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Alfred Führer (born November 8, 1905 , † May 27, 1974 ) was a German organ builder whose organ workshop existed in Wilhelmshaven until 2003 .


Alfred Führer came from a family with many craftsmen. His father Friedrich was a naval pilot. Alfred learned to play the violin. After graduating from high school in Rüstringen in 1919, an apprenticeship as a carpenter followed from 1920 to 1924 with the aim of becoming an interior designer. During the rebuilding of the organ in Bant in 1922, he met the local organist and music teacher Georg Hackstette (1890–1963), who aroused his interest in organ building. From 1924 a second apprenticeship as an organ builder followed at the then renowned North German company P. Furtwängler & Hammer , which was committed to romantic organ building. From 1928 on, Führer deepened his skills in Switzerland and the USA, before returning to teaching in 1931. Encouraged by his friend Hackstette, who was a fan of the organ movement , Führer set up his own business in Rüstringen in 1933. His first project was the restoration of Joachim Kayser's organ in Waddewarden , whose original disposition of the manual works he restored. In 1934 he married the singer Liddy Strecker (1906-2001), who took over her husband's office; the marriage remained childless. Führer's masterpiece was the 1937 organ of the St. Elisabeth Church in the west of Wangerland , which received mechanical slider chests and a free pipe prospect . After the Second World War, the company's sales area expanded to include large parts of northern Germany. Alfred Führer died in 1974.

Organ workshop leader

Over 700 new organs come from Führer’s workshop. In addition, numerous organs have been restored and expanded. In the case of historical instruments, Führer sought to return them to their original condition while retaining the historical material. Modifications from later times have been reversed. From the beginning, Führer built his organs exclusively with mechanical sliding chests and finally turned against romantic organ building from the 1960s under the influence of Fritz Schild. After free pipe brochures were initially used, the company, inspired by the Hanoverian architect Heinz Wolff, increasingly built casings made of solid wood. The organ metal of the pipe alloys received a higher proportion of lead and high percentage tin instead of zinc and copper.

Fritz Schild (* 1933), son of the organist of the same name, Fritz Schild, a cousin of Führer, learned carpentry and organ building from 1951 to 1956 and returned to the company in 1960 after years in various other companies. After the death of Führer in 1974, Schild took over the management of the company together with the widow Liddy Führer.

The organ restorations of Führer from the 1940s to 1960s were considered pioneering achievements at the time, but from today's perspective they are often viewed as inadequate. It is not uncommon for historical substance to be lost and to be reconstructed to a wrongly assumed original condition, so that most of these measures had to be "re-restored" in the last few decades. The new buildings from this early phase usually had a neo-baroque disposition. However, solid work was done throughout and the use of durable materials was preferred.

Under the new management, the company turned its attention to what it saw as traditional materials, craft techniques and a return to the classic sound ideals of organ building. The organ of the old reformed church in Bunde is a model for this reorientation.

In addition to new buildings, Schild also carried out restorations and created extensive documentation. When Schild retired in 2000, Heiko Lorenz (* 1959) took over the company. The crisis that had been looming for a long time could not be averted: in 2003 the company had to be closed due to bankruptcy. Employees re-founded the company in Wilhelmshaven in 2004 under the name Heiko Lorenz Orgelbau GmbH . Other former employees founded the East Frisian Organ Service in the same year .

Works (selection)

The incomplete list includes some new organs and significant restorations. The size of the instruments is indicated with the number of manuals (Roman) and the number of sounding registers (Arabic). An independent pedal is indicated by a “P”, an attached pedal by a small “p”.

