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Temelín coat of arms
Temelín (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Jihočeský kraj
District : České Budějovice
Area : 5040 ha
Geographic location : 49 ° 12 '  N , 14 ° 21'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 11 '34 "  N , 14 ° 20' 55"  E
Height: 443  m nm
Residents : 845 (Jan. 1, 2019)
Postal code : 373 01
License plate : C.
Street: Týn nad Vltavou - Vodňany
Hluboká - Albrechtice
Railway connection: Číčenice – Týn nad Vltavou
Status: local community
Districts: 11
Mayor : Josef Váca (as of 2018)
Address: Temelín 104
373 01 Temelín
Municipality number: 545155
Website : www.obectemelin.cz
Location of Temelín in the České Budějovice district
Chapel in Temelín
Vysoký Hrádek Castle
Festivities Býšov
Temelín nuclear power plant

Temelín ( listen ? / I ), until 1914 Velký Temelín (German Temelin , formerly Groß-Temelin ; older German Temelin ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic . It is located 25 km northwest of Ceske Budejovice and belongs to the Okres České Budějovice . The place is best known for the Temelín nuclear power plant . Audio file / audio sample


Geographical location

Temelín is located on a plateau in the southeastern foothills of the Písecké hory ( Písek Mountains ). In the north rises the Zdoba (574 m), to the southwest rises the Chocholouš (523 m) and in the northwest the Kometa (593 m) and the Pecivál (604 m). The Temelínský creek rises in the village, northwest of the Bílý creek . To the southeast are the Temelín nuclear power plant and the desert areas of Březí u Týna nad Vltavou, Knín, Podhájí and Temelínec. The Číčenice – Týn nad Vltavou railway runs through Temelín .

Community structure

The municipality Temelín consists of the districts

  • Březí u Týna nad Vltavou ( Brzezy ),
  • Knín ( Kmin ),
  • Kočín ( Kotschin , also Kotzin ),
  • Křtěnov ( Krtienow ),
  • Lhota pod Horami ( Lhota under the mountains ),
  • Litoradlice ( Litoradlitz ),
  • Podhájí ( Podhay , also Podhag ),
  • Sedlec ( Sedlitz ),
  • Temelín ( Great Temelin ),
  • Temelínec ( Klein Temelin , also Bohemian Temelin ) and
  • Zvěrkovice ( Zwirkowitz ).

Temelín also includes the residential areas Coufalka ( Laufalka ), Hůrka, Kaliště, Planovy, Rozovy, Shon, Strouha, U Bočků, U Palečků, U Pištory and Záluží. Basic settlement units are Březí u Týna nad Vltavou, Kaliště, Knín, Kočín, Křtěnov, Lhota pod Horami, Litoradlice, Podhájí, Sedlec, Temelín, Temelínec, Záluží and Zvěrkovice.

The municipality is divided into the cadastral districts of Březí u Týna nad Vltavou, Knín, Kočín, Křtěnov, Lhota pod Horami, Litoradlice, Sedlec u Temelína, Temelín, Temelínec and Zvěrkovice u Týna nad Vltavou.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring places are U Sýkorů, Přehájek, Všeteč, Karlov I and Všemyslice in the north, Bojiště, Bohunice, Červený Vrch and Záluží in the north-east, Zvěrkovice, U Palečků and Hněvkovice na levém břehu Vltavy in the east, Křtovice na levém břehu Vltavy in the east, and Uřtém břehu Vltavy? , Dříteň and Malešice in the south, Sedlec and Lhota pod Horami in the south-west, Planovy, Těšínov and Rozovy in the west and Kaliště and Shon in the north-west.


The first written mention of the village took place in 1381. 1389 the place is called Tomelin (from Thomeleins , place owned by a man named Thomel) and from 1398 as German Temelin. According to Antonín Profous , the place name is derived from the German personal name Thomel (previously used abbreviation for the first name Thomas ). Tomelin is therefore likely derived from Thomeleins , place owned by a man named Thomel. The name Deutsche Temelin was used to distinguish it from the nearby town of Bohemian Temelin (today Temelínec). Temelín partly belonged to different Vladiken , part of the village was subject to the Vlhlavy fortress. In 1482 the Vladiken von Chlum sold their share of Temelín to Peter Kořenský von Terešov. In the middle of the 16th century, the Kořenský von Terešov established a small aristocratic seat in Nezdaschow , to which Temelín was also attached. After the Battle of White Mountain , Zdeněk Kořenský's goods were confiscated. The court chamber sold the Nezdaschow estate on July 18, 1623 to Sezyma von Wrtby , who in 1630 bought the Všemyslice farm from Baltasar von Marradas and united it with the estate. In the middle of the 18th century Nezdaschow belonged to Carolina von Wrtby, married Countess Chermont and then her daughter Philippina, who brought it into their marriage to Karl Friedrich von Schütz in 1764. Due to over-indebtedness, the property came to Licitation in 1785 and was auctioned by the kk Bergrat Prosper von Berchtold . In 1800 he left it to his son Karl, who bequeathed it to his son Prosper in 1812. In 1840 Temelin or Groß-Demelin consisted of 74 houses with 583 inhabitants. There was an inn in the village. The remote single-layer hunter's and hunter's house Rosow ( Rozovy ) belonged to Temelin . The parish was Křtěnow. Until the middle of the 19th century Temelin was always subject to the Nezdaschow estate.

After the abolition of patrimonial formed Velký Temelín / wholesale Temelin after 1850 a municipality in the district administration and the judicial district of Tyn nad Vltavou / Moldau Thein. The Týn nad Vltavou-Újezdec u Číčenic started operations in 1898.

In 1910, 555 people lived in the community, 554 of whom were Czech and one German. On November 30, 1914, the place name was changed to Temelín / Temelin at the request of the municipal council . Temelínec was incorporated during the German occupation in 1943, but this was repealed in 1945. After the dissolution of the Okres Týn nad Vltavou, Temelín was assigned to the Okres České Budějovice in 1961. Lhota pod Horami, Sedlec and Temelínec became districts of Temelín on June 12, 1960. Chvalešovice (with Malešice) was incorporated on April 1, 1976. On July 1, 1985 the incorporation of Březí u Týna nad Vltavou (with Knín, Kočín, Křtěnov, Litoradlice, Podhájí and Zvěrkovice), at the same time Chvalešovice and Malešice were umgemeindet to Dříteň . Subsequently, the villages of Březí u Týna nad Vltavou, Knín, Křtěnov, Podhájí and Temelínec, located within a two-kilometer exclusion zone, were relocated for the construction of a nuclear power plant in the Temelínec corridor. Most of the residents were to move to the new sídliště Hlinecká prefabricated housing estate in Týn nad Vltavou . As an alternative offer from the state energy supplier ČEZ, which was given the rights to relocate the five villages during socialist times, the residents of the villages were offered a small payment. After the resettlement, the villages were demolished, only Křtěnov's church, rectory and cemetery remained. The nuclear power plant was put into operation in 2000.

coat of arms

Description : Split into silver and red ; center a golden five-blade with silver slugs .

Culture and sights

  • Chapel on the village square
  • Church of St. Prokop in Křtěnov
  • Vysoký Hrádek Castle with park, southeast of the village by the nuclear power plant, it houses the information center of the nuclear power plant
  • Fortress Býšov , southeast of Temelín

Economy and Infrastructure


In the Temelínec district is the Temelín nuclear power plant (Jaderná elektrárna Temelín) with currently 2 blocks. The blocks are equipped with pressurized water reactors with a thermal output of 3120 MW each.

Web links

Commons : Temelín  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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