has been given to WNBA players every month under the motto WNBA Cares in the season months of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) since the 2008 season and also as an annual award since the 2017 season . The WNBA is also involved in breast cancer and ovarian cancer screening .

Currently, Kaiser Permanente sponsors the prizes for the men and State Farm for the women (as of 2019). Occasionally there is a polemic against the NBA Cares program because of supposed or actual bigotry and morally contradicting links with the industry .

The NBA award winners

- Season award winner of the Community Assist Award
- Recognition of the Community Assist Award during the summer break

NBA Cares Community Assist Awards
season month player team
2001/02 October 2001 Jerry Stackhouse Detroit Pistons
November 2001 Shareef Abdur-Rahim Atlanta Hawks
December 2001 Eric Snow Philadelphia 76ers
January 2002 Adonal Foyle Golden State Warriors
February 2002 Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves
March 2002 Desmond Mason Seattle SuperSonics
April 2002 Shane Battier Memphis grizzlies
May 2002 Reggie Miller Indiana Pacers
June 2002 Antoine Walker Boston Celtics
2002/03 July 2002 Jason Terry Atlanta Hawks
August 2002 Shawn Marion Phoenix Suns
September 2002 PJ Brown New Orleans Hornets
October 2002 Todd MacCulloch Philadelphia 76ers
November 2002 Michael Finley Dallas Mavericks
December 2002 Michael Curry Detroit Pistons
January 2003 Malik Rose San Antonio Spurs
February 2003 Chris Webber Sacramento Kings
March 2003 Darrell Armstrong Orlando Magic
April 2003 Allan Houston New York Knicks
May 2003 Jerry Stackhouse Washington Wizards
June 2003 (Project Salute) Troy Hudson Minnesota Timberwolves
June 2003 (Project Salute) Ervin Johnson Minnesota Timberwolves
June 2003 (Project Salute) Mark Madsen Minnesota Timberwolves
June 2003 (Project Salute) Cherokee Parks Los Angeles Clippers
June 2003 (Project Salute) Shawn Marion Phoenix Suns
2003/04 July 2003 Antawn Jamison Golden State Warriors
August 2003 Jalen Rose Chicago Bulls
September 2003 Dikembe Mutombo New York Knicks
October 2003 Rashard Lewis Seattle SuperSonics
November 2003 Aaron McKie Philadelphia 76ers
November 2003 Marc Jackson Philadelphia 76ers
December 2003 Jermaine O'Neal Indiana Pacers
January 2004 Karl Malone Los Angeles Lakers
February 2004 Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks
March 2004 Carlos Boozer Cleveland Cavaliers
April 2004 Derek Fisher Los Angeles Lakers
May 2004 Lamar Odom Miami Heat
June 2004 Kurt Thomas New York Knicks
2004/05 July 2004 Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers
August 2004 Team USA
September 2004 Adonal Foyle Golden State Warriors
October 2004 Damon Stoudamire Portland Trail Blazers
November 2004 Steven Hunter Phoenix Suns
November 2004 Marc Jackson Philadelphia 76ers
December 2004 Shaquille O'Neal Miami Heat
January 2005 Marcus Camby Denver nuggets
February 2005 Rasheed Wallace Detroit Pistons
March 2005 Bruce Bowen San Antonio Spurs
April 2005 Derek Fisher Golden State Warriors
May 2005 Jerome Williams New York Knicks
June 2005 Chris Bosh Toronto Raptors
2005/06 July 2005 Vince Carter New Jersey Nets
August 2005 Gilbert Arenas Washington Wizards
September 2005 NBA Players Involved in Katrina Efforts
October 2005 Drew Gooden Cleveland Cavaliers
November 2005 Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves
December 2005 Chris Webber Philadelphia 76ers
January 2006 Bruce Bowen San Antonio Spurs
February 2006 Charlie Villanueva Toronto Raptors
March 2006 Raja Bell Phoenix Suns
April 2006 Rasheed Wallace Detroit Pistons
May 2006 Theo Ratliff Portland Trail Blazers
June 2006 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
2006/07 July 2006 Alonzo Mourning Miami Heat
August 2006 Bo outlaw Orlando Magic
September 2006 Chris Paul New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets
October 2006 Eric Snow Cleveland Cavaliers
November 2006 Marcus Banks Phoenix Suns
December 2006 Jermaine O'Neal Indiana Pacers
January 2007 Rasual butler New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets
February 2007 Greg Buckner Dallas Mavericks
March 2007 Al Harrington Golden State Warriors
April 2007 Luol Deng Chicago Bulls
May 2007 Mike Miller Memphis grizzlies
June 2007 Caron Butler Washington Wizards
2007/08 July 2007 Dwight Howard Orlando Magic
August 2007 Dwyane Wade Miami Heat
September 2007 Emeka Okafor Charlotte Bobcats
October 2007 Jamal Crawford New York Knicks
November 2007 Chris Duhon Chicago Bulls
December 2007 Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks
January 2008 Tracy McGrady Houston Rockets
February 2008 Al Horford Atlanta Hawks
March 2008 Stephen Jackson Golden State Warriors