New buildings

year place church image Manuals register Remarks
1936 Wittmund St. Nicolai
II / P 21st Reconstruction of the organ by Hinrich Just Müller (1776)
1937 West around St. Elisabeth Church 4722469 Westrum organ.jpg II / P 9 New building (masterpiece by Alfred Führer)
1950-51 Logabirum Logabirum Church I / P 8th Replaced in 1998 by a new organ from Ahrend
1951 Bremen-Blumenthal Evangelical Reformed Church Fuehrer-orgel-refo-blumenthal.jpg II / P 35
1953 Wilhelmshaven - Bant Banter Church 13382400 Wilhelmshaven luth.Orgel.jpg III / P 35
1954 Varel Baptist Peace Church Organ Varel.JPG II / P 11
1955 Nordhorn Kreuzkirche II / P 27
1957 Bielefeld Pauluskirche III / P 45
1957/1987 Delmenhorst City Church
57359720 Delmenhorst.jpg
III / P 32 1987 a register added; after W. van der Putten added 7 registers today III / P / 39
1958/1994 Bremen St. Ansgarii StAnsgariiBremen-02b.jpg IV / P 61 New building behind the historical prospectus of Marten de Mare (1611)
1958 Bremen St. George II / P 24
1958 Weener Ev.-luth. Church of the Redeemer Weener Erlöserkirche (2) .jpg II / P 23
1959 Wilhelmshaven newcomers St. Jakobi II / P 21st
1960 Langeoog Island church II / P 15th Replaced in 1992 by a new Führer organ; the old one stands today in Schortens , Holy Trinity.
1960 Hamburg-Eilbek Friedenskirche III / P 35 According to the organist Manfred Teßmer's arrangement
1960 Bremen-Walle St. Mary Prospectus of the great organ.jpg III / P 37 2004 re-voiced by Martin Cladders (Badbergen-Vehs)
1959-1961 Baltrum Baltrum island church
Baltrum New Island Church.JPG
II / P 14th
1961 Filsum St. Paul
Organ Filsum.JPG
II / P 16
1961 Hesel Liudgerikirche 4721197 Hesel organ.jpg II / P 13 Side carving by Johann Friedrich Wenthin (1793)
1961 Hamburg-Hoheluft-Ost Eben Ezer Church Ezer organ.jpg II / P 16
1961 Hamburg-Bramfeld Easter Church Bramfeld Easter Church Organ.jpg II / P 25th 1991 by Paschen organ building rebuilt
1961/1982 Wilhelmshaven Christ and Garrison Church Garrison Church Orgel.jpg III / P 32 1982 extended by 2 registers
1962 Remove St. Laurence
Dismantled organ 52413843.jpg
II / P 24 Almost new building; Case, prospectus and 2 registers from Arp Schnitger (1713) preserved
1962 Shield ash Collegiate church III / P 35
1963 Kiel - Gaarden St. John's Church II / P 23
1963 Tecklenburg Evangelical town church II / P 18th Including two registers by Wenthin (1838), Meese (1863) and Rohlfing (1892)
1963 Then after St. Albert III / P 34
1963 Hagen Hasp Ev.-luth. Church Hasp Evangelical Church Haspe, Organ.JPG III / P 34
1963 Hamburg-Groß Borstel Ev.-luth. St. Peter Church
Hamburg Groß Borstel St.Peter Orgel.jpg
II / P 24
1964 Saarbrücken Mary Queen
Saarbrücken Maria Queen Inside Organ.jpg
III / P 40 Slightly changed in 2001
1964 Oldenburg - Thunderschwee Church of Reconciliation II / P 23
1964 Wuppertal - Vohwinkel Evangelical Church Vohwinkel II / P 26th Extensively renovated in 2012 and 2015
1965 Sengwarden St. George 4722545 Sengwarden organ.jpg II / P 26th New building behind the historical prospectus by Jost Sieburg (1644)
1965 Golzwarden St. Bartholomew Church
Golzwarden organ 53882074.jpg
II / P 22nd New building behind the historic prospect by Arp Schnitger (1698)
1965 Wiesmoor - Hinrichsfehn Church of Reconciliation
Organ of the Reconciliation Church Hinrichsfehn.jpg
I / P 5 2002 General overhaul of the organ and extension by a sub-bass 16 ′ (pedal) by Martin ter Haseborg
1964-1966 Empty Luther Church Leer Lutherkirche organ.jpg III / P 40 2001 to Saarlouis , Ev. Church, sold; Replaced in 2002 by a new organ from Ahrend behind the historical prospectus by Hinrich Just Müller (1795)
1966 Emstek St. Margaretha
Guide organ of the parish church of St. Margaretha zu Emstek
II / P 24
1966 Bad Salzuflen Church of the Resurrection
Church of the Resurrection BS Orgel.jpg
II / P 18th
1966 Jever City Church
8884325 Jever organ.jpg
III / P 47 1963 previous organ burned; 2006 Exchange of two registers and installation of a stand 32 ′ by Bartelt Immer ; today III / P / 48, sister instrument to the organ of the Lutherkirche am Heidt in Wuppertal
1966 Wuppertal - Barmen Luther Church Heidt
Luther Church Heidt 11b.jpg
III / P 36 Sister instrument to the organ of the town church in Jever , electric stop action
1966 Hamburg Horn Martinskirche Organ Alfred Führer Martinskirche Hamburg-Horn.JPG II / P 21st Replacement for the organ damaged in the war, which was built in 1905 by the organ builder EF Walcker & Cie. was built in Ludwigsburg
1966 Kiel Easter Church
Baptismal font and organ in the Easter Church on Westring (Kiel 46.683) .jpg
II / P 22nd for the Easter church completed in 1966
1966 Eppinghoven (Dinslaken) Friedenskirche Eppinghoven (Dinslaken), Friedenskirche, Alfred Führer-Orgel.jpg II / P 20th 1975 Restoration after an organ fire
1967 Bremen-Ferry-Lobbendorf Christophoruskirche III / P 32
1967 Plön Nikolaikirche
Matthias Suessen -5685.jpg
III / P 38
1968 Wolfenbüttel Church of Reconciliation Versoehnungskirche-wf-orgel.jpg II / P 25th
1968 Sioux Falls / SD (USA) First Lutheran Church II / P 12 (approx.) Acquired from Decorah / IA, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
1968 Braunschweig St. Magni Braunschweig Magnikirche Organ.JPG III / P 35
1968 Burgsteinfurt Big church II / P 28 New building behind the historical prospectus by Konrad Bader (1658)
1968 Neumunster Vicelin Church Neumünster Vicelin Organ.jpg III / P 45
1968 Juist Juist island church
Organ Juist.JPG
II / P 15th 1995 extended by principal 8 ′. The swell has manually operated folding doors.
1968 Kiel Martinskirche II / P 14th
1968 Coastal Friedenskirche
Organ Friedenskirche coastal.jpg
I / p 6th New building with slide chests and mechanical action. The pedal is attached. Revised 2010 by OBM Martin ter Haseborg .
1969 Meuchefitz Feldsteinkirche (Meuchefitz) I / p 4th The small single-manual organ is built into the gallery parapet as a so-called parapet post.
1969 Blinking St. Hippolytus
Blexen organ 52414852.jpg
II / P 22nd New building behind the historical prospectus by Joachim Kayser (1685)
1969 Muenster Matthew Church II / P 20th
1969 Kiel University Church University Church (Kiel) -Orgel-msu-0373.jpg II / P 28
1969 Oldenburg- Eversten St. Ansgari Oldenburg Eversten Organ.jpg III / P 50 2005 Installation of a new setter including register magnets by Bartelt Immer
1970 Loeningen St. Vitus St Vitus Löningen 9.jpg III / P 37 New building behind the historical prospectus by Johann Gottlieb Müller (1770)
1971 Kiel St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas Church in Rathausstrasse (Kiel 50.575) .jpg
III / P 34
1971 Dotlingen St. Firminus II / P 17th New building; Overhauled in 2002
1972 Westeraccum Petrikirche Westeraccum organ.jpg I / p 7th New building behind the historical prospectus by Gerd Sieben Janssen (1856–1861)
1972 Oldenburg Lamberti Church Oldenburg Lambertikirche organ (3) .jpg III / P 50 2008 expanded by two registers by Mühleisen organ builder ; today III / P / 52
1973 Boppard St. Severus
Boppard, Sint-Severustsjerke, oargel.jpg
II / P 26th
1974 Altena Luther Church
Organ Luther Church Altena approx. 1960.jpg
II / P 28 Behind the historical prospectus (1760s) as a replacement for the Ladegast organ from 1895
1975 Damme (Dumber) St. Viktor Führer organ St. Viktor, Damme (Oldb.). Jpg III / P 40 2013 General renovation and slight reorganization by organ builder FleiterOrgel
1976 Munster-Roxel St. Pantaleon II / P 23 Originally located in Essen, Kreuzeskirche, three registers renewed for Roxel
1976 Bitburg House Beda II / P 11
1978 Borninghausen St. Ulricus