April 2008 Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics
May 2008 Mike Miller Memphis grizzlies
June 2008 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
2008/09 July 2008 Alonzo Mourning Miami Heat
August 2008 Charlie Villanueva Milwaukee Bucks
September 2008 Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets
October 2008 Amar'e Stoudemire Phoenix Suns
November 2008 Jason Terry Dallas Mavericks
December 2008 Peja Stojaković New Orleans Hornets
January 2009 Dwight Howard Orlando Magic
February 2009 Samuel Dalembert Philadelphia 76ers
March 2009 Devin Harris New Jersey Nets
April 2009 Leon Powe Boston Celtics
2009/10 Season break 2009 Daequan Cook Miami Heat
October 2009 Dwight Howard Orlando Magic
November 2009 Shaquille O'Neal Cleveland Cavaliers
December 2009 Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks
January 2010 Samuel Dalembert Philadelphia 76ers
February 2010 Ronny Turiaf Golden State Warriors
March 2010 Rudy Gay Memphis grizzlies
April 2010 Juwan Howard Portland Trail Blazers
2010/11 Season break 2010 Dwyane Wade Miami Heat
October 2010 Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets
November 2010 Deron Williams Utah Jazz
December 2010 Zach Randolph Memphis grizzlies
January 2011 Ray Allen Boston Celtics
February 2011 Brandon Jennings Milwaukee Bucks
March 2011 Al Horford Atlanta Hawks
2011/12 February 2012 Wesley Matthews Portland Trail Blazers
March 2012 Gerald Henderson Charlotte Bobcats
April 2012 Rudy Gay Memphis grizzlies
2011/12 season Pau Gasol Los Angeles Lakers
2012/13 November 2012 Deron Williams Brooklyn Nets
December 2012 Kevin Love Minnesota Timberwolves
January 2013 Zach Randolph Memphis grizzlies
February 2013 Kenneth Faried Denver nuggets
March 2013 Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers
April 2013 Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers
2012/13 season Dwyane Wade Miami Heat
2013/14 October 2013 George Hill Indiana Pacers
November 2013 Zach Randolph Memphis grizzlies
December 2013 Rondo district Boston Celtics
January 2014 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
February 2014 Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans
March 2014 Dwight Howard Houston Rockets
April 2014 Serge Ibaka Oklahoma City Thunder
2013/14 season Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
2014/15 October 2014 Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
November 2014 Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors
December 2014 Ben McLemore Sacramento Kings
January 2015 Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans
February 2015 Joakim Noah Chicago Bulls
March 2015 Tobias Harris Orlando Magic
April 2015 Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers
2014/15 season Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
2015/16 October 2015 John Wall Washington Wizards
November 2015 Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks
December 2015 Victor Oladipo Orlando Magic
January 2016 Mike Conley, Jr. Memphis grizzlies
February 2016 Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons
March 2016 Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans
April 2016 Zach LaVine Minnesota Timberwolves
2015/16 season John Wall Washington Wizards
2016/17 October 2016 Tobias Harris Detroit Pistons
November 2016 CJ McCollum Portland Trail Blazers
December 2016 Isaiah Thomas Boston Celtics
January 2017 Zach Randolph Memphis grizzlies
February 2017 Elfrid Payton Orlando Magic
March 2017 Jrue Holiday New Orleans Pelicans
April 2017 Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls
Season 2016/17 Isaiah Thomas Boston Celtics
2017/18 Season break 2017 DeMarcus cousins New Orleans Pelicans
October 2017 JJ Barea Dallas Mavericks
November 2017 Ricky Rubio Utah Jazz
December 2017 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
January 2018 Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors
February 2018 CJ McCollum Portland Trail Blazers
March 2018 Dwyane Wade Miami Heat
Season 2017/18 Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors
2018/19 Season break 2018 LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers
October 2018 Dwight Powell Dallas Mavericks
November 2018 Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers
December 2018 Khris Middleton Milwaukee Bucks
January 2019 Mike Conley, Jr. Utah Jazz
February 2019 Pascal Siakam Toronto Raptors
March 2019 Jarrett Allen Brooklyn Nets
Season 2018/19 Bradley Beal Washington Wizards
2019/20 Season break 2019 Gorgui Dieng Minnesota Timberwolves
October 2019 Kevin Love Cleveland Cavaliers
November 2019 Devin Booker Phoenix Suns
December 2019 DeAndre Jordan Brooklyn Nets

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