Panorama organ, altar, cross St. Ulricus.jpg
II / P 14th Restoration of the historical case (1661) and using the registers by Gustav Steinmann (1955)
1979 Munster-Gremmendorf Ev. Friedenskirche II / P 8th
1979 Riddagshausen Monastery Monastery church
Riddagshausen monastery church 14.jpg
III / P 31 Reduced replica of the earlier swallow's nest organ by Heinrich Compenius (1619)
1979-1980 Bundles Ev.-old ref. church
Organ old reformed church Bunde (front) .JPG
II / P 14th New model of a parish choral organOrgan of the Old Reformed Church (Bunde)
1980 Herten St. Anthony
Fuehrer Organ St. Antonius (Herten) .jpg
III / P 40 Using material from the previous organsOrgan
1981 Münster-Albachten Matthias Claudius House I. 7th
1982 Seefeld (Stadland) Ev.-luth. church
Seefeld organ 52415580.jpg
II / P 15th
1983 Ludinghausen St. Felizitas
Führer organ in St. Felizitas, 59348 Lüdinghausen.jpg
III / P 41 Using parts of the previous organ (prospectus and others)
1983 Visselhövede St. Johannis II / P 20th New building behind the historical prospectus by Georg Wilhelm Wilhelmy (1779); Disposition based on Wilhelmy
1983 Schieder-Schwalenberg Ref. Church II / P 18th Reconstruction of the organ by Johann-Markus Oestreich (1815)
1984 Kray (food) Old church III / P 41
1986 Lübeck St. Mary
Totentanzorgel Marienkirche Lübeck.JPG
IV / P 56 Dance of Death Organ
1986 Rodenkirchen (Stadland) St. Matthew
Rodenkirchen organ 52416373.jpg
II / P 21st Reconstruction behind the historical prospectus by Johann Hinrich Klapmeyer (1758)
1987 Fredenbeck Martin Luther Church II / P 20th
1987 bad Godesberg St. Albertus II / P 23
1988 Keep quiet St. Martin III / P 36
1989 Wellingholzhausen St. Bartholomew III / P 38 Partly older registers taken over
1989 Thuine Christ the King Church III / P 39 18 stops taken from the previous organ
1990 Dörpen St. Vitus II / P 26th
1990 Arable St. Peter and Paul Organ Haag i.  OB..jpg II / P 17th With coupling manual; 2015 moved to Haag in Upper Bavaria (Catholic Church of the Assumption)
1991 Lengerich St. Benedict II / P 34
1991 Iselersheim Church of the Resurrection II / P 18th
1992 Hamburg University II / P 30th
1992 Langeoog Island church
Organ Langeoog.JPG
II / P 24 Replaces the Führer organ from 1960
1992 Jork St. Matthias Organ Jork.jpg II / P 22nd New building behind historical prospectus and in historical housing by Schnitger (1709)
1992 Espelkamp Michaelskirche II / P 11
1993 Munich - Pasing St. Willibald Muenchen St Willibald Orgel.jpg III / P 41
1993 Seoul (South Korea) III / P 44
1994 Ostercappeln St. Lambertus II / P 31 Using registers from the previous organs by Christian Vater (3 registers, 1737) and Haupt (9 registers, 1876)
1994 Schoenberg (Lauenburg) Ev.-luth. church II / P 21st
1994 Heikendorf Ev.-luth. church Heikendorf organ (2) .jpg II / P 14th
1995 Diersbach (Austria) Parish church II / P 25th
1995 Davenstedt Johanneskirche II / P 19th
1996 Freiberg St. John II / P 15th Originally built in 1993 for Hamburg-Blankenese
1996 Hamburg-Sasel Vicelin Church
Vck orgelprospekt.jpg
II / P 18th
1996 Bremen St. Anthony II / P 13
1997 Bielefeld Lukas Church II / P 15th
1997 Delmenhorst- Hasport Johanneskirche I / p 7th
1997 Lüsche ( Bakum ) St. Joseph II / P 15th
1997 Hildesheim St. Mark II / P 14th
1998 Dinslaken - Hiesfeld Cemetery chapel II 7th
1999 Frenswegen Monastery chapel
May 2008 050.jpg
I / P 9
1999 Oepping (Austria) Parish church II / P 21st According to Schnitger
2000 Mülheim an der Ruhr Sacred Heart Church II / P 30th In French style
2000 Schermbeck St. George II / P 16
2001 Tromsø (Norway) Grønnåsen Church
Gronnaasen kirke Tromso organ.JPG
II / P 24
2003 Bodø (Norway) Bodin Kirke Bodin church organ.JPG II / P 26th Disposition according to A. Schnitger / Chr. Vater (around 1720)


year place church image Manuals register Remarks
1974 Ringstedt St. Fabian Ringstedt church interior.jpg II / P 18th Using the old registers from Georg W. Wilhelmy (1788) and Johann Hinrich Röver (1871)
1973-1975 Geversdorf St. Andrew's Church II / P 22nd Restoration of the organ by Philipp Furtwängler (1843)
1974-1975 Bagband Bagbander Church
I / p 14th Restoration of the organ by Heinrich Wilhelm Eckmann (1774–75)
1974/1978/1982 Backemoor St. Laurentius and St. Vincenz Backemoor organ.jpg I / p 12 Restoration of the organ by Johann Friedrich Wenthin (1783) → Organ
1981 Detern St. Stephen's and Bartholomew Church Detern organ 003.jpg I / p 12 Restoration of the organ by Wilhelm Eilert Schmid (1819)
1982-1983 Bockhorn St. Cosmas and Damian Church
61714284 Bockhorn.jpg
II / P 19th Restoration of the organ by Christian Vater (1722)
1982-1983 Esens St. Magnus Church 8732691 Esen's organ.jpg II / P 30th Restoration of the organ by Arnold Rohlfs (1848–1860)
1982-1984 Buxtehude St. Petri
Buxtehude Petri Organ.jpg
III / P 52 Restoration of the organ by Philipp Furtwängler (1858-1859)
1983-1985 Westerbur Westerbur Church
Westerbur Organ.jpg
I / p 7th Restoration of the organ by Arnold Rohlfs (1860)
1984-1986 Funnix St. Florian Church P1000634Fkirche03.JPG I / p 8th Restoration of the organ by Johann Friedrich Constabel / Hinrich Just Müller (1760–1762)
1986 Freiburg / Elbe St. Wulphardi Freiburg Elbe Wulphardi organ.jpg II / P 24 Restoration of the organ by an unknown organ builder / Peter Tappe / Carl Johann Heinrich Röver (16th / 17th century / 1837–1839 / 1899)
1987 Bevern (Bremervörde) Holy Cross Church II / P 16 Restoration and extension of the organ by Johann Hinrich Röver (1876–1878)
1987 Groothusen St. Peter Church Groothusen organ.jpg II / p 19th Restoration of the organ by Johann Friedrich Wenthin (1798–1801)
1990 Barmstedt Holy Spirit Church Barmstedt, HG church, organ.JPG III / P 34 Hist. Organ restored to its original condition by Johann Hinrich Klapmeyer (1720)
1991 Herten St. Anthony III / P 40 About half of the registers are from the 19th century; from 2001 changes to the organ by the Flentrop company .
1991 I want to St. Catherine's II / P 33 In old case and with most of the old registers by Ernst Seifert (1905)
1991 Jheringsfehn Jheringsfehner Church Jheringsfehn organ.jpg II / P 15th Organ by Gerd Sieben Janssen (1865)
1989-1991 Barstede Barsteder Church
Organ Barstede.JPG
I / p 8th Restoration of the organ by Johann Gottfried Rohlfs (1801)
1995 Bevern St. Mary II / P 27 With old registers by C. Krämer (1868)


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